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Fales by Mr. G. F. Byford. THE OLD ESTABLISHED Vale of ClwydSSAuction Mart, Ruthin (Close to the Railway Station). NEXT SALE: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 6th, 1908, at 10 a.m., will include FAT and STORE CATTLE. Butchers' Calves, Sheep, Lambs and Pigs, together with a number of Pure Bred Pedigree, South- down. and Shropshire Ram Lambs, from cele- brat3d Flocks. Further Entries Respectfully Solicited. G. F. BYFORD, 1124o3 Auctioneer. BRYN MOEL, Clawddnewydd (Two-and-a-half miles from the Town of Ruthin), THURSDAY, OCTOBER 8th, 1908. SALE of 10 valuable Head of Cattle, 3 Horses, 16 Cross-bred Shropshire Ewes and Lambs, several Couples of Poultry, Imple-! ments, Gearing, 6 Stacks Prime Quality Clover, 1 Hay, Barley and Oa<"s, Swede Turnips, Potatoes, Antique Oak Fcrniture, Dairy' Vessels, and other Effects (Crops to go off), by instructions from Mrs Evans, who is leaving. Three m,)nths' credit on approved security, or 3d. in the £ for cash. Sale to commence at 1 o'clock sharp. G. F. BYFORD, Auctioneer. Auctioneer's Office: St. Peter's Square, Ruthin. 1098;3 FRIDAY and SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16th and 17th, at 12 30. HIGHLY Important Unreserved Sale of 102 Pedigree Shorthorn Cows, Heifers, and Bulls; Cross-bred Dairy Cows, Store Bullocks, and Yearlings; 10 Wagon and Harness Horses 250 Radncr Ewes, Cross-bred Lambs, and Hampshire Rams Pigs, Poultry; 100 Tons of Hay and Clover, Wheat, Oats, and Barley, the growth of 57 acres; 20 acres of Roots; the Grazing of about 2G1 acres; Machinery, Implements, Gears, Dairy Vessels, etc., at POOL PARK HOME FARM, Nr. RUTHIN. G. F. BYFORD, in conjunction with F RAINK LLOYD & SONS, has been instructed by George Blezard, Esq. (who has given up the Farm), to conduct this high-class Sale. Catalogues from the Auctioneers, Ruthin or Wrexham. 1062ol0 -L. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. CLOCAENOG RECTORY. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29th, 1908. VALUABLE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Carriages? Harness, Useful Cob, Milch Cow, 2 Yearling Bullocks, Poultry, Manure, &c. 1123uc G. F. BYFORD, Auctioneer. Sale by Mr. Chas. P. Sheffield- PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT, LTIWYNZ MOLD. -=- A Highly Important Unreserved Sale of the Whole of the Valuable Contents of the above Mansion will be held on OCTOBER loth, 16th, 17th, and 19th (ij necessary), by order of Henry St. John Raikes, Esq. Catalogues in due course. CHAS. P. SHEFFIELD, Auctioneer, 1024uc Mold and Rhyl. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23rd. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT of a Great Unreserved Sale of 100 Cattle, 300 Sheep, 12 Horseg, Colts, and Pigs, together with the whole of the Up-to-date Implements and Gears, at CBICCEN FARM, BHUDDLAN, by order of Mr. Thos. Roberts (who is leaving)' Catalogues Preparing. CHAS. P. SHEFFIELD, Auctioneer, 1125o3 Mold and Rhyl. Important Notice. d. JONES (for many years with Messrs. E. B. Jones & Co., Denbigh), Wishes to inform the inhabitants of Denbigh and District, that he has COMMENCED BUSINESS at 2, CHAPEL PLACE, DENBIGH, where he has a Good Supply of Groceries and Provisions of the BEST QUALITY at REASONABLE PRICES. Fresh Bread Daily. A TRIAL ORDER RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED 1106uc NOTICE. I Mr. J. BlLkELEV HVGIIES, J DENTAL SURGEON, may still be consulted at I CASTLE ILILL, DENBIGH. 1071uc Sale by Messrs. T. and W. Leather AM Trefnant, near Denbigh. One minute's walk from the Railway Station* MONDAY, OCTOBER 5th, 1908, ¡ at 12 o'clock. MONTHLY SALE of Fat and Store Stock JJLL of every description. N.B.—Early Entries will be esteemed a favour in order that Buyers may be advised. ,T. & W. LEATHES, Auctioneers. Agricultural Hall, Buthin. 1108o3 Agricultural Hall. Ruthin. TUESDAY NEXT, OCTOBER 6th, 190S, at 10 o'clock. Weekly Sales of Fat andSStore Stock throughout the year. c, TITESSRS. T. & W. LEATHES will hold their next Sale of FAT and STORE CATTLE, SHEEP, PIGS, and CALVES, at the above Mart. I Entries respectfully solicited and taken in up to the hour of Sale. T. & W. LEATHE3, Auctioneers. Ruthin, Denbigh, and Trefnant, 1017s5 SERVANTS' REGISTRY oondnoted by Mrs. Aldrich, STATIONER, RUTHIIS [ESTABLISHED 1870.] Mrs. WOOLLEY, SERVANTS' REGISTRY, ] Ruthin Road, Denbigh. WANTED, good Plain Cooks for Ruthin and Rhyl, £ 18 to £ 22 Housemaid- Waitress for Rhyl, two in family; Cook- Generals for Ruthin, St. Asaph, Liverpool, and Rhyl; General Servants for St. Asaph, Denbigh, Liverpool, and Chester; Laund- resses, House Parlourmaids, Between Maids, Young Housemaids Generals for Llandudno Hotel and Farmhouse Servants. MISS WILLIAMS, SERVANTS' REGISTRY, j I, Post Office Lane, i DENBIGH. —— W ATED, Experienced and Plain Cooks, also Cook Generals, Generals, House Parlourmaids, Housemaid Waitresses, and Young Girls for Light Hoijsa Work; disengaged ¡ Experienced Cook, who is desirous of meeting with daily employment, would undartale dinners and shooting parties; also under r Housemaid, will be at liberty ic tbe New Year 20 years of age. [ESTABLISHED 1887]. -2 Mrs. PIPER, ¡ SERVANTS' REGISTRY, Townsend, Eenbigh. WANTED Experienced and Plain Cooks, Parlourmaids. House Parlourmaids, Cook-Generals, Kitchecmaids, Under-House- maids, Betweenmaids, and Young Girls who have been out before, also Good Generals for l Denbigh, Rhyl and Llaridudno.- Disengaged ( A Good Plain Cook, age 37, highest reference, would like a situation near Denbigh. *n7 j W. H. GOSMORE, j NANT LEWIS ALYN, TREFNANT, I begs to thank all who have sold their Pigs to him, and to say prices are still good. All who have Pigs to sell, be certain to see me or Mr. Isaac Roberts, Trefnant, before selling to anyone else. I pay full price as the bargain. No pulling out when you come to the table for your money. You get all I promhe, so be sure to see me or Mr Isaac Roberts. I am in the I trade to stop, never mind what other people say. pg :My Price3 for next week are :— Best Bacon, 200 to 350-lbs., 4d. per lb. Under 200-lbs., 3fd. per lb. Fat Sows, 3d. per lb. Farmers who have Pigs to sell, be sure and see Mr. Isaac Roberts, Trefnant, before selling. All money paid clear to pocket, and Pigs to be at CASTLE HOTEL, RUTHIN, :s On FRIDAY, at 10 o'clock, and HAWK & BUCKLE, DENBIGH, On SATURDAY, at 10 o'clock. Come early. No waiting. Yours truly, llOouc W. H. GOSMORE. JOHN KELLETT, LICENSED YALUER AND APPRAISER. Valuations made for Probate. Valuations of Land, Farming Stock, Furniture, &c., &c. PLAS NEWYDD, LLANFAIR D.C., RUTHIN. ¡, I DENSONS, DENBIGH. Grand Show of New Goods NOW ON. DAVID ROBERTS & SON, <s-jx Auctioneers and Valuers, Corwen and Denbigh. Established 1861. .J.j CORWEN SMITHFIELD. MESSRS. DAVID ROBERTB & SON WILL conduct their Annual Store Sheep Sale at the above On MONDAY NEXT, OCTOBER 5th, 1908 (Ray before Rnthin Fair Day). Sale at 12.30. Splendid Entry. Fat Stock also included. 1100o3 TY'N-Y-CELYN, Gyffylliog, Ruthin. MESSRS. DAVID ROBERTS & SON have been favoured with instructions from the Kepresentatives of the late Mr. John Lloyd, to Sell by Auction as above, On THURSDAY NEXT, OCTOBER 8th, 1908, Cattle, Horses, Pigs, Crop3 of Hay, Corn and Swedes (all to go off), Farming Implements, Dairy Utensils, and HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, including some rare Old Oak. Credit or discount given. Sale at 12 o'clock. 1101o5 On FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23rd, 1908, MESSRS. DAVID ROBERTS & SON will Sell By Auction at MERLLTX, near RUTHIN, fifteen minutes walk from Ruthin and Eyarth Railway Stations, O Q HEAD of Choice Cross-bred Cattle, 8 O /w Powerful Cart Horses, Colts and Fillies, 86 Welsh Ewes, 40 Cross-bred Ewe Lam'bs, 2 large Stacks of Hay, Part Stack of Old Hay, about 50 Tons of Barley and Oat Straw, about 100 Hobbets of Thrashed Oats, 5 Acres of Swedes, Mangolds, and Potatoes (all the Crops to go off), Implements of Husbandry, Dairy I. fcensils, and Household Furniture, by order of Mr John Daries, who is leaving. j The usual Credit or Discount given. Lunch at 11, and Sale at 12 o'olock. j 1130017 Musical. Mr. Alex Bellamy, ORGANIST OF St. Mary's and St. David's Churches, RECEIVES PUPILS, FOR ORGAN, PIANO, etc. TERMS UPON APPLICATION. Rose Villa, Denbigh. *m MISS TBEGONINGr, TRIGFA, TOWNSEND. DENBIGH. TEACHER OF MUSIC, Pianoforte, Theory, &c. Candidates prepared for Examinations and Competitions. Pupils Visited at their Homes. Engagements taken as ACCOMPANIST, &c. Terms on application as above," 175uc I MR. W. A. LLOYD, F.G.C.M., A. Mus. T.C.L. TEACHER OF MUSIC, 4, Market Street, RUTHIN, supplies Pianos, Organs, & Harmonium. j the best makers on unapproachable cheap lnes and reliable value. District Agent for the Casson Positive Pipe Organ, now recognised \a the best substitute for the Reed or American Organs in places of worship. Prices from £ 5Q to £ ?00. Instruments also by first-class makers only All Instruments guaranteed in perfect condition and of exceptional value Mr. W. E. BELCHER, M.A., F.R.C.O., AR-C-M-, Visits RUTHIN on Monday Afternoons at Mr. BOOTHROYD'3 St. Peter's Square), and DENBIGH. SINGING, PIANOFORTE. THEORY. 2 fl5.09 MR. BRYAN E. WARHURST, A.R.C.M., Organist and Choirmaster of St. Thomas' Church, Rhyl; also Choirmaster of St. Paul's Church, Colwyn Bay, VISITS DENBIGH. Prepares pupils for the Associated Board of the Royal Academy of Music, the Royal College of Music, and the Trinity College of Music, London. Organ, Pianoforte, Singing, Harmony, Theory, &c- LATEST MUSICAL SUCCESSES: Diploma, A.T.O.L., Pianoforte Playing and Teaching. „ A.L.C.M. (6). Royal Academy of Music (Associ- ated Board). Higher Division Pianoforte Playing and Theory (3). JULY, 1908, SUCCESSES: Higher Division-Singing (2); with distinction (1). Lower Division-Pianoforte Playing (6). Elementary Division-Pianoforte Playing (2). Lower Division-Organ Playing (2). Intermediate Division, Trinity College- Pianoforte Playing (1). ADDRESS: Haydn House, Brighton Road, Rhyl, 1055dl2 Mr. E. Emlyn Davies, A.R.C.O., RHOS & WREXHAM, Teacher of Music, Associate of thej Royal College of Organists. Pianoforte, Organ, Theory. Open for Engagements as Accompanist, &o. Pupils prepared for all Musical Exams. Hiraethog House. Denbigh, and 3. Swan St., ftlios, Ruabon. 1108 SALES BY Messrs. CLOUGH & Co., Estate Agents, Auctioneers and Valuers, Denbigh. Denbigh Smithfield Auction Mart. Next Sale, TUESDAY (FAIR DAY), OCTOBER 13th, 190S. THE Auctioneers respectfully solicit further Entries for above. Sale at 10 o'clock prompt. CLOUGH & ca, Auctioneers. County of Denbigh. In the picturesque Vale of Clwyd. Important Sale of a Freehold Farm in the Parish of Llangynhafal. MESSRS. CLOUGH & CO. have been lYJL instructed to Ofler for Sale by Public Auction, at the BULL HOTEL, DENBIGH, on WEDNESDAY, the 28th day of OCTOBER, 1908, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions then produced, all that Valuable Freehold Farm known as "TYN Y-CAEAU," divided into two choice Lots, commanding glorious views, the whole comprising an area of 48 acres 2 roods or thereabouts, situate in the Parish of Llangynhafal and in the occupation of the Representatives of the late Tnomas Jones, and being within 1 miles of Rhewl Station (L. & N.W. Railway), 3 miles of the Town of Ruthin, and 5 miles of the County and Market Town of Denbigh. Belonging to the Farm is a right of Sheep-walk on the Llangynhafal Mountain. Possession on the 30th November next. Further particulars and Plans may be obtained of Messrs. Mair Blunt & Brocklehurst, Solici- tors, Macclesfield Messrs. Parry Jones, Francis & Davies, Solicitors, Denbigh; D. MacNicoll, Esq Derwas, Abergele or of the Auctioneers at their Offices, Vale Street, Denbigh. 1079uo DENBIGH GOLF CLUB. ALL Intending Members are requested to .LJL communicate with the Hon. Secretary as soon as possible. Subscriptions: Gentlemen, 91 is. Ladies, 10s. 6d. R. S. DAVIES, Hon. Secretary. National Provincial Bank, Denbigh. 1126uc PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. CAPEL MAWR LITERARY SOCIETY. Rev. John Williams, Bryn Shenkyn, will deliver a LECTURE on "John Elias," On Monday, November 2nd. Particulars Later. 1116u.c. Oxford University Extension Lectures. A COURSE OF SIX Fortnightly Lectures ON ENGLISH PAINTERS BY Mr. J. E. Prythian, illustrated by MAGIC LANTERN, will be given at rhe Memorial Hall, Denbigh, On TUESDAYS-SEPT. 29th, OCT. 13tlt, OCT. 27th, NOV. 10th, NOV. 24th, and DEC. 8th, at 2.30 p.m. Tickets (transferable) for the Course, 103. Family Ticket to admit 3, 25s.; SiDgle Ticket (at the door), 2a. 6d. Tickets and information from Miss G. WILLIAMS, Llewesog, *ol0 Hon. Sec. SCHOLASTIC. Fairholme School. PRINCIPAL.—MISS FOULKES. Pupils prepared for Examinations. Private Lessons given in Music French, and Fainting. 37d05 Denbigh County School for Boys. THE SCHOOL premises include a Chemical and Physical Laboratory, a Lecture Room, and a Workshop, all excellently equipped with the best Apparatus. It is a Pupil Teacher Centre for the Denbigh and Ruthin Districts, and the only School in these two Districts that prepares Boys for County Exhibitions. The Local Governors of the School Districts of Denbigh and Ruthin offer annually several Scholarships to enable Boys to attend the School, and also grant Bursaries to meet travelling expenses. Further particulars may be obtained from the Headmaster, D. H. Davies, Esq., B.A., or the Clerk, A. FOULKES ROBERTS, Swan Chambers, Denbigh. ST. ASAPH COUNTY SCHOOL Endowed Grammar School, founded 1679) Chairman of the Govornora THE RIGHT REV. THE LORD BISHOP OF ST ASAPH. Vice-Chairman PETER ROBERTS, ESQ., J.P. HEAD MASTER: EDWIN MAINER, M.A. (St. John's College, Cambridge), B.So. (1st. Division), London. Certificated and Registered Teacher. CLASSICAL MASTEB JAMES BOYD ROBERTSON, B.A., 2nd Class Classical Honours Moderations and Lit. Hum., late Scholar of St. John's College, Oxford registered in Column B of the Official Register of Teachers. SCIENCE MASTEB D. J. JONES, B.Sc. (Cardigan Exhibitioner at Aberystwyth University College, Wales). DRAWING MASTER AND TEACHER OF VOCAL MUSIC T. R. JONES, Certificated Teacher. MANUAL INSTRUCTOR; W. KYFFIN HUGHES. THE School stands on elevated ground in a position which commands a view of the picturesque Vale of Clwyd, and within õ minutes' walk of the Cathedral. and Railway Station. For particulars^ ap|tly to the Headmaster, or to CHAttL.ES GRIMSLEY, Clerk to the Governors St. Asaph. 9'160 i COUNTY OF DENBIGH. NOITCE TS HEREBY GIVEN that the next General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the County of Denbigh, will be held in the County Buildings, in Wrexham, in the said County, on Friday, the 23rd day of October, 1908, at 10.30 oclock, a.m., for the Trial of Prisoners, the Hearing of Appeals, and all other Business relating to the County over which the Court has jurisdiction. All Jurors, Prosecutors, and Witnesses are required to be in attendance at the above- named hour. W. R. EVANS, Clerk of the Peace. County Offices, Ruthin, September 29th, 1908. N.B. -Instructions for Indictments should be sent to my Office (if practicable), four days at least before the Sessions. 1120o3 Situations Vacant. ANTED, COOK-GENERAL. Wages YV £ 16 to £ 18. References.-Alrg. Mainer, School House, County School. St. Asaph. *ol0 ANTED, in Denbigh, good GENERAL bERVANT for small Family age from 18 to 21. Address, stating references and salary required to "No. 1097," FREE PRESS Office, Denbigh. *o3 "^ANTED, WORKING i. 0l_fbEK.lilEPER from 23 to 27 years of age, with a;ood references, and trustworthy, to take care of a vv from 23 to 27 years of age, with good references, and trustworthy, to take care of a roadside public business. No experience required. Apply to J. Griffiths, Kinmel Arms, Llandyrnog, Denbigh. *ol0 ANTED Sharp, Welf-educated~ BOY, Apprentice to Grocery and Provisions, &c.-E. B. Jones and Co., St Asaph. *ol7 Situation Wanted. GENTLEMAN wishes to recommend Married Man as GROOM-GARDENER or single handed COACHMAN. Can milk. Three years and nine years excellent character. —H. Bullock, Lodge, Pare Postyn, Denbigh. °*g26 Wanted. ANTED Oak Dressers and every description of old Oak and Mahogany Furniture, Pewter, pictures and China. Write or apply at Stanley Hall, Wynnstay Road, Ruthin. u.c. TTTANTED, any quantities of Large Live Fat Y Hens, now making from 2s. 2d. to 2s. 8d. each-) Large Live Ducklings, now making from 2s. 4d, to 3s. each; Large Live Chicks, now making from 2a. 6d. to 3s. 3d. each! Geese and Turkeys, etc., according to size, quality and market. Butter, Eggs and Pork bought in large quantities. Best market prices and Sale Accounts returned daily. Bankers' reference. Consignments invited. Hudson and Co., Wholesale Poultry and Provision Merchants, 22, Artillery Lane, Bishopsgate, London, E.C. (112 For Sale. GROUND LIME for Agricultural purposes supplied in Bags to any Railway Station. For terms apply to W. Ellis & Co., Abergele. 293uc OR SALE, Second-hand BEER ENGINE, F 76 feat lead Piping.—Apply Farmers' Arms, Denbigh. »03 neral HEARbEs, Grand Funeral Cars, Coaches, Brakes, Landaus, 50, salo or hire option of purchase.—Marston, 24, Bradford btreet, Birmingham. gg STRONG Cob, 5 years old, sound, almost ajmost kj new, rubber-tyred, varnished Float, and Harness, £L7 the lot. Will accept weekly payments.-180, Scotland Road, Liverpool. *o3 BLACK Cob Mare, rising 6 years, 14*2 hands; bred by owner, quiet in harness and with ail road-traffic very good-looking, fine mover, fast and free, has been regularly driven by a lady, open to trial and V.S. I Smith, tflaton Point, Chester. 111403 rpO TRADESMEN and OTHERS. —Owing JL to the Cotton Strike and General Bad Trade, we are compelled to reduce our Stock, which consists of wagons, from 7 to 15 cwts. Horses for same, 15 to 1G1 hands, 4 to 9 years old. Also several Cobs, and varnished Floats, rubber tyred, turnouts from .£17 to JE50. Credit can be arranged, and weekly payments taken.—Apply, 180, Scotland Road, Liverpool. *o3 GIMO BANE, TUB: NEW INSECT KILLER. Kills Fleas, Lice, Moths. Blackbeetles, House Flies, and all insects. Quite harmless to animals. For use on Dogs, Cats, and all Animals. In Bedding, Carpets, Linen, etc., for every kind of insect. Sold by Chemists, in Tins, at 3d., 6d., and 11-, postage Id. G. W. Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Agents for Denbigh, J. Harrison Jonei & Co., High Street; Ruthin, Rouw & Son, St. Peter's Square; St. Asaph, J. Emeys Jonesall Chemists. 783d19 RATS, MICK, MOLES, COCKROACHES and BEETLES, greedily eat Harrison's Reliable Rat Poison. Cats and dogs will not touch it. Vermin dry up and leave no smell. Prices 6d., Is., 2s. 3d., and 3s. 8d., Postage 2d.—G. W. HARRISON, Chemist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent for St. Asaph J. Emrys Jones, Chemist. Denbigh Harrison Jones & Co., High Street. Ritthin Rouw & Sons, Chemists, St. Peter's Square. Bettwsycoed R. Parry. *09 To Be Let rno BE LET, RHEWL SMTrHY~and JL COTTAGE, Lianelidan, near Ruthin. Smithy fitted with plant ready for immediate work. Good stand for business. Apply A. 0. Evans, Esq., Solicitor, Ruthin and Denbigh; or to Messrs. David Roberts and Son, Auction- eers, Corwen. u.c jo LET (St Asaph), 7-roomed HOUSE, JL close to Station, with or without garden. Modern conveniences. Apply J. Lothian, St. Asaph. o3 TO BE LET, from November 1st next, a Field opposite Alavo.vlia Farm, Denbigh, li acres.—For particulars apply Messrs. Gold Edwards & Co., Solicitors, Denbigh. *017 mO BE LET, a smart LOCK-UP SHOr' in ,principal thoroughfare in Ruthin.—Apply Bradleys, Ruthin. U.C. TO BE LET, a COTTAGE, known as Tan-y-Gwalia, Castle Hill. Immediate possession.-Apply Mr Buller, Denbigh. lllSu.c. rpO BE LET, or SOLD, by private treaty, COTTAGE, with about an acre of land, called Ty Newydd, near the Village of Llan- sannan.—Apply to W. R. Evans and Jones, Solicitors, Ruthin and Denbigh. 1136ol7 fTTO BE LET, PLAS~ RHYSGOG, with JL garden buildings and four acres of land, situate near Llangollen, and one mile from Berwyn Station, Great Western Railway. Far further particulars apply to C. Richards and Sons, Solicitors, Llangollen. 03 tttAREHOUSE TO LET, at the U, ct » Foundry Buildings, Denbigh (close to the Market Hall).-For particulars and terms apply toT. A. Wynne Edwards, Plas Nantglyn, Denbigh. 010 Miscellaneous. DRAW at Dyserth POSTPONED until Wednesday, October 7th, 1908. *o3 OST, between Llandyrnog and Denbigh, i) J on Saturday night last, Lady's Black Satchel. Finder will be rewarded upon bringing same to the Police Station, Llan- dyrnog. *o3 MARQUEE FOR HIRE, 90 feeo by 30 feet. Can be put up any size under the above.—For terms apply to J. Roberts, Owen Glyndwr Hotel, Corwen. ol Town Hall, Denbigh. BRILLIANT SCENIC BAZAAR ON OCTOBER 6th, 7th, & S'th, 1908. Large Stock of Choice and Useful Articles. Endless Variety of Underclothing. Fruit, Flowers, Dairy Produce, Groceries, &c., to be Sold at Reasonable Prices. A MUS E MEN T S:- Prof. Vonscromditch and his World-Famed Waxworks. N.B.—All Local Celebrities have recently been added. Wild West Shooting Jungle. MARIONETTES, &c. COMPETITIONS: — Hat Trimming for Gentlemen. Nail Driving for Ladies. Valuable Prizes. See Programme. 112903 Late Adverti ement. HOUSE TO LET, in Abbey Road, Den- JLJI- bigh. Parlour, Kitchen, Back-XLteheii, I Pantry, W.O. and Wash-House on ground floor; al&o six Bedrooms, Bathroom, and W.C., hot and cold water throughout. All modern conveniences.-Apply T. A. Johnson, Denbigh. 1131uc R* /F PAGE BOOK ABOUT HERBS AND O tk HOW TO USE THEM. Post free. O tk HOW TO USE THEM. Post free. Send for one.-Trimmell. The Herbalist, 144, Richmond Road, Cardiff. Established 1879. *n'23.

Family Notices