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The GLOUCE-%TER." Cane body, painted tkroughû4olt.. Upholstered in Art Colours, Wheels 23 and Sin., 431- ti in Tyres. for I or 2 The The D(3N." Sig nett. J.. BABY CORSAGES ,rpet Seat. Upholstered Back and Seat. 12 and 8 Inch Wheels Satue description a the -rh4t Gfoucester, with superiof Upholstery and Strap I Springs. &9 ne4t t T he r%.L." Folder The CITY." 12/6 19/6 Co lJett. ,en I CASH Of CREDIT. ) 1 Send for our unique CREOn 'I TERMS. 1 Discount allowed if settled I in 6 mdhths. Calie body, Upholstered 'kil Birzh. wi4li Carpet Seat and back, SeA.' -i-id Back. 12 inch Whieels i Inch Ty,es' ¡ 1 /c, Bsl quality C3ne Body", Rest quality C3ne Body hi,,rhest cia.AS ol The AVOIV." best ;u.Iity Tyres, Witeets 25 and 12 69/- neft I L @.).( mom ¡ m 9&~ FURXITURE MANUFACTURERS, WREXHAM, H |jj 31 Repot St.. 114 Watergate St, Bailey il. 45 High St., I 18 Green End, 58, 59 Victoria St.. I m K8EXHAM i CHESTEa. j OSWESTKK1 SHREWSBURY j WHITCHOO (Satop) j WOLVERHAMPTON ■ ¡I 26 VALE STREET, DENBIGH. if •'■■ J A PICTURE OF HEALTH, How often IiavJ you sighed to possess such bright eyes, happy face, springy step, and chccry voice, as mayhap soma ef your \|p •iends. "While yet: despondently brood over your own poor state of health, 'Ii, has it ever occurred to you how easily the desired vigour of mind and bedy || as been sccured by these others, and how much more easily it is maintained? B Jcecham's Pills are undoubtedly most effective in bringing about sound Ig igestion, active liver, pure blood and buoyant spirits. In ycur own case the « ime happy state can be H SECURED BY J the use of the same medicine. The splendid effects of Beecham's Pills are B Ba not accidental, they are the natural result of a skilful combination of n M valuable vegetable extracts in exact proportions: they act specifically and B N gently on the organs at fault. In whatever way ycur trouble may have N come abrut, whether through dietary indiscretions, worry, or irregularity ■ N of any kind, it is quite certain you will greatly benefit by the use of S BEECHAM'S PILLS. J .w.'r. r-v- Prepared only by Thotn^s Beechitn, St. Helens, Lancashire. fiperjitg- SoW everywhere in boxes, price l,i' (5(> pili?) & 2'9 (igg pii[s)_ .j|E ^jgjfgra -.d.L:j"('1! >i: .1 fSWAN INKjJL r Blue Black. t, J| ALWAYS THE SAME. NON-CORROSIVE. ||SMAB;ETOQD&BARO||| I ABSOLUTELY PERMANENT. IS -—■Jil L For all Fountain and Steel Pens, I M ffSd" Boxed with A Large I *■/■ Stopper FilIer- O/" 6^e. H j SOLD BY ALL STATIONERS. ■ L INSIST ON "SWAN." I! MASIE. Tf»r»n » /-n AB ■■tl STOCKS 1 and K SHAKES. I Orprntors in STOCKS and || AUK5 should write for Spec- I p! imen Co; of the "Investor's$ 1 Investments, 3 Nummary also Terms of Deal- jf B inS for Immediate Settlement. | ^K;[" liUATJS AM) POST Fi'f.KK. fig NO COMMISSIONS CHARGED. J| AI.L BUSINESS AT NET PttrCIiS. |j g E. S. CASIIEN & CO., I g Stock and Share Dealers, h 82. TTLSHOPSCATE ST., LONDON, E.C. £$ _I"r, It ELIANOE PIG- POWDEz-tS I I TIm-T^k'' r<s Certain rrrvontiv,. n{ 'diMww the/n } nu* KeeP l'' £ s tmti h#»ip +** tlwt tli.-ir (<;«> and f«t!c r. mtickiv. Try tls 1 » v. o -Is rapid t* H'*>. ciiuS impiovfnu jit. >rf'e- ASTOK. V*-t. Cin'inisf.. Tflrporioy. (T^ THOUSANDS JI. R t:; Ub,"K Bradford » VOWEL' Wna/iin^ Macnirui ►'OH | washing at HOME, MTlrsjj tine anii weftf and tear nl clothe*, j niiistriu.,1 OutKio^ue Oil application. j .a«T,??MAS tlRADFORO & CO.. j w Jloi'ori., London; Victoria »etiu«, j Vl MwIhwu-i-; 13(1, L,M strert. Liverwwl t W Crc>t ir. W.Tt.v J) f u"\ ('v"r" ^esrriptfon purchispd for Cash B A^ N^LamhethV/dk. Lou Ion. lAYPOLTTEAsr^ j /• ;v''» MfSP* Prevent K«jr«p Jar andl' i/ J* i i si 11 ijU far%uo AIVJ OOUH.TQ THE'i^ « > <-ifp otyour fjooti •> /$v f n i fee j .v'* /^HSnaNl i C(;Mro t. rnnrter <$\SU -two I ;jJ 7"?O 1 ■«/* 4 !X U :i\ .n a ,E-rrrrk™ J; 'WJ'id-Mi n ( >1 h-. X^WSSSSfSsssss^^TSSr-r *>i • «">"» 'far/- %VfeA>P £ CIALQ(y!l!T% v».? _wV' ,»