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--. St. Asaph Parish Council.


St. Asaph Parish Council. The monthly meeting of the St Asaph Parish Council was held on Monday even ing, Mr H A Cleaver presiding, and thQr", were also present -De A E D tvies, Messrs J Lothian, J E Jones, 0 Nlktusbri Igo, anu J Wynne D.*viei with the clerk, Mr G 0 Williams. FOOTPATHS AND STILES. The Cuairman reported that a Comuitfcee had made an inspection of a uu ober of foo.- paths and stiles in the parish, aid the only stiles they found fault with were one at the top ot GAS Line and one, at Penrhewl. The subject was deferral till the next meeting. RKDUCINO SUNDAY LABOUR. A letter was read from ttie Postmaster of Rhyl (Mr Goodyear) stating that with the view of reJucing Suuday labour wherever possible he was desired by the Posimaster General to ascertain whether there would be any objection to the So A-aph Post Olli e being opened at 8.30 a.m. iastead of at 8 as hitherto. I TbeCaairman said he did not think there was very much request for attendance in the office before 8,30 ou Sundays. It was agret d to sanction the change. EVENING CLASSES. A Witb regard to a letter from the Flint- shire Education Committee on the subjaet of a couiSJ of evening classes for the oity next winter, the Chairman said that two years ago he acted as seoretary of the local committee appointed to take charge of the classes. For one wiuter they answered very well indeed, but they entered upon the season 1908-9 with so smail an attend- ance that they did not feel justified iu continuing the classes. Mr J Wynne thought it desirable they should make another attempt to carry on the evening elasses, and it was decided to take steps to rojuselate them. DANGEROUS FOOTBRIDGES. The Chairman said his attention was drawn tbe other day to the condition of two footbridges over th* mill stream. In each case the stoue-work on the banks 01 the stream was giving way, and as there appeared to be great danger to users of the bridge, and especially to ohildren, he conferred with the Ckrk, and on Friday ast they got two 4$8 to replaoe the neatol I work. It was because be felt that any delay might prove very serious for life and and limb that he moved 4n the matter as I he had done, and he hoped the Council would sanction what had been done (hear, heu). The bridges were nov perfectly safe, he believed but he suggested that the Council make an inspection of them. Higher up the stream there was a woodea bridge that was getting into a I very docayed state, and would be useless in a very short timu if it was not attended to. Dr Davies and he (the Chairman) had examined it, and they suggested tha certain steps betaken to mak.3 it thoroughly durable. la its present state it was a dangerous spot for children. It was agreed to leave the matter in the hands of the Cuairman ani Dr Davies. MISCHIEVOUS DOINGS. The Chairman said that of late there had been a good deal of mischief of one kiu.! and another going on in and around the cit., and some action ought to be taken to put a stop to it. Oa W.iit-Tuesday morning the kitch-catch gate at Peuyboat was found in the middle of the river near Hafod Eiwv. A reward had been offered with the view of finding out and puuishing the perpetrator or perpetrators, but so far no clue had been obtained. Tae incident, which appeared to have been the work of skilled bands, was the mora surprising from the fact that the R)d happened about that date to be under pretty close sllw'r vision—so he had been told by the police. Some spirit of mischief wiis abroad. Dr Davies: Taere's worse than that going on. Iii is disgraceful how some trees are being c't about. Mr J Wynne Davies: There's worse than that, too. Awful havoo was wrought in a certain person's garden by a fiook ot sheep let in through the pulling up of a COM pie of hurdles. It was hoped that the po'ice would be able to bring the mischief-makers to account. A QUARTER'S LIGHTING Amongst the accounts for payment was one for ill 10j 2J presented by the St A-aph GAS Company for a quarter's public lignting. Dr Davies called attention to the neces- sity for overhauling several of the lampn before another winter came around. The Chairman said some of the lampi afforded further proof of the mischief that was going on. One he had particularly in mind bad evidently been a target for atone throwers. la the coarse of a discussion as to the coat of public lighting and the maintenance of the lamps generally, the Clerk stated that daring the that part of last winter 140 mantels were used, while 70 sufficed for the latter part. The Chairman said the average for the year appeared to be five mantles per lamp, wh o i he thought was fairly reasonable. The question of overhauling the lamps was referred to the Lighting Committee. FIRE EXTINGUISHING APPLIANCES. A discussion took place in reference to the hydrants and accessories provided a few years ago by the Rural District Coun- cil, at the cost of the city. Mr Lothian thought it was very import- ant that these appliances should be kept in thorough order, and in readiness for Any emergency. A question having been raised as to whether it was a matter in which the Parish Council or the Rural District Coun- cil should take action, it was decided to see what could be arranged.

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