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Sales by Mr. William Freeman. TY CELYN FARM, CWMI Situate between Rhuallt and Cwm Village. Useful Dairy Cows and promising Heifers and Calves, Sow and Pigs, a very promising Cart Colt, various Implements, Household Furniture, 4c. MR. WILLIAM FREEMAN RESPECTFULLY announces that he has received IVi instructions from the Representatives of the late Mr. ROBZBT JOXBS, to Sell by PUBLIC AUCTION, Ow SATURDAY, TO 5m DAY or APRIL. 1884, The following live and dead FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, Ac., comprising:—Two excellent well-bred milch cows, with calrei three and six weeks old, three yearling bullocks and heifers, one 14 months old ditto, short-horn breed, young sow, with second litter of eight pigs, a very promiaing dark.bay cart colt, rising two, iron plough, stone land roller, turnip pulper, horse-power and thrashing machine, chaff cutter, various pikels, hay rakes, old iron, various saddlery, and other effects. Also a portion of the useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE comprising: -Half -tester and four-post bedsteads, night chair, sundry tables, chairs, cupboards, and other miscellaneous effects, to be viewed at the time Of We. tALB TO OOXXBNCB AT RW]MVZ O'CLOCK. Auction Office: Red Lion Hotel, Holywell. PRELIMINARY NOTICE OF SALE AT THE PAWNBROKER'S WAREHOUSE, TOP OF FEATHER STREET, FLINT, OF » FORFEITED PLEDGES BY MR. WILLIAM FREEMAN, ON MONDAY & TUESDAY, APRIL 7TH & 8TH, (And if necessary, the following day), MM TO OOXXBXCS EACH DAY AT TWO O'CLOCK. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. We of Valuable Freehold and Leasehold Properties in the Parishes of Holywell and Flint. MR. WILLIAM FREEMAN WILL SELL BY AUCTION, ON FRIDAY, THE 18TH APRIL, 1884, In such Lots and at such Places as will be fully announced in our next week's issue, the following VALUABLE PROPERTIES FREEHOLDS. TWO PIECES OF LAND situate near to the town of Flint, containing respectively Two acres and 3a. 2. 6p. or thereabouts, called Lady's Two Aere and Caean Tarlton." Valuable seams of clay are known to exist under these lands and brieks ana tiles of superior quality are now being manu- factured therefrom by the Flint Brick and Tile Company. Also all that capital PIECE OF ARABLE LAND called Adwy Amod," containing 4a. Or. 24p., and four several pieces of land near thereto, containing together 3a. 3r. 31p. with the mines and minerals under the same respectively, all situate near te the North Henblas Lead Mine, in the pariah of Holywell, and on the old road leading from Holywell to Halkyn. A SUBSTANTIALLY BUILT HOUME and a valuable piece of building land, situate near to the Gletch, Houses, on the Bagillt and Greenfield Turnpike Road. LEASEHOLDS. All the remainder now to come (being 39 years) of the Lease of the several Messuages, Cottages and Gardens known as MOUNT PLEASANT, GREENFIELD, producing a net rental, after payment of ground rent and other outgoings of £ 69 per annum. For farther particulars apply to lb. H. A. Co* Solicitor, Hohrwell, or to the Aucnomnss. Auction Office: Red Lion Hotel, Holywell, 3rd April, 1884. MB. W. G. EVELEIGH, L. Mus., T. C., L., HAVING. been appointed Organist and Choir. JjL maatetto the Farish Church, Holywell, is prepared to take pupils in the town and neighbour- hood. Choral Societies and Choirs trained at moderate terms, which may be had at his residence, WBLL STBSHT, Holywell. PUBLIC HEALTH ACT, 1875. HOLYWELL UNION. RURAL SANITARY AUTHORITY. Y E L A W S NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT: I.-Ile above Rural Sanitary Authority have eat to the approval of the Local Government Board) made certain Bye-Laws in pursuance of the powers conferred on them by the Public Health Act, 1875, and an Order of the Local Government Bostd, dated the 9th day of OCTOBBB, 1877. 2.—A printed copy of the proposed Bye-Laws will continue deposited, for inspection by any Rate- HRER, at THE BOARD-HOOK, of the said iunitary thority, the WOBXHOUSB, near Holywell, for ONE month from the date of publication of this notice. 3.—At the expiration of the said month the said prepoeed Bye-Laws will be submitted to the Local Government Board for approval. f.-The Rural Sanitary Authority will supply a view copy of the said proposed Bye-laws gratis to any ratepayer. E. J. DA VIES, Cuns. 13th March, 1884. NOTICE. UNION OF HOLYWELL. SCHOOL ATTENDANCE COMMITTEE wem rax runa or CAERWY8. CILCEN. GWAENTSCOR. HALKYN. LLANASA. NANNERCH. NEBQUIS. NEWMABK3T. WHITFORD. YSCEIFIOG. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN in reference to each of the above District*, that:— 1.—The above School Attendance Committee have (Abject to the approval of the Education Depart- dent), made certain Bye-laws in pursuance of the Bowers given to the School Attendance Committee, W section 74 of the Elementary Education Act, IS70, as amended by the Elementary Education Acta, 1876 and 1880. 2.—A printed copy of the proposed Bye-laws will continue deposited for inspection by any Ratepayer IT DIE Board-room, at the Holywell Union Work- house, being the Office of the School Attendance Committee, for One Month from the date of the publication of this notice. 3.—At the expiration of the said month the said proposed Bye-laws will be submitted to the Educa- tion Department for approval. 4.—The School Attendance Committee will supply < printed copy of the said proposed Bye-laws grog to any ratepayer. Dated this 21st day of MAB6H, 1884. E. J. DAVIES, CLERK. f pHE BOOK OF HEALTH AND REMEDIES: JL or Mctical Treatment simplified. Send full details of your case, and the Book giving the Special Remedies that will restore you to Health, with medical ADVICE* free of charge, sent on receipt of two, SECBJETABT, Institute of Anatomy, Birmingham. X '• v OKile by Messn. Churton, ElphicM <5f Co. Preliminary Notice of an Important Annual I Sale of Prime Fat Cattle and Sheep, Pure- bred Shropshire-down Ewes and Rams, First-class pure-bred Pedigree and other Bulls, choice Young Boars and Gilts, at BODRHYDDAN, NEAR RHYL. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK AND CO. HAVE again been favoured with instructions from Major ROWLBY COXWT, to SELL BY AUCTION, on THURSDAY, TD 24TH DAT or APRIL, 1184, The above-mentioned valuable FAT and STORE STOCK. W.B.-Full particulars will be given in future advertimments and catalogues. ^DELIGHTFUL ä SEA TRIP r r FIRST EXCURSION OF THE SEASON. MOSTYN TO LIVERPOOL AND BACK. THE FAVORITE STEAMER "SWIFTSURE" WILL ijuts MOSTYN ON SATURDAY NEXT, APRIL 5, 1884, At 8 a.m.; returning from LIVERPOOL at 3.30 p.m. Fare for the Round -Fore. cabin: 2s.; Bridge- deck and Cabin: 3s. V PRELIMINARY NOTICE. TOWER OF CAMBRIA LODGE," No. 498, ORDER OF DRUIDS, HOLYWELL. THE ANNIVERSARY GALA DAY Win be held in a convenient Field in the Strand ON WHIT-MONDAY NEXT. Full particulars will shortly appear. Lodge-room, Cross Keys Inn, Holywell. RELIKINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. COURT 11 LLOYD MOSTYN," No. 983, ANCIENT ORDER OF FORESTERS, HOLYWELL. THE Members of the above Society intend haring a C3- A, T-, A. 13 JL "Sr ON WHIT-MONDAY NEXT. Fall particulars, will appear shortly. «ANK HOLIDAY, 1884. THE ANNUAL GRAND GALA DAY OF THE LOYAL LORD MOSTYN LODGE, WILL BE HELD OUT MONDAY, AUGUST 4TH. Special attractions will be provided, of which due notice will be given. THE ANNUAL GRAND GALA DAY OF THE LOYAL LORD MOSTYN LODGE, WILL BE HELD OUT MONDAY, AUGUST 4TH. Special attractions will be provided, of which due notice will be given. v PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. GRAND BAZAAR AND SALE OF FANCY WORK WHXI BB HBLD OT TUB NEW ASSEMBLY HALL, HOLYWELL, During the first fortnight of the month of Jtnra, 188.. The proceeds to be devoted to the purchase of THE Freehold and the renovation of the EmiusB CoMVBMAnoxAL CXAPBL, Holywell. Contributions will lie thankfully received by RBT. OWEN THOMAS, M.A., PAOTOB. KB. HENRY JUDD, TBBASUBBB. MB. THOS. H. WATERHOUSE) AMFM MB. P. HARDING ROBERTS NM- Further particulars will shortly APPEAR. BE OLD MEDICAL B4L. HIGH STREET, HOLYWELL. SAMUEL JONES CUTB F. E. Tcbvzb), DISPENSING AND FAMILY CHEMIST (QUALIFIBD BT EXAJOITATIOH), BEGS respectfully to inform the Nobility, Gentry, jLr and the Inhabitants of Holywell and the districts surrounding that he has entered upon the business so successfully carried on at the atove address by the late Mr. F. E. Tuua, and trusts byal and prompt attention to merit a con* thmance of the favors bestowed upon his nredeeeseoi PRESCRIPTIONS AND FAMILY RECIPES Dispensed with the greatest care and promptitude. 6RUG8 AND CHEMICAL# Of the purest quality. AM WBNUnfW TATBXT XEDICIHM XBST Of 0TOCX. OEANGE UININ. WINN r-pa-A according te tke Fbatnaeopcria, adapted for dolieate pasom. PURB COB TAVIR OIL, NEARLY TABTELMS. E OLD MEDICAL HALL- HIGH STREET, HOLYWELL. SAMUEL J ONES (i»ATB F. £ Tcbvzb), DISPENSING AND FAMILY CHEMIST (QUALIFIBD BT EXAJOITATIOH), EEGS respectfully to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and the Inhabitants of Holywell and the districts surrounding that he ha* entered upon the business so successfully carried on at the atove address by the late Mr. F. E. TMOM, and trusts by personal and prompt attention to merit a con* thmance of the favors bestowed upon his nredeeeseoi PRESCRIPTIONS AND FAMILY RECIPES Dispensed with the greatest care and promptitude. 6RUG8 AND CHEMICAL# Of the purest quality. ATL 9BXVU1B TATBXT XEDICIHM XBST U* 0TOCX. OEANGE QUTNINR WIN1 PNP*M4 according te tke Fbatnaeopcria, adapted for delicate pwsons. PT7RB COB LIVER OIL, NEARLY TABTEH8S. Antibilioua, Aperient, Compound Rhubarb, Quinine, Tea and other Pills. B A DIC 0 R The painless and perfect cure for hard and soft Corns, Warts and Bunions. Free from any irritant or injurious ingredient. Radicor is a new dis- covery, and is most remarkable ia HE unfailing effect. Has been proved by MMJ TO be a positive and safe remedy. After a few appficattafc* the Corn may easily HE removed, leaving the skin aoft and stnooth, as in a healthy state. Full directions accompany each bottle. Price, 7$D. and Is. L|d. each. Apollinaris, Friedriehohall, Viehy and other Natural Kiaera Waters. MINERAL AND ARATED WATERS IN 8TOCK. SXAUI&ITE FEKFUMEKY AND TOILET REQUISITE TURKEY AND HONEYCOMB SPONGES. OILS, PAINTS, COLOURS AND VABMMHES. HORSE AND CATTLE MEDICINES. The painless and perfect cure for hard and soft Corns, Warta and Bunions. Free from any irritant or injurious ingredient. Radicor is a new dis- covery, and is most remarkable ia HE unfailing effect. Has been proved by MMJ TO be a positive and safe remedy. After a few appficattafc* the Corn may euily be removed, leaving the skin aoft and stnooth, as in a healthy OWO. Full directions accompany each bottle. Price, 7;.el. and It, Ita. each. Apollinaris, Friedriehohall, Viehy and other Natural Kiaera Waters. MINERAL AND ARATED WATERS IN 8TOCK. SXAUI&ITE FEKFUMEKY AND TOILET REQUISITE TURKEY AND HONEYCOMB SPONGES. OILS, PAINTS, COLOURS AND VABMMHES. HORSE AND CATTLE MEDICINES. SHEEP DIPPING POWDERS, Ac., 4c. THE OLD MEDICAL HALL, HIGH STREET, HOLYWELL. J' Sale by Mr. Lloyd. FBHLMINART AMTOUHOBXEHT. MONDAY AND TUESDAY, APRIL 21ST AND 22ND, 1884 (and Following Day, if required) at PLAS UCHA, MOSTYN, HOLYWELL. Highly Important Sale of Agricultural and FARMING STOCK, &c., comprising 140 HBAD or CATTLE—Including 30 grand young dairy cows in full profit, 25 fat and rearing calves, 15 prime fat bullocb and heifers, 30 outlying stirks, I and bullocks, 2 shorthorn bulls, and 38 yearling heifers and bullocks (by pedigree sire). 15 HOMES—Including 4 grand young waggon horses, 2 in-foal mares, 2 splendid colts, and 7 cart and hack horses. 118 Sows AIM PIos-Including 18 breeding sows and 100 store pigs. 200 Sacks of well-harvested Beans. 100 Sacks of Oats. 100 Sacks of Oats. 100 Measures of Magnum Bonum Potatoes. 100 Measures of Champion Potatoes. 200 Iron and Wood Hurdles. 80 Head of Prize Poultry. Together with the whole of the modem and im- proved Farming Implements, suitable for a farm of 600 acres, comprising 9 carts, 2 waggons, 2 mowing machines, 5 Llanypwll ploughs, 7 sets Of harrows, drag harrows. 3 rollers, horae rakes, hay tedders, scufflers, turnip pulpers, gears, harness, traps, &e. The whole of the Dairy Vessels which were pur- chaaed three years ago, they include a new eheese making apparatus by Cluett, patent cheese presses, cheese vats, milking cans, churns, Ao., together with a portion of the Household FARNITA^- MB. LLOYD MOST respectfully announces the« he has been favored with instructions /FOM Mr. Richard Jones Roberts (who is retiring from farming) to SELL BY AUCTION, in his farmyard, PlasUcha, Mostyn, Holywell, OW MONDAY A TUESDAY, 21st and 22nd APBIL, the whole of the above-named valuable" farming stock and effects. Particulars to follow. Oftlces-Eyton House, Wrexham. Yo CONTRACTORS AND OTHERS. THE HOLYWELL LOCAL BOARD are pre- pared to receive TENDERS FOR WATER- ING the undermentioned Streets, viz.High- street, Well-street, Cross-street, Whitford-street, Bagillt-street (to the Mardyr). Halkyn-street (to the County Court), Coleshill-street (to the Savings Bank), Brynford-street, Chapel-street, New Road, Greenfield-street (to the Top Factory) and Penyball- street to the Baptist Chapel), between the 17th day of APRIL INSTANT, and the 17th day ef ATJOTTST JTBXT. And also for CARTING THE SCRAPINGS off the Streets to a place to be provided by the Contractor from the 17th day of ÅPBIL IKSTAKT, to the 17th day of APmr., 1885 inclusive, the Scrapings to be the property of the Contractor. The Board are also prepared to xeceivewftparsto Tender for Watering the Streets as above, and a separate Tender for Carting the Street Scrapings ab above. Tenders to be sent in to me, addressed to the Offiee of the Local Board, on or before 10 o'clock, on SATURDAY, the 12th day of APlUL IKSTAKT. The Board do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. By Ordvr: WILLIAM DAVIES, Clerk to the Board. Board-room, 2nd April, 1884. L T BRICK & TILE CO., WORKS, FLINT, NORTH WALES. DES C RIP T ION of Goods always in Stock 11) Common Building Bricks, Best Book Bricks, Red Preaaed Bricks, Stable Bricka Areh and Closior Bricks, Plinth and Split Bricks, BED FLOW- ing Tiles, Checquered Tiles, Garden Tiles, Gutter TOSS, Beaten; FTE. GOODS made T»«*. '^PATTERN. Prices and terms on application to the fieeretary Thomas Eaton. T. AV^INEFRIDE'S CONVENT, WELL STREET, HOLYWELL. BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL FOR Young Ladies. Course Of instruction:— Thorough English Instrumental Mode Singing (Toaie Sol-fa taught thoroughly)$Drawing Painting; Plain and Fancy Needlework. French, taught ty Natives. German by Professor Junod. Dancing, Mrs. Edwards, of Chester (Lessons every Friday). v t. rk+ I- N +rt 0 I A 41, kAlLot PATENT j MEDICINE. is A 4A-1-1161 T • H U G H E S » PATENT DIURETIC MEDICINE. FOR all Disoraerit of the Kidneyø-ÍDctieated by JL Pains in the Loins, Lumbago, violent Head- aches, Pain and difficulty in passing Urine, high coloured and acrid Urine, suppression of Urine and Dropsy. Dom-A Wise glassful every night and morning T. HUG H E 8 PATENT ASTHMA MEDICINE. INVALUABLE in Cftiest complaints generally, where there is tightness of rate Chest and difficulty of breathing, cough with Gttle or no EX- peotoration, ~particmary serviceable in all Asthma tie attacks. Don.-one Tablespoonful when the Cought's troublesome, or when there is great difficulty at taeathing. PBICE, 2B. 6D. nB Bonus. I T. HUGHES* HERB AND FRUIT SALINE The most valuable Saline yet offered te the world This Saline is prepared only from the PUREST ESSENCES of FRUITS and HERBS, containing NO MINERAL INGREDIENT WHATEVER, and can be taken without the least fear of doing harm by the most delicate Invalid. Dow.-Two Teaspoonfuls, in Half a Tumbler of cold or tepid water, before Breakfast tod Tea; SOMEWHAT smaller Doses fcr Children. mr Be Gomm to QAE A dry spoo*, *ad bftp the Daum tightly eorw. PBICB, 2t. fin. Asro IC. GD. I= SOM- PBoPumoa-T. HUGHES* BBIOTORD, HemrstL. Aowm- HOLYWELL—Mr. Joseph Hague. Italian Warehouse. —Mr. Jones (lateF. E. Turner), Chemist. BAGILLT—Mr. Gratton Thomas, Chemist FLINT—Mr. Miohael Jones, Chemist and -Xr. Foulkee, CONNAH'S QUAY—Mr. K. M. Jonee, Medical Ball. LAMPETER—Mr. RoderickEvase, Chemist and Druggist. COUNTY OF FLINT. The Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act, 1878. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that "The Animals Order of 1884," issued by Her ^Majesty's Privy Council, dated February 5th, 1884 (now in force), may be inspected by all whom it may concern—at the several Police Stations in the above County—free of charge. PETER BROWNE, CHZBT IRORACTOB. Chief Constable's Office, Rhyl, March 24th, 1884. YDDYN SCHOOL BOARD. TENDERS are invited for the ERECTION of a BOARD SCHOOL at Black Diamond. Plans and Specifications to be seen at Mr. Gibbon's office, Coed Talon, near Mold, on and after MOITOAY, April 7th, 1884. The person whose tender is accepted will be required to find approved security for the comple- tion of the contract, and to pay the cost of the same, as well as the solicitor's fee for drawing up the agreement. Tenders to be sent in under cover, and endorsed Tender for Board School," not later than April 28th, 1884, to Mr. JOSEPH RIGBY, Abbot's Hayes, Chester. The Board does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender. JOSEPH RIGBY, Clerk to the Board. ^UILDERS desirous of TENDERING for the _D NEW CHURCH. Flint, North Wales, can see the Plans and Specification, and obtain Bills of Quantities, by applying either to the Rev. E. BYBNB, Flint; or to us, on or after Saturday, April 6th. Tenders to be sent in before Twelve o'clock, on Saturday, April 12th, either to the Rev. E. Byzxx or to us. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. J. & B. SINNOTT, Architects. Bank-chambers, Cook-st., Liverpool. Vpo BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS.— J. TENDERS are invited for the taking down of an old Cottage in the town of Holywell, and the erection of a new one, on the site of the said old Cottage. Plans and specifications may be seen at the Office of Mr. J. J. WILLIAXS, Pantgwyn House, Holywell, on and after MONDAY, the 31st inst. The Tenders are to be sent in to Mr. Williams on or before APRIL 7th, 1884. The lowest or any Tendet will not necessarily be accepted. r- HE LONDON AND WESTMINSTER -L SUPPLY ASSOCIATION, 4A, DEANE-STREET, LIVERPOOL. Beg to call attention to the GREAT REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF PROVISIONS. Owing to the downward tendency of the markets they have been enabled to make considerable reduction in every department. WINE DEPARTMENT. YY Special consignment of the CELEBRATED CHAMPAGNE "VIN DU SALON," At 30s. per Dozen Quarts. ILLUSTRATED PRICE LIST 1 ON APPLICATION. CARRIAGE PAID ON ORDERS OF 12 AND UPWARDS. FLLHE LONDON AND WESTMINSTER J- SUPPLY ASSOCIATION, 4A, DEANE-STREET, L I V E R P 0 OL, Near St. John's Market. N O T I C E .< MR. MAURICE, SURGEON DENT/ST, OF CHESTER. WILL ATTEND XH rUTUBB AT NO. 4, BANK PLACE, HOLYWELL, Seoond and last Fridays of every month. Next Visit Thursday, the 10th of April. UN FIRE AND LIFE OFFICES,' LONDON. FIRE.-Bstablished 1710. The oldest purely Fire Office in the World Home and Foreign Insurances against loss by Fire and Lightning at moderate rates, Losses settled with promptness and liberality, LIFE-E8ta6U8htd 1810. Profits divided every five years. Large Bonuses. Tontine Bonus Policies granted. Very low premiums without participation in profits. No partnership liability. Simple Proposal Forms. For further information apply to the following Agente:- HOLYWELL-. -MB. ROBERT THOMAS. MOLD MESBBS. KELLY & KEENE. RHYL MB. WILLIAM E. SMALLEY. ST. ASAPH MB. JOHN JONES. CONNAH'S QUAY.MB. CkW. TIBBITS (Fire APOTHECARIES HALL. HOLYWELL. JOHN CARMAN, FAMILY AND DISPENSING CHEMIST BEGS to call attention to the following list of approved Family Medicines, Ac., which he can with confidence recommend. CARMAN'S INVIGORATING SALINE, This Saline compound is recommended for Bilous eonstitu ttoas, Heartburn, Headache, Seasickness, tec. In bottles Is. 9d. each. QUININE WINE TONIC, n botues in. and 3a. each. CARMAN'S INFANTS CARMINATIVE, An agreeable Medicine renowned for its efficacy in prevent- ing or removing the disorders to which Infancy is liable, such ae Conmlsiona, Wind, Gripes, Difficult Teethin Ac fte. In bottles 7id., Is. lid. and 2s. gd. eaeh. CABMAN'S COUGH LOZENGES. CA&XAN'S TIC PTLL8. CABMAN'S WOIDI POWDERS. CAXaLAlqls PERSIAN ESSENCE, A delightful and refreshing perfume. In bottles Is., II. 6d a«d i*. 6d. eaeh. CARMAN'S COMPOUND ANTIBILOUS AND FAMILY PERIAENT PILLS. c .o CBLBBBATBD HAis RESTOBXB, In bottles in. ed. each. | EXTRA STRONG SEIDLITJS POWDERS, Is. per box. PATXKT Mxviciwxs, PsaruHEav, TOOTH BKUSHBS, SCEXTBD BOAn. AND OTUK. TotliBT REQUISITES. MINERAL AND ERATED WATERS. Pultaa Water, fkiederickshall Water, Hunyadi, Janes Water e> aaf other Fonign Mineral Waters not in stock obtained ete4v*de$sa*|Me- HOMOEOPATHY, HOMOEOPATHY, A LiUt ABSOanUWT OF Tinctures, Globules, Pilules, and Trituration HORSE AND CATTLE MEDICINES. PILS, PAINTS, & COLOURS, OF THE BEST QUALITY AQBHT in ftDI- AQUA CRYSTAL SPECTACLES. LICENSED TO SELL METHYLATED SPIRIT. ANY ABTICLK NOT IN STOCK PKOOUBTO WITH THE UT KTT ROSSIBLB DIILA. VriHE BLUE RIBBON 1KB. ACCIDENT, 1 MUTUAL AND INDUSTRIAL INSUR- ANCE COMPANY LIMITED.—" The Total Abstainers Own Life Aaanranee Co." requirm Abstainers Own life Aaanranee Co." requirm Amatsi Ordinary and Industrial. — Apply to the lunagingDireotor, Head Office, Colmore Chambers, Newhall street, Birminghaxu. vHOLYWELL PARISH CHURCH. I RESTORATION FUND. £ d. Amount already announced. 1026 1 6 FURTHER SUBSCRIPTIONS. Robert Platt, Esq, Oldham. 100 0 0 Mr. and Mrs. Heys Jones and friends, ) 25 0 0 London Mr. E. J. Davies, Saithaelwyd Cottage, Holywell 20 0 0 Miss Edith Isabel Davies, ditto. 5 0 0 Misa Davies, I I Observer" Office 5 0 0 Mrs. J. Kerfoot Evans, Frondeg 5 5 0 F. L. Fishwick, Esq 5 5 0 Mrs. C. Davison, Farifeld, Connah's Quay 5 0 0 Mr. S. Holgate 5 0 0 Mrs. Boyson, London 5 0 0 Collected by Miss Leadbeater. 3 0 0 H. Lupton, Esq., Bradford 1 1 0 Mrs. Lupton, ditto 1 1 0 Rev. Canon Morris, Eaton 1 1 0 Rev. D. Thomas, Garsington Rectory, Oxford. 0 10 0 Mr. David Griffiths, Currier 0 10 0 Mr. T. W. Sibeon 0 10 0 ADDITIONAL SUBSCRIPTIONS. Rev. L. Gilbertson, The Rectory, Braunston 5 0 0 Collected by Miss Oldfield, Brynclwyd.. 4 0 0 Miss Caroline Owen, Well-street. 3 0 0 Rev. W. Mayhew, Woodbridge, Suffolk 1 0 0 Mrs. Mayhew, ditto 1 0 0 Mrs. Sarah Etchis, Manchester 0 10 0 Subscriptions will be thankfully received by the Rev. R. 0. WILLIAMS, M.A., Vicar, Messrs. JOHN CABMAN and JOHKPH GABNBB, Churchwardens, or at the NOBTH AND SOUTH WALES BANK, and the NATIONAL PROVINCIAL BANK, Holywell. ^[ITUATION Wanted by a Young Girl, aged 15, 0 as Under Nursemaid or in the Kitchen.— Apnly at the Observer Office. ANTED in the neighbourhood of Flint or W Holywell, to purchase the Freehold of from 100 to 15.0 ACRES OF FARM LANDF.-Com- munications to be addressed to R. J. WILLIAMS, Esq., Solicitor, Flint. ANTED, a CARTER, to follow a pair of TT Horses; one accustomed to cultivate Land. Constant employment to a steady and industrious man. Wages, 18s. per week.—Apply to Mr. LEIGH HOWELL, Foundry, Bagillt. fO BE SOLD (with minerals) or LET, six acres of GOOD LAND, at Flint Mountain, near Flint.—For particulars, apply to W. E. BITHELL, Town Hall, Flint. W>0 BE SOLD.—A PONY SHANDRY, in JL excellent running condition; also a STRONG TRAP, and a set of PONY HARNESS together with a CHAFF-CUTTER (nearly new). The above may be bought in one lot, or separately.— Apply to Mr. THOMAB GBIFFITHS, opposite Post Office, Bagillt. vf/ok SALE BY PRIVATE TENDER together V or separately, all those FOUR COTTAGES, with Quillet and Gardens attached thereto, now in the respective occupations of Messrs. Daniel Hughes and Thomas Edwards, and situate at Pen'rhwylfa, Holywell, within ten minutes' walk of the Milwr mine. Tenders to be sent to Mr. PARTON PABBT, 31, Prospect Row, Woolwich. VjnHE COWDALE, HOLWAY.—LEY FOR X CATTLE: Good Pasturage and Water.— Apply to Mr. TaoxAs ROOBBS, Liverpool Arms, Holway. on 0 BLACKSMITHS.—TO BE LET, with im- JL mediate possession, the substantially-built SMITHY, at the Blossoms, Bagillt.—Apply to Mr. CHAS. WYNNE. Talbot Inn, Bagillt. PRESTATYN, NKAB RHYL.—FURNISHED JL AND UNFURNISHED HOUSES—TO BE LET in Nant Terrace.—For particulars, apply to E. HUNT. BE LET,~ a commodious HOUSE, SHOP I and BAKEHOUSE, well-situated in Station- road, Greenfield. Immediate possession may be obtained.—Apply to Mr. JOSEPH PBTBBS, Panton Place, Holywell. om BE LET, HOPE COTTAGE, PBNTMAES, X near HOLTWELL, containing two Sitting-rooms, two Kitchens, and five Bedrooma, with out-offices and excellent Garden.—Apply to Mr. EDWABD FOULKES, Well-street, Holywell. LINTSHIRE.-TO BE LET, with immediate r possession, a desirable FARM, called GLBDLOM, comprising about 134 acres of arable and pasture land, with suitable farm-house and buildings also an ADJOINING FARM, called TTN-t-CAEAU, comprising about 61 acres of land, mostly pasture, with comfortable residence and buildings, recently erected. These farms are in good condition, and are situated near the villages of Nannerch and Ysceifiog, and about one mile from Nannerch station on the Mold and Denbigh Railway, and would be let together or separately.—For particulars, apply to Mr. hue TAYLOB, Land Agent, Flint. JQAVIES AND CO. BEG to announce that they have just received a fresh assortment of ELEGANTLY BOUND BOOKS, suitable for Gifts of Friendship, Birthday Gifts, and School Rewards. Also a selection of some of the most popular NOVELS, includ- ing— Two Shilling Novels, JpHtffoWgate. By AnthonyTrollope. I «-Lotte Schmidt. By Anthony Tiollope. «JThe Golden Lion of Granpere. By Anthony Trollope* l-Old Margaret. By Henry Kingsley. The Harveys. By Henry ginipley. *f Arthur O'Leary. By Charles iaver. vXenilworth. By Sir Walter Scott. (JEvaahoe. By Sir Walter Scott w&arold. By Lord Lytton. UThe Laet of the Barons. By Lord Lytton. fcTMnela. By Samuel Richardson. •-The Greatest Plague of Life. By the Brothers Mayhew. HenryaRwtwtpn. By James. f&rabella Stuart. By James. v hy Liveiuretone. By Lawrence. 4UaaM**)f Watrrloo. By Maxwell. ^-Owen Tudor. &MIM Forrester. By Mrs. Edwards. ^nnk Fairlegh (8a 6d). By Smedley. ^JbewiB Arundel (2s 6d). By Smedley. vAn Uninhabited House. By Un Riddell. y CbriatopberTadpole. By Albert Smith. Sixpenny Novels, &c i1a, &c. By Lord Lytton. Anfelham. By Lord Lytton. txWoodatodc. By Sir Walter Scott. toWavertey. By Sir Walter Scott. yJUatuil Lincoln. By Cooper. ^OhTer Twist. By Dickens. -^Rketdies by Boz. By Dickens. V'Tew Jack. By Marryatt. ^SChe King's Own. By Marryatt. Valftine Vox. By Cock ton. ^JTrials of Margaret Lindsay. By Professor Wilson. i/Two years before the Mast. By H. H. Dana. *jThe Vicar of Wakefield. By Oliver Goldsmith. The Celebrated Jumping Frog. By Mark Twain. Zjtbt Jericho Koad. A Story of Western Life. „ /^terne's Sentimental Journey.. v >JThe Pillar of Fire. *The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table, oue Day. Caldeoott's Shilling Picture Books. Thr Three Jovial Huntsmen. Sing a aongr for Sixpence. Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog. N The History of John Gilpm. t » The Babes in the Wood.. The House that Jack built. *• The Milkmaid. v TkePftmer'sBoy. Tar Books vairoae ta asdei. USIILLIBG BOOIUK. Anderson's Fairy Tales. The May Flower. The Gates Ajar. Stepping Heavenward. e The Innocents Abroad. By Mark Twain. r. 1 Informrtion wanted. By Mark Twain. How we managed without Servants. r- &c„ &c., &E. 1! IT Q -'f SCRAP BOOKS at various prices. T CUT-OUT SCRAPS Id per sheet. -tiT' BOUQUET and D LACBD PAPERS HAM PBILLB. AT TKB "OBSERVER" OFFICE, HOLYWELL. THE EXTENSION OF THE CANCER JL HOSPITAL (FREE), BROMPTON, LONDON (Office, 167, Piccadilly, W.), at a con- siderable outlay, with a view to much greater accommodation for patients, as well as to provide increased facilities for the study of the disease, is now completed. SUBSCRIPTIONS in. aid of the Building and General Funds are urgently solicited. Hon. Treasurer- GEO. T. HERTSLET, Esq., St. James's Palace, S.W. Bankers Messrs. COUTTS AND Co., Strand, W.C. H. J. JUPP, Secretary. tTOP BITTERS. PUREST, ±5EST, and CHEAPEST -LL MEDICINE EVER MADE. TTOP BITTERS. NO DISEASE, or ILL-HEALTH can possible exist where TIOP BITTERS. J-L HOP BITTERS OP BITTERS. are used, so varied and perfect are their operations. TJOP BITTERS. If you have nausea, want of appetite, flatulency, dizziness, and feverish symp- TJOP BITTERS, toms, you are suffering from COSTIVE- XJ- NESS, and HOP BITTERS is the Surest HOP BITTERS. Cure. If your vital forces are depressed, if HOP BITTERS, you have a feeling of general lassitude and weakness, are easily fatigued, HOP BITTERS, perspire freely on going to sleep, are short of breath on every slight effort, and TTOP BITTERS, have a general feeling of melancholy and depression, you are suffering from TTOP BITTERS. GENE 11 AL DEBILITY, and HOP BITTERS removes it all. TTOP BITTERS. If you have a sense of weight or fulness in the stomach: a changeable TTOP BITTERS, appetite, sometimes voracious, but generally feeble a morbid craving low XT OP BITTERS, spirits after a full meal, with severe pain for some time after eating; wind rising TTOP BITTERS, on the stomach, sour stomach vomiting and fluttering at the pit of the stomach, TTOP BITTERS, and a soreness over it; nausea, headache, or some of these symptons, you are TT OP BITTERS, suffering from J-L DYSPEPSIA, 1 TTOP BITTERS, and HOP BITTERS will permanently cure you. TTOP BITTERS. If you have a dry, harsh, and yellow skin, a dull pain in the right side, extend- HOP BITTERS, ing to the shoulder blade and pit of the stomach; a tenderness over the region of TTOP BITTERS, the liver, and sometimes an enlargement of this organ: and a sense of tightness TT OP BITTERS, and uneasiness in the neighbourhood of the stomach and liver; yellowishness of TTOP BITTERS, the eyes; bowels irregular, generally disposed to looseness a hacking or dry HOP BITTERS, cough irregular appetite; shortness of breathing; feet and hands generally TTOP BITTERS, cold; tongue coated white a disagree- A able taste in the mouth low spirits; TTOP BITTERS, blotches on the face and neck palpita- tion of the heart; disturbed sleep heart- TTOP BITTERS, burn; disinclination to exertion—if you have any of these symptoms you are TTOP BITTERS, suffering from AA LIVER COMPLAINT. HOP BITTERS, and HOP BITTERS will cure you. AX CLEANSE, PURIFY, AND mCIIEN TTOP BITTERS. THE BLOOD WITH -LX HOP BITTERS, HOP BITTERS. AND YOU WILL HAVE ON AX SICKNESS OR SUFFERING. HOP BITTERS. OR DOCTOR'S BILLS TO PAY, To be obtained of all Chemists and Druggists



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