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Sale by Mr. William Freeman. PRELIMINARY NOTICE OF SALE BY MR. WILLIAM FREEMAN AT WEEN, MOSTYN, ON MONDAY, THE 19TH DAY OF MAY, 1884, BY instructions from Mrs. DAYI^ who is chang- ing her residence to SELL the whole of the valuable live and dead FARMING STOCK, Comprising- 21 head of valuable MILCH COWS and HEIFERS, 2 year old ditto, and REARING CALVES, Shropshire-down and cross-bred EWES and LAMBS, a very useful light CART MARE (in foal), promising- FILLY, IMPLEMENTS OF HUSBANDRY, and a portion of the HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE. Further particulars in posters, &c. Auction Office: Red Lion Hotel, Holywell. FLINTSHIRE AND DENBIGHSHIRE. FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY the undermentioned valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTIES:— Description. Quantity. Tenants. PARISH OF YSCEIFIOG—FLINT. House and Lands, A. K. p. called "FRAIXC" situate at Pen Ucha Plwy 1 3 12 Late Sam. Davies. r PARISHES OF LLANDYRNOG AND LLAN- GWYFAN-DENBIGH. A Farm called RHIWBIBILL, situ- ate about -5 miles I from Ruthin and Denbigh 34 2 22 Thos. Roberts. CAEPWLL-LLI (part of ditto) 2 1 19 Ditto. House and Land FFORDD-LAS 2 0 32 John Davies, R. Williams. CAK HENDY (part of ditto) 2 1 2 R. Williams. of ditto) 2 1 2 R. Williams. To view, apply to the respective Tenants, and for further particulars apply to ClIAS. NORTON, Esq., Solicitor, Swansea, or Mr. ISAAC TAYLOR, Coleshill Cottage, Flint. FLINT, HOLYWELL AND MOSTYN DISTRICTS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the General ANNUAL MEETING of the Trustees, under an Act passed in the 26th and 27th years of the reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, intituled "An Act for more effectually repairing and improving the several Roads comprised in J the Fliut, Holywell and Mostyn Districts of Roads, and for reviving and extending the powers for the construction of certain new roads, and for other purposes," will take place at the house of Mr. THOMAS ALFRED LAMBERT, the KING'S HEAD HOTEL, in the Town of Holywell, and County of FLIõT, on WEDNESDAY, the 28th day of MAY NEXT, at Twelve o'clock at Noon, for the purpose of receiving, auditing, and settling the Accounts of the Treasurer, Surveyor, and others employed in the receipt and expenditure of the monies belonging to the said Trusts, and for transacting such other matters and things as may be necessary. H. A. COPE, Clerk to the Trustees. Holywell, 28th April, 1884. PAINTING. PLUMBING,, GLAZING, GAS FITTING & PAPER HANGING. Established, 1838. PIERCE LLOYD & SON, HIGH STREET, HOLYWELL, T> ESPECTFULLY thank their numerous I\i customers for their past favours, and beg to solicit a continuance of their patronage. ALL ORDERS l'ROJIPTLY ATTENDED TO. Experienced Workmen kept in all Branches of the Trade. ESTIMATES GIVEN FOR EVERY DESCRIPTION OF WORK. SUN FIRE AND lilFE OFFICES, LONDON. FIRE.—Established 1710. The oldest purely Fire Office in the World Homo and Foreign Insurances against loss by Fire and Lightning at moderate rates, Losses settled with promptness and liberality, lAYYi—Established 1810. Profits divided every five years. Large Bonuses. Tontine Bonus Policies granted. Very low premiums without participation in profits. No partnership liability. Simple Proposal Forms. For further information apply to the following Agents: — HOLY WELL.MR. ROBERT THOMAS. MOLD MESSES. KELLY & KEENE. RHYL MR. WILLIAM E. SMALLEY. ST. ASAPH MR. JOHN JONES. CONNAH'S QUAY.ME. C. W. TIBBITS (Fire only). HE BOOK OF HEALTH AND REMEDIES j. or Medical Treatment simplified. Send full details of your a.nd tho Book giving the f1 Special Remedies that will restore you to Health, i with medical advice, free of charge, sent on receipt of I two stamps. — AdiLvos, SECRETABY, Institute of Anatomy, Birmingham. A POT I-I ECAHIES HALL. HOLYWELL. JOHN CARMAN, FAMILY AND DISPENSING CHEMIST BEGS to call attention to the following list of approved Family Medicines, &c., which he can with conlidence recommend. CARMAN'S INVIGORATING SALINE, This Saline <impound is recommended for Bilous constitu tions, Heartburn, Headache, Sea sickness, &c. In bottles Is. 9(1. each. QUININE WINE TONIC, n bottles Is. and 2s. each. CARMAN'S INFANTS CARMINATIVE, An agreeable Medicine renowned for its efficacy in prevent- ing or removing the disorders to which Infancy is liable, such as Convulsions, Wind, Gripes, Difficult Teethin &c &c. In bottles 7' Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. each. CAIOiAJS'cj COUGH LuZKXGErf. CAiiilAN'S TIC PILLS. CARMAN'S WOIQI POWDERS. t CAKMAN'S PERSIAN ESSENCE, A 'k'lighl ul and refreshing perfume. In bottles Is., Is. 6d and 2?. 6d. euelj. C YR-MAN'S i.Ul'orXD ANTIBILOUS AND FAMILY Pi;RIAEXT PILLS. CABMAN'S CELEBRATED HAIR RESTORER, la bott.Us Is. Ijd, each. EXTRA SXiiONG SEIDLITZ POWDERS, Is. per b. x. MEDICINES, PF.P.FUMKUY, TOOTII BRUSHES, SCKJtTEl) So.M'S, ANO OTHHK TUILwr REQUISITES. MINERAL AND DERATED WATERS. Pulma A Vat ev, Friedcrickshall Water, Hunyadi, Janes Water or any other Foreign Mineral Waters not in stock obtained at a few days notice. HOMCEOPATHY, A LAROE ASSORTMENT OF Tinctures, Globulus, Pilules, and Triturations HORSE AND CATTLE MEDICINES. PILS. PAINTS, & COLOURS, OF THE BEST QUALITY AGENT TOR THE— AQUA CRYSTAL SPECTACLES. LICENSED TO SELL METHYLATED SPIRIT. ANT .TTFT.E NOT l STOCK PROCURED WITH THE LEISly POSSIBLE DELAY Sale by Messrs. Churton, Elphich 9" Co. A valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at Leeswood, near Mold, in the County of Flint, by MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK AND 00. ON WEDNESDAY, THE 14TH OF MAY NEXT, At One for half-past One o'clock in the after- noon precisely, at the BLACK LION HOTEL, Mold, and subject to conditions to be then produced, ALL that valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in the Township of Leeswood, in the Parish of Mola, in the County of Flint (part where- of was formerly occupied as the Leeswood :Iron- 's- rks), with the fields, closes and parcels of land, a "staining in the whole 47 acres 1 rood and 2 3 or thereabouts, but excepting the mines ar rals. The part of the estate not unier leafed contains about 22 acres 2 roods and 2 perches, and comprises a Dwelling-house, Office, Outbuild- ings, 66 Cottages and Shop, with Gardens, let to yearly or weekly tenants, at rentals amounting to- gether to X327 Is. per annum. The rest of the estate is leased as follows: Leeswood New Hall, with the land, outbuildings, gardens and 60 cottages, containing altogether about 5 acres 1 rood and 15 perches, is leased to the Coed Talon Colliery Com- pany, Limited, for a term of 40 years, from the 24th June, 1858, subject to the yearly chief rent of X35. Other portions containing together about 19 acres 1 rood and 34 perches, with two dwelling- houses, stables, outbuildings and land, are leased to the same company for a like term of 40 years, from the 24th June, 1858, subject to the yearly chief rent of X36. A Plot of Land, with the Shop, two Cottages and Outbuildings situate nearly opposite the Oakeley Arms Inn, Bad-containing 18 perches or thereabouts, is under lease for a term of 50 years, from Lady day, 1858, subject to the yearly chief rent of 7s. All the Mines and Minerals lying within and under the above-mentioned property and under the Oakeley Arms Inn and the land held therewith, containing 1 acre 2 roods and 37 perches or there- abouts. The property, excepting the mines and minerals, will be first offered as a whole and will be sold subject to the above leases, but with the benefit of the several yearly rents above-mentioned and of the lessees' covenants therein contained, and also subject to the right of the purchasers of the mines and minerals to exercise the powers thereby reserved. If not sold as a whole, it will then be offered in the following lots — Lot 1.—(a) Ten COTTAGES and Gardens, con- taining altogether 3 roods and 23 perches, in the occupation of Joseph LJoyd and others, as weekly tenants at a gross rental of X42 5s. fb) I I SIGLAN- SEE" HOUSE, now in the occupation of John Norris and Richard Darbyshire, and adjoining Fields, containing altogether about 7 acres and 32 perches, and comprised in the lease to the Coed Talon Colliery Company, at X36 per annum, of which X16 per annum is the rent apportioned to this lot. Lot 2.—A Piece of LAND, being the site of the Old Leeswood Ironworks., containing 9 acres 3 roods 7 perches, with the two Houses, Office, and Out- buildings thereon, in the occupation of Mrs. John- ston, who is free of rent, and of Thomas Hughes, at an annual rental of zclo. Lot 3.—A Piece of LAND and the Remains of Two Cottages, adjacent to lot 2, and situate on the south side thereof, and containing 4 acres 1 rood 27 perches, also comprised in the last-mentioned lease, the apportioned rent being Y,7 per annum. Lot 4.—A Piece of LAND and 56 Cottages, with the Gardens thereto attached, and Shop, contain- ing in the whole 11 acres 3 roods 12 perches, pro- ducing when let, a gross annual rental of JE274 16s. Lot 5.—Two COTTAGES, Shop and Garden (nearly opposite the Oakeley Arms Inn), now in the occupation of William Williams and Edward Roberts, and containing in the whole 18 perches, being comprised in the lease for 50 years from Lady-day, 1858, at a yearly chief rent of 7s. Lot 6.—(a) A Piece of LAND, including Leeswood New-hall, Outbuildings, and Grounds, containing 2 acres 7 perches, comprised in a lease to the Coed Talon Colliery Company, at the yearly rent of £ 35, the apportioned rent being £ 5 per an- num. (b<j\ Other Pieces of LAND, including Plas-' yr-oirtir- house, Outbuildings, and Stables, con- taining 7 acres 3 roods 15 perches, comprised in the lease to the Coed Talon Colliery Company, at the yearly rent of £36, the apportioned rent being X13 per annum. Lot 7.—All that Piece of Land lying to the southeast of lot 6, and containing in the whole 3 acres 1 rood 8 perches, with the 60 Cottages and Gardens thereon, and comprised in the lease to the Coed Talon Colliery Company, at the yearly rent of JE35, the apportioned rent baing L30 per annum. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Chalmers and Wade, chartered accountants, 5 Fenwick-street Liverpool; or to Messrs. Simpson and North, solicitors, 1, Water-street, Liverpool. ale of BTJ S INESS PREMISES, and D W E L LI NG-HOUSES, situate at GOLFTYN, near CONNAH'S QUAY, SANDYCROFT, in the County of Flint. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK AND CO., WILL SELL BY AUCTION, at the GREEN TV DRAGON- HOTEL, CHESTER, on SATURDAY, THE 17TH DAY OF MAY, 1884, At Two for Three o'clock, in the following or such « other lots as may be determined upon at the time of sale, and subject to conditions to be then pro- duced, the under-mentioned FREEHOLD PROPERTY, viz.- LOT I.-All those valuable and extensive BUSINESS PREMISES, situate at Goltfyn, close to Connah's Quay, comprising large dwelling-house, with grocer's shop, bakehouse, and other erections, in the occupation of Mr. Peter Ratcliffe, grocer and provision merchant, together with five brick and slated COTTAGES adjoining, in the occupation of Henry Jones and others. Lot 2.—Five MESSUAGES or DWELLING- 5 HOUSES, situate on the north-west side of Phoenix- street, Sandycroft, with yards and appurtenances belonging thereto, in the several occupations of Joseph Griffiths, &c. N.B.—The respective tenants will kindly show the lots, and any further information may be obtained from Messrs. BOYDELL, TAYLOR, and FLUITT, Solicitors; Mr. W. E. BROWN, Surveyor; or,ASe AUCTIONEERS, all of Chester. J VALE OF CLWYD. COUNTY OF DENBIGH. Sale of a compact and very pleasantly situated FARM in the far-famed Valeof Clwyd, in the Parish of Tremeirchion, about four miles from the Market Town of Denbigh, two and a half miles from the Cathedral City of St. Asaph, seven miles from the celebrated watering place of Rhyl, and within short distances of several railway stations. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK AND CO., HAVE been favoured with instructions to SELL BY AUCTION, at the ROYAL HOTEL, RHYL. Ox TUESDAY, THE 27TH OF MAY, 1884, At Two o'clock, in One Lot, subject, to conditions The undermentioned valuable FREEHOLD FARM, known as Rhyd-y-Gwtter," otherwise Sychdyn, with the farm house and buildings, gardens, and fields, belonging thereto, comprising together upwards of Forty-four acres of arable and pasture land, entirely in a ring fence, in the occu- pation of Mr. Robert Williams. Tho above property is very pleasantly situate, commanding extremely fine views, and is surrounded by lands of Sir George Digby Cayley, Bart., the Rev. G. A. Salisbury, and Mr. John Vaughan and is bounded on one side by a pretty trout stream the Vale of Clwyd Harriers hunt the district, and there is excellent fishing and shooting in the neigh- bourhood. This Property is situate almost im- mediately under the celebrated Monastic College of St. Beuna. Any further particulars may be obtained on application to Messrs. BOYDELL, TAYLOR AND FLUXTT, Solicitors, or of Messrs. CHURTON, ELPHICK AND Co., Auctioneers, all of Chester. V Sale by Mr. J. E. Davies. PONTYBODKIN, TRYDDYN, AND CATHOLE, NEAR MOLD, FLINTSHIRE. Sale of Leasehold Public-house and Premises, and 10 Leasehold Cottages at Pontybodkin, 3 Freehold Cottages at Tryddyn, and 4 Free- hold Cottages and Gardens at Cathole, near Mold. MR. J. E. DAVIES BEGS to announce his instructions to offer er Sale by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Black Lion Hotel, Mold, ON MONDAY, THE 5TH DAY OF MAY, 1884, I At 3 for 3.30 p.m., subject to conditions to be then produced, by order of the Mortgagees, the under- mentioned FREEHOLD and LEASEHOLD PROPERTY LOT 1. All that LEASEHOLD PUBLIC-HOUSE, known as the 44 Black Diamond Inn." situate in Pontybodkin. near Mold, with the Garden, Stabling, Shippon, Piggeries, Coach-house, and Appurten- ances thereto belonging, all of which are now in the occupation of Mr. Robert Jones, and contain. upwards of 1,000 square yardsof Land.—This old-established and fully-licensed House is well and substantially built, has an extensive Frontage to the road, ana is most conveniently situated for business purposes, being in the centre of Pontybodkin, and within a few yards of the London and North Western F Al- way Company's Wharves, and nearly eppoei* Pay Offices of the Coed Talon Colliery Com It is held under Lease for the residue of a term which will expire on the 29th September, 1902, at a ground rent of £ 1 14s. Od. LOT 2. All those TEN COTTAGES, with the appurten- ances thereto belonging, situate at Pontybodkin, almost opposite Lot 1, now in the occupation of Ann Parry, Edward Taylor, and others, and containing in the whole 1408 square yards or there- abouts, and having a Frontage of 71 feet to the Main Road from Pontblyddyn to Tryddyn. This Lot is held by under-Lease for a term which will expire 25th March, 1903, at a ground rentofdEl 148. —N.B.—The above two Lots are adjoined by pro- perty belonging to the London and North Western Railway Company, Denbigh Building Society, Chester Building Society, and Mr. Edward Petersi— The Leases or copies will be exhibited at the SWe, and may be seen three days prior to the Sale, at the Offices of the undermentioned—Messrs. Kelly and Keene. LOT 3. All those THREE FREEHOLD COTTAGES, with the appurtenances adjoining the Royal Oak Inn," Tryddyn, on the Main Road leading from Pontybodkin to Tryddyn, which are Stone Built and in good repair. They have a Frontage of 20 yards or thereabouts to the High Road, and are pleasantly situated. LOT 4. All those FOUR FREEHOLD COTTAGES and GARDENS, with the appurtenances thereto belong- ing, situate at Cathole, near Mold, close to the High Road, containing by admeasurement 726 square yards or thereabouts, now in the respective occupations of Messrs. John Jones and William Goodwin.—These Cottages are Stone Built and in a good state of repair, and would be a oompact lot. Further particulars may be obtained from Messrs. KELLY and KEENE, Solicitors, Mold (as to Lots 1, 2 and 3) Messrs. MINSHALL and PARRY JONEa, Solicitors, Oswestry (as to Lot 4) or from the AUCTIONEER, Grosvenor-place, Mold. •IISLML BENSON'S ¡." MUSICAL BOXES BOXES OF SPK0IAX UAKB AND WAiirrr.iT WHOLESALE PRICES, Patent long playing Man- doline Tremolo, Piccolo, and .£3 Os. Od. Sublime Harmony Boxes, tiso with Bells, Castagnettes, and Zither accompaniments, and interchangeable Barrels. to THE LARGEST STOCK IN LONDON, ON VIEW AT THE STEAM FACTORY, 62 AND 64, LUDGATE HILL. £ 150 Os. Od. | Illustrated Cata ogues Free. <7* —: M Z U r is a « ( is J 1-4 < G JA /"> ::g T jH. U G H E S PATENT DIURETIC MEDICINE. FOR all Disorders of the Kidneys—indicated by Pains in the Loins, Lumbago, violent Head- aches, Pain and difficulty in passing Urine, high coloured and acrid Urine, suppression of Urine and Dropsy. DOSE.—A Wine glassful every night and morning J rp XT I • n U G H E S 1 PATENT #ASTHMA MEDICINE. INVALUABLE in Chest complaints generally, I where there is tightness of the Chest and difficulty of breathing, ccugh with little or no ex- pectoration,—particulary serviceable in all Asthma tic attacks. DosE.-One Tablespoonful when the Cought's troublesome, or when there is great difficulty at breathing. P PRICE, 2s. 6D. PER BOTTLE. I T ][-IU G H E s HERB AND FRUIT SALINE rhe most valuable Saline yet offered to the world This Saline is prepared only from the PUREST ESSllNCES of FRUITS and HERBS, containing NO MINERAL INGREDIENT WHATEVER, and can be taken without the least fear of doing barm by the most delicate Invalid. Dosis.-Two Teaspoonfuls, in Half a Tumbler of cold or tepid water, before Breakfast and Tea; somewhat smaller Doses fcr Children. W Be careful to use a dry spoon, and keep the bottle tightly corked. PlUCE, 2s. 6D. AND 4S. 6D. PER BOTTLE. PROPRIEToiz-T. HUGHES, BRYNFORD, HOLYWELL. AGENTS- HOLYWELL—Mr. Joseph Hague, Italian Warehouse. -Mr. Jones (lateF. E. Turner), Chemist. BAGILLT—Mr. Gratton Thomas, Chemist FLINT-Mr. Michael Jones, Chemist and Druggist. MOLD-Robert Williams, Chemist. RHYL—Mr. Davies, Chemist. —Mr. Foulkes, Chemist. CONNAH'S QUAY-Mr. K. Ll. Jones, Medical Hall. LAMPETE, R -Mr. Roderick Evaae, Chemist and Druggist. by Messrs. R. D. Roberts Sf Son. ALTERATION OF DATE. The following Sale of Property will take plaoe on MONDAY, MAY 5th and not on Thursday, May 1st, as previously advertised. Sale of Valuable FREEHOLD & LEASEHOLD 3P ROPEBTIES IN THE PARISHES OF HOLYWELL AND FLINT. MESSRS. R. D. ROBERTS & SON, WILL SELL BY AUCTION, ON MONDAY, THE 5TH DAY OF MAY NEXT, AT THE TOWN HALL, FLINT, At Two p.m. precisely, subject to conditions to be then and there produced and read. FREEHOLDS AT HOLYWELL. LOT 1. All that capital PIECE OF ARABLE LAND called Adwy Amod," containing 4a. Or. 24p., or thereabouts, with the mines and minerals thereunder, situate on the old road leading from Holywell to Halkin, in the parish of Holywell. LOT 2. Four several PIECES or PARCELS of LAND, j situate near to Lot I, with the mines and minerals thereunder containing together 3a. 3r. 31p. The Minerals under Lots 1 and 2 are believed to be extremely valuable, as they adjoin tke "North Henblas Mine Company's Seti.H and strong veins of LEAD of superior quality have already been discovered therein. FREEHOLDS AT FLINT. LOT 3. All that valuable PIECE OF LAND containing Two acres or thereabouts situate near to the town of Flint, and known as Lady's Two Acre," under which valuable beds of clay are known to exist, and from which bricks and tiles of superior quality are now being manufactured by the Flint Brick and.Tile. Company. This Lot will be sold subject to, and with the fall benefit of the existing Lease of the Clay thereunder for an unexpired term of sixteen years, and which Lease reserves an annual minimum rent of t30, and royalties merging in such minimum rent of two shillings per thousand bricks and the like sum upon every 3t. 10c. Oq. of clay, used in the manufacture of other articles. LoT 4. All that excellent PIECE OF LAND known as Caeau Tarlton," situate near to Lot 3 and con- taining 3a. 2r. 6p. or thereabouts. Valuable beds of clay are also supposed to exist under this Lot. LoT 5. THREE COTTAGES and YARD situate in "Nailor's Row," Flint, in the occupation of Captain Pierce and others. LOT 6. A VALUABLE PLOT of building land adjoin- ing "The Redan" Inn, Flint, with frontage to the Holywell road, well suited for the ereetion of business premises. LoT 7. Another equally Valuable PLOT of BUILDING LAND adjoining Lot 6. LEASEHOLDS AT HOLYWELL. LoT 8. All the remainder now to come (being 39 years) of the Lease of the several Messuages, Cottages and Gardens known as MOUNT PLEASANT, GREENFIELD, producing a net rental, after payment of ground rent and otheroutgoinp of 969 per annum. Lots 1, 2, and 4 are very fa-forably situate for the erection of Villa Residences, and command charming and extensive views of the estuary of the Dee and the Cheshire coast. Plans of the several lots will be deposited for inspection at the principal Hotels at Flint, Holywell and Rhyl as also at the offices of the Solicitor and Auctioneers concerned in the sale. For further particulars apply to Mr. H. A. OoPK, Solicitor, Holywell, or to the AUCTIONSBBS. Auction Offices, Wellington Chamber*, Rhyl, 16th April, 1884. 11) AVIES AND CO. BEG to announce that they have just received a fresh assortment of ELEGANTLY BOUND BOOKS, suitable for Gifts of Friendship, Birthday Gifts, and School Rewards. Also a selection of some of the most popular NOVELS, includ- ing- Two Shilling Novels. Lotte Schmidt. By Anthony Trollope. The Golden Lion of Granpere. By Anthony Trollope. Old Margaret By Henry Kingsley. The Harveys. By Henry Kingsley. Arthur O'Leary. By Charles LeTer. v Kenilworth. By Sir Walter Scott. Ivanhoe. By Sir Walter Scott Harold. By Lord Lytton. The Last of the Barons. By Lord Lytton. Pamela. By Samuel Richardson. The Greatest Plague of Life. By the Brothers Markew. Arabella Stuart. By James. Guy Livingstone. By Lawrence. Stones of Waterloo. By Maxwell. Owen Tudor. Miss Forrester. By Mrs. Edwards. Frank Fairlegh (Ss 6d). By Smedley. Lewis Arundel (2s 6d). By Smedley;. An Uninhabited House. By Mrs Riddell.. Christopher Tadpole. By Albert Smith. Sixpenny Novel*. Sunday under three heads. By Dickens. Sketches by Boz. By Dickens. Oliver Twist. By Dickens. Pickwick PapeJs. Dickens. Nicholas Nickleby. Dickens. American Notes. Dickens. Barnaby Rudge. Dickens. Old Curiosity Shop. Dickens. Devereaux. Lord Lyttyn. Last Days of Pompeii. Lord Lytton Eugen%Aram. Lord Lytton. Ernest Maltravers. Lord Lytton. Alice Lord Lytton. Peveril of the Peak. Scott. Kenilworth. Scott. Ivanhoe. Scott. Woodstock. Scott Waverley. Scott. Heart of Midlothian. Scott. Bob Roy. Scott. Afloat and Ashore. Cooper. Miles Wallingford. Cooper.. 1 he Water Witch. Cooper. Lionel Lincoln. By Cooper. The Prairie. Cooper. M "0. Peter Simple. Marryatt Poor Jack. Marryatt The King's Own. Marryatt Rookwood. Ainsworth « Tower of London. Ainsworth Windsor Castle. Ainsworth Old St. Paul's. Ainsworth The New Pilgrim's Progress. Mark Twain The Prince of the House of David. The Pillar of Fire. Trials of Margaret Lindsay. By Professor Wilson. Two years before the Mast. By R. H. Dana. The Vicar of Wakefield. By Oliver Goldsmith. The Celebrated Jumping Frog. By Mark Twain. The Jericho Road. A Story of Western Life. Sterne's Sentimental Journey. The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table. Just One Day. Caldecott's Shilling Picture Books. The Three Jovial Huntsmen. Sing a song for Sixpence. Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog. The History of John Gilpin. The Babes in the Wood. The House that Jack built. The Milkmaid. The Farmer's Boy. A Frog he would a wooing go. The Fox jumps over the Parson's gate. Toy Books various Is and 6d. » Shilling Books. Andersen's Fairy Tales. The May Flower. The Gates Ajar. Stepping Heavenward. The Innocents Abroad. By Mark Twain. Information wanted. By Mark Twain. How we managed without Servants. The Book of Ready-made Speeches. Popular Reciter. Mrs Rundle's Cookery. ALSO A SELECTION OF FOURPENNY NOVELS. &c., See., &c. SCRAP BOOKS at various prices. CUT-OUT SCRAPS id per sheet. BOUQUET and DESSERT LACED PAPERS HAM FRILLS. AT THE OBSERVER" OFFICE, HOLYWELL. v//Sale by Messrs. Clough and Co. ROYAL HOTEL MEWS, RHYL. Important to Hotel-keepers, Car Proprietors, and others. MESSRS. CLOUGH AND CO. ARE instructed by Mrs. Roebuck (who is re- linquishing this branch of the business), to SELL BY AUCTION on TUESDAY, THE 6TH DAY OF MAY, 1884, The whole of the valuable and well-seasoned Posting and Carriage Horses, in-calf Cow, Carriages, Brakes, Omnibuses, Full-size Hearse with Plumes, Mourning Coach, Silver-plated and other Sets of Harness, Stable Utensils, and other effects. Comprising :—12 very valuable and well-seasoned posting and carriage horses, in-calf cow, carriages, landau, by Mellor, Longsight," half-hooded phaeton, by Gorney, of Malvern," brougham, by Hayman, of Exeter," two waggonettes, one ditto for luggage, open carriage, dog carts, equal to new ditto, by Campling, Rhyl," gigs, 2 omnibuses, full-size hearse, with plumes; mourning coach ditto, three brakes, phaeton, several sets of single and double silver mounted and other harness, riding saddles and bridles, harness rack, stove, oorn bin, turnip pulper, farm cart, two handcarts, wheel- barrows, horso-power and connections, sacl truck, India-rubber piping, singeing machine, carriage jacks, 10 pairs of carriage lamps, patent weighing machine, chaff-cutter, horse rugs, two ladders, stone cistern, and stable requisites. Sale to commence at one o'clock punctually. 1, The Auctioneers have the option of accepting any further entries. Catalogues may be had at any of the principal Hotels in the neighbourhood, on the premises, or from the Auctioneers. 6, Bodfor-street, Rhyl, and Land Agency Offices, Denbigh. MIDDLE CLASS SCHOOL, FLINT, PRINCIPAL J. T. WATSON, Five years Head-master of Bristol Road School, Birmingham. Terms :—15s. 25s.; and 30s. per quarter.—The next quarter will date from May 1st, 1884. ayOUJL0. a light-coloured DONKEY, on Pant- flJyiA-aVjrff Convent Farm, near Holywell.—The ^roej^can have it on paying expenses. If not claimed within three days from this date, it will be 4o\dL. ON SALE. — A remarkably well-built ALEXANDRA DRAG, nearly new, suitable for a pony of 14 to 15 hands high.—Apply, "F.B." Observer" Office, Holywell. HJSOR SALE BY PRIVATE TENDER—TWO J: COTTAGES and GARDENS, situate at New Brighton, near the Boot, Bagillt.-Tenderf; to be sent to Mr. JACOB DAVIES, New Brighton, Bagillt. ^7"ANTED a good plain COOK, in a small T T family, in the Country.—Apply, A.B." at the Observer" Office. ANTED, a first-class MILLINER, one who Y f can produce city reference, also two young LADIES as APPRENTICES to the millinery and drapery. Must be over sixteen years of age.- Apply to R. LLOYD, Albert House, Holywell. ^T7"ANTED, a strong active YOUTH as an TV APPRENTICEto the Ironmongery business, and who is acquainted with the Welsh language, from 14 to 16 years of age.—Apply to E. and A. HUGHES, Ironmongers, Holywell. 00% ANTED a sharp intelligent BOY for the VV office.—Apply personally or in own hand- writing, to THE NOBTH WALES PAPEB Co. LIMITED, Oakenholt, near Flint. -yss — ATTLE FENCING.—For sale 100 STRONG IRON HURDLES, 6 ft. long, with 6 bars and screws for fixing, new, sketch sent. Price, 3s. 8d. each. Carriage paid.—STANBY AND CO., 6jUvery-street, Birmingham. o LET-A nice ROOMY-HOUSE, at .I.. Brynford.—Address, BRYNFOBD RECTORY. HE COWDALE, HOLWAY.—LEY FOR JL CATTLE: Good Pasturage and Water.- Apply to Mr. TROXAB ROGEES, Liverpool Arms, Holway. *tf^HE GREENFIELD HALL LEY for Horses X and Cattle, will OPEN on May 12th. Terms as before. Payment for the Ley to be made before the animals are taken out. fOlR SALE, AT GREENFIELD HAM- FIVE very promising HEIFERS. ^fl?) BE LET, a commodious HOUSE, SHOP JL and BAKEHOUSE, well-situated in Station- road, Greenfield. Immediate possession may be obtained.—Apply to Mr. JOSEPH PETEBS, Panton Ptage, Holywell. TO BE LET, HOPE COTTAGE, PENYMAES, X near HOLYWELL, containing two Sitting-rooms, two Kitchens, and five Bedrooms, with out-offices and excellent Garden.—Apply to Mr. EDWARD FOULKES, Well-street, Holywell. Y^L^NTSHIRE.—TO BE LET, with immediate X possession, a desirable FARM called GLED- LOK," comprising about 134 acres of arable and pasture land, with suitable farm house and buildings. The farm is in good condition, and situated near the villages of Nannerch and Ysceifiog, and about one mile from Nannerch Station, on the Mold and Denbigh Railway.—For particulars apply to Mr. ISAAC TAYLOB, Land Agent, Flint. W"OP BITTERS. PUREST, BEST, and CHEAPEST MEDICINE EVER MADE. TTOP BITTERS. NO DISEA8E, or ILL-HEALTH can TJOP BITTEB8. P—U. HOP BITTERS XJOP BITTERS, are used, so varied and perfect are their ■, operations. TTOP BlTTERff. If you have nausea, want of appetite, flatulenoy, dizziness, and feverish symp- TTOP BITTERS, toms, you are suffering from CQSTIVE- 1 £ ES8» aud H0P BITTERS is the Surest oop FITTERS, cure. ■ If your vital forces are depressed, if TTOP BITTERS, you have a feeling of general lassitude and weakness, are easily fatigued, "CTOP BITTERS, perspire freely on going to sleep, are „ short of breath on every slight effort, and HOP BITTERS, have a general feeling of melancholy and depression, you are suffering from TTOP BITTERS. GENERAL DEBILITY, AX and HOP BITTERS removes it all. HOP BITTERS. If you have a sense of weight or AX fulness in the stomach: a changeable TTOP BITTERS, appetite, sometimes voracious, but generally feeble a morbid craving low HOP BITTERS, spirits after a full meal, with severe pain for some time after eating; wind rising TTOP BITTERS, on the stomach, sour stomach; vomiting and fluttering at the pit of the stomach, HOP BITTERS, and a soreness over it; nausea, headache, or some of these symptons, you are TTOP BITTERS, suffering from 3 v 3 AA DYSPEPSIA, TTOP BITTERS, and HOP BITTERS will permanently J-J- cure you. TTOP BITTERS. If you have a dry, harsh, and yellow skin, a dull pain in the right side, extend- TXOP BITT1CRS. ing to the shoulder blade and pit of the stomach; s tenderness over the region of TTOP BITTERS, the liver, and sometimes an enlargement of this organ and a sense of tightness TTOr BITTERS. and uneasiness in the neighbourhood of —_ /xt the stomach and liver; yellowishness of TTOP BITTERS, the eyes; bowels irregular, generally disposed to looseness a hacking or dry TT OP BITTERS, cough irregular appetite; shortness of breathing; feet and hands generally HOP BITTERS, cold; tongue coated white a disagree- —— able taste in the mouth low spirits; TTOP BITTERS, blotches on the face and neck palpita- T__ tion of the heart; disturbed sleep heart- TTOP BITTERS, burn; disinclination to exertion—if you have any of these symptoms you are HOP BITTERS, suffering from — LIVER COMPLAINT. TTOP BITTERS, and HOP BITTERS will cure you. AA CLEANSE, PURIFY, AND RICHEN HOP BITTERS. THE BLOOD WITH XX g o p BITTERS. HOP EITTERS. AND YOU WILL HAVE ON AA SICKNESS OR SUFFERING. TTOP BITTERS. OR DOCTOR'S BILLS TO PAY, AA To be obtained of all Chemists and Druggists


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