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E. Hughes, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, OLD ANTELOPE HOTEL WELL STREET, HOLYWELL. WINES AND SPIRITS, OF THE FINEST BRANDS, IN CASKS OR BOTTLES. AGENT FOR- WORTHINGTON'S UNEXCELLED BURTON ALES, J D'ARCY'S DUBLIN STOUT, Which can be obtained in 9 gallon casks for the convenience of private families. BOTTLED ALES AND PORTER. Immediate delivery of orders guaranteed. t N MAY, 1884. LIVERPOOL & MOSTYN. The fast-sailing steamer "SWIFTS URE," ROBERT LOWE, Master Fitted up specially for the station, will ply between LIVERPOOL & MOSTYN, leaving North end of the Prince's Landing Stage, and Mostyn (weather permitting) with liberty to tow, as under:- DATE. From LIVERPOOL. From MOSTYN. 1 Thursday. 10 30 a.m 345p.m. 2 Friday. 11 30 a.m 5 Op.m. 3 Saturday 2 30 p.m 5 Monday 3 45 p.m 8 0 a.m 8 Thursday 10 *15 a.m 9 Friday 8 0 a.m, 11 30 a.m 10 Saturday 8 30 a.m 12 0 noon 12 Monday 9 Oam. 1 Op.m. 13 Tuesday 9 0 a.m 130 p.m 14 Wednesday 9 0 a.m 2 0 p.m 15 Thursday 9 30 a.m 2 30 p.m 16 Friday 10 0 a.m 3 15 p.m 17 Saturday 11 0 a.m 4 15 p.m 19 Monday 1 0 p.m 6 30 p.m [ 20 Tuesday 2 30 p.m 7 Op.m I 21 Wednesday 3 Op.m 7 3» p.m f 22 Thursday 4 15p.m I 23 Fridav 5 30 p.m 8 0 a.m 0 I 23 Fridav 5 30 p.m 8 0 a.m { 24 Saturday 10 30 a.m i 26 Monday 8 30 a.m 12 45 p.m. I 27 Tuesday 8 30 a.m 1 0 P m f 28 Wednesday 9 0 a m 1 30 p.m 1 » Thnrsday930am 2 30p.m I 30 Friday ..10 30 a m 3 30 p.m f 31 Saturday 11 30 a.m 4 30 p.m II EXCURSIONS: if 5th and 23rd—Mostyn to Liverpool and Back—Fares-Fore I Cabin, 2s.; Bridge Deck and Cabin, 3s. F Heavy Goods received at Chester Basin, near St. George's f th", for Mostyn Daily at 8 30 to 10 0 a.m. and as under— r ay 2nd, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. 8th, 9 a.m. to 12 noon; 14th, «p.m. to 5 p.m. 17th, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. 22nd, 9 a.m to 7,^ a,.m.; 24th, 9 a.m. to 12 noon; 2Sth, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. olst, 10 a.m. to 12 noon. PARHS-FORE CABIN, Is. 6d. AFTER CABIN, 2s. 6d. RETURN SAME DAY, 2s. Od. 3s. Od. Light Goods received at Prince's Landing Stage an hour 'i before the time of sailing. •j The Steamer not to be held responsible for non-sailings, if Steamer not accountable for damage or injury to Horses, '■Carriages, or any Live Stock. Goods when landed are /J entirely at the risk of the consignees. (j Passengers taken on board and landed at New Brighton on notice being given to the Pier Master there, uj Tickets not transferable. Children Six to Twelve, Half TC fare. (?? Special arrangements for Pic-nic, School parties, &c. | Refreshments on Board. r 'ilk ivogal ftlatl Steamers to t UNITED STATES & CANADA ,FROM LIVERPOOL. a i rl • • • • FOE HALIFAX & BALTIMORE May 6 SARDINIAN FOB QUEBEC May 8 r CIRCASSIAN FOB QUEBEC May 15 I ^RECIAN .FOE QUEBEC May 15 NOVA SCOTIAN J FOE HALIFAX & BALTIMORE..May 20 YN ESI AN FOE QUEBEC May 22 "ERTJVIAN QUEBEC May 29 OCEAN RATES: J, Saloon, 12 TO 21 GUINEAS; Intermediate, X7 7. ( STEERAGE, 95 5s. | Tlirougb tickets at special rates to Chicago, ° ^points in the Western. States and Canada. •SaT NOTE.—The best, quickest and cheapest I t>iU M" Manitoba and the Great North West is by l 0 Maii Steamers of this Line. Quebec to Winni- Pacific R t^ie ^"ew j&oute of the Canadian r PassageS to QUEBEC are granted to to 0USEES' MECHANICS, &c., for £ 4, and #• FEMAT-r ^tuhists> AQEICULTUEAL LABOUEKES, and f to Inland^vf EfS"° ^EEVANrs for £ 3 and Through PasspU 8 m Panil(^a at Special Rates. BaW SgerS landing at Quebee, Halifax or | Railwiv hi- ^land are accompanied on the 1' PAMPI 7 thG Crpany'8 8Pecial conductor. Western °t i(^a an^ Manitoba and the western States free on application. j Full particulars from ALLAN BROTHERS & CO., 4 JAMBS STREET, LIVEBPOOI OR to— THOMAS BALES, Eyton Terrace Flini, REDUCED FARES TO AMERICA. t BEAVER II N E. of Weekly Sailingsfi'oni LIVERPOOL & QUEENSTOWN: STEEBAGE FAEE, £ 4 10s. Od. j TO QUEBEC, BOSTON, OR NEW YORK. I A SALOON FARE TO QUEBEC OR MONTREAL, [ £ 10 10s. Od. f |> Assisted Passages to Canada, £ 3. I'.isHciiy'ei's booked to all parts of jJ Canada aud the United States at Low Rates. (j ^or further particulars, and to secure Berths, apply R. W. ROBERTS, Manager, Canada Shipping Co., 21, Water Street, LIVERPOOL, Or to I, A R. HUMPHREYS, 8, Derby Place, Hook Road, 4 Chester i f MORGAN, Chapel Terrace, Bagillt: I ROBERTS, 35, Vale Street; Denbigh | OBERT JONES, Visitor" Office, Abergele. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. "TOWER OF CAMBRIA LODGE," No. 498, ORDER OF DRUIDS, AND THE COURT LLOYD MOSTYN," No. 839, ANCIENT ORDER orPORESTERS, HOLYWELL. GRAND GALA DAY ON WHIT-MONDAY NEXT. The Members of the above Societies have amal- gamated together to have their Gala Day in a con- venient Field at the Strand. FLINT AND HOLYWELL BRASS BANDS WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE. Further particulars will appear shortly. LOYAL Ancient City Lodge of Oddfellows, M.U., CAERWYS. THE SIXTH ANNUAL Festival and Gala Day WILL BE HELD ON WHIT-MONDAY, JUNE 2ND, 1884. PROCESSION OF MEJKBEES IN THE HOBNINQ. ATHLETIC SPORTS IN THE AFTERNOON. DENBIGH VOLUNTEER BAND WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE. Further particulars in posters, or may be obtained from ROBERT LLOYD, SECRETARY, South Street, Caerwyo. BANK HOLIDAY, 1884. THE ANNUAL GRAND GALA DAY OF THE LOYAL LORD MOSTYN LODGE, WILL BE HIILD ON MONDAY, AUGUST 4TH. Special attractions will be provided, of which due notice will be given. PRUDENTIAL ASSURANCE COMPANY (LIMITED), HOLBORN BARS, E. C. Every description of Life Assurance and Annuity Business transacted.—Reversions purchased. The amount of Claims paid exceeds Five Millions. The invested Assets exceed Three and a half Millions. Whole World Licenses granted to Sea- men and others permanently engaged on board ship at an extra premium of JE1 per cent. Limited Licenses for voyages not exceeding beyond 33 degrees north latitude, 10s. per cent. The last ANNUAL AND VALUATION RKPOBTB can be obtained on application to the Secretary AGENTS WANTED:— Apply to the Superintendent for Flintshire and Denbigh. CHAS. B LACKMORE, 22, Edward Henry Street, Rhyl; or to GEO. PHILLIPS, 30, Mumforth-strest, Flint. ALLIANCE ASSURANCE CO. SUBSCRIBED CAPITAL, Y,5,000,000 (Of which Y,550,000 is paid up). FIRE RESERVE FUND UPWARDS OF £ 500,000. CHIEF OFFICES BARTHOLOMEW LANE, LONDON, Chairman SIR MOSES MONTEFIORE, BART., F.R.S. Secretary: ROBERT LEWIS, ESQ. WELSH BRANCH: HIGH STREET, WREXHAM, Chairman THOMAS BARNES, ESQ. Fire Insurance of every description transacted on moderate terms. For Prospectuses and other infor- mation, apply to the above Office, or to any of the Agents of the Company. E. LLEWELYN LLOYD, Secretary, Wrexham. FOR THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE: WORLD FAMED MUturiMuras -==:==: TRADE MJ.RK. BLOOD MIXTURE." THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER AND RESTORER. p»nn«f°Keaillsi?? and clearing the blood from all impurities cannot be too highly recommended. It is°a never*1}a! iin urv^2 8kin Diseases> and Sores of all kin u is a never-failing and permanent cure. It Cures old Sorea. Cures Ulcerated Sores on the Neck. Cures Ulcerated Sore Legs. Cures Blackheads, or Pimpies on the Face. Cures Scurvy Sores. Cures Cancerous Ulcers. Cures Blood and Skin Diseases. Cures Glandular Swellings. Clears the Blood from all impure Matter, From whatever cause arising As this wixture is pleasant to the taste, and warranted free from anything injurious to the most delic Lte constitution of either sex, the Proprietor solicits sufferers to give it a trial '<o test its value. Thousands of Testimonials from all parts. old in Bottles 2s. 6d. each, and in Cases, containing six times the quantity, lis. each-stifficient toeffect a permanent euro 11l tl, great majority of long-standing cases throughout the world, or sent on receipt of 30 or 132 stamps by Tlffli LINCOLN & MIDLAND COTJNTIES DRUG CO Wholes* e All Patent Medicine Hoe a. PAINTING. PLUMBING, GLAZING, GAS FITTING & PAPER HAIfGIM. Established, 1838. PIERCE LLOYD & SON, HIGH STREET, HOLYWELL, RESPECTFULLY thank their numerous customers for their past favours, and beg to solicit a continuance of their patronage. ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. Experienced Workmen kept in all Branches of the Trade. ESTIMATES GIVEN FOR EVERY DESCRIPTION OF WORK. ROFT TOB TANYARD. JOHN HOLMES, GENERAL DEALER. WHITFORD STREET, HOLYWELL, BEGS to thank the public for the support he has J) received since he has taken over the above business and to intimate that he is still open to buy HORSES, COWS, CALVES, SHEEP AND DONKEYS, either dead or alive, for which he will pay full value, and will fetch them from any distance up to TEN MILES round Holywell. N.B.-Letters or Telegrams promptly attended to. HTHE LONDON AND WESTMINSTER -1- SUPPLY ASSOCIATION, 4A, DEANE-STREET, LIVERPOOL. Beg to call attention to the GREAT REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OP PROVISIONS. Owing to the downward tendency of the markets they have been enabled to make considerable reduction in every department. WINE DEPARTMENT. CHAMPAGNE611' °f the CELEBRATED "V IN DU SALON," At 30s. per Dozen Quarts. ILLUSTRATED PRICE LIST i. ON APPLICATION. CARRIAGE PAID C ON ORDERS OF L2 AND UPWARDS. THE LONDON AND WESTMINSTER SUPPLY ASSOCIATION, 4.6., DEANE-STREET, LIVERPOOL, Near St. John's Market. KING'S ARMS HOTEL STABLSS, HIGH STREET, HOLYWELL. EXCELLENT ACCOMMODATION FOB ENTIRE HORSES FOR THE SEISQX. Spacious macadamised Yard and every oonveaionce. JAB. AINSCOUGH, PsepaimoB. ESTABLISHED, 1854. EVJJFS, RICHARDS & (JO., WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GENERAL DRAPERS, UPHOLSTERY, CARPET, & MANCHESTER WAREHOUSEMEN, LONDON ROAD, LIVERPOOL. MOURNING OUTFITS, FUNERAL UNDERTAKERS. IN consequence of their continually increasing Country Orders, both Wholesale and Retail, EVANS, RICHARDS & Co. have made special arrangements in order to more fully develop that department of their trade, and are now in a posi- tion to execute all Country Orders with economy, promptitude, and despatch. Orders amounting to P, I and upwards, are forwarded, Carriage Paid, to all parts of North Wales. TEBKS-CASH BEFORE DKLXVBBY. ESTIMATES GIVEN, PATTERNS SENT POST FREE ON APPLICATION. EVANS, RICHARDS, & Co., have much pleasure in announcing that they have, in view of the coming season, made very extensive CASH PURCHASES of all the leading Novelties from LONDON and PARIS, and the undermentioned Departments are replete with new and fashionable goods, offering decided and genuine bargains throughout: SEALSKIN MANTLES, LACES. FUR-LINED CLOAKS, SCARFS, FUR CAPES, RIBBONS, JACKETS, OUTFITTING, BONNETS, TRIMMINGS, HATS, GLOVES, COSTUMES, HOSIERY, SILKS, CARPETS. DRESS MATERIALS, CURTAINS, FLANNELS, BEDSTEADS, DRAPERY, BEDDING, BLANKETS, &c., &c., &e. SHIRTS, EVANS, RICHARDS AND Co., LONDON ROAD, LIVERPOOL. BEETROOT V. SKIN DISEASE IN DOGS. S P R A T T ST' PATENT MEAT "FIBRINE" VEGETABLE DOG CAKES (WITH BEETROOT). SINCE WE REVOLUTIONISED the mode of DOG FEEDING over twenty years ago by introducing MEAT DOG BISCUITS we have been constantly experimenting with the view of still further improving our celebrated PATENT MEAT "FIBRINE" DOG CAKES, More especially with the view of obviating the objection raised to all Meat Biscuits—viz., the want of sufficient vegetable matter in them. We found by frequent experi- ments with all kinds of vegetables, that beetroot was the only one which retained its vegetable properties under the great heat of biscuit baking. BEWARE OF WORTHLESS IMITATIONS! SBB BACH CAKE IS STAJCPKD "SPRATT'S PATENT" AND A "X." DOG MEDICINES AND DOG SOAP. Full List and Pamphlet on Dog Diseases, Post Free. SPRATT'S PATENT, BERMONDSEY, S.E. RENOWNED REMEDIES. THE PILLS Purify the Blood, correct all Disorders of the LIVER, STOMACH, KIDNEYS, AND BOWELS. They invigorate and restore to health Debilitated Constitutions, and are invaluable ii. all incidental to Females of all ages. For Children and the aged they are priceless. THE OINTMENT Is an infallible remedy for Bad Legs, Bad Breatt Old Wounds, Sorts and Ulcers. It is famous f.,r Gout and Rheumatism. FOR DISORDERS OF THE CHEST IT HAS NO EQUAL. FOR SORE THROATS, BRONCHITIS, COUGHS, COLD3, Glandular Swellings, and all Skin Diseases it has no rivizl and for contracted and stiff joints it act. like a charm. Manufactured only at THOMAS HOLLOWAY'S Establishment, 76, NEW OXFORD STREET (late 533, OXFORD STREET), LONDON, And are sold at Is. lid-, 2s. gd., 4s. 6d., us., 22s., and 33J. each Box or Pot, and may be had of all Medicine Vendors throughout the World. F.B.—Advice Gratis, at the above address, daily, between the hour. of 11 and 4, or by letter "ONE OF THE BEST OF ALL ALP lHOLIC STlJtUliUf»» II BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL" ON H J/IgjtT The under-mentioned "Castle Grand" Whiskies have been selected 6mm W& A Gilbey's Stock of 10,000 Butts, as the choicest specimens of old Scotch "UId Irish Whiskies. I8AU AMEL,M" '8 "Castle GRAND" SCOTCH WHISKY) Fine Highland Malt Whisky__Very old | 10 per cent under proof ) "Castle GRAND" IRISH WHISKY ) Fine Dublin Malt Whisky Very old j 10 per cent under proof BOTTLE OOlWII 3/6 42/ 3/6 42/ pMt9rttte afcouM bear W Sc A Gilbey's Gold Label and Capsule with 1 Mat Seal m Cork as is margin, and Signature on side of Cork thus— ( 0 & BK MNKIFMM A filLBEY'S AGENTS Iri EVER I" TOWN IN THE UNITED KiNfiDOK ENGLISH CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, II HOLYWELL. A GRAND BAZAAR AND SALE OF WORK WILL BE HELD AT THE NEW ASSEMBLY HALL, HOLYWELL, ON TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, & THURSDAY, June Ioth, nth, and 12th, 1884.. PATRONS His GBACE THE DUKE OF WESTMINSTER, K.G., THE RIGHT HON. LORD RICHARD GBQSVBNOR, M.P., THE RIGHT HON. LORD MOSTYN, SIR R. A. CUNLIFFE, BART, M.P. JOHN ROBERTS, ESQ., M.P., J. SOOTT BANKES, Esa., ST. JOHN CHARLTON, ESQ., "WILLIAM CBOSSFIELD, ESQ., J.P., LIVERPOOL, R. S. HUDSON, ESQ., CHESTER, WIIXIXJI BROWN, ESQ., CHESTEB, J. PRYS EYTON, ESQ., REV. JOHN THOMAS, D.D., LIVERPOOL, REV. RoGEK EDWABDS, MOLD, REV. SAMUEL DAVIES, BANGOR, REV. GETIDN DAVIES, B.A., LLANGOLLEN, PATRONESSES. HER GRACE THE DUCHESS OF WESTMCNSTEB, LADY RICHARD GROSVENOR, LADY MOSTYN, LADY CUNLIFFE. MRS. J. SOOTT BANKES, MRS. ST. JOHN CHARLTON, MRS. WM. BROWN, MRS. J. PRys EYTON. The opening ceremony will take place each day at Two o'clock in the afternoon. INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC AT INTERVALS. REFRESHMENTS. Admission by Ticket: -Tuesday, 2 to 4.30 p.m., Is. 6d., 6 to 10, Is.; Wednesday, 2 to 4.30, Is., 6 to 10, 6d.; Thursday, 2 to 4.30, Is., 6 to 10, 6d. Proceeds for purchase of Freehold and Renovation of the above Chapel. Contributions in money or saleable articles will be most gratefully received. OWEN THOMAS, M.A., MINISTER. THOS. H. WATERHOUSE RJA P. HARDING ROBERTS 11011 C>BCS- HENRY JUDD, TREASURER. IMPORTANT TO BUTTER MAKERS. SAVES TIME, LABOUR AND MONET! TOMLINSON & CO'S BUTTER POWDER I (ESTABLISHED 25 YEARS.) FOR PRODUCING GOOD BUTTER ALL THE YEAR ROUND. THIS Powder produces superior Butter at all seasons of the year, Firmer, Sweeter, and in less time than by any other process. It entirely removes all unpleasant flavour of Cake, Turnips, Mangolds, Dead Leaves, Wild Garlic, &c. A little put into the Milk will greatly increase the yield of Cream. Brings Butter in a few Minutes at all Seasons. This Powder is perfectly harmless, and when it is used the Butter will keep twice the length of time than when made without it, or with any other preparation. Sold in Boxes, 6d., Is., 2s. 6d., and 7s. 6d. sample Boxes, the Is., 2s. 6d., and 7s. 6d. sizes sent, Parcels Post Paid, on receipt of amount in Stamps. Sole Manufacturers,— TOMLINSON & HAYWARD, LINCOLN. TESTIMONIAL. From Mrs. HACKETT, Hallflak's Farm, Cropston, Leicestershire. I have used Tomlinson & Co's Butter Powder in my Dairy for more than 19 years, and have seldom been without a supply during that period I always use it when Butter making, and find it answer every purpose it is recommended for. It removes all strong tastes from the Butter caused by Cows eating Turnips. Cakes, Mangolds, Dead Leaves, or Bitter Herbs, it also greatly shortens the time of Churning, making it a pleasure when it would otherwise be a labour and when this excellent Powder is used, I am assured the Butter is firmer, sweeter, and better than when made without it during all seasons of the year. In hot weather it ic invaluable. BENSON'S WORKMAN'S SILVER ENGLISH LEVER. f- £ 5 Ds. OD. SPECIALLY MADE TO KEEP PERFECT TIME. gTAND ROUGH WEAR and LAST A LIFETIME. IN ALL SIZES. CAPPED, JEWELLED, and ALL LATEST IMPROVEMENTS, Delivered safe and free to all parts on receipt of R,5 58. Od. BY J W. Benson, THE STEAM FACTORY, LUDGATE HILL, LONDON, E.C. Illustrated lists of Watches from f2 2s., to C200 free. Agents, Secretaries of Societies, foremen, and others, required to establish Watch Clubs for the above. BRYANT MAY'S MATCHES HOLYWELL. A GRAND FANCY FAIR WILL BE HELD IN THE ASSEMBLY HALL, HOLYWELL, ON Wednesday$Thursday, 27th 4" 28th of August, 1884, IN AID OF THE PARISH CHURCH RESTORATION FUND, Under the distinguished patronage of THE LORD LIEUTENANT OF THE COUKTY, HIS GRACE THE DUXE OF WESTMINSTER, K.G., THE RIGHT HON. LORD RICHARD GROSVENOR, M.P., THE RIGHT HON. LORD MOSTYN. JOHN ROBERTS, ESQ., M.P., HEB GRACE THE DUCHESS OF WESTJONSTEB, THE RIGHT RON. THE DOWAGEB LADT MOITTN, THE RIGHT HON. LADY MOSTYN, THE RIGHT HON. LADY FLORENTIA HUGHES, THE RIGHT HON. LADY RICHARD GEOSVKNOR, MRS. HUGHES, THE PALACE, ST. ASAPH, LADY CAYLEY, Mrs. Bate, Kelsterton, Miss Lloyd Fletcher. Mrs. Bonnor, The Deanery Mrs. Lloyd Price, Mrs. Buddicom, Mrs. Mather, Mrs. Ceoil Raikes, Mrs. Michell, Mrs. Charlton, Mrs. Pennant, Mrs. Davison, Farfield, Mrs. Pickstone, Mrs. Davies Cooke, Mrs. Scott Bankes, Mrs. Donnell, Mrs. Spencer Cooper, Mrs. Eyton, Mrs. Storey, Miss Ingleby, Mrs. Whitehall Dod, The following Ladies will preside at the Stalls — Mrs. St. John Charlton; Mrs. Cope and the Misses Michell: Mrs. Eyton and Mrs. Prys Eyton Mrs. Jones, Pistyll; Mrs. Storey, Downing; Mrs. James Williams and Mrs. R. H. Smedley; Mrs. R. O. Williams and Miss Re vis. Ii Churchwarden's $tail "Mrs. Carman and Mrs. Garner. Refreshment$taU Miss M. Ingleby and Mrs. Archibald Cooper. Donations, and Contributions of "Work" and other articles for sale at the "Refreshment and other Stalls, will be thankfully received, and may be sent to The Vicarage, Holywell." HON. TREASURER ;-S. L. REVIS, ESQ., North and South Wales Bank, Holywell Hon. SiscpmAmy: -REv. R. O. WILLIAMS, The Vicarage. Fuli particulars will appear in programmes. NOTICE. MR. MAURICE, SURGEON DENTIST, OF CHESTER, WILL ATTEND IN FUTURE A.T NO. 4, BANK PLACE, HOLYWELL, Second and last Fridays of every month. Next Visit Friday, the 9th of May. APOTHECARIES HALL. HOLYWELL. JOHN CARMAN, FAMILY AND DISPENSING CHEMIST BEGS to call attention to the following list of J) approved Family Medicines, &c., which he 3an with confidence recommend. CARMAN'S INVIGORATING SALINE, rhis Saline compound is recommended for Bilous constitu tions, Heartburn, Headache, Sea sickness, &c. In bottles Ls. 9d. each. QUININE WINE TONIC, a bottles Is. and 2s. each. CARMAN'S INFANTS CARMINATIVE, A.n agreeable Medicine renowned for its efficacy in prevent- ing or removing the disorders to which Infancy is liable, such its Convulsions, Wind, Gripes, Difficult Teethin &c Ac. In bottles 7 £ d., Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. each. CARMAN'S COUGH LOZENGES. CARMAN'S TIC PILLS. CARMAN'S WORM POWDERS. CARMAN'S PERSIAN ESSENCE, A delightful and refreshing perfume. In bottles Is., ls. 6d and 2s. 6d. each. CARMAN'S COMPOUND ANTIBILOUS AND FAMILY PERIAENT PILLS. CARMAN'S CELEBRATED HAIR RESTORER, In bottles Is. 6d. each, EXTRA STRONG SEIDLITZ POWDERS, Is. per box. PATENT MEDICINES, PERFUMERY, TOOTH BKDSBEB, SCENTED SOAPS, AND OTHER TOILET REQUISITES. MINERAL AND DERATED WATERS. Pulina Water, Friedcnckshall Water, Hunyadi, Janes "V^ter or any other Foreign Mineral Waters not in stock obtained at a few davs 11 tice. HOMCEOPATHY, A LARGE ASSORTMENT or Tinctures, Globules. Pilules, and Triturations. HORSE AND CATTLE MEDICINES. PILS, PAINTS, & COLOURS, OF THE BEST QUALITY AGBNT FOB flDI- AQUA CRYSTAL SPECTACLES. LICENSED TO SELL METHYLATED SPIRIT. ANY ARTICLE NOT IN STOCK PROCURED WITH THE LIUI POSSIBLE DELAY A WONDERFUL MEDICINE. BEECHAM'S PILLS Are admitted by Thousands to be worth a Guinea A Box for Bilious and Nervous Disorders, such as wind and pain in the stomach, sick headache, giddiness, fulness and swelling after meals, dizziness and drowsiness. cold chills, flushinp of heats, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, costiveness, scurvy, blotches on the skin, disturbed sleep, frightfuldroMM, and all nervous and trembling sensations, &c. The first do* will give relief in twenty minutes. This is no fiction, for they have done it in thousands of cases. Every sufferwM earnestly invited to try one box of these Pills, and they wm be ackk »wledged to be WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. For females of all ages these Pills areJn, oiJtJfZ doses of them carry off all gross humours. PEFEMAJE s^ouJJ tions, and bring about all that is required foun(j enua be without them. There is no medicine to be totrnd to equa HFprWAAI'S PILLS for removing any oDsnucuon or ir- asssssssaarr— to sound and robust th digestion a.nd all disordet act like ,31AGIC, and a few doses win found to work wonders upon the most important organs in the human machine. They strengthen the whole muscular system, restore the long lost complexion, bring back the keen edge of appetite, and arouse into action with the ROSEBUD of health the whole plii-sicatl energy of the human These are "FACTS" admitted by thousands, embracing all classes of society and One of th., best guarantees to the nervous and debilitated is, BEECHAM'S PILLS have th* largest sale of any patent medicine in the world. BEECHAM'S MAGIC COUGH TILLS As a remedy for Coughs in general, asthma, difficulty of breathing, shortness of breath, tightness and oppression of the chest, wheezing. &e., these Pills stand unrivalled They speedily remove that sense of oppression and difficulty of breathing which nightly deprive the patient of rest. Let any person give BEECHAM'S COUGH PILLS a trial, and th* most violent cough will in a short time be semoved. CAUTION.-The public are requested to notice that the words "BEECHAM'S PILLS, St. Helens,' are on the Govern- ment Stamp affixed to each box of the Pills. If not oa, they are a forgery. Prepared onlv and sold wholesale and retail by the Pro- prietor, T. Bereham, Chemist, St. Helens, iAiiCLliiliiT, ffl boxes iit Is "I and 2s. 9d. each. Sent post free from the proprietor, t u or stamps. Sold by aU Drugguts and Patent Medicine Dealers in Wales. N.B.—Full directions are given with each box.