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HOLYWELL. BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The fortnightly meeting of the Guardians of Holywell Union was held on Friday, there being present-J. Scott Bankes, Esq. (chairman), and John Henry, Esq. Holywell—Messrs. Owen Jones, Samuel Davies, J. Kerfoot Evans and Isaac Hughes; Isceifiog—Mr. John Williams; Halkyn— Mr. Thomas Parry Flint—Messrs. Thomas Jones and Richard Evans; -orthop-Messrs. James Reney and William Astbury Newmarket—Rev. D. Williams; Nannerch—Rev. Watkin Williams; Gwaenyscor—Mr. Thomas Roberts; Whitford-Mr. Edward Williams; Llanasa-Messrs. Enoch Lewis and John Owen Caerwys—Mr. Wm. Evans. INMATES OF THE WORKHOUSE. The Master (Mr. Hughes) reported that the number of inmates in the Workhouse last Board- day was loo there had been since admitted 8 and 1 birth discharged 8 present number 156. DECREASE OF VAGRANCY. The statistics showed that the number of vagrants relieved in the tramp wards during the past fort- night was 60, as against 150 in the corresponding period of last yetr. -The chairman called attention to the gratifying decrease which the figures showed. MONETARY. For the relief of the out-door poor during the ensuing fortnight, cheques to the following amounts were granted the relieving officers:- Mold District. S135 Holywell, do 135 Whitford,do. 80 APPOINTMENT OF COLLECTOR FOR FLINT PARISH. There were three candidates for the office of collector of rates for the parish of Flint, viz., Mr. J. Williams (son of the late collector), Mr. Tozer, junr., Mwdwleithin, and Mr Samuel Owen, Ruthin. The Rev. D. Williams proposed that Mr. John Williams be appointed, and the motion was seconded simultaneously by Mr. Reney and Mr. Isaac Hughes. Mr. Thomas Jones supported the appoint- ment of Mr. Williams, and said he had known him for some years as a young man of exceptionally high character. He was besides fully in the work, which was entrusted to him by the overseers on his father's sudden death, and he had not only balanced the accounts of the past half-year, but had also made every preparation for the current rate on the new assessment of the parish, so that notwithstanding the late collector's sudden death, Flint parish had not been behindhand in meeting the calls when they became due.—Mr. Williams was unanimously appointed, neither of the other candidates being proposed. After being called into the room, tit Chairman announced to Mr. Williams that he had been unanimously appointed, and in doing so said the Guardians had spoken of the extremely good character he bore. A good character was the most valuable possession he could have, and he hoped that he would continue to maintain it.—Mr. Williams thanked the Board for their con- fidence in him. A HIGH CERTIFICATE. The Clerk read a report from the Local Govern- ment Board, after the recent examination of the Workhouse Schools, by Dr. Clutterbuck. Miss Hughes, the mistress of the schools, was awarded a certificate of efficiency in the first division first class, being the highest certificate obtainable, and which has been gained by Miss Hughes for several years in succession.—The guardians expressed ex- treme satisfaction with the excellent attainments of the children, and the high position attained by Miss Hughes and her scholars. THE KEEN BLADE AND A HEAVY HAND. A letter was read from a barber residing at Denbigh who recently obtained a boy from the workhouse to learn his trade. He stated that although his apprentice was a willing lad, he was not suited for a barber, as his hands were hard, heavy and cracked, and his fingers not pliable, and his customers complained of him. As the inden- tures were not signed he proposed to return thelboy to the workhouse.—No objection was raised to the letter, and Mr. Enoch Lewis mentioned that probably he would be able to find the lad a situation in a farm house. The other business was routine. RURAL SANITARY AUTHORITY. The first meeting of the Sanitary Authority, after its election a fortnight ago, was held on Friday morning. J. Scott Bankes, Esq., occupied the chair, and there were also present John Henry, Esq., and Messrs. Owen Jones, James Reney, Samuel Davies, Thomas Jones, Richard Evans, J. Kerfoot Evans, Enoch Lewis, Thomas Parry, John Owens. Clerk. Mr. E. J. Davies Surveyor of the Holywell District, Mr. J. Josephus Williams; Surveyor of the Mold District, Mr. E. W. Jones. APPOINTMENTS. The Clerk read a letter from the Local Govern- ment Board, sanctioning the appointments of Mr. James Williams, Holywell, and Dr. Williams, Mold, as medical officers of the Holywell and Mold Districts respectively, for the year ending the 25th of March next at the same salaries as hereto- fore. A BILL OF COSTS. A letter was read from Mr. Bellis, C.E., Mold, forwarding his bill of costs, amounting to the sum of X341 Gs. Sd., for work in connection with the proposed drainage of Buckley, Connah's Quay, Bagillt, and the Down-hill pool. From that sum he had received E200, leaving a balance of X141 6s. 8d.—The Clerk was directed to acknowledge the receipt of the bills, and to request Mr. Bellis to forward the drawings to which they related. NUISANCES. Mr. J. J. Williams reported that he had during the past fortnight visited and inspected the whole of his district, and where necessary ordered the removal of nuisances. SATISFACTORY ENDING OF A LONG STORY. The Surveyor reported that the drainage works at Bagillt had been completed by the contractors, Messrs. Thos. Hughes and Son, Holywell, with the exception of some slight work with the side drains which would be finished in a few days. The surface of the land had been made good, and no damage to land or buildings had been done during the execu- tion of the work. He requested that some members of the Authority should visit the place before the work was taken out of the contractors' hands. During the progress of the work he had had to act as engineer and clerk of the works and other duties and h hoped the Authority would take the matter into their consideration. He handed a certificate in favor of the contractors for LIOO, and that sum was ordered to be paid-Mr. Samuel Davies said the scheme now it was carried out worked very well, and he was highly pleased with it. He had watched the progress of the work very closely, although perhaps Mr. Williams was not aware of it, and he had not found anything wrong; indeed it appeared to be satisfactory throughout. All the materials used appeared to be good, and the castings made by Mr. Howell of the Bagillt Foundry, were very substantial, and appeared to be laid in the best possible way.—In answer to a ques- tion, the Surveyor said that the total cost of carrying out the work was £ 1550.—Mr. Henry agreed with the suggestion that the work should be formally inspected before it was taken out of the contractors' hands. He thought that Mr. Williams was entitled to the consideration he referred to, and he hoped he would receive the recompense he was, deserving of at their hands. It was decided that the members of the Authority should visit the works on the following Monday, when they would also consider the amount to be paid Mr. Williams for his duties as engineer and superintendent of the works. A PUBLIC WATER SUPPLY. With regard to the complaint respecting the cut- ting off of a public water supply at the Upper Works, it was stated that the work had been done some years ago, and not by the present manager. On the suggestion of Mr. Samuel Davies it was agreed to -it unce take measures for having the supply made available to the public, a course which the manager of the works did not object to. RIIEWL MOSTYN WATER SUPPLY. The Surveyor stated that he had drafted two schemes for supplying water the public from Tre Mostyn well. One scheme was to lay pipes to the well direct so as to be independent of the pipes which convey water to Mostyn Hall. The second sche> !-• was to construct a storage reservoir oil thr> Mo:-i yit Hall line of pipes, and the latter plan would '1.. about C(io cheaper than the former one, estimates for both works being submitted.- Some conversation took place as to the obliga- tion of the landlords to supply their houses with water, and ultimately the matter was deferred to enable the Surveyor to report more fully upon the matter at the next meeting. WATER SUPPLY AT THE WORKHOUSE. The Surveyor stated that the wells for the storage of water at the Workhouse, and the pipes connecting them with the reservoir at Milwr had been almost completed. He applied for permission to eonneot some landers with the wells, which was immediately granted. REPORTED DIPTHERIA AT BHESYCAE. The Surveyor of the Mold district reported that two fatal cases of diptheria had occurred at Rhes- ycae. The outbreak could not be traced to any insanitary causes, and the medical officer of health thought the cases were not real diptheria, but acute sore throat.











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