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GLOBE FUR2S ISB.INGI COMPANY, ¡ COMPLETE FIOIC-SE FURNISHERS, Wfeolesale and Retail, 12,14, 16, and ta, PEMBROKE-PLACE, LIVERPOOL. T71TJRNTSK FOR CASH OR ON TBE J; HIIlK-PtliCHASE SYSTEM AT CASH PRICES. -> The GLOSE FURNISHING COMPANY, the oldest established, and by far the most extensive Furnishers on üe Hire-Purchase System in the Provinces, supply every T»auisite for the complete Furnishing of Cottage, Hotel.or 3ianaion, considerably ohe>' "> than the majority ol those firms wbo sellfor cash oul-, This we are able to do through having a vcry large capital at conimand.and being the bona fide manufacturers of the principal goods we sell. NO SiGCURITY REQUIRED, NO EXTRA EXPENSES, ON OUR HIRE-PURCHASE SYSTEM The fair and equitable manner in which our business i carried on, and our reasonable terms and low prices are so wedi known throughout the North of England and Wales as to render further comment unnecessary. General terms, which however can be altered to suit the convenience of purchasers payment Weekly, Monthly,or Quarterly. Amount of Purchase £10 Payment per Week 3s 6d 120 5s Od JEBO „ 10s Od to zioo 17s 6d h L500 h 30s Od Ait inspection of our stock will at once satisfy intend ing purchasers that we give better value and offer easier pay- ments than any other house furnishers on the Hire-Pur- ehaae System in the Provinces. All goods are Delivered Free in our own or private vans and no expenses of any kind are incurred by customers Furniture sent to any part of England or Wales. CAUTION.—As some firms adopt various means—such as copying our prospectuses, kc., -with the evident intention of inducing the public to believe they are con- ected with us, please note our address. FURNISH FOR CASH OR ON THE HIRE- PURCHASE SYSTEM. New Prospectus, Large, Illustrated Catalogue, Press Opinions and Price List, sent post free on application. Please mention this paper. Business Hours, 9 a. m. to 7 p.m.; Saturdays, 9 a m.to6 p.m. GLOBE FURNISHING COMPANY, 14,16, and 18, PEMBROKE-PLACE, LIVERPOOL Railw vy Fares allowed to Country Customers. CYCLES c Y L E S! IMPORTANT NOTICE. IF you require a High-claps Machine at a Low Price you cannot do better than have a WARRILOW" as your mount for Season 1897. AH Machines are thoroughly up-to-date and Guaranteed. We defy Competition. RIDE A WARRILOW. THE BEST AND CHEAPEST MACHINE IN THE MARKET. JJLAKGE DISCOUNTS FOR CASK. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES SENT POST FFEE TO ANY ADDBKSS THKOCQHOVjT THE WORLD. SPECIALITIES IN LADIES' SAFETIES. I JAccepscries of all kinds at Lowest Prices. Any Machine taken in part Exchange. Don't delay bat send at once for Catalogue, Free by Post,from W. R. WARRILOW, CYCLE MANUFACTURER, WESTON-SUPER-MARE, England. 2323 9 L..1 A. EICHARDSON'S WONDERFUL 1/- PARCEL OF MUSIC. 20WORTH FOR 1/ CHESTER IODEL IRON pIANOS BEST VALUE FOR MONEY, 21 GaineasCasb. By Instalments, 15s 2d per Montb. THE POPULAR IRON PIANOS. 14 Guineas Cash. By Inataiments, 10a 6d per Month. # THE POPULAR AMERICAN ORGANS, 12 Stops, 2 Knee Swells, Mirror Top, 12 Guitiese Cash. By Instalments, 9s 4d per Month. I TUNING and REPAIRING by Best Workmen SINGLY or by YEARLY CONTRACT. THE WHOLE OF NORTH WALES VISITED. 43, Bridge Street-row, Chester, AND Central Arcade, Wrexham. 2233r14349 HE BANGOR AND ARVON PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. REGISTERED OFFICE 239, HIGH STREET, BANGOR. PRESIDENT ALDXBMAN JOHN EVAN ROBERTS, J.P .BANGOR LARGE RESERVE FUND INCREASING ANNUALLY. Paid-up Shares, £ 10 each. Subscription Share, 5a and I Entrance Fee, upwards per month. j per share 2s 6d. Advances repayable (by Monthly Instalments) in 5, 10, 15, or 20 years on Leasehold and Free- hold Properties. ADVANTAGES: To Subscribers. 1. A convenient place for Investment, with Absolute Security and Good Interest. 2. Investments withdrawable AT ANY TIME by Notice or other arrangement. To Borrowers 1. Funds always available for advances. 2. Easy scale of Repayments. 3. Moderate Solicitor's Chargee (by Special Arrangement). 4. Premium ADDED. TO, and not deducted FROM, advance. 5. Mortgage effected with the utmost Despatch and Secrecy. 6. Easy facilitiee for Redemption of Mortgages ANYTIME without any charge. Applications,&c., to be addressed to the Secretary ro. tern., Mr ROBERT KCBSBTS, at the society's ffioes, 239, High Street. 15059a AJVI LOB 3L ATH ARGRAPHWAnH A LLYFR-RWYMIAD EWCH AT Nixon a Jarvis GYFERBYN A'R CLOC BANGOR OBACCONISTS, STATIONERS, &c. Cinderella and Woodbine Cigarettes, 3s Id per box. Old Gold and other 3d packets, Is 9id per 100. Shag, 3s 2d per lb Cigars. 4s 6d per 100. Cigarettes 4s 3d per lb. 80 PAGE ILLUSTRATED PRICE LIST POST FREE. Cheapest Hoaee for Stationery, Toys, Cutlery, <to. PRAENKBL, BROS. (S. DEPT.), 58, 9, 60 AM> 60a, Houndsditch, London. E.C. J 2392wh I GIN -NFTT'S QIRCTJS AND HIPPODROME. The Queen s Own." Established over 60 years. The orly circus that has appeared twice by Royal Command before Jicr Majestv. At Brighton Pavilion, November 19th, 1832. At Balmoral Castle, June 1st, 1893. Will visit PWLLHELI Tuesday, Sept. 7th NEVIX Wednesday, Sept. 8th "CRICCIETH Thursday, Sept. 9th PORTMADOC Friday, Sept. 10th BLAEXAU FFESTINIOG Saturday, Sept. 11th (and not MAENTWROG) BARMOUTH.. Monday. Sept. 13th DOLGKLLY Tuesday, sipt. 14th TOWYN Wednesday, Sept. 15th MACHYNLLETH. Thursday, Sept. 16th Bo TH Friday, Sept. 17th ABERYSTWYTH Saturday, sept. 18th N.B.—This world famous equestrian establishment is bigger and better than ever in honour of Britain's glorious record reign year 1897.. Note.-The Jubilee year was Mr Ginnett's greatest sue cess (as will be remembered by everyone), but the attrac- tions of the present ausDicious season will surpass any- thing he has hitherto attempted. 150 HORSES AND ARTISTES, GRAND PROCESSION DAILY AT ONE O'CLOCK. Programme of 20 items. 2.30. afternoon ;17.30 evening (doors open at 2 and 7). Notice.—As a special free pageant and outdoor attrac- tion for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the kings and queens of England from William the Conqueror to Victoria the Good will appear in Ginnett's procession daily (weather permitting). N.B.—An object lesson for every adult, as well as for every schoolboy or girl. The Jubilee Artistes are the best that money can secure. N.B.- The public are invited to inspect Mr Ginnett's celebrated thoroughbred Horses as well as the smallest ponies in the world (from Lord Londonderry's famous stables. The Howard Bros., the world's mystificrs. In their inexplicable thought transmission seance. Over 18 months at the Royal Aquarium, and the talk of all Europe and America. Specially engaged before their departure far Australia. Ginnett's record reign clowns are very much up to date Two of them having already appeared before and delighted Her Majesty. Happy Jackles, Alberto. Jolly Jim. Rilly Benn. Mick and Mack, Fiddler Jo, Chips and Trilby, To afternoon performance all child- ren are admitted at 2d each. N.B.—The day representa- tion is equal in every respect to the evening performance. No item being on any pretence omitted. Evening perform- ance commences 7.30. Doors open at 7. PRICES OF ADMISSION—Stalls (Carpeted and Re- served). 3s Boxes (carpeted), 2s pit seats. Is area, 6d. Half-price for Children to all parts except area. Sole Proprietor. Claude Ginnett BusIness Manager and Agent Mr Alf. Norton 7729whl5567 AMERICAN LINE SOUTHAMPTON NEW YORK SERVICE UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS SOUTHAMPTON TO NEW YORK DIRECT, Every SATURDAY. Highest Ctass of accommodation for Saloon, Second Cabin STEERAGE PASSENGERS. Steerage Outlit Free. LIVERPOOL—PHILADELPHIA SERVICE, EVERY WEDNESDAY LIVERPOOL TO PEILADEL-PHIA Calling at Qaeenstown every TTAURS-DAY. STEERAGE OUTFIT FKEE. PASSENGERS an?, Goods are landed at Philadelphia on the WHA. of the Pennsylvania Railroad, which has the Shortest and most Direct Route to all piaoesin the Western t«.tee. Apply to RICHABDSON, SPENCK & uv,. South- amptonor Liverpool; or to Local Agents:—Edward Jones, 173, High-street Bangor Hugh Hughes, 8, Market-row, Amlwch; H. J. Williams, 50, High., et, Bethesda; T. J.Williama, Meiriou-terrace,Blaenau Festiniog; J. R. Statin, Station-road, Colwyn Bay; W. Jones, Rose Hill-street, Conway 0. Jones, Old Post-office, Penygroes T. Evans anl Co., Station Chambers, Rhyl. 8136pj emigration: ALL THost; who desire INFORMATION ABOUT The Agricultural Resources of Canada, the Xorth-West Territories, and Ifritlsh Columbia, and of the Gold Fields In Ontario and British Columbia, SHOULD WRITK TO ALLAA BIIOTHEU, 19, James Street, LIVERPOOL. FOR THEIR HANDBOOK AND PAM- PHI-ETS. WHICH ARE SKNT Fau. ATLAS ASSURANCE CO. FIRE. [Established 1808.] LIFE. Head Offioe :-92. Cheapside, London. Liverpool Branch :—1, Tithebarn Streec. Capital Snbsoribed 1 Total Assets exceed £ 1,200,000. I £ 2,000,000 fit Company has Paid in Claims upwards of -P £ 12,000,000 STERLING AGENTS AT I Bangor Mr W. PUGHE, National Provincia j Bank of England Bsanmaris ..Mr J. G. DAVIES do. Bethesda ..Mr W. R. LLOYD do. t Holyhead ..Mr J. E. WILLIAMS do. Llangefni Mr JNO. JONES do, Llandudno .Mr J. ADEY WELLS do. Menai Bridge.. Mr W. S. WILLIAMS dc. Nanner, Cemaes, Anglesey.. Mr O. L. HUGHES. M& ORDNANCE I SURVEY MAPS. SOLE AGENTS FOR NORTH WALES, JARVIS & FOSTER, LORNE HOUSE, BANGQIi 147 70wx THE NORTH WALES MUSIC COMPANY, LIMITED, B A N G 0 R E. D. WILLIAMS, MANAGES, Piano and Organ Importers, and Music Sellers, Tuners and Repairers, &c. CASH OR HIRE-PURCHASE SYSTEM AGENTS FORIsOKTH ATALES FOR BROADWOOD & SONS' Grand and Upright Pianos. COLLARD & COLLARD'S Grand and Upright Pianos JuSTIN BROWNE'S Upright Grand Pianos. RALPH ALLISON & SONS' Upright Pianos. &c. BORD'S PIANETTES, &o. AGENTS EOB NORTH WALES FOB ESTEY ORGANS, CARPENTER ORGANS, STERLING ORGANS &,o AGENTS FOR NORTH WALES J'OB F. STEVEN'S HARMONIUMS, TRAYSER HARMONIUMS CHRISTOPHE;& ETIENNE HARMONIUMS, &c., &c. ETBRT INSTRTMENT WABBABTED I 14813e I A C H AU D D A N O I) D YN DDISYMWTH GAN BTT"MTf?'D,Q Atalia Bvdredd. Rhwystrau eu DUil 1 PjJtl O tynn. Gwareda rhag Anhanedd. Symudir Neuralgic Headaches a'r VT L* U~Vf I "W" I? holl boenau gieuol eraill ean Bun- 1,1 JT'Ij. Y 111 JD ex's Nervine. Yrholl fferyllwyr, Is lc. Oherwydd p>dredd eang mewn dan gilddant, dioddefais boenau dirdynol am ddau ddiwrnod. Cymhellwyd fi i roddi treial ar Banter's Nervine. Gwnaethum hyny. I fy mawr hyfrydwch, ciliodd y boen yn gyflym a llwyr. Byth er hyny yr vryf draohefn a thrachefu wedi derbyn yr eamwythad mwyaf oedd yn bosibi oddiwrth boea toat yn eegyrn y pen drwy gymeryd pedwar neu bam' dyferyn (ar Iwmp o Biwgr gwyn) o Banter's j Nervine."—Parch ATJBBHY C. PRICE, B.A. (diweddar Gvmrawd o'rColee Newvdd.rthvdychaiti). 1269u To ths overseers of the Poor of the Paiish of Clynnog and to the Superintendent of Police of the Carnarvon Licencing District. WE as Solicitors for RICHABD ELLIS EDwARDSof the Newborough Arms Clynnog in the County of Carnarvon HEKKBY GIVE YOU NOTICE that it is our intention to apply at the adjourned Annual Licencing Meeting to be held for the Petty Sessional Division ef Carnarvon on SATURDAY the 25th day of SEPTEMBKR instant for aLICENCB authorising the said RICHARD ELLIS EDWARDS to sell on or off the said Newborough Arms all intoxi- cating Liquors in pursuance of the Licencing Acta 1872 and 1874 Dated this 3rd day of Peptember 1897. CARTEB, MOSiYN ROBERT*, 2435jh VINCENT& CO. IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE. COMPANIES (WINDING UP). MR JUSTICE VAUGIIAN WILLIAMS. In the roattar of the Companies Act?, 1862 to 1890, and in the matter of the BANGOR MUTUAL SHIP INSURANCE SOCIETY, Limited, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Creditors of the above Darned Company are reqnired, on or before the 8th day of OCTOBER next, to eend their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, and tha names and addresses of their Solicitors (it any) to WILLIAM JOHN PARUY, ov Coermor Hall, Bethesda, Chartered Accountant, the Liqaidator of the said Company, acting under the supervision of the above Court, and if so required by notice in writing frlm the said Liquidator are by ibeir Solicitors to come in and prove their said debts or claims at such time and place as shall be LIie-,ifipi in suoh notice or in default thereof tbey vill be excluded from the benefit of any distribution made before such debts are proved. Dated thia 27th day of AUGUST, 1897. RICHARD ROBERTS, Old Palace Chambers. Carnarvon, 15614p Solicitor to the above-named Liquidator FIVE POUNDS REWARD will be given for in- formation leading to the conviction of Persons representing themselves to be our Travellers for the sale of Spectacles. We have not, and never had any, Travellers. vVOOD, ABRAHAM'S Eyesight Test- ing Rooms for Spectacles, Liverpool and Manchester. To avoid mistakes, use the full name, Wood, Abraham's" 2442jhl5555 WANTED, STRONG ACTIVE GIRL, 18 to 20, to assist in housework. Able to wash and iron, and also milk.—Apply, giving references, "R.H. "N. W. Chronicle" Office, Bangor. 15621u BONUS YEAR, 1897. THE LIVERPOOL VICTORIA LEGAL FRIENDLY SOCIETY. Established 1343. Claims paid, £ 3,153,348. Accumulated Fursda, £ 1,193,119. THE above Society requiras a few mea as AGENTS to work Rangor and Bethesda. Terras, salary and commission and speedy promotiou.-Appiv, J. HARKINS, 370 High-,tr^t, Bangor. 2451pl56l5 NI OFY MR TALIADAU YN MLAENLLAW. BENTHYCA ARTAN YN GYFRINACIIOL i Amaethwyr, Ma.^nachwyr, Lletfy-gadwyr, ac eraill mewn symiau o lOp i fyuy i 500p ar addaweb y Benthyciwr ei hun beb feichiafon, air delerau rheymo1. Tretnir yr ad-calvdau i gyiariod ctofyc- on y benthyewyr. NI CHYMERIR DIM BILLS OF SALE. Mae busnes gwirioneddol a belaeth wedi ei wneud am y 25 mlyneGd diweddaf. Mae oaucedd o fenthyewyr wedi rhoddi tystiolftrth wirfodd(,l i'r modd teg a rhesymol yr ymwneir a hwy. Ceir manyliou wa wrth ymofyn, trwy lytbyr nea yn berionol, a GEORGft PAYNE, Accoontaat, 2360 CrERO-nt-r af. Rnvl.

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