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SHIP INN :3t8 and 318, High Stree Bangor. PICHABD ^YILI.IAMS. PROPRIETOR. BTIP'A.HU^STS, Luncheon*, and D inn ERA, are re adv. Vjwtora to Bangot will be iuiiedind charged a reasonable price *t this «.tafc. iF-htpgot t==sgffiBM====== w.jorsos, Back of t. Geor^i's Crescent, Llandudno A LL kinds of INVALID CHAIRS ON HIRE. A H VND EARROWS FOR SALE OR HIRE. INVALID CHAIRS FOB SALS OR HIRB. Tl 8/EGBERTS, ironm ongers, Plumbers, Decorators, S53K8A A&O IIOT w at si & vrm i&wm, PAPER HANGINGS, 0*L AND COLOUR WAREHOUSE aoUd.L. REPAIRS. LLOYD STREET LLANDUDNO. Â..} f¿.f ■n warranted to dure,ia *ox. nil F"lI\lrt;1 (",11- ■tftoMroiU UMCbawgea from the Urn"»ry tjiyaus. v>n-vei, and piuas in Uclc. Iftea Ai^oury. JS»iaOiw^ed upwards of 30 rears. In boxes C-d. each, of ail Chemists and Patent Medicine Venders throughout th* World, or sent for sixty stamps by the makers, Tho Liacom tID4 Midland Counties Drag Compaay. Lmcotn. E MOST NUTRITIOUS COCOA. E P P S'S tgftRTEFUL—COMFORTING. 1 CO C O A FOR BREAKFAST AND SUPPER. TQ,Q £ W>E*rEBS AND FLORISTS. tF «M > SBUM Weekly OardMing X I* which contains only sound, practical, and infownaticra on all sabjeota connected with tfjaGwrd* and its Management, and an cur- Newa, read THE QAKDHNTNG WORLD, wlrioh iB T* FRIDAY MORNING. I PfgtGR, Id. POST FREE, ld. j gCED BY ALL NEWSAGENTS. f7, GAISHRINE-STREET, COT8IIT GARDEN, EO. I Mi — '1 THE FARMER AND CHAMBBR OV AGRICULTURE JOUBKAL. æJmY MONDAY—ONE PENNY. THIS JOBTRNASL, in ita 42nd year, is now pub- -L Kshed d ONE PENNY weekly, and is the largest, dumpest, and best Agricultural Paper. It coabaotti «1 th« Agricultural News of the Week, the Ldtfeft Market#, and numerous original and interesting aatkieB WB Fanning subjects by the leading AgNBultMMJ Writers of tihe day. SHOVUJ WI IN THE HANDS OF EVERY FARMER. 1M ardonsd through any Newsagent, at the Railway «r will be supplied direct from tha OOMOK, 291, STRAND, LONDON, W.O. pasi free, 6s 6d per annum, IMPORTANT TO LLANDUDN HOUSEHOLDERS. OWlNG to the numerous letters we receive weekly desiring a LLANDUDNO DIBBC. TOB T 4' VISITOR forwarded, containing a List of APARTMENTS ct FURNISHED HOUSES TO LET, wf have decided to start a Column headed, 'COMFOBTABLiE OUARTERS AT LLANDUDNO and Insert it in A PromineotPo&itioii in thelHrectory tvery week. Thin will gi". tropristora of BOARDING ESTABLISHMENTS and LODGINGHOUSE8 a good opportunity of bringing tbeir Advertisements directly betore the notice of Intending Visitors to Llandudno. We offer Specially Moderate Terms or Residents thus to advertise, as onder :— 28 Words (five lines), the Season, for 25a. All the year round for 30a. Terms for one insertion and upwtrda at usual rates. — < l|l| IIB ■■■! PR I HTI N.G' POSTERS for Auctioneers, Tradesmen, Bassaaro, Sales of Work, Leotnres, Public Meetings, Conoerta, Tea Meetiags, Ballfl, Ao., in one, two or three ooloura. Aaotio&oers' Oatalognea and Particulars of galee, Tradesmen's Prioe Lists, Oiroulars, Memorandums, Note Heads and Cards, Concert Programmes and Tickets Tickets of Adm mon to Bazaars, Sales of Work, Lectures, P..ter-hunenli. Pnunc Tait Meetings, Bail Prosrutncaea, Msnu C»rd«, wsd every det»riptlon of LETTERPRESS PSIfSTIHG ■zaocTBO WITa NEATNESS DESPATCH M 4T Tall lowest Possible Prices At rD. Oandudno Directory mrnm ESTABLISHMENT. CIIXTON HOUSE, UORTYg STREET LLANDUDNO. Royal Hotel, Capel Curig. First-class Family and Posting House. ( BEST VIEWS IN WALES. GOOD FISHING on all the LAKES, FRER of CHAROH, to Visitors staving lfote BOATS MAY BE USED FREE OF OHARG-E. BOATS kept on the Capel Curig and Owen. The Hotel being nearest to the Ogwen. GUIDES AND PONIES To Snowdon, Glydara" Moei Siabod, and Garnedd Llewelyn also Conveyances o Llanberis, Beddgelert, Bangor and Carnarvon. All Orders by Post for Private Conveyances from the Royal Hotel, Capel Carig, to Bettws-y- Coed Station, and pancuially attended to. TME. ROBERTS, Proprietress. « ryOUR No. 8.—B Rail to Bettwsycoed, thence by Coach to Cap Carig, ROYAL HOTEL, from tbe 11.2 a.m., 0.5 p.m., and 6 p.m allowing time to see tbe Swallow and Cyffing Water Falls returning —S*3" the same day. DEGANWY CASTLE HOTEL, Half way between Llandudno and the Junction, Directly facing Oonway Castle and Bridges, The nearest Hotel to the celebrated Carnarvonshire Golf Links, and within easy distance of the North Wales Links. CONVENIENT FOR ALL COACHING AND RAILWAY EXCURSIONS. BOATING, BATHING. TENNIS, BILLIARDS, GOLF Good Accommodation for Cyclists. ARIFF ON APPLICATION TO MBS JPvITTON, 3 PROPRIETRESS. JPLAS MAWR, CONWAY "11" i ( THE OLD ELIZABETHAN PALACE MfVIMMWVVVfVIV'V Open Daily. 7044fw JOSEPH WILEY AND SON, Glass, China, and Earthenware Merchant, 91 & 145, MOSTIN-STREET, IIANDl ON0. A COMPLETE STOCK is kept at these Establishme^ta, suitable for Famishing from Kitchen Drawing room. Specialise is now given to Toilet and Pinner Ware. Glaa^ of every Doeoriptioc the Useful and Ornamental. Prices qnoecJ and Samples anppiied apon Applioafcion. SOLE AGENTS FOR THE IYORY PORCELAIN ESAIMLSBS IN COLOUK WITH THE ARMS OF WALXB I V!"fmln .J-»." The "World's Best Bicycle. .£12 12s. J615 The Lozier- Brigham, Ltd., 24, 25, 26, 27, Orchard Street, Oxford Street, London, W Local Agents MR J. DAYlES, DEGANWY. MESSRS JOSIAH HUGHES & CO., BANGOR. 450 t aaa.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa TOR.PID LIVER.. HEADACE.. 8 Biliousness. I ConstIpation. (9 8 S I 8 8 $ e. s S 8 5 5 8 S S 8 8 8 8 S 9 | 9 But be sure they are CARTER'S. A Cartfr's Z.ittla JU*er fill* or* wmter/Wwt. It i» n»t mmmA ™ /«" Little JAiw^r JPilia. •• CAJtTlHt" it the 4n*p*rUtnt *w*r«L, mil A A should be «t«rwi »» the *ut#id« wrapper, eth*rtei»« the Fill* vrlthiw w Miutol ft* gentling. A Do n«( tatM MM nmm»*em IAttlm X#MT Pill*" Htm* MW be offtrod. But A v7 wr» they are VAJ&TB1&8. J øeeeeeeee .j.f- _h' MOON'S HOTEL, IIAMDUDHO- o o w Ct> ø Ð tö o o 0 '0 o o WALA FROMOENIBR NT PROMENADE ANb C-_RICN 'MB MOST POPULAR PRIVATE 1 NEW BILLIARD AND RHOREATION ROOMS.* PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SITTING :ROOMS, ALSO NUMEROUS ARr'AND WELL-APPOINTED BEDROOMS. GOOD BATOOM. ACCOMMODATION FOR CYCLISTS. Charges Moderate. W. Winch, Proprietor. 0 WAVE CREST LLANI)UINO. Boarding Establishment (E1 Pe1sio1"). CE¡TRE OF GRAND PARADE. FACING SEA" rtlOI)E ¡ t\"¡'I.J :'r. ftI t' J HIGHLY IŒCOMMlSNDE[). -j 7531 IP" NIft"'8fIDIidiiIPI. ¡'i THE Llandudno Cocoa House & Temperance HoteL 66, HSOSTYiHr 1t"'AlWDI1I)IfO. DINNERS DAILY FROM 12 TO 3 o'clock Good Accommodation for Tourists and Cyclists Baths, dtc PASKTISG CATERED POI. 7532 REEYES-H u G! HOLLY BA [ Boarding Establishment and Private Hotel, Hi fa JI\i;' Midway etween the Railway Station and Esplanade (One Minute's walk from Parade. THIS Establishment has been bnilb wwh a special view of ensarin# tbe comfort of VhawtorB. to JL replete with all modern improvements, the Sanitaty arrangements bning partect, and inst been much enlarged. A LIBERAL TABLE is maintained, and a good SMOKE-ROOM provided. FOR TARIFF, &0., APPLY TO 7046w Mrs Samuel Roberts. Proprietress, tI!I J _1 "FERNDALT7 Boarding Kstablishment, i^i^A.xTr)XJX>i^ro, NEAR STATION AND CENTRE OF PARADE. W. PEARSON, Proprietor. 8115 IIIU!>Jlli1llllL..lI. THE CLIFTON Private and Commercial Hotel, VAUGHAN STREET, LLANDUDNO, CLOSE TO STATION. ONE MINUTE FROM PARAD FITTED WITH EVERY MODERN CONVENIENOE Good Cuisine. Stock Rooms. f EXCELLENT ACCOMMODATION FOR CYLCISTS am Mrs K. JONES, Proprietress. WOOLLEY'S HOTEL, Llandudno. LLANDUDNO W00LLBTS Private and Commercial Hotel (LATE JACKSON'S), —LLOYD STREET. —:— a.Tee. MODERATE TARIFF. BOOTS MEETS TRAINS. SHA VCEW. Proprietress:—A» M. WOOLLBT, lata el the Tower, Aberystwyth. 8187 THE WATERLOO HOTEL, BETTWS-Y-COED doss to the Waterloo Bridge and a few minutes' walk from the Railway Station (torn to the left at the top of Station Road). Excellent Stabling and Lock-up Coach Houses Posting in all its branches. Large Lawn Tennis Grounds. COACHING to LLANBERIS AND BEDDGELERT DAILY in connection wtth th« L. and N. W. Railway Co. GOLF II-An excellent 9-hole 'been opened in connection with this HOTEL, and is hE): TO VISITOBS. BILLIARDS. Fo* Tariff of Charges apply tn L. B. McCulloch, Proprietor ( ALEXANDRA HOTEL i^LANDUDM O, I VXRST CLASS HOTBIJ FOR FAMILIES AND NN\I MEBCIAL GENTLEMEN^ COM-' Oenterly Situated, o57~Two Miiiute71rom Railway Station and Post-Office, STOCK ROOM. ROOTS MEETS ALL TRAINS. MODERATE TARIFF. ENTIRELY Re-bnilt Re-furniehod, and Re-decorated, and will bo found to contain Comfort and Convenience, modem MISS RAINFORD Proprietress. LLANDUDNO. VINCENT'S HIGH-GLASS MWt AND fAMilY HOTEL, BH the^ParS88.68 mo8t Frxmt*ge ^s manding VIew of the Oarnarvonshire Mountaibs. ^s Private Sitting Rooms Facing the Sea. LOFTY ASD WELL:ARRANGED SMOKING AND BILLIARD ROOMS. EXTENSIVE TENNIS COURTS. TARIFF (graduated according to the season of the year) on application to 7805,1 JOHN VINCENT, Proprietor Tr! !)T' s t N E S t THE PROMENADE HOTEL AND RESTAURANT, 15, SOUTH PARADE, LI, AND J DJ [OPPOSITE THE PIER.] RS JDXOTZXJST [LATE OF BIRMINGHAM.} -,— .fl'. FIRST-CLASS REFRESHMENT, ..NC'lEON, DINING AND SUPPER Ro-OM WHERE Viands of the Finest Quality at most Moderate Prices, are Served at all hours yY Special Accommodation Provided for Visitors- JLadBes Coffee Moorn English and German CONFECTIONERY, ICES, CREAMS and JELLIES BALLS, DINNERS, PARTIES &c., Catered for at Moderate Cha MACHNO HOTEL, pEMACH.NOf Near BETTWSYCOED. I 3STo. 11 COACH TOURS. THE above Hotel is picturesquely situated iathe Vale of Penmachno, about 4| milea oflE Bettwaycoed^tat First-class accommodation for Families and Tourists. Brakes will be at Bettwsycoed Station ffimd the morning antil 6 at night. Tbe Vale of Penmachno abounds in objects of inters, comprising known | Fairy Glen, Conway Falls, Pandy Mills, Old Eoman Bridge, And tbe Traditional DEVIL'S CHAIR, nd msfnifioent Mountain Scenery. RIVER BEHfO FKU ran* TROUT PISHING. v* Tickets may be had at all Railway Stations. Fare fo the trip, 2s each from Bettws to the Hotel. Brak will return to meet trains for the coast Tickets may be had at all Railway Stations. Fare fo the trip, 2s each from Bettws to the Hotel. Brak f will return to meet trains for the coast at the Hotel. 7 W. HAYDN DAVIES, Proprietor Electric Lighting, Contractor, to I Llandudno Pier Co., Ltd. Electric TranJSlon Electric Motor s, Cmigside Hydro, Ltd. I Electric Telephones, — ESTIMATES and I Electric Bells, &c"J &c. Informationfr 13 O 3ST 3NT I S OISJ, S J±. EBEB <5c 00 ELECTRIC LIGHT AND poWER ENGINEERS, 18, Mostyn St., LLANDUDNO. Head Office and Works, MANCHESTER. Wwoo—BMB^Piii LuaiMgaa^WMMBIMP—caw—MWJBSWI— l | 4, FAILING HEALTH, S In falling health the liver and stomach are the first to give way, the nervwaa system becojncs I greatly deranged, and weakness and general debility tpecdily follow These famous PiUs 8 exercise the most salutary power in all affections ana irregularitiw of the iutamul orpna, and B promotr a healthy function, and soon restore the sufferer to his ueual health. 8 TO FEMALES OF ALL AGES. H Any aaother, nurse, or young person guided by the directions which aocompany eadh boa of < H PiUs, has at once an available means for checking Jisenw*, pturifring the blood, and jl expelling from the system all gross humours. No better medMaM ean he towad foi the N children. I OUR GREATEST TROUBLE. 1 The greatest troubles of our lives arise from derangement of the stoaBaoh and Brer. Th** B ■ £ «ons Puis correct all disorders of the liver and stomach, and a healthy dige&tion. These ■ is Bo medicine known that acts upon these particular complainAiS with aaoh eertaia saecess. A OUR NERVOUS SYSTEM. ■ When the nervous system is disturbed no time should be lost in cembatiftg with it. It often B Mqaires time and perseverance in the use of these Pills to. a euro. This grand medicine 9 aevar fail* in sack cases. ■ | THE TROUBLES OF THE KIDNEYS. 9 Disorders of the kidneys are at all times troublesome awl at Mme times ierirraa. Besides the n «M of these valuable Pills, Holloway's Ointment shoald be vocM effectual *■ rubbed over the M Degioa ef the kidneys as salt is forced into meat Its purifying effeete will act imaaediaiely^on these fl and piompdy remove all trouble and danger when aH ether remedies may have failed. i m The Pills and Ointment are sold at THOMAS HOLLOWAY'S EsbtMMmMnt, g £ 9 78, NEW OXFORD STREET (LATB 533, OXFORD STREET), LONDON; B fIfIIo ft* nearly every respectable Vendor of Medici in Boxes aBd Pota, at 1/. I 21. Qdm 41..6Ir. K 9 II#, aer., and 331. each. The 2s. size contains three thnes the quanfity of the smaP.est SM*1 g 9 the 41; sice SK; the ilii size sixteen; tbe 22s. size thirty-three; and the 33*. si*; B 9 times the quantity of the smaller Boxes and Pofcv. 8 9 Fffll printed directions are affixed to each l)ox and Pot, and can be had h» any language. B B IfJJv—Advice Gratis, at the abov address, daily, hetweem tÄ9 hoars cf 11 and f, or latter. S 1 !6"áW"