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Uniform with the Popular Edition of T "CASSELL'S HISTORY OF ENGLAND. Just Commenced, WEEKLY, price 6d. Our Own Country. An Illustrated Geographical and Historical Description of the Chief Places of Interest in Great Britain and Ireland. WITH ABOUT 1,200 Original Illustrations. Each Part contains 96 Quarto Pages; (To be completed in 22 Weekly Parts.) New and Enlarged Edition. PART 1 ready SEPT. 8, price 6d. The Queen's London (Dedicated by permission to Her Majesty the Queen), with nearly 500 Full-Page Pictures artistically reproduced from beautiful Photographs. This celebrated work will be enlarged by the "ddlllOn of Three Parts, in order that it may be fully lcpresentative of London and its Environs in the diamond Jubilee Year, and thus possess a permanent interest for all time. Part 1 of the New Issue will be exclusively devoted to portraying the scenes of Diamond Jubilee Day (June 22), so that a pictorial and descriptive record of this unique event may be ;)lac<rd within reach of all. (To be completed in 15 Weekly Parts. Entirely New and Important Work. In Monthly Parts, price (id. Sacred Art: The Bible Story Pictured by Eminent Modern Painters. L'he Work is edited by A. G. TEMPLE, F.S.A., the Director of the Art Gallery of the Corporation of London. Part 1 ready SEPT. 27. CHEAP SERIAL ISSUE In Monthly Parts, price 6d. Cathedrals, Abbeys, AND Churches of England and Wales. g £ srripiiin% Ijjistamal, pictorial. Edited by Prof. T. G. BONNEY, D.Sc., LLD., F.R.S. With about 400 ILLUSTRATIONS. PART 1 ready SEPT. 27. This Work, hitherto published in 30 Parts &t, 7d., will now be placed within reach of the public in 14 Parts at 6d. JUST COMMENCED. WEEKLY, 1d. The World of Adventure. Profusely Illustrated. The First Monthly Part of this work will contain 128 Pages, Large Tinted Presentation Plate, and Striking Coloured Plate as Frontispiece, and will be issued on Sept. 27, price 6d. JUST COMMENCED, WEEKLY, 6d. Familiar Garden Flowers. By SHIRLEY HIBBERD. With 200 Beautiful Coloured Plates By F. E. HULME, F.L.S., F.S.A. Headlong into the Ravine: a Scene at Waterloo," is the thrilling subject of the Large Pre- sentation Plate given with the First Number of the New Volume of CHUMS (viz. No. 259, price 1d.). Amongst the Special Attract ions of this Number are The Commencement of Two Stirring New Serials of extraordinary interest—viz., CLUTTERBUCK'S TREASURE: Neck and Neck for £100,000. By FRED WHISHAW, Author of "Boris the Bear-Hunter," &c. Illus- trated by PAUL HARDY. LINK UPON LINK: The Following-Up of a Chain of Mystery. By ROBERT OVER- TON, Author of "Friend or Fortune," &c. With Illustrations by A. MONRO. As well as A Big List of Money and other Prizes, including a Pneumatic Tired Safety, offered in very simple Competitions, Open to All. And The First of a New Series, mtitled- Up and Down Show-Land: Circus and Fair-Life of To-Day. With Special Photographic Illustrations. On and Off the Battle-Field: A Chat with General Sir ARCHIBALD ALISON, Bart., G.C.B. (With Portrait.) Three Complete Stories, Humorous and Adventurous. Should Fagging be Abolished ? Letters written by Celebrities to Chums." Large and Small Humorous Illustra- tions. Articles, Notes about Well-known People, Anecdotes, Jokes, &c. "Was She Justified?" A New Thrilling Serial Story of Present-Day Life. By FRANK BARRETT, Author of "An Angel in Black," "Fettered for Life," &c. &c., will commence in No. 729 of Cassell's Saturday Journal, Published on Wednesday, September 15, 1897 Forming the FIRST NUMBER of a NEW VOLUME. A^COLOU R ED^LATE l Is now given in each Monthly Part of f WORK. The Illustrated Journal for Mechanics. | Price 6d. Also published WEEKLY, price Id. • WEEKLY, MONTHLY, (id. BUILDING WORLD. An Illustrated Journal for the BUIlding Trades* A COLOURED PLATE is given in each Monthly Part. ( "The wonder is that such a paper can be given for* a penny."—The Sun. CHEAP ISSUE. Complete in FIVE VOLS., price 8s. 6d. each.. Familiar Wild Flowers. By F. E. HULME, F.L.S., F.S.A. With beautifully Coloured Plates. A sounder work, of a popular description, on its subject could not easily be found, nor a pleasanter to read either for students of botany or for mere lovers of traditional lore. The coloured illustrations are excellent." -Guardian. Cassell's Classified Catalogue, containing particulars of upwards of ONI THOUSAND VOLUMES published by Messrs. CASSELL & COMPANY, ranging ir price from Threepence to Fifty Guineas, will be sent on request, post frte, to any addrtti. t CASSKLL ft COMPANY, LIMITSO. Ludgatc Hill. Loodofei

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