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CARMARTHEN. THE PRICE OF GAS. The Carmarthen Gaf Company have determined to increase the prict of gas from 4s. 6d. to 5s. per 1,000 feet. "RED STARS" FOOTBALL CLUB.-A football match will be played on Thursday next, in a held behind the Had way Tavern, Lammas-street, between the Victoria Club, Llandilo, and the "Red Stars," wileii a good aame is expected. Kiek-off at 3.30. b CHURCH HISTORY. — This evening (Thursday) at < o clock, Mr VV..Richards (Afomvyson) lecturer for Church Defence, will deliver a magic lantern lecture in the Priory-street school- room, on the above subject. It is intended mainly for the Sunday school children, but all are invited to attend. CARMARTHENSHIRE INFIRMARY.—The secretary begs respectfully to acknowledge the following amounts, &c. :—Bwlch Newydd Congregational Church, £ 1 Is 7d Mrs Lloyd, Glangwili, large parcel of books Mrs Jones, Picton House, magazines. 1ST. V.B. THE WELSH REGIMENT.—The first company drill of the season took place at the Market-place on Monday, when a large number (including the band) came together. Col. Picton Evans, Cardigan, and Capt. Clarke, adjutant, were present. At the close Lieutenant W. Francis attended at the Armoury to swear in recruits, and several were enrolled. WE understand that Mr Daniel Phillips, county surveyor for Carmarthenshire, has been offered a surveyorship worth £ 400 per annum, by Mr T. Codrington, late inspector of turnpike roads for this cmmty, and who is now an official of the Local Government Board. Mr Phillips has not yet decided whether he will accept the appoint- ment. TABERNACLE CHAPEL. The above chapel was crowded on Sunday evening last. After the Rev eyshon Rees, Baptist missionary from Jamaica, delivered a short discourse, the respected pastor (Rev J. Thomas) immersed 18 persons. The above Nonconformist place of worship is now the moss prosperous in the town. LOCAL COMMISSIONS. The London Gazette of Friday mgut contains the folIowing; Volunteer Riqes.-ist Pem. Volunteer Battalion the Welsh Regiment. Wm. Francis, Carmarthen, ge:it.eiiian, to be second lieutenant (super numerary), dated 7th February. Commission signed by the Lord Lieutenant of the county of. Merioneth. Edward Owen Vaughan Lloyd, Esq., to be deputy lieutenant. ORNITHOLOGICAL.— At the Cardiff annual ornithological, dog and poultry show, at Cardiff, on ednesday, we are pleased to find the of Messis Davies and Evans, Marble Worke, Lammas-street, among the successful competitors in the British bird class, in which there was a I numerous entry. The bird shown is a splendid specimen of the mountain finch breed, and it I took the first IJrize offered at the show. 1ST A B. THE WELSH REGII%IFNT. -Officer for I the week ending Feb. 21st, Lieut. Francis. Orderly Sergeants, C. H. Carpenter and T. Danes Recruit: diill on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, m the Armoury, at 7.30 p.m. There being a few vacancies for recruits in the Corp this year, anyone wishing to join can do so any time by calling at the Armoury, 12, John-street, where information can be obtained.—By order, O- A. HUTCIJINS, Captain Commanding. THE LATE TRADESMEN'S BALL AND THE OC- CASIONAL LICENSE. As the Secretary of the Carmarthen Total Abstinence Society is imputed to be the writer of the letter on the above license, which appeared in one of our local contem- poraries for last week, the Secretary requests us to say that he was not aware that an occasional license was granted to Mr Williams, of the Ivy Bush Royal Hotel, before he had seen it in the local papers. SPORT. The Carmarthenshire foxhounds met in the Square on Friday morning at 11 o'clock. A goodly number attended, including several red coats." They drew Nantybwrla covers, Trebersed. Cwmaubach and Green Hill, and went right away to Llanstephan without finding a single fox. The weather was propitious, and the run was much enjoyed, notwithstanding the absence of the Reynard family. Mr T. Morris, Coomb, acted as deputy master. AT St. John's Welsh Church, on Sunday even- ing last, the Rev Roderick, formerly curate of H I>ETCR S <LLURCH> an(i now private secretary to the Bishop of St. Asaph, delivered a masterly discourse upon the Collect of the day. There was a good congregation, and the singing was excellently good. —At Christ Church, the Bishop tl ^ailsea officiated and at St. David's Church, the Rev Mr Evans, curate of Abergwili, preached to a congregation.—Rev J. Evans, cuiate of St David's Church, is indisposed. LECTURE. — On Thursday evening (5th inst), at tne Lammas-street Chapel schoolroom, a lecture on The Young Man and his Prospects," was delivered by the Rev W. E. Prytherch, Goppa. The chair was taken by the Rev D. Evans, pastor, and there was a good attendance. The rev. lecturer treated his subject in an exhaustive man- wr' ;V,ld evo^e^ applause at intervals. Revs J. jndhatn Lewis and D. Cadvan Jones made a ew suitable remarks, in proposing a vote of thanks to the lecturer. The proceeds of the lecture were towards assisting a young man for the ministry. j o COUNTY PETTY SESSIONS. Saturday, before Messrs A. W. J. Stokes and C. W. Jones. T'ote of Condolence: Mr C. W. Jones proposed, and Mr A. W. J. Stokes seconded, That we, the justices of the Carmarthen (county) petty sessional division deeply deplore the loss we have sustained through the death of our able, much respected and well trusted colleague and friend, pj, J- Lewis Philipps, and tender to Mrs hilippsj the widow, and a'so to the family of the deceased, our condolence in the sad and irreparable loss they have sustained." The learned clerk (Mr Morgan Griffiths) reiterated all that was said. There was no business of interest. WINDFALL FOR, A WELSH FAMILY. Informa- tion has recently been received from the Public Administrator of Silver Bow County, America, through Messrs Morris and Barker, solicitors, Carmarthen, by Mrs Benjamin Davis, the wife of a collier ot Commercial-street, Mountain Ash, and her four sisters—two of whom are residing year Carmirthen., one at Ystalyfera, and one in Pembrokeshire — that their brother, Mr David Job, of Silver Bow County, Montana, had died intestate in April of last year, leaving money and Property of the estimated value of 100,000 dols. Jor £ 20,000), and which is expected to be trans- erred to the sisters as next-of-kin in the course of a few weeks. -r ()OTB-kLL.Ti)e return football (Rugby) match the Burry Port-Excelsiors "and the c;ir;»:Ul^ "Wanderers" was played at for trrt °U Saturday' aUt^ resulted in a win and Tr vmtors one (dropped goal), two tries Port 7° Uliu0rs to three minors. The Burry Tao.n- ^Utt. Were as follows: Ful1 back, H. T T T ree 1'iarter backs, Michael (captain), T..J. Lewis, W, T. Thomas and Tom Thomas R wii"8' Evans and D. Howells forwards, J. Williams, W. Wright, D. T. orris, J. Rees, T. Webster, E. Rowlands and Th enkins. The goal was dropped by W. T. Loi.,™as'man(^ Michael scored the two tries. H. Himv!' ^\0lnas> H. Lohr, J. A. Short, E. aii(lC'T,eS (capbain), W. Griffiths, Gwilym Davies Tio# 1 ian Lloyd jilayed well for the home team. 7ere-, Mr W. Williams. AI 0YFL WATNE LODGE. — The secretary of the in Ve ».e David Williams, Lammas-street), Panting his annual report, thus writes.-—"In submittinc, tile balance sheet for 1890, I regret to PTent,c!n that the payments for sickness have been ^optionally high, and this is owing chiefly to a large number of our members suffering from the influenza epidemic which raged throughout the whole country in the early part of the year. Still we have to congratul tj ourselves upon the fact that the funds have increased X49 41. Gd., and we should add to this amount .£26 5s. Od. interest due upon XI,000 invested in March last, and E21 10-3. Od., upon another snm which will not be paid until next April. If these sums had been paid our increase would amount to £ 96 19s. 6d. We have admitted during the year 23 members, 4- members have died during the same period, 3 have left through non- payment, and 1 by clearance, leaving 367 members good on the books on the 1st January, 1891. The ave.rage age of our present members is 36. Hoping that we shall be able to present a more favourable balance sliett next year." Total value of lodge, X2,664 1 6s. load. 2 ENGLISH: CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH — The annual tea and entertainment of the Sunday School, took place last Thursday evening. An unusually large number of persons sat down tc tea. Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Adams, Mrs Williams, 5 Mrs Galloway, Mrs Richards, Mrs Crossman, Miss Galloway, Miss Davies, and Miss Adams, presided at the various tables. The room wascrow- ded during the entertainment, the programme of which is the following:—W. H. & Austin Thomas, pianoforte duett Herbert Pyle, J. Ross, Horace Thomas, E. Cioker, Dolly Thomas, F. James, recitations; Lillie and Dinah Jenkins, duett Cyrus and Mary Evaus, Spanish son^s Agnes Waters, piano solo Mr Bo wen, song Mr Richards, song; Mr J. F. Lloyd, recitations, How doth the little busy bee," and "Casabianca" Mr C. Finch, junr., song Mr C. Finch, reading; Miss Williams, song dialogue, The County Parliament," Messrs Johns, S. and J. Ross, W. A. James, F. Brew, James A. Evans, and A, Jones. Finale God save the Queen." Miss Mitchell was the accom- panist. TEi%ipEitANcE.- oil Sunday evening last, at the Peniel Chapel schoolroom, the weekly meeting of the Carmarthen Total Abstinence Society was held, Mr George Hodges, president of the Society, in the chair. There was a very crowded attendance. Mr Thomas Tudor, of the Old College School, having performed the devotional exercises, Miss Bessie Phiilips gave a solo, and was followed by an address by Mr D. Davies (Dewi Fychan), who remarked that it was a scandalous shame, on the part of the authorities, to grant a license to sell intoxicating drinks from 9 p m. to 6a.m. in connection with the ball on Friday evening last. Afterwards, Miss Geta Rees gave a solo, and was followed by a recitation on "King Alcohol" by Miss Edith Cerridwen Jones. The hearing of Miss Jones' piece was a rich treat. Rev Leyshon Rees, Baptist missionary from Jamaica, was the next speaker. He said he had come from a country where rum was manufactured but now he was in a country where they drank rum. During the few days he was at Rhondda Valley lately, he said he saw more drunkenness there in a few hours than he had seen in Jamaica for the 15 years he had been there (shame). He also remarked that the in- temperance in this country impeded the spread- ing of the Gospel. After another solo was given, Rev D. Cadvan Jones advocated the lessening of public-houses in the town, and remarked that in Priory-street there were 15 public-houses. They must endeavour to weed them down to six, and it was a disgrace to them as temperance advocates that 100 public-houses should be tolerated in a small town like Carmarthen. He wanted a work- ing committee to be formed, and he scouted the idea that the traffic as it were, should govern the Church. It was high time thv 1'1 ministers of religion in the town should I)u- .r shoulders to the wheel, and to endeavour to lessen the number of public-houses. — Rev G. H. Roberts closed the meeting by prayer. JUVENILE SHOPLIFTERS.—At the Guildhall on Tuesday, before Messrs Thomas Davies (ex- mayor), W. R. Edwards, and Howell Howells, four young lads, Lloyd Edward Jones, 11 years of age, son of Thomas Jones (Caeralaw), Bridge- street Frederick Harris, 12, son of Mr Fred. Harris, Bridgend, Llangunnor, artisan warden at Her Majesty's Prison in this town James Evans, 11, son of Phoebe Evans, Bull Lane, widow and David Evans, 12, son of Mr John Evans, B!aen- gwastod, Llangunnor, labourer, were brought up in answer to the charge of larceny. P.C. Thos. Phillips deposed that he watched the house of Mr W. S. Morris, grocer, Bridge-street, and on entering the premises on the previous (Monday) night he heard a noise inside. He went cautiously towards the place where he heard the noise, and on opening his lamp he saw the four defendants inside the counter. James Evans was opening a till on the counter, Lloyd Jone3 and David Evans were eating chocolate from a box under the counter, and Harries was leaning against a shelf behind the counter. Witness asked the names of two whom he did not know. They gave their names and he took them into custody. He sent for another constab!e and took them to the police station. Witness cautioned them and charged them with stealing a quantity of tobacco, chocolate, oranges, and nuts. He searched them. Ond David Evans he found some loose tobacco, nuts and an orange. On James Evans he found nuts, Harris had a pocket book and pipe on him, Jones had a bundle of railway lablt s. Witness found a window at the back of the shop open, and also found a quantity of loose tobacco and chocolate about the place where he had seen the defend- ants behind the counter. Defendants were reminded till Monday, their parents being bailed each in the sum of 225 for their appearance.1 FUNERAL OF MR. J. LEWIS PHILIPPS, J.P., Bo-LAHAUL.-The funeral of this gentleman took place on Friday at Llangunnor Churchyard amidst tokens of genuine regret on the part of the townspeople and dwellers in the country side. The mournful procession left the mansion at midday. The interment was preceded by a most impressive service in the presence of a large and sympathising congregation. The order of the procession from Bolahaul was as follows — First carriage, the Lord Bishop of Swansea, Dr. Rowlands, the Rev T. B. Williams, and Mr Wm. Griffiths second carriage, the Rev W. Garder, Mr C. E. Morris, Mr Lewis Morris, M. A., and Mr R. Browne hearse first mourning coach, Mr W. Lewis Philipps, Mr Bury, Mr T. H. Lewis, the Rev John Morris, and Master J. Lewis Philipps second mourning coach, the Rev J. E. Wilson, the Rev T. W. E. Thomas, Dr. Danford Thomas, and Mr H. Philipps; third cnach, Mr A Woodman, Mr It. Wilson, Mr J. Philipps, and Mr R. C. Philipps. The Bishop of Swansea, with the Rev J. Wilson, Hampton, and the Rev T. W. E. Thomas, Deptford, officiated at the burial service. At St. Peter's Church on Sunday evening, the Bishop of Swansea preached from St. James, 1st chapter, 21st verse, and during the eloquent sermon de- livered, he referred in kindly terms to the deceased gentleman, who was one of the church- wardens. His Lordship said, "We are to-day mourning the loss of several who were com- municants at this Church, and who were other- wise lately closely connected with it, but whom we have now laid to their last resting place. I refer more especially to one who was not only a churchwarden in this Church, but who in many ways took warm interest in everything connected with the parish. His death will certainly be a great loss to us, and the neighbourhood generally. It is right we should honour his memory. In these days when so many people are blest with wealth, and perhaps let their lives go to waste by not settinor hf-fm-M t.hAmsplvM an earnest purpose in life, it is well to draw at- tention to results of which we are thankful. Looking back upon his quiet, peaceable life, and the kind actions he was always ready to do, he was doing all, as his duty in that sphere in which God had pleased to place him. As a public man, as a magistrate, he was a great adviser; his counsel and ready assistance was often sought and readily given his genial face and judicious advice will be very much missed for kindness of disposition we have none like him. Let the lessons that may be drawn from his life make us wiser and better. Let us cultivate whatever God has given us as a trust to be used in his service. I hope and pray that the events lately taken place iu this parish-the many deaths and the mission-will be a means of inducing many to give themselves to God's service."












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