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ABERAYRON. BOARD OF GUARDIANS.-—-A correspondent has favoured us with a full report of the proceedings of the last meeting of this board, as well as those of the Highway Board, held subsequently to it. We do not publish reports that have appeared a week previously in one of our local contemporaries. We see nothing in the present case to lead us to depart from this role.Ei). W HE the controversy on the decline of Metho- dism in Wales is proceeding between Mr Owen Owens, of Oowestry, and Dean Owen, of St. Asaph, in the Times, it is interesting to find Mr J. M. Howell so out-spoken in a Society" on Thursday night, February 1st. Mr Howell told the "frawdoliaeth" that he had been cou rting the con- gregation iu their chapel on S inday mornings for some time, anl thi' on the Sunday before Christ- mas there were 81 present, of whom 20 were children the Sunday after 91, of whom 21 were children ;and the following 104, of whom 29 were children. When it is remembered that the "Taber- nacle" was built to accommodate about 1000 people, and that on special occasions as many as 1,500 have been iuside its wa 1j—tho force of Mr Howells remarks will be seen. It would give De; n Owen& Mr Owen Owens a good idea what value to put on statistics if it could be ascertained how mary hundreds arc entered in the official list against this chapel. It was noticed that Mr H )well had his diary in hand again last Sunday, and, no doubt, we will soon get farther revelations. If in every Methodist chapel in Wales we bad another Mr Howells, it would soon settle the problem which the two Owens seem as far as ever of solving. READING Room.-The annual meeting of the members of the Aberayron Public Reading Room was held on Friday evening, the 6th inst, when there was a large number present. The minutes of the last meeting having been read and signed, the treasurer read his quarterly report, which was as follows — Balance from last quarter, f7 5s lOd amount of subscriptions for the quarter £4 7s 9d last sale of papers, £017s 4d; total receipts, E12 10s lid. The expenses amounted to jE6 18s Id., so that there is a balance in hand at present of £5 12s lOd. This was considered very satisfactory, as the quarter just expired was an expensive one, owing to the heavy bill fo- coal and oil. The following gentlemen were appointed officeri for the present year — President, Dr Daties vice-presidents, Mr Munro Hughes, and the Rev Morgan Evans, Llanddewi Aberarth. The I treasurer (Mr E. Lima Jones) and the secretary (Mr J. B. Davies) were re-appointed. The secretary consented to collect the following quarter's subscriptions, and a vote of thanks was accorded him for collecting than during the previous quarter. It was decided to take in the following additional pal ers, Black and White," Reynold's newspaper, and also the "Geninen." It was only at the last quarterly meeting that it was resolved to give up taking" Reynolds," but now there was a majority of one in favour of having it again. A vote of thanks was unanimously accorded to the donors of papers during the past year, viz., Mr Maddy (Times); Mr Gold (Alliance) and Capt. D. Jones, Sydney (late of Mydroilyn), who regularly sends the Argus," a paper published at Melbourne. The quarterly sale of papers realized the sum of £ 1 7s Id, being 10s more than the proceeds of the last sale. A vote of thanks to the treasurer and secretary for their work during the past ytar having been passed, the meeting ended. MARRIAGE OF THE RECTOR OF LLANDDEWI'S SON. -The marriage of the Rev E. James Evans, Rector of Cefn, and Miss Violot Everard Hutton, daughter of Major Evtrard Hutton, 7, Circus, Bath, was solemnised on the 4th inst., at St. James's Church, Paddington. Punctually at the hour of one o'clock the carriages drove up to the Church, and the sun, which had hitherto been hidden behind the clouds, shone brightly forth- an omen of happy augury. The ceremony was performed by the Ven. Archdeacon Watkin Williams, assisted by the Rev John Evans, R.D., vicar of Llandovery, uncle of the bridegroom. The bride was conducted to the chancel step, where the first part of the service was performed, by her father, who subsequently gave her away. She wore a costume of pale grey royal s;lk with steel embroidery and girdle, with bonnet to match, and carried a po3y of white exotics, the gift of the bridegroom. The bridesmaids were Miss Everard Hutton, Miss Maud T. Everard Hutton and Miss Alma Everard Hutton, sisters of the bride. The Rev E. M. Roderick, domestic chaplain to the Bishop of St. Asaph, at- tended the bridegroom as best man. Amonu the presents were — Pearl spray brooch and gold watch chain, the gift of the bridegroom cheque, Major Everard Hutton, father of the bride cheque, Rev M. Evans, father of the bridegroom p'a- ed tea service and tea tray, the Misses Everard Hutton horse and carriage, the Rev and Mrs John Evans, uncle and aunt of the bridegroom dinner service, Mrs Evan Evans, sister of the bridegroom pearl bangle, Mrs John Evans; cheque, the Lord Bishop of St. Asaph and Mrs Edwards; case of silver mounted carvers, Rev E. M. Roderick cheque, Rev W. Edwards drawing room easy chair, Mrs Williams-Wynn silver salt cellars, the Very Rev Dean of St. Asaph salad h"l\'l and servers, Mr Henry Blencowe plated breakfast dish, Mrs Bannatyne cheque, Sir Charles and Lady Shakesley stationery case, penholder and blotting book, the members of the oil and water colour painting club lamps, servants of No. 7, Circus, Bath pair of drawing room lamps, Miss N. St. John photograph frame, Miss Barbara St. John china tea service, Miss Everard Hutton folding chairs, Miss Maud T. Everard Hutton; single tea service, Miss Alma Everard Hutton cheque, Mra Carleton old china, Mrs vaughan hall lamp, Miss Tylden; sardine dish and servers, Miss Ellen Tylden reading lamp, Mr and Mrs Luxmoore china, Miss Fenton dozen silver tea spoons, Mr Charles Coates, M.D. china, Mr and Mra Llewellyn Heaton old red print, Miss E. Munro silver muffineers, Mr and Mrs Walter Bryiner silver candlesticks, Mrs Stratford Dugdale silver mustard pot, Miss Alma Everard Hutton tea table and cloth, Mrs Burton plated breakfast dish, Dr. and Miss Tumour china, MissBesthon plated inkstand, Mr and Mrs Carnegie Japanese cabinet, Miss L. Jones silver sugar basin and tongs, Rev and Mrs E. W. L. Davies pair cf oil paintings, Rev D. Griffith china, the M sses Jeffreys case of dozen silver te:1 spoons, Miss Boyle and Miss Carleton painting, the Misses Lloyd Williams; pair of candlesticks, Mrs Peacock pair of grape scissors, Major and Mrs Birch; Cairo-embroidery, Miss Birch crumb-scoop, Major Forrest flower pot, Miss Bunbusy silver salt cellars and muffineers, Mrs Gal way screen and two fancy tables, Miss Maud T. Everard Hutton calendar frame, Captain Gataker paper knife, Miss Devenish; drawing-room chair, Miss Griffith; ornamental basket, Mr and Mrs Walter Jenkins butter dish and knife, Miss Barbara Roberts biscuit box, Mr Joseph Jones flower pot, Miss Fanshaw work box, Miss Peto.



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