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DIARY. i' f DIARY. A I m Backley Petty Sessions "I I I I Chester Cattle Fair Chester Assizes 2 I Messrs. Cnnnah & Roberts' Sale at the I 1 Smithfield, Chester—Rose Trees, Rhodo- c, WA dendrons, Fruit Tree! &c. <11 Mi'. J. P. Carter's Sale at Oak Lea, Saughall, near Chester —Household Furniture aDd Effects I TT1 Messrs. Pickering & Nightingale's Sale at Jr &!■ PePPer Street, Chester—Household II Furniture & Effects #|JRj /J j B Mr. J. P. Carter's Pale at Moreton, near pfawfpf Birkenhead — Farming Stock, Household Furniture, &c. Mr. Joseph Wright's Sale at Beeston Castle Station Smithfield-Special Store Stock (111 I ^^1 Tarvin Board of Guardians £ ? II "J j V* Tarvin District Council j Chester District Council hut I 1^1 Messrs. Cunnah & Roberts' Sale at the Jl_ fcM I Blossoms Hotel, Chester — Cottages and Building Land at Sealand Sunias after Wnnttl!. f8*1 j TS Wirral Board of Guardians PfuffcU j llf| Hoole District Council B i IVI Petty Sessions JftTn I IW1 Messrs. Cunnah & Roberts' Sale at X^SMJ Storeton House Farm, near Birkenhead— Farming Stock GL fl Messrs. Pickering & Nightingale's Sale at the Mart, Flint— Fat and Store Stock 1^6^ IT! PULIj ^OON—Hh Om. p.m. SCMI ■ I ■ Chester Board of Guardians |1 I Flint Town Council £ /J« >L ^essrs Cunnah & Roberts' Sale at the 7f>\# Chester Smithfield—Fat and Store Stock Cattle Mart—Stock Cattle Mllrt-Stock f Messrs. Pickering & Nightingale's Sale at the Ermine Cattle Mart—Stock Duke of Westminster's Home-coming Rejoicings P"I J ▼TTT Wirral Board of Guardians | lltf Messrs. Cunnah & Roberts' Sale at I j UU Hooton Smithfield—Fat and Store I Frodsham Farmers'Auction Co. Limited— f^lll Sale at Norley, near Frodsham—Farming Stock, &c. (two days) | rn Hawarden Petty Sessions IWnWM "I Cheshire County Council WFFLL I I Messrs. Cnnnah & Roberts* Sale at jplijl I 1 the Smithfield, Chester—Horses, Carri- I I ages and Harness, &c. J^\ | Hawarden Board of Guardians 111 Ijl Flint Town Council aif ffls jj|| i i j ^Tlxirntrr=Sfrantr Simtiag WJ XX after CTrinttg^ t iwt flll \Iff C\ F^I tester Paxton Show (two days) rakrll 1 J I ■ ^e89r8, Cunnah & Roberts' fcrale at MM 1 ■ 1 I Chester Smithfield—Fat and Store nfnj -l\jg X ffr#fen Messrs. Pickering & Nightingale's Sale at wjfwiN the Ermine Cattle Mart—Stock xpMn Messrs. Churton, Elphick & Co. a Sale at the Auction ^Wjjjj| j Mart, Foregate Street—Househo d Furniture & Effects A J A TTT MOON—Last Quarter, 2h. 3M. a.M. Akil I XI 1 A F Malpas District Council I aJ» If U Chester Fanciers' Association _JrWt*J X^X ■ W (two days) < Messrs. Cunnah & Roberts' Sale at Hooton Smithfield-Fat and Store Stock JHn Messrs. Pickering & Nightingale's Sale at Astbury House, fl MoJlington-Heifers, Cobs, Household Furniture, &c. 14 r* I f "| "V Chester Cattle Fair jj J I I I Frodsham Farmers' Auction Co. I 1 j I Limited—Sale at Hill Side Farm, J Helsby—Farming Stock, &c. A I T1 Messrs- Pickering & Nightingale's Sale | I flry U Home Farm, Christleton— I ■■ P Farming Stock, &c. Jj f Taryin Board of Guardians j ■ V* Messrs. Churton, Elphick & Co.'s Sale I M at the Grosvenor Hotel—Builders' I m |Ll Premises at Bonghton Messrs. Cunnah & Roberts' Sales at the Blossoms Hotel, Chester—Freehold Resi- dence at Cambrian View, and Freehold Dwelling-house at Bridge Place 1 Suntiav Av/ I a^er Crtnitg* 1 Suntiav Av/ I a^er Crtnitg* £' 't H ttT Mold Petty Sessions 119!M" I &IH) m Chester Board of Guardians WSJ Ma ■{■Be Messrs. Cunnah & Roberts' Sale at JbR jIB I I the Chester Smithfield—Fat and XI I Store Stock I Messrs. Pickering & Nightingale's Sale Rt the Ermine Cattle Mart—Stock VM f A I Wirral Board of Guardians sjH J ljftff Chester Cheese Fair WH rm 8 I llll ^essrs- Cunnah & Rofceits' Sale at TU w I | I WW Hooton Smithfield—Fat and Store 1 w Stock ffijmjn I m New Moon, 7h. 17m. a.m. "X M I I | 1 Chester Cattle Fair 22 T NEW MOON, 7b. 17m. a.m. | 1^ Hawarden Board of Guardians 0/! C! t 2418 ?MI X i gTbjentg-fourtjj Swnljas yi LAKj I after (Crtiutg. I 1 *0 tiP Oakmere Petty Sessions i 26|M < AwJL ^MlA I KV"jt Broxton Petty Sessions ImRjfiSh$/ ■ S ,l~a'e at f°°'e 0 Jf I Me-srs. Cunnah & Roberts' Sale at fr<y& LA f I Chester Smithfield—Fat and Store MiU; ™ ? Stock Messrs. Pickering & Nightingale's Sa'e at the Ermine 1 11 Cattle Mart—Stock TJ fi\ I T¥T Frodsham Petty Sessions JfflA ■ M is I IJ||f Messrs Cunnah & Roberts' Sale at | Hooton—Fat and Store Stock P*TRL! 1 MOON—First Quarter, 5h. 35m, p m. yiMI Jf 1 I 8 ■ Connah's Quay Petty Sessions '{ |j|P^ jQ J j Chester Cattle Fair j ■ll,« Messrs. Cunnah & Roberts' Sale at ■ If ft I lj,B Broomhill, Barrow c 1 UU I R cp \W (: