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fan. — BANK HOLIDAY. | .0!


fan. — BANK HOLIDAY. .0 After the remarkable weather we have been experiencing recently, it was a matter of delight to the holiday-makers on Monday that they were able to pursue their pleasure-seeking in genial eunshine. It was by no means certain in the early morning that this happy state of things was going to prevail, and many doubtless deemed discretion the better part of valour and stayed within easy reach of the friendly shelter of their own homes. Those who ventured forth were rewarded for their temerity. The roads were in capital order for cycling, albeit the. wind was a little high and a little cold. Chester was once more the destination of many hundreds of ex- cursionists, but there were fewer than on many previous Whitsun Bank Holidays. The steamers and the smaller boats on the river were extensively patronised. The privilege of viewing Eaton was taken advantage of by large numbers of visitors. For Cestrians who wished a day's outing there was a host of attractions, including racing at Hooton and Wrexham, and that ever popular fixture, the Oulton Park Fete. OULTON PARK FETE. YEOMANRY TOURNAMENT. The Oulton Park Fete is growing in popularity each year. This was clearly demonstrated by the large crowds of people who arrived there in brakes, on cycles and otherwise on Monday, notwithstand- ing the unsettled weather. And it is not to be wondered at, for where is there a more ideal place for a fete than Sir Philip B. Grey-Egerton's stately park? It would be hard indeed to find more picturesque surroundings. One may ramble at will along the eight velvety walks which lead to a common centre, through the well-kept gardens, by the side of the lake, or beneath the shade of the giant trees in the Park. There are very few restrictions at Oulton on such occasions; the visitor enjoys a sense of freedom and to this may be traced some- thing of the popularity of the Oulton fete. More- over, the gathering is always excellently managed, thanks to Sir Philip's courteous agent, Mr Douglass, and the committee. This year there was combined with the Primrose League fete a military tourna. ment under the auspices of the Earl of Chester's Imperial Yeomanry, and thus was provided a host of attractions which proved irresistible to local holiday. makers. The weather, as to which much anxiety was evinced, proved delight- ful. The military tournament took place opposite the terrace, and the various competitions and displays were watched with keen interest by a laige gathering of people. They were viewed from the terrace by a distinguished company. Among those present were Captain the Duke of "Westminster, the Duchess of Westminster, Capt. Sir~ Philip B. Grey-Egerton, Bart., and Lady Grey-Egerton, Colonel the Earl of Harrington, Lieut.-Colonel J. Tomkinson, M.P., Mrs. and Miss Tomkinson. Major the Hon. de Tatton Egerton, Captain Neil Haig, Mr. J. L. Birkett, Mr. Christopher Kay, Mr. W. H. Verdm, Mrs. and Miss Yerdin, Lieut. H. Barnston, Lieut. Barbour, Lieut. Lees-Milne, Lieut. Tomkinson, Lieut. Massey, Lieut. Phillips, the Rev. Dr. Payne and Mrs. Payne, the Rev. C. H. Prodgers (chaplain), Mr. T. A. Egerton, the Rev. F. Farrar, Mr. George Garfit. the Rev. and Mrs. Gubbins, Mr. and Mrs. Douglass, Mrs. Dods, Mrs. R. Edwards, the Rev. E. W. Evans, etc. A feature of the afternoon's sports was a polo match between the officers of the Earl of Chester's Imperial Yeomanry and Hooton Park. This was played opposite the terrace and was watched with the keenest interest by thousands of oil- lookers, to many of whom it was quite a novelty. The teams .were:—Yeomanry Officers: The Earl of Harrington (captain), Captain the Duke of Westminster, Captain Neil Haig, Lieut. Phillips. Hooton Park: Messrs. Tyrer (captain), Midwcod, Heap and Watson. The game was fast and exciting. Lieut. Lees-Milne was one of the Yeomanry team until the arrival of the Duke of Westminster from Hooton Park. Goals were scored for the officers by the Earl of Harrington, the Duke of Westminster, Captain Neil Haig (three), and Lieut. Phillips (two); and for Hooton by W atson (four), Heap (two), and Mid- wood (two). Result: Hooton, 8; Yeomanry, 7. The military events were concluded after the polo match. They were judged by the Colonel Commanding, who was assisted by Captain Sir Philip Grey-Egerton, Lieut. Barnston, the chaplain, and other officers. A committee of officers had made the arrangements, which were all that could be desired. Contestants were plentiful and the sport keen. The results were briefly as follows:—Heads and posts: Corporal Astall, Arley Squadron, 1; Trooper Salmon, Jiaton Squadron, 2; Sergeant Jones Arley Squadron, 3. Tent-pegging: Sergeant Jones, 1; Corporal Astell, 2; Trumpet-Major Yarwood 3 Arley Squadron. Lemon-cutting: Sergeant Wright, Tatton Squadron, 1; Sergeant Jones, 2: lrooper Salmon, 3. Victoria Cross: Corporal Astall, 1; Sergeant Jones, 2; Trooper McGregor, forest Troop, 3. Bending competition Trooper Barnard, Arley Squadron, 1; Quartermaster Pownall, Tatton Squadron, 2. A musical drill by sixteen Yeomanry on horse- back was a very pleasing spectacle in the afternoon. Sergt.-Major Hopper directed the various figures which the troopers formed, and the regimental band, under Mr. Clement,' ably accompanied. By special request, this pretty dril! was repeated in the evening. The preparations for the Yeomanry competitions were made under the direction of Quartermaster Lewis, who has just been deservedly promoted to the rank of regimental quartermaster-sergeant. The usual committee, with Mr. J. Lewis, Cote Brook, as hon. secretary, carried out the foot and bicycle races, which were held in a separate en- closure.. There was an excellent card, and the various events passed off smoothly and satisfac- torily, due in a large measure to the splendid arrangements, which had been supervised by Mr. Douglass. Results: -100 yards handicap—First heat: J. Booth, 6 yards, 1; T. Thompson 4, 2. Second heat: J. W. Weedall, 6, 1; Thomas Whito, 5, 2. Third heat: Thomas Owen, 11, 1; H. Barnes, 12, 2. Final: T. Thompson, 1; J. W. Weedall, 2; Thomas White, 3. Quarter-mile handicap (open)—First heat: F. Hodkinson, 25 yards, 1; T. Owen, 45, 2; C. Oakes, 10, 3. Second heat: J. Booth, 25, 1; Thomas White, 30, 2; B. Birtwistle, 20, 3. Final: F. Hodkinson, 1; P. Birtwistle, 2; J. Booth, 3. Mile Bicycle—First heat: F. Vernon, 120 yards, 1; E. Curzon, 50. 2; Geo. Pritchard, 80, 3. Second heat: J. Davies, 120, 1; Thos. Dunning, 10. 2; W. Har- rison, 80, 3. Final: F. Vernon, 1; E. Curzon, 2; Thos. Dunning, 3. FRODSHAM ATHLETIC SPORTS. On Whit-Monday afternoon the Frodsham Athletic Club held their second May festival. The weather happily kept fine throughout the afternoon, and, although the wind was bitterly cold, the sun shone out brilliantly at intervals and the whole of the events were gone through without interruption. There must have b6en nearly a thousand people present during the afternoon, and it is anticipated that the athletic club will gain some few pounds at least by their venture. The judges were Messrs. E. G. Steward. C. E. Linaker, and F. W. Spencer starter, Mr. James Tudor; while Messrs. Webb, Rodgers, Maddock, Aitken, and Tudor were the handicappers. The promoters are to be heartily congratulated on their earnest endeavours, in trying against. undoubtedly great odds to continue in possession of the athletic field even at a high rent, and so secure to the town a means of recreation for young and old alike. The results of the most important events were as follows :—440 yards fiat race (open) 1, J. Matthews (Runcorn silver-plated tea service; 2, E. Powell (Chester), silver-plated biscuit jar 3, W. Fenton, silver-plated match-box. One mile bicycle race (local) 1, G. Linaker, English lever silver watcn ». Meadov.'croft, case of carvers 3, E. Jones, silver-plated jam dish. Two mile bicycle race (open) 1, S. Clutton (Wrexham), case of cutlery 2, T. Ridgway (Saltney). handbag 3, J. Morrey (Altrmcham). silver-plated cruet. 100 yards flat race (open): 1, E. Powell (Chester), marble clock 2, J. Jones (Wmsford); luncheon cruet; 3 F. Cartwright (Helsby), silver-plated jam dish.— The prizes were presented to the winners by Mrs. F. Boston, in the unavoidable absence of Mrs. J. Ockleston. The Preston Brook Brass Band was in attendance, and dancing was indulged in during Ille evening. NESTON CRICKET CLUB SPORTS. The annual sports meeting promoted by the Neston and District Cricket Club was held on Monday on the cricket ground at Parkgate. Although the weather was fine there was a bitterly cold wind blowing across the field, and probably it was due to this drawback that the attendance of visitors was not so numerous as was anticipated, However, locally the sports were well patronised, and the programme, which, as will be seen, was of a v aried and interesting character, afforded much enjoyment to the spectators. The competitors in the cycle races described as mile and two miles on the programme, resolved these events into slow rides and one-lap races, a much to be decried state of affairs. The most amusing event was the donkey race, the cricketers having the greatest difficulty in I ull steering, and, in some cases, riding their mounts along the track. During the afternoon the 1st -r lint,shire Royal Engineers Volunteer Prize Band I Ke'ect'(:'n of music. The principal n o £ ?lals Mesw.s. J. Ward Dale, N.C.U., Me^r* I}™!? a+1d Lec' JudSes 5 marksmen, Messrs. R. Barnett and T. J Gleave starter, Mr. R. hmethurst West Cheshire Harriers; honorary treasurer, Mr. R. L. Price; and honorary secretary, Mr. T. J. Gleave. At the conclusion of the racing the prizes were handed to the winners by Mrs. A. A. Miller, the wife of the club president. Results:- 120 Yards Flat—Heat winners: H. R. Band, West Cheshire Harrier. ? yards W. Disbury, Sutton H, 11 yards W. Lamb, Eccles H, 9 yards; Jos. Woodward, Neston, 1W yards; B. J. Kehoe, West Cheshire H, 12 yards. Final: J, Kehoe; 2, jBand) 3, Disbury. 120 Yards Scholars' Handicap: 1, William Henry Williams, Parkgate, 14 yards start; 2, Edgar Gray, Neston, 22 yards; 3, Charles Metcalf, Neston, 20 yards. Mile Novice Bicycle-First heat: 1, W. J. Morris, Alsager, 85 yards start; 2, F. Barnes, Chester, 75 yards. Second heat: 1, P. Jones, Chester, 75 yards 2, William Hazlehurst, Thurst- aston, 110 yards. Third heat: 1, J. W. Burrows, St. Helens, 75 yards; 2, Lee Mealor, Ness, 100 yards. Final: 1, Hazlehurst; 2, P. Jones; 3, W. J. Morris. 300 Yards Steeplechase First heat: 1. Alfred Maudsley, Sefton A. and C.C., 5 yards 2, H. C. Brown, West Cheshire H. Second heat: 1, W. Disbury, Sutton H., 5 yards 2, E. Allen, Formbv, 12 yards. Final: 1, Disbury; 2, Brown; 3, Maudsley. 100 Yards Sack Race 1. A. Maudslev, Sefton A. and C C. 2, F. Harrop, Salford H. 3, W. H. Welch, Sefton. Quarter Mile Flat-First heat: 1, B J. Kehoe, West Cheshire H 32 yards; 2, H. R Band, West Cheshire H, 29 yards; 3, W. Parkinson, Bootle, 33 yards. Second heat: 1, G. T. Cummings, Earles- town H., 30 yards; 2, C. A. Mason, Liverpool, 30 yards; 3, J. Sims, Wilmington Park, 30 yards. Final: 1, Kehoe 2, Parkinson 3, Band. 120 Yards Hurdles (ten flights of 3ft. Gin.)—First Heat: 1. T. C. Murphy Lichfield, owes 2; 2, T. J. Gleave, Neston and District C.C., owes 4. Second Heat: 1, F. Harrop, Salford H., owes 3; 2, H. S. Woodward, Eastham, scratch. Final: 1, Murphy 2, Harrop 3, Gleave. Mile Bicycle—First heat: 1, B. Hughes, East- ham, 185 yards 2, F. Barnes, Chester, 175 yards. Second heat: 1, C. Evans, Chester. 150 yards; 2, W. Booth, L.R.C., 190 yards Third heat: 1, Thos. Hulme, Middlewich, 180 yards; 2, R. H. Hill, Rochdale, 105 yards. Final: 1, Evans; 2, Hill; 3, Hulme. Mile Flat: 1, A. Hancock, West Cheshire H., 130 yards; 2, G. A Ashworth, Manchester A.C., 135 yards; 3, Frank Britton, West Cheshire H., 135 yards Two Miles Bicycle: 1, W. Booth, L.R.C.C., 285 yards; 2 J M'Clusky, Wrexham, 275 yards; 3, R H. Hill, Rochdale, 245 yards. Quarter-mile Obstacle 1, F. Harrop, Salford H., 20 yards; 2, R. Mellor, Huddersfield, 15 yards 3, T C. Murphy, Lichfield, 40 yards. Quarter-mile Donkey Race for The Parkgate Stakes" (confined to members of the Neston and District C C ): 1, Mr A. Priestman's lcen; 2, Mr. le' J. I. N. Price's Pony; 3, Mr. J. M Housden's Moneyspinller ROSSETT. A large number of excursionists came in from Liverpool and district during the morning. At the Cocoa-rooms the members of the Stanley Park Christian Association and the Liverpool Wesleyan Mission assembled, while the Richmond Mission, from Liverpool, visited the Trevor Arms Hotel, Marford. An unusual number of motor cars and cyclists passed through, the roads being in splendid condition for them. Amateur photographers and anglers were also very much in evidence. GRESFORD. Gresford, with its historic church and beautiful surroundings, is undoubtedly growing in favour as a holiday resort. Among the parties who stayed during Monday at the Plough Hotel were the members of the Granville Cricket Club from Liverpool, the Everton Valley Presbyterian Church Guild party and the Rev. Musgrave Brown's party Hum ou. element a utiurch, Liverpool; while at the "Griffin" were the Watchmakers' Association from Whittle, together with a party from All Saints' Church, Liverpool. During the evening a number of villagers enjoyed dancing upon the green to the strains of the ilhosrobin Brass Band. HAWARDEN. FRIENDLY SOCIETIES' DEMONSTRATION. Hawarden Park was thronged with visitors on Monday on the occasion of the friendly societies' anniversary demonstration. Probably never since the days—days now relegated to the chamber of forge tf ultiess-when thousands of excursionists from all parts of the North of England were attracted to Hawarden on Bank Holidays and other occasions by the magnetic personality of Mr. Gladstone, has the quaint, picturesque village been so besieged by holiday makers as it was on this occasion. It was almost feared that with the passing away of the great statesman Hawarden, the favourite holiday resort, would inevitably sink into obscurity. True, many of the old glories of Hawarden have irrevocably gone, but its prestige is not lost, and one could not but think that the merry crowds of "trippers" who thronged the park on Monday strikingly reflected the holiday scenes that were familiar during Mr. Gladstone's lifetime. By a strange coincidence, Monday was the anniversary or the venerable statesman's death. Though he has been laid to his final rest, the spirit still haunts the quaint and old-wcrid viilage. Visitors to the church inspected the various objects which awakened memories of him. In the chancel there is the Gladstone pew, and here also the visitor was shewn the very Prayer-book he used. ,Mr' Gladstone s seat is the shining eagle of brass upon whose extended wings sup who o C thVSUal rests the Bible who»o lessons he was accustomed to read A cross, lot into one of the pew desks, indicates the fa?al f Archbishop Benson fell down m fatal faint and a brass tablet affixed to an t reC°rds.this fact- One cannot a triV,nfI f ^om;crse any without having Lum Al -th*e fa™0"* figure which will ever quiet and lovely spot. waatW ua'!u favoured with fine, sunny a S- g- J temperature was cold and a Doiste.ous wind was blowing. At ten o'clock °fu Pride of Wales Lodge of bers oYthe1!1 ?rng 17°' Cnd the mem" Ders of the Loyal Dee Lodge of Druids to the abo.ut 150> assembled in the' village, and wiTllrpS' P1'cturesqHe regalia of the Orders, and walked m procession to the church headed lespectively by the Bucklev Town Band' and the Svme^ervilj1 Thf Wh<3re they att*nded bers marched to Ewloe. On their return to Hawarden the Shepherds proceeded to the Gymnasium and tne Druids to the Girls' School dinner PMr Tf Pa,rtaken of- At the Shepherds'' the foval tLP' lUeJ u0nC'\ Presidc<3- and after „ 1o, 11 toasts had been honoured the "Armv and Navy" was proposed by Bro. Wm BeSs and responded to by Bro C William^'nf /l,f Hawarden Volunteers; "The Set and Lodge was proposed by Bro. E. Peers and re- b,T Bro- John Da vies; and "The Mcdical Officer was proposed by Bro. William responded to by Bro. John Dutton in the absence of the medical officer (Dr Burli'no- ham). The annual statement of accounts wfs piesented, from which it was seen that the lod^e 9d forW172 1U fCk bTfitS the sum of £ 4"95 od tor 172 sick members, and £ 39 10s in chddren ThetS £ 'embfers and their wives and was 436 ir ^r/v 'f of, ^pnibers on the books member's :am 7ft0" ^hl°h there were 12 h°n- S 'V I6 Juvenile members. At the DiuicJs dinner Dr. Burlingham presided and the visitors included the Rev. Mr. Cane 'Mr A Parish Co M n VVnsht (chairman of the was drunkUnTH T ? l°aSt °f "The Visitors" That Jn L Tit sta^cr?ent f accounts shewed iu<u on tne sick and funen?l fnnri 4-v,^ ± i last*'wer^U £ 719 Us and^e^ £ 786 0<? f)irl ? r the expenditure 2 over rrmV„f £ 66°i.a 9Jd Th°/ rXccd'i™ amount of the fund from £ 1 797 Is 3d IE fcmbef t0 P'73? 15s-'5id- at 31st Th^ nur?bor of members is 555. three o doek mrf tn6 nPark commenced at bcW arrano-p',1 tL 6 Programme had DCen arranged. Dancing was freely indulged in bands0 £ "'1 w Buckley and Hawarden the afternoon ll W3S CCntred dllriX afternoon in tho cricket match betwpen sh„r„ '<■ 1", a larS'G marquee claimed a larue March" (Godfrey) A Coronat'on Prize sports was^vitneft'd of a*hletic ing attraction the most interest- choir comoetitions h-id0^1"' comPet'ti«n. Two Nort'non (']] ) n arrai1-ged, but the was the only that°nut Harper) compete fnr Put in an appearance to best male ^cice choirG *?ineas for Snartan Heroes nn") t^t pieco wa.s 'The T. Rimmer and J IT j!r ':djU,d^ators (Messrs. sidered thei; rendering to^be worthv^of T~ pnze. which was acconlinglv^ awarded to th those of EwJoe, NorihoD Hall, Queen's Ferry and the V- edgewood Choir Crown Tt 7 y ,"9 F*h'> -hose llSSty Jter"PIndThc choir ° Th^'f 7,U"H,as was awarded to the Crewe -ports- On !re th° dntaiIs of the athletic fooHxiIl '(boys) :'t \v' G^lffShs 2?' IV'ck'ng the football (men) F. Roberts. Tortoise to Mr rT°Wn°' l fnn- v W°rd °f praise is d,,p to Mi. J. Wilcock for his general secretm-iil arrangements of the whole day's proceedirigs.

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