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LEMONADE. LEMONADE. MM LEMONADE. 2yu XOHIERl '41W MAI'JCHC$RER 51200 DEPO GAIN PLEASURE ON FIRE! THE W0RID-FAM0US 25l" | Huchelney, Langport, (( ■ mm «■ n j 0 Somerset, 13th Dec. II1 Ml &■ K Mr. H. Samuel. ftU "I "■ H ;aS°!sL5?H Patent Lever 1 you some years ago has ■ ™B8fcj proved a most perfect TI3C WATCH 1IB3l*MEiC«'»(S-|^ |K timekeeper. On one oc- 1 "C I. & caslon my waistcoat FOR ALU TIME! W X ^T. RT«VTHE 8°Lin SILVER CASKS FOTEB J, was cracked by ihe heat w ITH K I SKBT *P £ ATKMOVK the movement of the MENT, DUST AND >A watch was unaffected, CLUOINO CAP. H. HAMUKB TN which speaks volumes IMPROVEMENTS ™Lr*c- & for its strength &nd TKO BY ROYAL LKITKKS /^TOBVA^VP^M dU Yours faithfully, TO ANSTADDKKSS COMPLETE fjjfflj j A\ 1 C. HARVEY. WITH KKY. IN'STKUCTIO.Vf. jOS | W^MWESmE I 0 7 YICARS WARRANTY, AID OrctnU IP MJHBSfJ 25/- BARGAIN BOOK Hp* ip/ | Consisting of 250 pages and 3000 engravings. l ^yY/P\ flJjHjfejifljliBHit 1 A book no household should be without. Its I iff Ml gj pages reveal the secrets of successful and )a economical buying, the benefits of which are |j B Absolutely FREE for a Postcard. I I TEH LISTS OF FREE PRIZES FOR BUYERS TO SELECT FROM ^WRFJGLT* T* W»-A» H 8 WEITE FOR CATALOGUE a?Q-X3^-Sr- J^EAK^sa Ih.SAWUELT JUetStJMANGJ|E^ER| '"„, <g)))))n There's SECURITY in jtCarters AbtolulelycureITTLE 'f j^RQ BILIOUSNESS. I \# ET K3 sick headache. I ,w Saulm fan \j I TORPID LIVER. „ n jm/m FURRED TONGUE. I I C IPjffl 4fj INDIGESTION. DIZZINESS. SALLOW SKIN. I I E" B S"1*"pi"- The&TOUCH the KB I W I==a I 1 Gmall Dose. C8mall Price. ARTERS —■■ ,-■ ■1" ".I ;7- I..i ■■ The I A ■ ■ I fV A ■ V J A Cure for Gout, The I A ■ ■ I fV A ■ V J A Cure for Gout, I PI I ^8 ■ K<f I SB |^KV M V mf jfi Rheumatic Gout The Universal Remedy for Acidity of the Stomach, Headache, Heartburn, Indigestion, *n, c r, So™ Bm.r- AlficUon.: and the fttSgggjf DINNEFjDRI^<« pi |jLH M FR(3M EVERY TF-N BUTTER COWS PER, YEAR. tf TH!S REPRE8EMT8 THE ADOTtOMAL OUTPUT EAStLY IMLL SEPA Better Butter, nT>„ TC! „, „ „ MR. J. INWOOD, LEISHTON F0R THERE is After 7 Years. haveam,r^d'an '"ALFA! CLEAN SKIMMING, NO SEPARATOR Mr p T~" BREB La it°answersy weu!' EASE OF WORKING, ™AT CAN ^J' b^flad The butter WHS generally COMPARE WITH this Separator oyor7 3*ears bad three or four times in DTIRAEILITY in constant use. it con. the year before we had the THK tinuen to sfive full fiat sfac- bX^rhTvrneferTad EASE OF CLEANING. ALFA-LAVAL." fc/ed it''• dOUe 8inC6 it bad ouce." SOLE AGENTS: DAIRY SUPPLY COMPANY, LTD., Museum-st., London, W.O. WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. ØBfiäAIf)s PIL L FOB ALL Bilious and Nervous Disorders, SICK HEADACHE, CONSTIPATION, WEAK STOMACH, WIND, IMPAIRED DIGESTION, DISORDERED LIVER. AND FEMALE AILMENTS. J Annual Sale Six Million Boxes. In Boxes, is, I id. and 2s. 9d., contain- ing 56 and 168 Pills repectively, with full directions. PRXPARED ONLY BY THE PROPRIETOR, THOMAS 13EECIIAII. ST. HELENS, LANCASHIRE. ISAAC WILLIAMS AND SON, REGISTERED PLUMBERS, GLAZIERS, & GAS FITTERS, J- CUPPIN STREET, CHESTER. Plumbers' Brasswork of all descriptions; Patent Water Closets, Lavatories, Baths, &c. Glass of all qualities and patterns kept in Stoek, -+ JUNO CYCLES It THEJERY BEST. FOR 1419 b—r~ rBEK SADIES *GENUEHEH. Mth it M WHEELS, Carriage Paid,call part, CA8H^OR 12 MONTHLX f 'I*' '4/3) x (r—:j|i J £ 9 'OS. 17/1 [3 I f9 158• ,7(61 8 SilJSposTsSfis^ lili °;ja M PTDnnm rr » «S i«eJ any other house. Sent pott free. 21 R°uOL,T^N MACHINISTS' Co., Ltd. (Dept.c.) 75. Bishopsa:ate Street Without, London, E.C.. A*I> PICCADILLY CIRCTIS, LONDON. W. II 1"1'" 0 j Largest Sale of any Dentifrice. CALVERT'S CARBOLIC TOOTH POWDER. Preserves the teeth. Sweetens the breath. Strengthens the gums. 6d., 1/ 1/6, & 5/- 1 lb. tins. F. C. CALVERT & Co., Manchester. "fIJI. KEATING"S. OW D E R -J"'4. Tins 9D ■ ML II II li I









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