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COUNTF POLIUE OOUHT. SATURDAY.—Before Mr. R. T. ltlciiilydson. Mr. -John M. i^rost, Mr. W. lA miauis and Mr. liowe Morris. FOWLS AGAIN !-David Hughes, rope and twirle maker, Chester, sumilicild Gather-no heatcrofr, w-fe of \\1 m. Whca tClOft, Hoole Vil- for abusive language. Mr. K. Brassey ap- -pPase-d fcr the prosecution, while Mr. R. T. Mor- defended.—Mr. Brassey said h.s client rented 4 field, about an aore-n extent, in Hooie Village, ^'hich. defendant's husband bad formerly rented. Complainant had a couple of horses grazing in *•>9 field, and had frequently complained about pendant turnliig li s army of fowls into the kid. On November 3rd complainant went to horses, and, frndng the fowls in trie field1, ho c'ia.>d them cut. Deiendant came to her door "l1d remarked that his dog looked as bad as his faster. She called him a scamp, and said Jtat if she was in her husband's shoes she would "?-ve got hold of him and thrown him into the fJ-t. Complainant bore out this sratement, and was corroborated by Lucy Ellen Gilding, wife ()f Q.M.-S. Gilding, Watergate House, Chester, Charlotte Hughes, complainant's wife.— "r. R. T. Morgan submitted that whatever words were spoken they were not spoken in a public ¡¡ a.oe. Defendant was on her doorstep, and it a physical impossibility for anyone at the °.Ppos'te corner of the fi^ld to hear the conversat- ion that took place. Complainant was the ag- sor, and called defendant blackguard. She ^id she must be one to spsak to such a scoundrel 18 he. She aid that if she was her husband she ^uld give him a thrashing.—Defendant gave ?i*idenoe to this effect, and was corroborated by tjkry Brennon, her mother, and Mns. Da.soombe, if1>Qle Village. —Defendant was ordered to pay ne costs (10s. 6d.)—Hughes had a summons 'jfainst a woman named Jessie Price, also fotr language. This ho withdrew on defen- ^ot agreeing to pay the costs (4s. 6d.). tHEFT AT THE CASTLE.—Richard Rostron, a young Macclesfield man, was charged' with paling a cord waistcoat, value 3s., the property* Thomas Slater, at the Castle, Chester, at 10 ?-'n. on November 6th. Complainant said that J!? and Slater were in the receiving -r^om at ■heater Castle as recruits for the Army. Ho left vert hang:ng up on a peg in the room, and ^"hon he was called out for medical inspection Prisoner was looking at the vest. When be re- ined to the room both the vest and prisoner missing.-P. C. Sandland said he arrested Prisoner at noon on Thursday at Chester, and at ffoole Police Station lie charged 'him with steal- ltkl the waistcoat. Prisoner replied "All right." te Thomas Wilson, Castle-street, said at prisoner's finest he pawned the waistcoat for Is. 6d. at r^ssrs. Dutrt-on's shop.—Prisoner said Slater him perm'ssion to sell the wa"st"oat if he i*>ater) passed the doctor. A man told 'hrim that 5'ater had passed and he took the w<vi°teoat.— f-S- Jackson said prisoner was convicted in Mav r-904. at that court for stealing a b".cycle f'wn w Castle, and hnd boon sentenced *o two months Imprisonment. S:nce then he had ioin^d the 8th ^a*3ars, and had been dischnroed at Aldersihot incorrigible and worthless.—Prisoner was sent ?fiol for a month with hard labour.





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