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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

8 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



PRINTING, CHEAPEST, QUICKLY. I AND \^B7 £ LL DOXH|| ATTHl Mill-street Steam Printing Office, PoBtypnM. _h' IMPORTANT TO ADV-tikTjSEUS. The first time a man lo rn at an ad. vertisement he does not see it. Tha second time he does not notice it. The third tir^e he is conscious of its existence. The fourth time he faintly remembers having seen it before. The fifth time he reads it. The sixth time hi turns up his nose at it. The seventh time he reads it through and say, Oh bother I The eighth time he says Here's that confounded thing again I" The ninth, time he wonder* if it amounts to anything." The tenth time he thinks he will ask his neighbour if he has tried it. The eleventh time he wonders how the advertiser maJces it pay. The twelfth time he thinks perhaps it may be worth some- thing. The thirteenth time he thinks it must be a good thing. The fourteenth time he remembers that he has wa/nted such a thing for a long tvme. The fifteenth time he thinks he will buy it some day. The sixteenth time he makes a memorandum of it. The seven- teeitth time he is tantalised because he cannot afford to buy it. The eighteenth time he swears at his poverty. The nineteenth time: he counts his money carefully, and the twentieth time he sees it, he buys the artiele or instruct his wife to do so. Moral advert tteadihj and regularly,. LESSONS ON THB-PIAKOPOBTB. MR. W. H. MILLS is prepared to receive pupils for instruction on the Pianoforte. For terms apply 30 Union-street, Pontypridd. A GENTS WANTED.—A genuine Agency is ofTei'ed t shopkeepers, clerks, Ac., bavin/ spare time. Orders taken from Illustrated LLsr (s'trnp:es optir,naJ). None unable to give references as to respectability need apply. For t-rrris and full particulars send stamped directed envelope to The Agi'scy Superintendent, The Musical instru- ment Club Cca.piny, Uexham-of "Iyu& t-, l.L TALI22I JAMES, R.A.M., (Prtfeasor oj MvticJ Visits Pontypridd professionally every Monday TEKMS—Harp, 23 3s j Piano, £ 1 lfc, Pw quarter. All communications to Mr. James, should be addressed 7, Mill Street, Pontypridd. t IMPORTANT MEDICAL WORK. Now Beady, 228 pages, Free by Post to all parts of the World, in Envelope, Two Stamps. DEBILITY its CAUSE AND CURB. 4^ WARNING VOICE to Youth and Matft hooi? *To which is added DISEASES PECU- LIAR TO MEN. By HENRY SMITH, Doctor of Medicine of the L'niversily^pf Jena, by Diploma. 1860. This Book is invaluable to the*'NERVOTJS, DEBILITATED, and DYSPEPTIC. To those whose Constitutions have become Debilitated from 1 regularities of Life, Intemperance. Climate, I,) ver-taxed or abused Energies Late Hours, City Life, Worry, Brain Toil, Old Age, or Disease. GIVES INSTRUCTIONS AND ADVICE, THE RESULT OF THIRTY ONE YEARS' SPECIAL PRACTICE, for the Cure of all Diseases of the Nervous System, Nervods Debility, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Im- paired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Loss o| Energy, Pains in. the Bae £ Constipation, Blush- ing, Hysteria, Timidity, Self-distrust, Dizziness, Love of Solitude, Groundless Fears, Musc.ilai Relaxation, Low of Sleep, Faulty Nutrition, Losa of Flesh, Weakness, Pimples, Diffidence, &c., resulting from Loss of Nerve Power. ILl US. TE&.TED WITH CASES AND^TESTIMONIALS, .with means used in each eye, Important Ruloia *> be observed by Patients, j; DR. HENRY SMITH, 8, xmrton London, W.G» WONDERFUL MEDICAL DISCOVERY TV A TREATISE ON NERVOUS DEBILITY, ahewing how sufferers from Nervous Disorders maj speedily recover Health, Strength, and Manlj Vigour. Containing also chapters on Marriage with usefal Family Prescriptions for the Cure oi Indigestion, Liver. Skin Diseases Ac. Address— Dr. HAMILTON, 404, Oxford stroo London. Postage, 2 sta»«5?!«. ft8 Be.. John Sheward of Milton, Kent, writt Ootober 29th, 1878:-My nerves were BO shattered that I dreaded the simplest duties, and lost al energy and pleasure in the performance nf then. The despondency I endured became almost uubeai fcble. Since taking Cobden's Pills the chane- u my health for the better is yery marked I havf lost that hcrrible depression, rny nerves fire muel ttronger, and my general health very gceath improved. I cannot express how truly thank fa.1 J teel for jhe remarkable and ple.diing change Lol ■ "n s Quinine and Phosphorons Pills givl rtie. gth, energy, and vigorous vitality to constitn iiL^IU'n way enfeebled. Infallible in neuralgia —Aflk for Cobden s Pills, and have no others, 2B 9e and 4s 6d. Any chemist will get them if they art let in stock, or they will be sent post free oi tcetpt of 38 or 54 stamps (great saving) by tbl lusex Dpur Co., 135, Queen'. Road, Brightom. fcgent at Pontypridd. Mr. W. H. lev. Chemist- te C\;t A lady said to Doctor Johnson "Do you really ielieve, doctor, that the dead walk after death ?" "Madam, "said the doctor," I have no doubt about it I have heard tU.e )ead Jfarch in Saul.' The public can purchase a splendid instrument to play that immortal air as well as tnnes more joyous, at prices and terms a,, it JO every ouee means, from The Musical Club Company. Piano forte,TTnrtnonii' •• .•.r-t-rirnn "r™n V- r.-if-ct'r» r« Heaarnont ritreec ..>th.»n«-o>«. — i? ud 'illustrated kr-x* "L. aliI) it poet free 18 stanaps BIRD'S BUILDING YARD ROMILLY TERRACE, COWBEIDGE ROAD, CANTON, CARDIFF. FOR ALL KINDS OF BUILDING MATERIALS SUPPLIED. USE ONLY FOTHERGILL'S Tobacco and Cigars, 4, STUART HALL, CARDIFF. TO ADVERTISERS. THE PONTYPRIDD CHRONICLE AND WOEEMAN'S NEWS, A LIBERAL JOURNAL FOR THE TAFF AND RHONDDA VALLEYS, IS an excellent medium for Advertisements. It has been established to meet a want long felt for a popular newspaper. Published in the centre of a large mining and industrial district of 40,000 to 50,000 inhabitants, and within 12 miles only of Cardiff, Mertbyr, Aberdare and Treherbert, its value as an advertiser cannot fail to be recog. nised, and as its charges are as low as those of any other respectable paper in South Wales the Pro- prietor hopes to secure extensive patronage and support. SCALE OF CHARGES fOR SMALL PRE-PAID ADVERTISEMENTS. For the following classes of Advertisements only :— Situations Wanted, Situations Offi-red, Apartments to Let, Apartments Oftered,1 I Money Wanted, | Partnerships Wanted, Businesses for Sale, J Lost aud Found. MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. Houses, Shops, Officf's: Houses to Let, Specific Articles for Sale by Private Contract or Exchanges. If not paid for in advance the ordinary credit rate will be charged. Words. One Three Six Insertion. Insertions. Insertions s. d. s. d. s. d. 18 0 6 1 0 1 6 27 0 9 1 6 2 3 36 1 0 2 0 3 0 45 1 3 2 6 3 9 54 1 6 3 0 4 6 63 1 9 3 6 6 3 72 2 0 4 0 6 0 81 2 3 4 6 6 9 Each line 9 words extra. N. B.- ThiR scale does not apply to advertisements from Public Bodies. SITUATIONS WANTED. WANTED a Situation for a Lad in every Book-seller's Shop in the Taff and Rhondda Valleys to sell the Chronicle. \\f ANTED a Situation for a Boy in every W Stationers' Shop to sell the Pontypridd Chronicle." SITUATIONS VACANT. WANTED Boys to Sell the Pontypridd TV Chronicle" everywhere on Fridays and Saturdays. WANTED.-Men with spare time to Sell w this Paper every Friday and Saturday. WANTED TO SELL AND BUY. AGENTS required to Sell the Pontypridd Chronicle. The usual commission. I^HOUSANOS of People required to Buy _L and Read the Pontypridd Chronicle. Price ONE PENNY Weekly. SEASON 1881. SEEDS. SEEDS. W. BE. IKIIETX" 1-3 EGS to inform the inhabitants of Pontypridd and Neighbourhood that he has received a supply of this season's S^eds, viz.: — BEANS, PEAS, ONIONS, LEEKS, CARROTS, PARSNIPS, LETTUCES, RADDISH, PARSLEY, &c. A detailed Catalogue to be had on application. 89 & 90, TAFF STREET, I PONTYPRIDD. H<f ntgjfnM AND WORKMAN'S NEWS SATURDAY, JANUARY 22, 1831. 7'0 OUR REAVERS. As the great snowstorm this week has com- pletely blocked the London Mail system, we are unable to give the Parliamentary News, which we obtain direct from the Metropolis. We therefore, ask our readers for their sympathy, trusting that extra attention to local matters will partly make up for the loss mentioned and that of the London Letter. We are, however, glad to inform, our numerous readers that the splendid reception given to the Pontypridd Chronicle on its first ap- pearance enables us to announce that February, 8th. THE Pontypridd Chronicle 71- WILL BE ENLARGED, By the Addition of FOUR COLUMNS TO ITS PRESENT SIZE.


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