Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



I ,:7 • • • ESTABLISHED IN 1830. >1 JOHN gRIFFITHS SON, \y o FAMILY GROCERS AND GENERAL DRAPERS, TELLER.* PONTYPRIDD. _• J. G. & Son solicit a share of Publio patronage SBi support, as they endeavour to give the best StIpe in their various departments. t intm j o:ri< r' bf. • .i.;i • 'H IV #- Abmal .u £ 04.1., .L' dH. J COLOUR 1 L a C;1 .jIJ hie i J— & jeanco si PRINTING! v. v*.Lj-ij en od Uiwd» J,siorj' £ 'I! .¿:r :t fa A j i Jar! L. *.• :t • COLOURED BILLS •y: < Ii -it ,fI- ">J;IH 'ma: ft 'I 11: ;8S950f-; ix.- Mil n-iiiMip winitiii J ri!j L -l aa :& udvr J.uifHtt LJ iTiiW cJ iiw.-j <0Shi TE-y SOU Liooc ju.ii sl&ii J iiuij.-a o.; J i! "j! :/t c.-ifr. i <1 iiór Lv«i,jo •t.jjTfii A ai»xn&.ii'q vi b' ). :,I1 jl liH 1v jut* 1¡I.j no aioiii r9.1.iÍ \i.A.'U llii F'fl IJ Ii,; .niv-jr.- j C-J THE LARGEST SIZE kiiun Uo !b -ill I; i tiij ai «>w IJ ✓• .JI-juiJ* I. <»d Oilii .1 tlil I M.v .J 1' .i ii"iii.a »d: CAN BE HAD AT THE •IiV/ ,'ii/L i "i .j" u ,.J ■ L iii> ",a Mt 'i .v nifi. -;Ir. n-=.'l i i >nh.i !n i.iia ;»{y* j H¡¡1;A::J i '•» iifiuii. 'U0& « da .biiiljU.k) J Mill Street 1 n.¿'4. ¡iJ •.ssij I", U wh ,<• -isiti lijbni i«'K.i*do a no ia !;i Td:J\1 ."i .ie ■ • *1 • I'.J t. j Steam MJi i ii i cji.t #1 L -d s-iif NO! i r .• i i L .)■ NV 7..0 hA Printing Works ,J J il .*11 i f "A 1111 iiawa Committees of c Eisteddfodau. Concerts,&c. Would do well to patronise DAYIES's PRINTING WORKS, 23 & 24, MILL STREET, PONTYPRIDD. 1 • ii t ,• Tradesmen requiring LARGE NUMBERS, should go to DAVIES' Bill-heads' Note-headings, Memorandums, Circulars, Trade Cards, Mourning Cards, &c., &c. Club Rules, Statements, Contribution Cards' ADDRESS; q.U:9"t 1/f B. DA VIES, *-» íWJoll ,-| Steam Printer, ".n: 23 A 2 4, MILL STREET, PONTYPRIDD. < j.u: ■ i [.{:•■• v<l J' "J r.ii'jd Ljid Oil Ili Ó1U\. ;-AW Hi ;j..1J><UO¡¡¡11b nojjfin < till osiT .»Hr.srrt .1. 'I" '4 "a* fit J DO YOU WANT 'dO A Steam Engine or Boiler, New or second hand MORTAR MILLS, SAW BENCHES, CHAFF CUTTERS, COBN CRUSHERS, or any other ENGINE or MACHINE. Apply to T. LEMON & Sons, The Hayes, Cardiff. ».••»■* mi «•- j i j ,t uJJ ''(, IJ 'li3";Ü, ') ..<f ia ud) au *(it >;f ..j.ú; ,¡.ú:¡ ¡"¡.i .n'" ac 3u<> hwMz tr,0 ■ < FOR HOME MADE BOOTS GO TO J w ILTSH-IRE, 34, MILL STREET, PONTYPRIDD. Repairs of every description promptly attended to. .iK.* •••«•:# lui- JP»OREST WOOLLEN F ACTORY, RHIW, PONTYPRIDD, S. G. JONES. WOOLLEN MANUFACTURER, CLOTHS, BLANKETS, And every kind of Plain and Fancy WELSH FLANNELS. All descriptions of Welsh Stocking Tarn, in ant quantity. Country work promptly attended to. .,v. Y'» '1 « ■I. iia ti GO TO "r Brooks Bros., 9, Angel St., Cardiff, And 72, COMMERCIAL St., NEWPORT, Who FRAME PICTURES at,London prices. Always in Stock a large assortment of mouldings, oleographs, illuminated texts and engravings, CABINET WORK and VENETIAN BLINDS MADE TO ORDER. READY-MONEY SALE of QENERAL J)EAPEBY 4 .« d< 1.^11. ail !*» #»»•• £ ■« .jifr i iJl I> <■} !l '• -i t' A1 I. • ) ,rjilinio JOHN EVANS & Oo's (ii jji<snu:ii 4/ r iif (LATE PHILLIPS & EVANS), u v ,"p* ■:M PONTYPRIDD/ The Sale commenced on Wednesday, January 6th, 1881. i The whole Stock will be reduced is Prices so as to effect y||me {fcjii it noJTJT* f>i » ,.i i i- ,j „ M: pre¥ioQS to Stocktaking. i It 1'Uj; 'X. i' .iOT »"* ALL PURCHASES DURING SALE TO BE PAID FOR ON OR BEFORE Ut-di ti ^u"-i -OJ DELIVERY. -— A" ')(:1.11: .i. ( j ji-. r f i < <»nn'K!M in oiu IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: CLEARANCE SALE OF DRAPERY NOW ON, AT MARKET SQUARE, PONTYPRIDD. WILLIAM ILLI Begs to inform the Public that he has re-marked his Stook, which is offered daring THIS SALE at prices which must command attention and effect large Clearance. The Publio will do well to avail themselves of this opportunity ond tisit THIS SALE, which is not a quarterly or half-yearly ordinary sale of oddments and unseasonable goods, but a < .fiiu jirr tin GENUINE SALE AT GREATLY REDUCED nif-.j-jz-) ",U I'l yonsL:/ '.ij io > O? THE j.OIrtK? Odl -■hv/rH 1=1 'k:- WHOLE STOCK, t ->,) ,:J which is. well krioft to be of Superior Goods, and too large and varied to g*ve full particulara of quantity and prices. A large tttock ot Dress Materials. Shawls, Jackets, Ulntei s, triniined and untrimmed Hats and Bonnets, Flowers, Feathers; Ribbons, &c., will be cleared under half-price. A cheap lot of Coloured Silk at I I i -*r* "mi price d, Od. REMNANTS of virio-us goods are marked regardless of cost, and will be found decided Bargains. THE REAL WELSH WOOLLEN GOODS, All specially manufactured in Carmarthenshire are the best that can be shown, comprising the following Welsh Blankets, Shawls, Turnovers, White and Colouied Fancy Flanflel8 for Dresses, Aprons, Shirts, and Petticoats, a large stock of which is always kept at this Esttiblisbtoent, and, as is well known, told with very email profit, consequently a alight redaction only will be made in these goods. A large Stock of good WELSH BLANKETS will be sold during the Sale only at £ §s. 6tl. a pair of 10 yards. I ALL GOODS ARE MARKED IN PLAIN FIGURES. THE BEST AND CHEAPEST PLACE TO BUY YOUR YOUR FLOUR, BUTTER, LARD. BACON. AtfD CHEESE, PRICES NEXT WEEX, # j Of' fit YOUR •, j'jd I*}<•-J-rf* III. ot uvr.-ib ixvf and guftAii, BREAD, HOME-MADE FRESH DAILY, BACON, HOME-CURED, Do. MILD-CURED, And ail GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS IS V jr; "1'" j j jJ '<; J. & I.PROTHEROl" The Tea Exchange, Pontypridd, AND THE_ f)(i_ jii0- o PRICES NEXT WEll. i to ,p TREFOREST READY-MONEY STORES, TREFOREST. ), t'< :1;(; r){!T"f AMERICAN GEM PORTRAITS, 12 FOR ONE SHILLING, j. a„» Taken and Finished in a few minutes, uin y:■ iii i i»:i.oa BY .p tiu-' —v. 11 mI lUit V r • ..1.1^) I ..J I. f>rli r (ilt't ,n r. .> I "UJ •. THOMAS POBREST. > ioi> 7 r;' C-A-D^IBK,XjfLI5T STTD-DIO .i„.■«»*i& PONTYPRIDD .j: Also the NEW CAMBRIAN GEMS, (on paper) 12 for Id* 6d. 50 for 3s. 100 for I. I.. i. r :'ooi •■■tiqt'titnSn'-) "•••' «t .ash' Jotn' 6' 8KW I.i'fi .Hffi' TX; A TTTT\ ^>|TTT TEH •" »^iovixioe,w od onj Xd-J! 'ii ■ rill V | r \jl p ri| y.} J-vi'wu A j in C R 0 CE RAN D PROVISION D E A L ER AND GENERAL DRAPER, 'J" MILL STREET, PONTYPRIDD. Prime Welsh Butters, and best home cured BaCOn always in stock. Millinery, Dress & Mantle Making by Experienced E&ads done on the Premises Tailoring in all its Branches by practical and thorough experienced hands. ia fc:»l>lTOX YMA'jV-U" — 7^? j-.i u.^ ■" AGENT FOR MESSRS. CUETIS & HABVEY'S CELEBEiTUD BLASTING POWDER i-olqtiii'.a lo '). ■to burf doiii-n ei .'n-isfiifiavou .WrtfiTy' c[T(.f." j an ■" ° ZSZ. THIS SPACE TO LET. L lae-ui- { v(i H r-fy- 'u. ■ w I; SS)I O.ft v;:M T „»*> -Ji; ,f .i io? .JoA. iioi 4 t 1 a rtOtui, (). CO L DEN TEAPOT WAREHOUSE, HAFOD. AND COEDPENMAEN, PONTYPRIDD. 10 M O R G- j\, IT Begs to return his sincera thanfca for past patronage, and hoves that by his unequalled system of selling goods as cheap as any otheg shop in both Districts, to merit a con. tinnance of the same. D. M. has just bought an immense Stock of GOOD TEA, and will Sell Fine Flavoured Concou 2s Souchong, 2s 6d.; Morgan's best, 3B. per lb., and all Groceries *nd Provisions at extremelv low prices. Come and try our PLUM CAKE at 4d lb., best 6d. Vlj.lV ALL GOODS DELIVERED F^EE OF CHARGE 4 a«w Note the address, for good and cheap Groceries, &e.— D.MOBGAN, GOLDEN TEAPOT WABSBOUSX, EAT05, AND AT P0NT7PBIDD. MESSRS. CROCKETT & JAMES. Auctioneers, Accountants, Valuers, Snrveyops, and Emigration Agents, RENT AND DEBT COLLECTORS, ARBITRATORS AND SURVEYORS. Auction, Estate, House and Emigration Office, MONEY ADVANCED ON MORTGAGES AND OTHER AVAILABLE SEGUillTY. All Aooeunts trusted to Messrs. Crockett & James will be promptly settled. REGISTRY OFFICE FOR SERVANTS. be'iO.Oi} NO CHARGE FOR ADVICE UNLESS BUSINESS BE DONE, -i 'Í r OFFICE T- 4, TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD. -r HOURS—IO TO 5. ¿. SWEETS. | White Bread, Brown Bread, and THE PONTYPRIDD WHOLESALE J r Biscuit Factory, CONFECTIONERY STORES, J 2, MARKET STREET, PONTYPRIDD, JAMES COOMBES, '•< WEere 8n kinds of PROPRIETOR, 7 BREAD BISCUITS t CONFECTIONERY > are being made Daily, and Invites all Retailers of Sweets to call and > — i Delivered Free to all Parts by own inspect his Stock, which for QUALITY | Vans and PBICB cannot be surpassed in ) m S Shopkeepers Supplied on liberal TermB. 1 SOUTH WALES. 1 I H r t-T. COOMBES, VANS TO ALL PARTS OF THE DISTRICT j 2, MARKET STREET, DAILY. PONTYPRIDD. rf ANEURIN CtJLE" „ BAIO SHOP, PENYGRAIG. I BEG to say that I have some special lines to offer to the Public for this week. I have just returned from the Liverpool and Bristol Markets, and have purchased a large quantity of b GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS$.' t)- of first-class quality. The same will be offered to the Public at very Low Prices. 50 tubs good CANADIAN BUTTERS, at lOi-d. per lb. 200 tuba VERY FINE BUTTERS, at Is. lid. per Ib, 50 tubs of prime BRECONSHIRE BUTTER, jost arrived from farms in, the neighbourhood of Builth. The quality is better then any I have seen for the last six months, lB. 4d. per lb. 100 sides of Prime Mild BREAKFAST BACON, ed. per lb. 50 sides of GOOD BACON, 5d. per lb. HAMS, any amount, a little salty, 3id. per lb. These Hams are perfectly sweet. 200 Good AMERICAN CHEESE, 7id. per lb. ji'- tna c 64 Finest CHEDDARS, 8d. per lb. ,j>ii.Liii'-A 500 good Single GLO'STER CHEESE, from 6d. per lb. The FLOUR I sell is of excellent quality, at 2s. 8d. a score. Try it once. It will surprise Jou! I have 20 tons of prime WHITE POTATOES. I can sell them at 88 6d per sack, or 3s 6d per hundredweight, or quarter of a hundredweight for tOld. r -a Freeh BREAD, 41b. Loaf for 6d. All other Goods sold at extremely Low Prices. All Orders will be esteemed, and attended to at once. Goods delivered to all parts of the Valley. NOTE THE ADDRESS— ANEURIN CULE, PENYGRAIG SHOP, PENYGRAIG. GO TO THE TEMPLE OF FASHION, FOR EVERY DESCRIPTION OF w I IN" TIEIR; CLOTH I IsT C3-. BABGAINS NEVER BEFORE HEARD OF. BEST GOODS LOWEST PRICE. T. EYANS, 3 TEMPLE OF FASHION, PONTYPRIDD. L, -1 nuiiRioqio # nil 'to vm«M«rn oili baa ic.'ftf: J. CROCKETT & Co. 'r' J !.t.JJ,rl.j, w. j' ,í ;Jč'll :,1 uC{é. (}j f,ff('lti! RWA" I îo ,)tr1 'JIB I L "1 !.lIlt III .rs>l/ J '1:ro "lIr¡;1 w. 1," t 10 'r' I 01 tL¡.,¡:;r <f "b' ¡Ii ¡:I¡ .I' W /9"1 'J!!i'1Q e;H 1, CABINET MAKERS, UPHOLSTERERS, WATCH &c CLOCK 2 & 3, TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD. 4' 't J I; J ,t ••Or". t d nMoii^ip | ffr^ Jud 'Had!)A If you want Home-made BOOTS, SHOES. OR CLOGS, GO TO HALBWOOD'S CLO Or SHOP, 87, HIGH-STREET, PONTYPRIDD. r Men's Home-made Strong Watertights for Colliers and Navvies, 6/11 7/6 8/6 and 10/- n" Evening Boots 5/11 6/6 7/11 and 9/11. Women's 3/11 4/3 and 4/11. Boys' and Girls' nailed Boots 1/11 to 3/11. ALL GOODS OF THE BEST QUALITY, AND WARRANTED TO WEAR. t, Liu BESPOKE WORK, AND REPAIRING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION DONE AT THE LOWEST PRICES. Children's soled and heeled 1/6 Women's „ „ 2/- Men's „ 3/- GO TO THE CLOG SHOP, PONTYPRIDD. gMALL pROFITS A QUICK R ETURNS- MANTEISION BYCHAIN, A DYCHWELION BUAN. WH, WALTERS, Grocer, Tea, JDealer, Floor |^d Provision Merchant, BRITANNIA SHOP, NEAR PORTH. TP YOUR WATCH STOPS I SEND TO W. L. JONES, PRACTICAL WATCH MAKER AND JEWELLER, r' 37, HANNAH STREET, PORTH, jWho will guarantee to set it right to your satis- faeMoti. All kinds of Watches. Clocks, Jewellery, Wedding Rings, Ao. kept in Stock, FOR YOUR IRONMONGERY GO TO THE Cheapest and best Shop in the Trade, J S. WILLIAMS. MARKET SQUARE, PONTYPRIDD, ,r, AND HANNAH STREET, PORTH. -V JOHN WILLIAMS & Co., TEA SHOP, PONTYPRIDD, Will offer on SATURDAY NEXT, a specially IMI- looted stock of PROVISIONS, Ac., at the fonow- ing Low Prie" BT7TTBK from lOd per lb. CHEESE „ 6d n BACON 5d LARD 51d Try Gtii TBSJA Cured Bacos per lb. Other articles, too numerous to mention, equally as Cheap. Please note address JOHN WILLIAMS & CO., 3, MARKET PLACE, PONTYPRIDD. 't" JOHN THOMAS, Auctioneer and Accountant, 6; CHURCH STREET, PONTYPRIDD. Agent to the Provincial, Sovereign A City Life Insurance Companies, Alliance Fire lus,ira-.Mo Company, The Accident Insurance Company i..ntl Inman Line, Royal Mail Steamers. From f5 to £600 to be advanced on all av iilablUi Security. r- E. N. NAISH, WHOLESALE & RETAIL MANUFACTURING GONfEGTIONR, AND SUGAR B OILER, }, 59 & 60. BRIDGE STREET, CARDIn, Shops Supplied at Lowest Possible Prbea JJUROPEAN WINE COMPANY, LONDON. AftBNT FOB PONTYPRIDD, W. H. KEY, CHEMIST, Ac., WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, 89 A 90, TAFF STREET. Per Bottle Per Dozen. Pale Sherry Is 3d Is 6d Is M. 15 a ISs 20s Royal Victoria. 2s 3d ?" Fine Pale or Gold.2s Gd 2a 9d 3s v" ot08 Tarragona Is 3d Is 6d ls9d.15s 18. 211 Fine Old Port 2s Od 28 3d 28 6d.24s wjs Choice Old Crusted 3s Od 3s 6d 48 Od, 36:t 42s 48. Dinner Claret Is Od Is 3d Is 15s 18. Superior do. old bottled 2s Od 2s 6d 3s Od ..24a 30s 86s Champagne 2s3d2slOd 3s6d.27a 343 42- Chan sare Is 1st quality Od 48. Sparkling Saumar 2a Od 2s 6d 2s 9d.24s 268 33c SPIRITS. Colonial Brandy 2s 3d 2s 6d 3* Cognac Brandy 3s 0<l 3s 6d 4a Fine London Gin .2s Od 2s &d 2s7d Irish Whiaky Ja 3d Scotch Whisky 2s 3d 2s 8d 3g Jamaica Rum 2a 3d 288.1. 3* Schiedam Hollands 2s 5d 2s s i Books of Prices, containing over 200 d. — ious of Wines and spirits, forwarded free on application to the Company or their Agents. Jules Dufont s Old Cognac Brandies. Brenan's V.S.O. Irish Whisky, 3s 6d per bottle. Melrose Highland Whisky, 3s 6d per buttle. pOST QFFICE f- A F O D LEWIS MORGAN-S, DRAPER, Family Grocer & Provision f actor, HAFOD AND OYMMEE. in ii/ jili PRIS 9c. TELYN Y FFRWD. Deg o Donali cyfaddas i'r YSGOL SABBOTHOL, Yn y Ddau Nodiant, gan MOROAN GRIFFITH (ALAW FFRWO,) F F R W D A M O S. PKNTGRAIQ, Rhoudda Valley. LtL. Anfoner at yr Awdwr. ï SYL WCH! SYLWCHU Diwallydd hollol o bob math o ddodrefn ty iselbris a da. Eled y Cymry at y Cymro i brynu eu dodrefb i'w tylwyth, ete a ddengy, Gelfl i'r Seddrandy, Ymddiddanfa, Gorweddfan, Cegin, &c. Taliadau, mal y cytunir wrth brydu gan LEWIS JOi-NE-S, FURNITURE DEALER, MEIRION HOUSE, COWBRIDGE ROAD, CANTON CARDIFF. ¡uhli! oti,es. PENYGRAIG RELIEF FUND. GRAND EVENING CONCERT, Under the Patronage of the Committee. Will be given on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 14TH, 1881, AT PENUEL CHAPEL, PONTYPRIDD.