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> o^vvf Aw ;X > >^V>VVKO^^<V -OV N° ^0 '■ y^~> s&fy A v, <* -0 y/^$> PONTYPRIDD ANNUAL CHAIR EISTEDDFOD. Goreu art, a darf ùerfysg" ) I wr fo ducth, yw arf dysg THE THIRD ANNUAL CHAIR EISTEDDFOD Will be held in the MARKET HALL, ON WHIT TUESDAY, 1881, Under the distinguished patronage of The Right Hon. Lcrd Abwdare Right Hon. Lord Tredegar; C. R. M. Talbot, ES'1., M.P. H. H. Vivian, Esq., M.P. Sir E. J. Reed, K.C.B., M.P. H. Richard, Esq,, M.P. u. Williams, Esq., J.P. G. W. Thomas, Esq., The Heath; W. Thomas, E*q., Llanbletliian, and the local gentry. CHAIRMAN: G. WILLIAMS, ESQ., MISKIN MANOR. ADJUDICATORS ASAPH GLAN DYFI, & REV. JAMES WILLIAMS. Chief Subjects :— I.-Best Libretto on The Harvest" not above 200 lines in length. Prize, live guineas, and oak Chair, value, two guineas. 2.-Best Chorus on Luke xix, 38. Prize, three guineas. 3.—To the Choir, numbering not less than 50 voices, that will best render Habacuc's Prayer." (Part 1 to end of 3rd Chorus). Prize, £ 25; i.e., 923 to the Choir, and £ 2 to its conductor. 4.—To the Choir, numbering not less than 30 voices that will best render Addt'wyn Fiwsig," (successful glee at last Eisteddfod) Nos. 88 and 89 of the Gerddorfit. Prize, £ 7. 5.—To ths Juvenile Choir, that will best sing Dr Parry's Sleighing Glee." Prize, JM. A GRAND CONCERT Will be held in the evening, when Mdme. Martha I Harris, R.A.M., Miss S. A. Williams, R.A.M., Asaph Glan Dyfi, and others will take part. The Committee hope to secure a Special Train to be run after the Concert. Programmes may be had from the Secretary. Price Id. by post lid- On behalf of the Committee, D. Leyshon, Chairman, ( Joseph Davies, Graig Boys' School, Pontypridd, Secretary. N.B.-The Committee will gladly entertain offers of Subjects with Prizes for competition. TO ADVERTISERS. THE PONTYPRIDD CHRONICLE AND WORKMAN'S NEWS, A LIBERAL JOURNAL FOR THE TAFF AND RHONDDA VALLEYS, IS an excellent medium for Advertisements. It has been established to meet a want long elt for a popular newspaper. Published in the centre of a large mining and industrial district of 40,000 to 50,000 inhabitants, and within 12 miles only of Cardiff, Merthyr, Aberdare and Treherbert, ita value as an advertiser cannot fail to be recog- nised, and as its charges are as low as those of any other respectable paper in South Wales the Pro- prietor hopes to secure extensive patronage and support. SCALE OF CHARGES FOR. SMALL PRE-PAID ADVERTISEMENTS. For the folluwing classes of Advertisements only :— Situations Wanted, 1 Money Wanted, Situations Offered, Partnerships Wanted, Apartments to Let, Businesses tor Sale, Apartments Offered, | Lost aid Found. MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. Houses, Shops, Offices" Houses to Let, Specific Articles for Sale by Private Contract or Exchanges. If not paid for in advance the ordinary credit rate will be charged. Words. One Three Six Insertion. Insertions. Insertions s. d. s. d. s. d. 18 0 6 10 1 6 27 0 9 1 6 2 3 36 1 0 2 0 3 0 45 1 3 2 6 3 9 54 1 6 3 0 .0' 4 6 63 1 9 3 6 5 3 72 2 0 4 0 6 o 81 2 3 4 6 6 9 Each line 9 words extra. N.B.—This scale does not apply to advertisements from Public Bodies. Cheques and P. O. Orders should be made payable, and all communications sent to B. DAVIES, Pontypridd Chronicle Office, 23 & 24, Mill Street, Pontypridd. EUROPEAN WINE COMPANY, LONDON. ASENT FOB PONTYPRIDD, W. H. KEY, CHEMIST, &c., WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, 89 & 9 0, TAFF STREET Per Bottle Per Dozen. Pale Sherry Is 3d Is 6d Is 8d,15s 18s 20s Royal Victoria. 2s 3d 27s Fine Pale or Gold.2s bd 2s 9d 3s 0d.30s 33s 36s Tarragona Is 3d Is 6d ls9d,15s 18s 21s Fine Old Port 2s Od 2s 3d 2s 6d 24s 27a 30s Choice Old Crusted 3s Od 3s 6d 4s0d.iKs 12s 48s Dinner Claret Is Od Is 3d Is6ti.l2a 15s 18s Superior do. old bottled .2s Od 2s 6d 3s 0d ..24s 30s 36s Champagne .2s3d2sl0d 3s6d.27s 34s 42s Chansarels 1st quality 4s Od 48s Sparkling Saumur 2s Od 2s 5d 2s9d.24s 26s 33s SPIRITS. Colonial Brandy.2s 3d 2s 6d 3s Cognac Brandy 3s Od 3s 6 d 4s Fine London Gin 2s Od 2s 5d 28 7 d Irish Whisky 2s 3d 2s 8d 3s Scotch Whisky 2s 3d 2s 8d 3s Jamaica Rum 2s 3d 2s 8d 3s Schiedam Hollands 2s 5d 2s 8d Books of Prices, containing over 200 descriptions of Wines and spirits, forwarded free on application to the Company or their Agents. Jules Dufont's Old Cognac Brandies. Brenan's V.S.O. Irish Whisky, 3s 6d per bottle. Melrose Highland Whisky, 3s 6d per bottle. |Mlic Notices. PONTYPRIDD A N N UAL CHAIR E I S T K D D F O D WHIT TUESDAY, 1881. TENDERS are invited for making necessary arrangements in the Market Hall to seat 1-1(4) persons. For particulars apply personally to the Sec- retary, JOSEPH DA VIES. 16th March. 1881. Gritig Schools. MR. JENKIN MORGAN'S PRIZE DRAWING, PONTYPRIDD. WIHVIVG NUMBERS. lst Prize 503 2ND „ 950 3RD 294 4TH „ 364 5th Prize 282 6TH 785 7TH „ 196 8TH „ 634 The holders of the above numbers may have their respective Prizes, by applying to Mr Jeukin Morgan, 26, Union-street, Pontypridd. GOOD FRIDAY, A PUBLIC TEA PARTY AT CALVARY ENGLISH BAPTIST CHAPEL, PONTYPRIDD. TICKETS 9d. EACH. We hope to meet 500 or tiOO of our friends on the occasion DEDICATED BY PERMISSION TO THE RIGHT HON. LORD TREDEGAR, u Bow down thine Ear," (Motett) For SOLO, QUARTETT, and CHORUS, Composed by THOS. VINCENT DAVtES, PRICE 8d. Tu be had from the Author, 52, High-street, Pontypridd, Or from NOVELLO, & Co., LONDON. SITUATIONS WANTED. W ANTED a Situation for a Lad in every » » book. seller's Shop in the Taff and Rhondda Valleys to sell the Chronicle. YyTT"ANTED a Situation for a Boy in every F ? Stationers' Shop to sell the '"Pontypridd Chronicle." SITUATIONS VACANT. WANTED Boys to Sell the Pontypridd Chronicle" everywhere on Fridays and Saturdays. WANTED.—Men with spare time to Sell w this Paper every Friday and Saturday. WANTED TO SELL AND BUY. AGENTS required to Sell the Pontypridd Chronicle. Tbe usual commission. i HOUSANDS of People required to Buy JL and Head the Pontypridd Chronicle. Price ONF, PENNY Weekly. USE ONLY FOTHERGILL'S Tobacco and Cigars, 4, STUART HALL. CARDIFF. TO ADVERTISERS! T)r I I N POSTED THOROUGHLY AND I)11JJUU SYSTEMATICALLY. AFPLY Williams, Bill Poster, &c.. RHONDDA ROAD, PONTYPRIDD. WHO HAS ENGAGED INDEPENDENTLY MOST CONSPICUOUS POSTING STATIONS THROUGHOUT THE RHONDDA VALLEY. GWILYM A DDODA YR HYSBYSLENI YN BRIODOL A THREFNUS. SEASON 1881. SEEDS. SEEDS. W. SI. IKIIErsr BEGS to inform the inhabitants of Pontypridd and Neighbourhood that he has received a supply of this season's S-eds, viz.: — BEANS, PEAS, ONIONS, LEEKS, CARROTS, PARSNIPS, LETTUCES, RADDISH, PARSLEY, &c. A detailed Catalogue to be bad on application, 89 & 90, TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD A Copy of the PONTYPRIDD CHRONICLE, will be forwarded, Post Free, on the day of pub- lication on receipt of Stamps or Post Office Order: For One Quarter Is. He!. „ Six Months. 3s. 4d. „ Twelve Months. 6s. 8d. Subscribers in the town may have their paper delivered at their residence on pre-payment of Is. 4d. for Three Months. 2s. 8d. for Six Months. 5s. 4d.T for Twelve Months. All communications to bo addressed to B. DAVIES Chronicle Office, 23 & 24. Mill Street, Ponty- pridd.

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