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6 erthygl ar y dudalen hon

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-.A- B. DAVIES, Steam Printer, &c., 23 & 24, MILL STREET, PONTYPRIDD. Printing neatly and promptly executed at the Mill Street Steam Printing Works, PONTYPRIDD. FOR POSTERS OF ALL SIZES, IN ONE, TWO, JL OR MORE COLOURS, go to Davies's Mill Street Steam Printing Works, 23 and 24, Mill Street, Pontypridd. HANDBILLS AND CIRCULARS FOR i.RADE8MEN and others, in lar^e or small numbers expeditiously and cheaply done at Davies's Mill Street Steam Printing Works, 23 and 24, Mill Street, Pontypridd. BILL, INVOICE, MEMORANDUM AND NOTE HEADINGS, promptly and taste- fully printed at Davies's Mill Street Steam Printing Works, 23 and 24, Mill Street, Pontypridd. BANKRUPTCY FORMS, NOTICES of Credi- B tors' Meetings, and all kinds of Solicitors' printing executed at Davies's Mill Street Steam Printing Works, 23 and 24, Mill Street, Pontypridd. A UCTIONEERS' BILLS, CATALOGUES, and xl other announcements at Davies's Mill Street Steam Printing Works, 23 and 24, Mill Street, Pontypridd. pONCERT, EISTEDDFOD, LECTURE, TEA \J PARTY, and other TICKETS. Orders for these should be taken or sent to Davies's Mill Street Steam Printing Works, 23 and 24, Mill Street, Pontypridd. BUSINESS AND SHOW CARDS in GOLD and B SILVER, COLOURED or BLACK INKS, on plain or enamelled Cards, may be obtained at Davies's Mill Street Steam Printing Works, 23 and 24, Mill Street, Pontypridd. PERMIT, INVOICE, TIME BOOKS, CHKQUE JL BOOKS, Pay Bills, Wagon Tickets, &c., for Collieries and other Works, at Davies's Mill Street Steam Printing Works, 23 and 24, Mill Street, Pontypridd. BOOKS, PAMPHLETS, REPORTS, STATE- B MENTS, Club and Colliery Rules, &c., in English, Welsh or Duoglott, got up at Davies's Mill Street Steam Printing Works, 23 and 24, Mill Street, Pontypridd DAPER BAGS, TEA PAPERS (PLAIN OR X ILLUSTRATED), and all Shop requisites sup- plied at BRISTOL PRICES at Davies's Mill Street Steam Printing Works, 23 and 24 Mill Street, Pontypridd. THE ONLY STEAM PRINTING WORKS within a radius of Twelve Aliles. B. DAYIES, Steam Printer, &c., 23 & 24, MILL STREET PONTYPRIDD. ESTABLISHED 1839. THE CELEBRATED CAMBRIAN MEDICINE. JONES' (TREMADOC) APERIENT & ANTIBILIOUS PILLS. A PRACTICAL trial of Forty-three years by the afflicted Public, has now established the reputation of these PILLS. Composed of the most rare and EXTENSIVE VEGETABLE PREPARATIONS of the British Pharmacopaoa, combined with a valuable SNOWDONIAN HERB, forming a MILD, LAXATIVE, TONIC REMEDY, admitted by those who have tried them to be superior to all other similar preparations, as a Preventive and Cure for all disorders resulting from a disordered state of the Stomach and Liver, and impurity of the Blood &c. Sold by all the wholesale Houses, and at the Cambrian Pill Depot, Tremadoc, North Wales. Retailed by all respectable Medicine Vendors, in Town and Country, in Boxes at Is lfcd, 2s 6d, and 4s 6d each. Great saving in procuring large Boxes. CW Should you fail to obtain the Pills in your neighbourhood. send 14 postage stamps for the Is lid Box, 33 for the 2s 6d, or 57 for the 4s 6d, to the CAMBHIAN PILL DEPOT, TRBMADOC, NORTH WALES, and the Pills will be sent by return of post, free. Beware of Fraud. See that the signature of Robt. 1. Jones be on the Government Stamp round each box. No less than a whole box of the genuine Pills sold. FRESH STOCK OF JONES' TREMADOC PILT,S sent regularly to these distnets, and genuine testi- monials to be had from the Agents. IMPORTANT TO SIN G E R S, g-c. JONES' (TREMADOC) AROMATIC VOICE GLOBULES, For Restoring and Clearing the Voice, removing Hoarseness, Sfc. Instantaneous and certa/in in their effect. Prepared only by R. I. JONES, Cambrian Pill Depot Tremadoc, N.W. In Boxes, Is lid and 2s 9d each. Sold by all the Wholesale and Retail Druggists, and may be had direct by return of Post from Trw. madoc, on receipt of Is 2d, or 38 in Stamps. STRENGTH ™ WEAR. The attention of the feeble, and those in failng health, is particularly called to one of the preatest discoveries of modern times, known as LIFBIfi'S CHEMICAL FOOD, OR WINE OF PHOSPHATES, A. Nutritions and Invigorating Essence, highly recommended by the most eminent of the Medical Profession for the Care of Nervons Head and Mind Complaints, Coughs, Asthma and Incipient Con. inmptien, Nervousness, Weakness and Exhaustion, Dimness of Sight, Shortness of breath, Headaohe, Depression, palpitation of the Heart, Drowsiness, Indigestion, Singing noises in the Head and Ears, Trembling, Loss of Memory, Want of Appetite, Neuralgia, Pains and Aohes, Wasting Diseases, Loss of Energy, Impaired Nutrition, Inactivity of the Brain, with dulness of perception and delusions and all other low states of the system indicating the presence of disease, wbioh if net attended to in time may become serious. Testimonial from Sir CHARLES LOCOCK, Physician to the Queen I have for some years recommended LTEBIGIS "CHEMICAL FOOD in cases of generalill- "health with the most beneficial results. I find it to be a very pure preparation, containing "amongst other things free and nnoxydized "Phosphorus highly diffused, and when per- severed with has always seemed to give fresh life to the languid and exhausted, and health. "strength. and energy. By its use the dull, the sluggish, the lazy and languid arise in the morning well and refreshed, with an appetite for food, and fit for study, society or business. CHARLES LOCOCK, M.D." LIEBIWrCImJm FOOD Is the true strength-giver and health-restorer, nourishing both body and brain, supplying men- tal and physical power, and nerve and brain food. It is not all like medicine, being entirely different to anything ever before introduced to the public, and tastes like some balmy, fragrant, and dell- cious nectar. LIEBIG'S CHEMICAL FOOD Purifies and enriches the blood, thereby rendering the skin clear and transparent, sharpens the intellect, strengthens the cenatitution, re-esta- blishes the health, thoroughly re-vitalises the system, and is the one unfailing remedy for de- bility from whatever cause arising. LIEBIG'S CHEMICAL FOOD Will also be found highly beneficial in a disease of the Heart, Chest, Liver, Lungs, Kidneys, Sto- mach, and Bowels, and there is scarcely a disease but what will be benefited by it, and in all probability cured. While all other preparations of Phosphorus are llow aad uncertain in their action, taking days tad sometimes weeks to produce an effect, this CHEMICAL FOOD (Wine of Phosphates) aots at once and gives strength in one hour, and has been known to restore health in low than a wttk. ^van after the failure of the usual remedies. This remarkable preparation not only oontains all the materials necessary for the foundation of a new eonstitntion aad for preventing or curing disease, but also evolves everything required for forming tioh, pore, and healthy blood, muadf, ieaB lone, brain, Ac., and contains the very element* LIFE. This wine is perfectly free from alcohol, all! restores to the system whatever it requires, tlu absence pi. which often causes debility. Thi tecretictas are all brought to their natural health] :onditi6n, and physical decay arrested. Thii vine is as certain in ita action as that watei juenchea thirst and its benefits are lasting. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. Far superior to beef-tea, port wine, and all cnic medicines."—Lancet. A medicine alike suited to young and old, that tannot harm the most delicate, and very strong* ,hening.Practitioner. Nervous Debility, caused by the eonstitntion laving been injured in early life, can be eured by ;his remedy if taken judiciously." -Medieo,Z Timet. The nearest approach to a oure for con- sumption that bos yet been diaeoverad."—BfttMt Medical Journal. Particularly adapted to the female system." -New York Journal of Medicine and Svurgery. Seems to be a apeciic for every form of weak. tion and cures most diseases."—Dublin MtiicaX Press. A mild remedy of universal application, and a good family medicine."—Monthly Journal Pharmacy. Lays the foundation of health in the young, and soon builds up a strong constitution." Druitt's Surgeons' Vade-Mecum. Will save ten times its cost in doctors' bills."— American Pharmaceutical Journal. It is one of the few preparations that can be depended upon, and must, in course of time, en. tirely supersede quinine, iron, cod liver oil, tonics, bitters, and the thousand and one fashionable, dear, and doubtful remedies."—Chemist Druggist Sold in Bottles, at 2s 9d., 4s 6d., and lie., and also in 33s. and 95 Cases. Any Chemist not having it in Stock will proems it to order; and there is a great aving in X to order; and there is a great saving ia buyiag the larger sizes. To prevent oonfasion when you ask for LIS BIQ'S CHEMICAL FOOD see that you get it, as our Agents sell all our Nutritives get it, as our Agents sell all our Nutritives w and Preparations which are numerous, lemember that LIEBIG'S CHEMICAL FOOD is a medicine sold in bottles and bearing the Govern- ment Siamp. London Agents: Barclay and Sons, 94, Faf. ringdon Street; Edwards and Sons, 167. Qneef Victoria Street.; Newbery and Sons, 37, Newgate Street; Millard aad Sons, 40 Charterhouse Square. Banger and Sons, 150 and 252, Oxford Street Hovenden and Sons, 5, Great Marlborough Street, W., and 93 and 95, City Road; Safcton and Co., 10, Bow Churchyard; Butler and Crispe, 4, Cheapside; Maw, Son, and Thompson, 7 to 12, Aldersgate Street; Lynch and Co., 171A and 171s, Aldersgate Street; William Mather, Farringdon Road; and J. C. Thompson, 121, New North Road. ORDER OF ANY CHEMIST. LIEBIG & CO., WANDSWORTH ROAD, LONDON,S,W- Chemists are cautioned against making or offering for sale preparations and calling them "Chemical Food," as it was decided in the case of Liebig v Scully, that we were the originators of the name and had the sole right to use it, and all persons eelliiig other articles by this name not only render themselves liable to an action for damages but titc to Chancery proceeding^. -> SHORTHAND, or "MANUAL OF ALETHOGRAPHY," now rœdy price 9d. PØ! jJost. SHORTHANp' ÇIIU bl'I U5Uy eoqWe4 t!JQugh thl1 Manual. Without aid te8Cher. REVIEWS. "The rnomt rewertivebook erer «een on Shorthand.A lor is years, ^l'he longest words can be written with a tew dailies of the penB. "Superior to »ny ..Shpmd- iaru MaaistraU "This improved system oi bhorthaad ia the result of y^soffioi&ns study.B. T. twiam*,Stq.,Q. C„ St. P., Lottdon, The Trad* rapplM by Messrs. E. STOCK, or TfctrBmcR, Loroo*; or VB, J. HSYWCOD, MAJTCHSSTK*1 OR MAY J* XJJ return oi port, oa e2)doffixi £ Ski. in stamps to Atttubr, Rev. James Williams, Albert Place, Pontypridd, Glam. Orders may alto be given to my local Sookttlltr. Method for beginners 6d. The Shorthand Reader 4d. The Reporters Staff 6d. Welsh Edition 9d. To be had of any Bookseller, or direct from the Author. Abstinence, chtracter, distant, standard, want, Protestant,writer. Kr, ~l £ 4 v» J- a* «- V ^=11 sa child, rent, cheat*, bat. achieved, yacht, chant, wit. £ & I < cA fX 'V "j- 1 L. Printed and published by B. Davies, 23 and 24, Mill Street, Pontypridd, in the county of Glamorgaol SATURDAY. May 21, 1881.