Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



T. LEMON & SONS, Have in Stock MOWERS AND RAKES BaIMAKERS, PITCHFORKS, 8TE^„ ENGINES AND BOILERS, GAS ENGINES, r CIRCULAR SAW BENCHES, NRisT AND CRUSHING MILLS, GRINDING MILLS, PLOUGHS, HARROWS, CRAFF- CUTTERS, &c., &o. A Speciality: Harrison's & McGregor's Patent lowers aid Reapers. A Large Stock of SECOND-HAND ENGINES AND BOILERS VERY CHEAP. T. LEMON & SONS, ENGINEERING WORKS, The Hayes, Cardiff. HEATH & SONS 12. OBOOKllKBBTOWN. CARDIFF, Have on view the Lnrgnat Stook of High-elass PIANOFORTES. ORGANS, AND HARMONIUMS, IN SOU r(l WALES, Which they are now offering at a GREAT DISCOUNT FOR CASH, And on the Three Y_rA' System, from 10a 6c per Month. Pianos, from 16 HaineM. (Heath & Sons, their oolgr address, 12, Okeokherb tows CHI dill. Hwm no branohee nor Kgente, enabling them to give an extra discount tf their onatomera). Illustrated OaUlofnn Po»t J'rse. MONEY by WAY of LOAN. TO TBADESMEN AND OTHERS. MX. "W. MORGAN, Aoeouutant, Church Street, Pontypridd, has had p]acted at his disposal the sum of JB600, to be lent in rams of.i! to J5200, repayable by instalments. Tradesmen and others deeiroiu of temporary pecuniary asaiitaace may be accommodated on application personally or by letter to the above. The utmost secrecy may be relied upM.—No fees. W. MORGAN, Aoeountant, Church Street, Pontypridd. MUSIC LESSONS ..Instrumental and Theoretical,- Are given by E. P. MILLS (T.C.L.) Certified Senior upon ORGAN, PIANO, AND HARMONIUM, COUNTERPOINT, AND HARMONY. -:0:- Open te Engagements as Accompanist in Oratorios, Operas, Eisteddfodan, Concerts, ete. ^fcftESS :— -:0:- 30 & 31 UNION STREET, PONTYPRIDD. FRONOLEU HOUS6. «1IiUWAM4I> fcoiB PONTYPRIDT. NHn ICiOOL FOB Youlo Will. (Mvoom at CMB MISSES Reea JOHNSON. GoneuHing Law alf aIue8tion8^t?rnat*OB*1 Jurist, jaav l»e conHiilve Law lsi? a*imH *2 Pr^trattons, Bispuvac! Vr>, uiu t/p £ kJ? and Matrwnwnai Op.u.-so* The L»w* rel»toig to Pntott0 Companies, li,>,ern*iuual OopyrigMf T1 f £ £ ES? *?t0 "»« SutlK-if I:f K videneeprepay* «ory to the fa8UtttUoi, or D<ttaurA L, x.,infM in the Boy*l <* p»e Conditio),8 :.».*ulUtton, *«•» b« ssoerUiMd In Mll Hakk* Jca, AÐVICE TO LITIGANTS TAW AND LAWYERS, Ocmf.L.I. valuable ar„; 1. ,IU;; Counsel to all *owens involved in Port free, One -k^ling' (stamp6)-r- Hauhai, Johnson, 59, The {Outer lhii.pi>, StrMi'i, W.c, j WINTER CLOTHING. MEN'S WINTER TROUSERS, Extraordinary Value 2s lid, 3s lid, 4s lid, 5s lid, 6s lid, 8s 9d, 10s 6d, 13s, 15s 6d, 18s 6d, 21s. OVERCOATS FOR MEN, 9s lid, 12s lid, 15a lid, 18s 6d, 21s 6d, 25s 6d, 29s 9d, 35s 6d, 42s, 49s 6d, Sós.! OVERCOATS FOR YOUTHS, from 6s 6d to 36s, OVERCOATS FOR BOYS, 28 lid, 3s lid, 4s lid, 5s lid, 68 lid, 7s lid, 8s lid, 98 lid to 25s 6d. l —; BESPOKE DEPARTMENT. In this Department we hold the Largest Stock in the Principality, our 10s 6d Trousers our 42s Suits are unequalled for Style and Value. MASTERS &' COMPANY,. ,A. Œi; ..X; c THE :GARBIFF CLOTHIERS, /T (i V 1: 80. TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD. Also at 29 and 30, St. Mary-street, Cardiff; 18 and 19, Castle Street, Swansea; 39 and 40, High-street, Newport; 124,High- W ais street, Merthyr; 116, High-street, Dpwlais; 11, Canon-street Aberdare; George-street, Pontypool; and 70, Frogmore-street, Abergavenny. 28 & 29,High Street, Cardiff, JOHN JAMES &> CO., i ADAM, We respectfully wish to aaaounce that our usual AETER x SEASON x SALE 1 -2 A* tmnil Priots, wUl cnuunse on Saturday, January 2nd, 1886, and end on Saturday, the 30th. I _H.. Kveiy Article throughout our Establishment is marked in Plain Figures at tl.e Lowv- Prices for Ready Money. r The Sale Price will be marked in Red Ink, beneath the original, enabling our Patrons to see at a glance the Reduction. We shall offer at this Sale the finest collection of RARE and OHOICE FURS OUT of LONDON, at prices well worthy of attention. We Guarantee Every Garment to be well Seasoned and Finest Selected. LADIES' SIAL PALETOT, Reduced to 6 Guineas. Ladies' Seal Paletot, First Choice, Reduced to 10 Guineas. LADIES' SEAL DOLMAN. First Choice, Reduced to 18 Guineas. DYED MUSQUASH PALETOTS. Reduced to 4 Guineas. KINI DOLMANETTBS. Reduced to dM 10s. Do. First Choice, ØJ 10s. Ladies' Double Cashmere Fur-Lined Dolmans. Musquash, Reduced to 63 lfe 6d. Uo. Squirrel Lock, Reduced to 92 12a 6d., Do. Grey Squirrel, Reduced 4 Gaia. Do. Kaluga Reduced to £1 8s 6d. LOT OF FUR-LINED CLOAKS, Reduced to 158 lid. LOT Of LADIES' BILE BBOCBE PALETOTS, Quilted throughout, edged with Giey Squirrel, Reduced to 298 1 Id, regular value 85s. This is aline worth looking after. Sable, Mink, Seal, Beaver, Skunk, Marten, Raccoon, Opposaum, and Chioohillain Boss, Gapes, Muffs, and Flouncings, all Re-marked at Clearing Prioea. Our well-known and Most Important Department FRENCH&ENGLISH MILLINERY Will be re-marked as usual, Half the Original Prices. Q.. 5 ymi DP Or fftCNIMTi'Q We shall offer in this Department Models by the "LAFT IJJIJO CL VU IJ 1 UilllJkJ) Leading Berlin, Paris and London Houses, at less than Half the Original Prices. Special Line-Natural Musquash Capes 58 llfd, 8s l lfd. Special Lot of Ladies' 4 4 blaokand Coloured Astrachan Jackets, reduced to 108 regular value 39s lid. These ttre First. Tlass Goods-a. Wonderful bargain. gbeeial Lot Ladies' Batteiiburgh Loose Front Kyrle Cloth Jacket Redaoed to 10s lid. SpeCIal Lot Coloured Copses, RoduoeA to 4s lldf, Do. Reduced to sa llfd* CBILMEN'S COSTUMES. Jackets, Dolmans, &c., Some hundreds to Clear. All our Stock of Coloured Dress Fabrics, the Newest Winter Mixtures: Reduced. Plushes, Velvets. &c., in all Shades, at Clearing Prices. Speoial Lot of Heather Mixtures, Fancy Dress Material, reduced to 4fd. Special Lot > of Coloured Meltons, for Dress Material, reduced to 2fd. BOUGH & READY SERGES, 4id, Do. 31d. fia699* QlowI, Hosiery, Umbrellas. — Several Clearing Lines worth picking up. Blankets, Eider-Down Quilts, Flannels, &0. Special value—50 pam rperior Witney Blankets, (Soiled, marked very cheap). All plain Drapery Goods at Manufacturers' Prices. Special Lot to Clear of Long Lace Curtains, at 12M, 151d, 18id pr, pair Real Welsh Flannels from our own Factory, at reduced Prioes. FliRMISHIHG DEPASTHENT. Ru^ Ao, Several very cheap lots to dear. Experienced Dressmakers and Milliners on the Premises. 0S* — rOil. 00., The Noted House for Millinery, Mantles, & Costumes, ,ZJA 3r i Our Sale will be Continue <1 for another Week REIMKTS & ODDMENTS.' Grand Opportunity for Bargains. I