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S:,I!;RB8 AK& Iftiz Mj&JU* OINES OF NATUBE « fOB BTERY KfND OF D7SBASS FUST* IS EliiJIR TO. I 'i T RI M R.E L L' S MILD k BITTER KOH-IKTOIICATIHG PUlE HERB BEER, FOR SUMMER AND WINTER. This Compoacd is highly reeommondad by a great MMober o-f tfaa Blae Ribbon and Good Tompf&es' ataS M aooount of its superior quality tbove all oibora fot Mxifyinc; aj&d strengthening tba system, ever brotight Wfare the pnblic. By the sarae, thousands have bees Waved from drunkenness. Sold by mofi Cksmiaii tad Grocers. 6d per Packet, by Fvst 8 Stamps. It recommends itseli. I i A TRIMBELL'S TIC-ERADICATOR Will instantly remove Toothache, Tie Dolorecx, Neuralgia, or any feast ii the Head or Faee by simply apjdyin^ i to the part affected, its raperiont over all other s being thai it is applied oai wardly, while many of the nostrum that are in the market contain stron poiaoaa and are taken inwardly. —This will neither Uiato any mark nor jafwrt 00 Kin where Wplied-la lid per bottle. I Whsn Qmn is tsaeon to —apart a eoU by taking one or two flaws of TsiuiraLL's Life-giving A pnwwvim COLD ? SWEATIK POIDH It will remove all irastau from th fvslaia. No OM should be without It m it is evidaxutl. au bed erer brought before the pnbli*. Tido eompoand is invaluable in the first stages mac *Meot aUacka of Golds, Inflammation, Pains in Uf Itouiaoh, Loosenees of the Bewells, Rheninatisrs ■henmatio Qont, Pains in the Limbs, Soiatio mat PtMsalytio affeotions, Spasms and Cramp, and wiF tMMTw aB obstruedons eaneed by oold. It is also at MMNfat stimvlant ftxpersoos going oat into the damp or snow, as at prevents taking oold: and lot ffcrifjiiig the Blood from all imparities, in oh as Bad logs, Pimples, Blotches, Chills, Ao., it mnnrrl bt •faalUd. Is 114 mmi 2$9d per pocket. :1 11 0 m a =- mi EA b-1. i TR) M NELL'S Life-giving 6 Preserving 0 COUGH BALSAM Nothing that has yet been disooveret ean be oompared with this Balsam. It, benefioial action upon all diseases of tb, I ««spiratory organs is se simple that it.may be admin istared with pori'tat safety to the youngest children yet is saffieieatly strong to arrest the progress 01 many of the most formidable pa lino nary whether ooagh, eroop, ooagh, pneumonia flearisy, asthma, bronchitis, difficulty of branching •> that dreadful disease, consumption, of which s I many thousands die annually around as. 11 114 mnd it M per bottle. ¡ i •f Hi MN&JLL'S EMBROCATION, Of World-wide Reputed^ For rhenmatism, rheuaurtie pirii, I-am ■i&go, paiDII in limbs, and narobnose stiffness of the joints and neck, cbil. alaiuii, bofore they are broken, goiatic and par Ialytit *€ectione, sprains, brnisee, spasms, quinsy, and sore throat, is acknowledged bv all who have use it to be the most efficacious that they ever had either for zuan at boast. It is an article' which will ~JOw»tnead itself. 16 lid and 2s M. A -a!& -i TRIMNELL'S Life-gMng A Preserving NERVINE TONIC 7or either Sex; will lean all kiu#m at .icrvous debOitv, arising from u; aonrce of weakiMMW from whatever sfctwe it may wise. These Me a few of the Symptoms of Nervous DebilityDepression of spirits, inapti. tTade for exertion, unfitness for study, dislike for fettioty, dislike to enter any kind of business, invoicjj* tery blashiiij;, ^»oess of sight, sparks bofore the tlJlie, deafnesa ana noise in the ears, tMee of tighteess a raffoeation, constant mental miwiving, pains in the Was and a eonstant sense of weariness, irritation of we kidneys and bladder, palpitation of the heart, fffiieral tremnlousnoBs on any traddsn impulse, extreme ii&ldence, fond of moping al«ne, morbid sensibility, »7ele8s about life, its joys, its pleasures, mid it £ imties; irragularitv of the bowells, feeling good for ••thing, failure of memory, intellectual power faenlties more or less impaired, extreme reetlesnness, aatulency and indigestion, frequent Leadaohes, silent wretchedness, arising from the fear of physical weak xoes, foar of insanity, miserable forebodings to the present, no hope for dfae future, starting during sleep, looking and feeling ill without apparent eanse. One ar two packets of Trimnell's Marvin* Teeis will MroalloMosof the above. Is 114 and 18 M pmr pmtht. It TRIMNELL'S LffK-GIYUG a PSESmnC VEGETABLE TOile, APERIENT A LlYER fILLS. Nos. 1 A S for either Seat. A moet celebrated remedy iii teetive and bi'ions complaints, attacks of fever, in, luenza, ioaa of appotite, indigestion, dimness of sight, Bains and giddiness of the bead, and all disordal of the stomach and boweiila- 11 lfcf and to M per bom. ANTIBILJOUa. VBGETABI* CASTOR OIL Or APERIENT PILtds May be had in One Penny boxes. One trial is sufficient to prove the virtue of the abov* r expounds. To be had at most respectable Ohemists, fim^iatBand Modicinc Vendors throughout the world K9 Ji fpa have anr difficulty in obtaining it, tond Staap4 tt i'oat Office Order direei to the Proprietor, and ii will be forwarded at once. All 9s 9cI rises post fro* go any part of the Kingdom N.B -None are genuine anloss they fcave Pxentitetor's signatare on the Government SHamf W. TiRrjxzLL. TO IMIfATE TSHB WODLTJ MM FORGER! Foil Diiwtiois osi Baoa Pa«»». BCXtB MANDFACTCnER PKOPRi^TfrK W raODTlLL, Mmma" BOMMOL Mmt T—1—» OIlBDITT '•>'1 WAT. KKVS." .-C.'UI -'III I'iiiiii! a a:> IV.u-, I'kp ainl .vi»e ]i»-r purtf. n't. ,if I' 'imtv K-" •< •< V. w;t», T,T v> c:isi>> v> I -i: '}■ i 4 ■•. >•[ w Sr:<i ulj l»nt f."»; '1 11 S VI' Ut'MlV- >■ i~ ,• i," ..iii.ii im: hr.itij< res<ul.<>»-» l"l i,f -1 I wp. :h» .litiMM •,1ti,|il:-1l 1.1 Jj fl. Il," I" TiJ¡. 'c \t. i!i 1. v.irtli put in.' uiJo ;> ,'T. d,; C i.c t»v!itr -<.d" > wi-ar (CI,U WATC! 11, jGl no ,C Illustrated Pamphlet sent free a -i[.»5lk:ntion. Mr. T. R. RUSSELL (Maker to thu fin cn), C.ilHEDRAL WORKS, 18, GEUuO.l lilVSRPO OIi. A WONDERFUL MEDICINE. BSKGHIM'S PILLa. 6 Weatewt^El a-Wing M P[LLS. Ml dommom •ataMrlsdeed to be Ace aAmittef by oviewilft t» be Sfrtk a Quasa tw *or Miens as4 aerravs f taof saoh ss wind out p«» A ill \M stanaaefc,sieeffee*&*CB« si Ailaass and *w«t)in* ar* r n«*u, dinlBMs wad drow viuef wK uhllls, floshhiga of seat, less at appetite^hertaass o(br«atk,ooe- vousek 8111R9J. UeMhmsn tts •Ma, distuW sleep, trtghtM drwuBs, and aD mtvois n4 trembUioj aw. Me am dfto WM give in t- ty minutes. All is no fietlea, tortkeyhavedsMittetkeussads at mm. Srery nAnr is eara. •stly ^iviAed to try wet box of Uieee Pitts, nd they will 118 WORTH ▲ GUINBA A BOX. fer females of all sgss thsaepnils are invaluable, as a few doses ««»•* off all teaioars, opea all obstructions, and bring about all that is required. Me taaale be witheat m "■• to be fooad to eq^u BEECFAM'i PIUM let rssaoving any obstraotioa or inepilaiity ef the sys- tesa. U taken aceerdiag to the dirw;tieaa(ivea with eaefa bex ttOTwUlseenrsstereiseaaleeefaUagw tesoandsnd nlwst F« a weak stomaoh, tepaired digestloa, and all diserters ef the liy*, they aot like "lllGIC." and a lew doses wiU be Itoaad to work maun apoa the most important omaas of the humaa machine. ■tranrthen the whole muscular system, restore the long lost eosaplerien. bring back the keea edge of appetite, and arouse into actios with the R08XBUD of health the whole rV^eslsnsrgy of the human 6ame. These are FACTS" ad- inmed by thoussnds embraoiag aU elassea of (ocietr: and eae of Jhe beet guazantoee to tiht Mrvoa* and debilitated is, Beecham's rm. un tIM largsst sale of aay patent medicine in the world. BEECHAM'S MAGIO roUGH PILLS. As a rsaedy tor dsugbs in general, Artfem*, Dilfionlty of maathiag, Shcrtaess of Breath, Tight^o'* i Oppression i» Ute Cheat, Wheeling, 4c., theee Pills > r- vailed; and an* me labouring under any ef the above c ttwneedoBiytty Bae Boate prove that they are the best avti i.ured to the pnbhe for Aatiunane and Oonsampttve Coagiw, Hoarsenass, and Op* pression the Chest. They speedily remove that sense of op- pression sad difficulty of breathing whieh nightly deprive the pression the Chest. They speedily remove that sense of op- pression sad difficulty of breathing whieh nightly deprive the ?ati»nt of rest They give almost Instant relief and comfort to those afflicted with the shove distressing sad, whsn neglected, daageroos complaints. Let any person troubled with any ol the above complaints give Bracnax's Cotwn Pnxs a trial. fte moet violent Cough will in a Short time be removed. Gabtiom —The public an requested to netiee that the worda M Banonaif's Piua, St. Helsas," are on the Government Btamj aSxed to each beat ef the Pills. If not on they an a fbrgery. Prepared eethr and sold whofssale and retail by the prepHeter T. Besohasa. Obeaalst, St. HsUas, Lanoattire, in boxes at Is l^d and is 9d saeh. Seat post free from the proprietor t& I 15 or M stamps.—Held V all urassiata and Patent tf^dicim OOLIdn is as KIWOM. M.B.—FnH directtens an givsn with each tm~ T I J^SKJXICK*S VTCOSETA BUS PILlA K>* j^ERNJCK^S VWiKTAHLM~ uuoomm l^bJiNIOK'8 V^GKTABLJB PiXi4 Ina DiMaKmsa, irKu^nes^s ykgktakuk PULI^K um wwruifmft j^EKMCX'S Ymtil'A BLE Pf.U^ 9V>m. CUMMvir* 1 8 V"K<3K"rAJ>LK PTLIJS CtWrAjtjN Mi | £ KRN70K'S ViiGK'i'ABLK I, ARK tMAjLt. XAXT TO cw t.LI.D" KilNiCK'^ VTftCiKTAiiLlfi PdJLS ;< .nn'Misw TW evwTKns t:ilNicK'8 VEG BIT A S'.LE PI Uj* t ilLFY THK CiVd 41' .fit v j v. t^fL. t 2., i. • *'y' t-ft .;¡"¡,l U,{: I)Û.v,I,¡" trr '« tvni ix\r»ai. u, I sk+t /■MrtirfA, K t.JiJl !(,'$A m»S ii •'■x/H.'ri DrttofifUii*, 5, w.. L'AliltifrP. These Ivoienges &r« ttie moet efficacious rerrnn^y evax hitroduced tor Worms. Being innocent ih thf'r character, they may be taken by child- of all dor I and ooiitirtioiis with perfect safety. f^Tbey ar» niort u.seftil for children of delicate atoeMiSJi and paiv pifrxiivi, za they strengthen the aysten by amnc m appatit" if Mother* only knew the vain* of at«< "zenqft, no ftjnUy tuouAd bt mtiuxa a box. Soul hv -.ep"taJq, <S*r.n,uU. in lid and It lid Won .'i ll. j I ).. 0 '[AiijjJUlH!! \JH! C'i,OUK. HAHON'S AGON'S M A110 .N 'S HAGON 8 HAGON'Sj M AGON" 8 HA CON'S 11 A t 4 0 N'S H AGON'S H AGON'S HAGOS'fci H A HAGON'S ti A (,() N'S RESTOilKS Gkkv HAIR TO ITS OKiGIXAIj COLO R iiid BEAUTY. Dr. r:rditf, says T Im'k-vo if 1,1 1m? til!" i:f tj-c safest and most sensible Mr>t>lie;iti«ns [,,1' tin- [I air." Mr .J .1. II.ti t,in. C'hctiiist, Strat- forH-rn;i i, UiniMnjrliitin, s;ivs Have been in uver :t;; years ill lSirmiitglmin, and wm-t say tluit no Il.iir Restorer lms yivo.-i sufOi satisfiieti'-n its yoiiVs Is. 6d. per Bottle By Post for 24 Stamps. KKSTOHEK •-1 KSTORKH f< K.S'l'OltKK K KSTOH K K, KKirTOKEK HHSTOHMH HKS TOKEK, KKSTORBK KESTORKk HESTOKKK 11 KSTOK KTi !l?ESTOHHR |RE>TOREH Ikestorer I- CHJLDRLN. HAIR hair hair hair HAIR HAGON'S ROSEMARY, Cleansing Loticm for Cl'.ildrcn's Hair. Destroys nil creepers, nit?, &c. (id per Uottle by post, nine stassps. CLEANSER CLKAX8KH CLEANSER CLEANHKh' 1CLKANSEK GROWTH. HAGON'S HAGON'S HAGON'S HAGON'S HAGON'S HAGON'S HAGON'S HAGON'S HAG1 'ITS HAGON'S HAGON'S HAGON'S Is a positive remedy for Lota of Hair, Bald Heads Bald Patchfs, etc., etc.— Mr F. Howeil, 3, Brom- tield-st., Lower Grange- town, writes:—"I com- pletely lost my Hair, until I was quite Bald, but aftter using two bottles of yonr Hair Renewer my Hair grew as thick and strong as ever." Is 6d per Bottle. By Post for 21 Stamps. )RENEWS RKNEWER | RENEWER RENEWER RENEWER |RENEWER iRENEWER RENEWER RENEWER i RENEWER IRENEWER RENEWER SOLE MAKER:— HAGON, CHEMIST, 39, Bridge Street, Cardiff, And 2, Coburn Street, Cathays. London Agents for above Preparations—SANGER a-u isO.S.-}, iv.i, OA;IU tinsel. MHPMB BOnSE PROPKITi Aim INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED, OLD Post OUIO. Okambkbs PONTYPRIDD DIRECTORS MR JaMBS ROBERTS, Tafl Vale Hmii, Tw Chturaatm. MB GBORGB KNILL, TeoypanAy, "-1 Oh,i)rm»Q. MB RICHARD ROGERS, Pontypridd. MR EVAN DA VIES, The Walk. Cardia. MB. EDWIN PHILLIPS. Pontypridd. I M R THOMAS THOMAS, Ow«rn-y^Urwn reforest. 8«r«tory—M& H. 8. DAVtNS. ..)Saph-old Post Office Obantbors, Pontypridd f t-.nt Company is prepared to receive D«po«iti X: 0 Itud upwards repayable at Three Months and to bear Interest at the rate of Fiv. per Centum per Annum, payable Half H''(.rly. ApplJ to the 8ecrotsucy ae above. W 'K'H TUB HANSOM. OF A KIN(I GAMJEE'S ORIENTAL SALVE (A. supplied to the Right Hon. W E. Gladstone). '"tURES Burnt, Sorcn, Pilea, Rheumatism, Para v InÜs, Jjur»bt»«o, Stiff Joints, White Swollinns, ■ "1 rip disease, Chest <V Complaints, &0., ltc, READ ELI7ABFTU Bloop, 98, New thorpe-stroet, Nottingham 1 suffered lor over tkret- year* from white pwelling. The doctor's opinion here was tliHi it would be vears if ever 1 was cured. Whilst on a visit to Swansea I was advised to use Gatnjec s Salve The- change for, the bettor walt i rapid and in three ki 1 walked up the steps of tb« Midland Station without %tituct" on my arrival there 1 had 10 IDI- ■tirrifd. Pour b'lxcs com, pletely euted m<>.—Ccrt-itind hi lijfiO i->L.OOl>. M.R.S. .u-ds ( I r;»ilar cases have been eured. I GAAiGEE'S EASr INDTAN PILLS, or Blood] Cleansers, thoroughly parity tlie Fotiitjst B'.no:T eartj Iiidigestion, Bilinus or Liver Cotuplftints. Piles, Gravel Wind, restore tone and vigour to tiie m«6i veakh constitution, and are the best in the world for al- Female Irregularities Perfectly Herbal and tastr.le^ Everyone who has tried them says they are th^ BKST REMEDIES IN THE WORLD. In Ko*-cs at 7jtl, JsHd, 2, od. 4A 6,1. Frolll W. H. Ke cluiiiist. Pontvpiidd, W H. lone. chemist. Mouutaiu Af.' T. liavies. <*h«mist. Mrg R. M Bvaus, forth T. Richard TrfherDirt: T, Jenkins, 2, -:Mpet.i)trect, Henlf».:b Cai'iifl—Kern tele *• Son (Wholesale): Kicks ok Co.; T. William- &< or diicc t for the amount in stamps, with opeetat inxtrii,- tiiMis i'leijnired, from the tola proprietor, OHAKLKo MAUUt la, Wind htreet, Swanaea. BEWABbi OF TRAYBLLINO IlfPOBTORS. SPECIALLY WRISTBANDS, SUITABLEFOP, SHIRT FRONTS. I COLLAFTS. j I STIFF&C. I I QUEEN'S' PATENT m FOR EXCELLENCE HIGHEST AWARD IN THE WORLD- BECAUSE PATENT B R I E) TRADE MARK BORAX DRY SOAP, "IS THE BEST" I In the World for CLEANING, WASHING, and PURIFYING EVERYTHING. In Quarter-Pound and Half-Pound Packets, of all Groeers. ø- Known Everywhere by this- PATENT I B 0, TRADEMARK J Ask for Patent Borax, and refuse all other*. W. E. VAUGHAN & co., STEAl DYEING AND SCOURING WORKS, Ijasbatf ROAD. Cardiff. Ifrmneh Brtallithments — rt' ^S^HIRBTOWN.I cahtitot MB, BUT1 8TA1ST, j CARDIFF. sa, commercial STRIBT, NEWPORT. < 88, BleB STXJfKT, WEWPORT. 37, 0A8TLI *TBHT, ETfANSlA. J*m4 *s ws. I B. TSOMAS, TAlLOl ft DBAPM, KABBAH ST., POBTB. 'NO I IJ D 1 0 N, !-vL:S;.v. «»r HE K I' DT'K •» C'V, w. CON u I'TTOtf • I is. I.OW SPIRITS. DEBILITY. or HK complaint. V° X V N r' fr j. .<'V V 'x a"V ° r for tttubt; '"I'.Mtiil". s<>v A > ,v vv\NV -cvC O -~v V v a -y > >v V V^v.o^ V-V^ Or f,.r 'N ti-o-e exposed ti t Wiethe: As Quarrymkn, i) iv, i v' E >, F R "*i K R8, LA liOCJRERS, & &c., Ar. S !• or INDIGESTION in all its various forma, of want of appetite, a feelinp (il weight or oppresbion after i\ meal». Heft'iat.uje. Heartlmrn Cramri, Wind, pains > j? aliout the region of '.lie heart, arid other oymp- lorns which are often mistaken for those of the dn'"d HEART DISEASE; hundreda have caiiBpd aajtiety to themselves and K their families by prounciiess fears ai throng it: no ranee <f the f«ct thao o — « the a1 ove are symptoms of Indi- oq"1 mi I^2j>\ flftion n- ne need suffer the £ 2. *■•?■>: terrible paius of Dyspepsia 2?"* an<! I"'l otion while there 0 S3'2 Y- = is a rheup, simple and A Jm'JB 5 effective remedy al- /A* > SS h-oq I w"ys at hand. For y^S^V/ • \» all the various Str-c S;9H w C 1-?^ I \fZ+\ forms of Indi- gl~ s: c a c {Tfstion, phy- Sirn'oiiM c-r t wc:ans and \^7%\ patient8 /S&/ OS-SaSfehTJfl \V^\areanaai-/ p fra-gat \y ^\«ouslj/CS:/ n sf'ls -Sbx Xasrreed/ BeP«SL. 5Tc: Sfis|ss||-s j, lltoU'* ■sll§ls?l|l |I=e = |fS Ji vV" «<fV 9 a a S O H-1s Hi ill tfil* H best remedy\ 1 m-:nfg rt't? 4^ 0 <13QJW>-B I f I SD A £ O a a "9 "S '5"« ° £ iO\ flF TH F II S ^^sls" vi\ ,Ht /Or/ glsiSa-o AGE. f f o-qS-QP 4. z \&\ ??! ID 0- 0,4 oo-SS £ a S^/ ~:P00IC[ sq? IS'l'SpP" H S "HtaeiWiiTO-Hs H o S S1 S S 5.2-2 g PUB 3ui^jMnd joi ■< ff />V/ 9?^P jo «UBT3!9XT^aatPTOt9qi « g « S jo uortndo HnoaiiuBtm 2° S o a I- 0^1 A'llI^oqTrn pa« ^-BaAA O &c I mSS £ st poo[([ am e[iqM ifqn«eq S.q2 ^3 pn« 3uoais' sinooaq ■joutiBosnoa CP g -j»d p8iBinl(l°P pun s'j'Boijap ptre p* 'uwpiiqaSuiAAOjS s aood jo 'jfq^Tvaq 5' /^J'/ -mi »(( pootq oqt j? ajud eq loutma A\ P jiiiot ai.T9[j'»ota aq; aitid eq j^nn eq? e«ainn (jsuaaq am 1« Pirqo atpo«una ^jed -oid ■jomiTio jaqiora ani q?anej?8 pirn q^aetf jo soojtiosej eq1) qi]M it qotjua ptra poojq atp Ajtitid oi 'oinoj a[qTtiaiiOA pooif »mos at poeu fw o^'AilTiaaacnojjSuuasnsiiyjojpuv'^a^d "HHO onimoho saaHiOH OKISHIIN: joj V' i ■*<» i it is ^A.KK \JfD c' K KTAIJf. Vv I V idø & li rvEL.Y liGLPABLE* o I:t <1Órt ty it ia VEKY ro.'fJLAR. <I °t' Say It is LW AYS CERTAIN ) DO YOU GOOD. bays ft is the BEST EVIEDY cf the AGE. WHlf DOUT' Wu iiii Ii V ,i; i:< OhuTAiii TO RELIEVE YOU ? It has on-! d i U N'D I; E i1 • s:i:v.« in f o'n t't" •••a'iko or-inj-i'iirt i-s v->u IT V{ILL CURE YnU IF VOT TAKE IT TN TIME. E<vry d,y yivn.s Uw .s/ t'ro.^ i,M iip a.u, though Evans,' Quinine Bitters hav« uurnd ila.i.i.-edi ot C .«>•, x«-/oa .;t> U.o, l,„ n!.i;i Li.e in yonr ay item is got rid ■-■f. !;u- I.u 6 S->ld ia bottles at 2s !) i -i 'is'z v 0 I :<; i-i! liino1,' t1: large bottles, 12s 6ii. May be 'iad of every Cr.r.aii»t- .).' V»jnd >v >f P ii>- t i:n <•(•, if r. will he sent at above priceP sate by P >st. fnm o'cv-vatiot!, directi froai the Proprietor-Mr GWILYM EVAAS. F C S., LlanelSy, South Wales. 3 0 YEARS X3ST OABSIgp. R. B. BOULTON, ENGLISH AND AMERICAN DENTAL SrURCrEON ACTON HOUSE, ROATH ROAD, (Opposite University College), CARDIFF, HI aving hfcd great experience both in ^nglinh and American sjRtema of Denial practice^ <s enabled to gire to hia patients tbo benefit of snob experience Til a manner Wmci bl[^f zery few Dentists can offer; and being the Inventor of the Patent Composition by y 11 which. only a perfect impression of the month can be obtained, he is enabled to IUpp), pfaatifully fitting Artificial Teeth of guaranteed workmanship, of nataral appearaneew 'md which defy detection. No Sea-horse Ilory Teeth. No Ss. Teeth. 10 Rubbish of any kind. RELIABLE TEETH. Partial Sets -from 6s to 30s Each. Sets Upper or Lower „ 60s to 20 Guineas. Inventor of the Al Amalgam Stopping at used by the best DentitU in Europe f Amorica, TEETH SAVED by fillings, which last from 10 to 40 years, At Moderate Feea. HITRODS OXIDE GAS administered daily at eardifr by the best aii safest method. Repairs Executed promptly on our own, or upon work made by other Dentists. Extract from the "Chronicle," December 24th. The work of the well-known Dental Surgeon, Mr. R. B. Boulton, of Acton BouMa Cardiff, is very highly finished, and is the best work we have ever seen." HOME ATTENDANCE DAILY FROM 10 TO 5. 8 NOTICE. REMOVED from St. Catherine's Street, to MR. Notts, 77, Taff Street, Pontyprid. Attendance-the first Wednesday in each month from 2 to 4 o'clock. Also at Mrs. Whitks, Chemists, Ac, Mountain Ash, the same day from 10.3) to 1 o'clock. Attuis at Ma. Haaws'i, Chemist, Merthyr, the Second Wednesday in Pqe monib ■■I. from 12 to S. -0. "The CJUId Blaek LeU."—rMb Pnm JAMES' ""EDAL w SMoesrff* Mraada <w Ito-liri liil CT —JTsii e nf Q*sia> s*4 rUsanU |CL 2S&BLACK LEAD PONTYPRIDD. rOHN CROCKETT Co., nssEiTAuas, M General Cabinet M8K. aid Roue Far- nisheri. ihtllibier for Adult Funerxlt. Ootuk fm Children's Funerals. im frtmtvmrioty h' 'jlron'p Coffins from n. 7. 'duU Coffins' „ M, •& '•wheel (Jak CofBtift wixh •»cd pudded iuidde 80b ier to oarry 8 insidd aad "0. oot- tiide froai Tontypritid, 11.pkiøiowa. C'< .,d, ,"0 III lion. >hni&«rwniui, MCl T>( ( ,.1#AI< to C<Mjci»tary '•aoh totwuxy S iumfe &jLd shlUKs e«Aa bvn abore platMi to I Pontypridd, Llantrisant, and Rhondda Yalltjrs PSSMANEUT BENEFIT BUILDINC SOilETr. Established 1866. lie-arvoroted 1874. DIRECTORS:- WR. RICHARD BOGERSj Pontypridd, Oh&irma>. VfR. JOHN MOl>GAN, Llantrisant, Tlee-ohair- MR. CHAKLES BASSETT, J.P., BrTB#y««* Pontypridd. MR. THOMAS MORGAN, Y Pron, Pontypridd. MR. JAMES RIOH.aBDS, Treforest. MR. £ aNIrL WILLIAMS, oiasfryn, pont_pridd ?Kr oRiFFrTHS' Taff VilIa' ^otypXd. MR. E. C. SPICK GIT, Maesfooed, Pontypridd. Advances made on Mortgage in sums varying from £100 to £10,000, repayable in monthly or quarterly instalments. MORTGAGE AND SURVEY PEDS PAID bt THE SOCIETY. Advances mads on the Shortest Nbtice. For farther particular* apply to the Seeretary, MR. H. S. DA VIES, OLD POST-Orricic CHAMBlftg, Ponilprickl.