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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

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TO BE SOLD, CHEAP, One Horizontal Engine, 12" cylin- der, 25" stroke, reversing gear; One Winding Drum, 7' 6" diam., oak lagged, 6ft. spur, and 1' 6" pinion wheels, powerful foot brake, clip drum attached 4ft. diam.; 400 yards 1" diam. Plough Steel Rope, with shackles, sockets, &c.; all equal to new; One Second-hand Steam Winch, cylinders 6in. T. LEMON & SONS, ENGINEERING WORKS, The Hayes, Cardiff. ,J. W. H. KEY'S Reliable ™ or Preparations. :0: IKIEY'S Blood Purifier Clears the Skin and eradicates all impurities from the Bloed; it in also an Excellent Spring and Autnmn Medicine. 0 Key's Effervescent COOLING SALINE, A household remedy, perfectly harmless, that can be taken at any time by young and old, and in all Climates. This pleasant and refreshing Saline will be foand •*eeedingly Talnable in Purifying the Blood and ^or^ilion^Headaehe and all Bilious Disorders it Will be found very beneficial, acting as a mild aperient and tiae on the liver and kidneys. In all Dyspeptic Affections it will act by removing acidity, dispelling wind, and thus preventing the disagreeable fulness experienced. In Febrile Complaints it may be given with great advantage, allaying the fever and proving a most refreshing beverage. O KEY'S LAXATIVE ELIXIR, Specially recommended for Persons of Costive Habit. o KEY'S SPECIFIC CURE, For Neuralgia, Rheums, Jf ace- Ache, or Tooth-Ache. One Dose always relieves. Two Doses always Cure. -0- Key's Concentrated Constitution BITTERS, For Loss of Appetite, Liver Complaint, General Debility, Dyspepsia, &c., these Bitters are in- valuable. The? are prepared from the choicest herbs p oniy, and, while possessing powerfnl tonic pro- P^^tits, are perfectly harmless to the most delicate constitution. .0- JAMES' Sectoral Balsam Of Marshmallow, Irish Mess, and Aniseed. -0- James' Aperient Globules A SUBSTITUTE FOR CASTOR OIL. Each of theee Globole" iOtqmLl to an ordinary Dose ot Laatof Oil. 0- NERVB_ PILLS. A Speedy and Certain Care for Tooth- ache, and all Nerve Disorders. -0- THE "YOUNC LADIES'" PILLS. Strengly recommended for Pale Delicate Young ache. suffering from Debility, &e. —— ,f\m ■ W. II. TATF STREET, W) KEY, jan nuntt. PONTYPRIDD. WINTER CLOTHING. I MEN'S WINTER TROUSERS, Extraordinary Value! 2s lid, 3a lid, 4a lid, 5a lid, Cs lld, 8s 9d, 10g 6d, 13s, 15s 6d, 18s 6d, 21s. — „ OVERCOATS FOR MEN, 9s lid, 12s lid, 15s lid, 18s 6d, 21s 6d, 25s 6d, 29s 9d, 35s 6d, 42s, 49s 6d, 558.] OVERCOATS FOR YOUTHS, from 6s 6d to 36s. OVERCOATS FOR BOYS, 2s lid, 3s lid, 4s lid, 58 lld, 6s lid, 7s lid, 8s lid, 9s lid to 25s 6d. BESPOKE DEPARTMENT. ¡ In this Department we hold the Largest Stock in the Principality, our 10s M Trousers our 42s Suits are unequalled for Style and Value. MASTERS & COMPANY, THE CARDIFF CLOTHIERS, 80. TAFF STREET. PONTYPRIDD. Also at 29 and 30, St. Mary-street, Cardiff; 18 afcd 19, Castle Street, Swansea; 39 and 40, High-street, Newport; 124,High- street, Merthyr; 116, High-street, Dowlais; 11, Canon-street Aberdaje; George-street, Pontypeol; and 70, Frogmore-street, Abergavenny. I _d 28 and 29, High Street, CARDIFF. p. JOHN JAMES <S& CO., G-ZEHsTIEK/^Ij WAREHOTJSBMEIsr. J. J. & Co. are receiving now Daily Deliveries of Spring Novelties." Which are laid out for Inspection in their various Departments. NEW MODELS IN JACKETS AND MANTLES. The Newest Parisian Fashions in Millinery. A Grand Collection of Long Curtains in Lace-Madras Muslin. SWISS EMBROIDERED GUIPURE D'ART, &c. The Exclusive Sale of many of these Beautiful S "esigns have been secured for the Season by J. J. & Co. J Experienced Dressmakers and Milliners on the Premises. SYSTEM OF BUSINESS STRICTLY CASH. NO CREDIT. JOHN JT-A-ItfffES CO.