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LAWN MOVERS, LAIN HOVERS. T. LEKON & SONS beg t. infoi-m the Public that they hare just erected a new Patent Automatic Machine for Grinding Lawn Mower Knives and Cutters with the greatest accuracy, which oannet be done by hand labour. All machines forwarded to them for Repair, or to be re-ground and set, will be sent out of their Works quite equal to new, and at moderate barges. ■■ v Vs -V- Til Hayes Engmeering Works, CARDIFF. W. H. KEVS Reliable locmr_14L wp I ir Preparations. TT^g"'S Blood Purifier Antumn Medicine. — — e Key's Effervescent COOLING SALINE, A household remedy, perfectly iparmlem, that be take* at any time by YOUIII and old, and in all Climates. JmSie en the liw and kidney" tSJBi DytpeptM Affection* it will act BY *?" S* aK^PSw »w, "d-a- "• dieasreeabls falnew experienced. t T^ebiil* Complaints it may be R1Te" advantage, allaying the fever sad proving a Mtethuf bewaf*- —9 KEY'S sHRK LAXATIVE ELIXIR, '"irtefManM for PeiMU of C"Ufo *"7 1Mbit; —————<-—— £ 3*ti KEY'S SPECIFIC CURE, r." 2T«wnlfi«, Xhmm*, • T#47&-Ash0. One Deee always relieTee. Care* -8- Key's CHcatnM CtnlititiM BITTERS- For Lose of Appetite, Liver Cewjp>ai«S» •J?' ..Wlitr, DyepeyeU. Ae., these Bttteee are ill- ▼ataahle. Tha» are prepared front the choicest kerbs ~itY.d. wtile pceeeeeing H»««il Wue ff ^w,eto1i £ SS2.w,u"w'"11* "JIMKS- Pectoral Balsam of *«*«* ^ry1 w* James' Aperient Globule*. A tMTBWi ft- CAMOt OIL. SM& ad jbm aeusum is to MR stomw Dow ef Cart* Ol. NERVE PILLS. 4 ami Csetain C«*o for Tie-Delewea, UeeO»- 4 B»^r ^e, all Im* M YOUNG lADIES" HLLS. T<—< W. H. onzwww Till SIBBT, IN KEY, AM MMIMi rarmni. 'A I MASTERS & COMPANY IN PRESHKTINa, THEIR PRICE LIST OF BLACK AND WORSTED CLOTHING bare every confidence in stating that for VALUE, STYLE, FIT and DURABILITY, these Goods are unsurpassed in Great Britain {! J r MEN'S BLACK WORSTED SUITS, A 17s lid, 21B 6d, 25s 6d, 2t8 9d, 351 N, 4<a 40s 64., its. 6d, 699 U MEN'S BLACK WORSTED COATS & VESTS, To match, 18a 6d, 21s 64, 25s 6d, 2h 6., 358 6i, 428, 49s W. MEN'S BLACK WORSTED TROUSERS, ,,?" is lid, 8s 9d, 10s 6d, 13s, 15B 6d, 18s 6d, 21s. MEN'S BLACK WORSTED VESTS. 3s lid, 5s lid, 6s 6d, 8s 6d, 9s 6d. BOYS' BLACK WORSTED IMPERIAL SUITS, J Prettily Braided. to fit boys' from 3 to 9 years old, all sizes same price, 5s lid. Better Quality at 7s lid. Superior Is lId to 25s 6d YOUTHS' BLACK WORSTED SUITS, Fram 14s 6d 4ft 46s. Black Worsted Suits, to Measure, a Perfect Fit Guaranteed, 42s, 49s fid, Ok 6d, 67s 6d, 7Zs 6d, 76s, 79s M MASTERS & COMPANY, The Cardiff Clothiers, 80, T AFF STREET. PONTYPRIDD. Also at 29 and 30, St. Mary-street, Cardiff; 18 and 19, Castle Street Swansea 39 and 40, High-street, Newport; 124,High- • A. street, Methyr; 11, Canon-street, Aberdare; George-xtreet.Pontypool; and 70, i Frogmore-steet, Abergavenny. "1" } in dft 29, HIQHSTBEET. 3M I JOHnsr JAMES &> CO., General Drapers and Silk Mercers. ",) The Noted House for Millinery, Mantles, and Costumes. Experienced Dressmakers and Mantlemakers on the Premises, under the management of competent hands. Charges in strict accordance with Ready Money principle. Fit and Style guaranteed equal to any West En d London House. JOHN JAMES 4 CO. are HOT sheiiag in their wins departments the LATEST FASHIONS for Aitun wear. °" DBMS FABRICS IN ALL THE NEW MATERIALS; TRIMMINGS AND PLUSHES TO MATCH. I Mantles, Jackets, and Cowtumes. A Grand Assortment of High-class Goods. The Models are secured for the Season by J.J. & Co. FRENCH & ENGLISH MILLINERY. THE CHOICEST AND LARGEST ASSORTMENT OUT OF LONDON. Plain Drapery, Blankets, Quilts, Flannels, and Household Liaea at Manufacturers' Prices* ./ics ■ r A &11 range of their well-known guaranteed French Kid Gloves, at Is. llid. per pair; in two buttons, two olasps, four buttons, anil four eIaap. ;Blaek and Colours. THEIR NOTED CHALLENGE COSTUME, AT 108. lid IN ALL THE NEW MATERIALS. Fine Selection of FURS in Jackets, Dolmans, Delmanettes, Capes, Muft, Flouncings, å. JOBIV mv dfe COnXP^IVY', The Renowned House for Fashionable Goods. The Best Article at the LOw Price; .4!li. -•» *'>>r Pontypridd, Llantrisant, and Bboadda Tallifi PEEMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. Established 1866. Incorporated 1874. DIRECTORS:- MR. BlCHARD ROGERS, Pontypridd, Chairman. MR. JOHN MORGAN, Llantriaant, Vios-ohak- man. MR. CHARLES BASSETT, J.P., Brynffyno* Pontypridd. MR. THOMAS MORGAN, Y Pron, Pontypridd. MR. JAMES RICHARDS, Treforeet. MR. DANIEL WILLIAMS, Qiaafryn, PoatnriM' MR. Wm. GRIFFITHS, Taff Villa, Pontypridd. MR. E. C. SPICKETT, Maeafooed, Pontypridd. Advances made on Mortgage in sums varying from £100 to jei0,000, repayable in monthly or quarterly stalmenit. MORTGAGE AND SURVEY FEES PAID M. THE SJCIETT. Advmnces made < t the Shortest NotiM. For further iart4oulars apply to the Secretary, MR. H. S. DAVIES, OLD POST-OFPICB CHAMBERS, Pontypridd. CASH ADVANCED ON LEASEHOLD AND FREEHOLD PROPERTIES. FOR SHARKS apply to JAMES ROBERTS*, ± Insurance and Emigration Anient, TS8 Gbais Peer OFFICE, HTGK-BT., PONTYPRIDD. Tie Hertkyr at Dovlais Buildiil Socisty. Setabllshed 1873, and Incorporated under Bailding Society's Aot, 1874. LOANS made on Mortgage at the shortest, notion in same varying from jglOO te £ 10,M0, repayable by monthly or quarterly instalments in three to thirteen years, at option of barrtwen* Tables of Re. Payments, Costs of Mortgages, and Snrreyer s Fees, have been revised, and, consider- mbly reduced. SOWBTY NOW OFFERS SPECIAL AD- VANTAGES TO BORROWERS, the Scale of raymenta and Preliminary ohargea being greatly IVWoIoS 9 The atmoet Secrecy maintained. For partionlars apply to the Secretary, Ms- FtMrn WILLIi MS, at the Offioe of tWo Society, 60, Globeland-ouvok Merthyr Tydfil. W. COOPER PENN, MORTGAGE BROKER, ESTATE AGENT, 8, St. John's Square, Cardif, and Pontypridd. Sole Agent for the MERTHYR AND DOWLAIS BWLDIKG SOCIETf. CARDIFF, PONTYPRIDD, BARRY, &c. fe1 ?ou^°y P^*P°rties for Sale in the Rhondda I^ipplSSSon n Cardlff» "d ^"7- Ful1 particnlars R. G. SCOTT, ViTCDUIER AID JEWELLLER, 37, Hannah Street, Forth, Laie W. L. Jenee, BEGS te eall attention to a faw le%dior lines It WATCHES, CLOCKS, k JEWELLBET. Extra Strong English Chronometer Balanee Silver Lever dnst> proof, Cap and Extra v9W6l|#d| |M til At g- Ladies' Hall Marked Silver Geaeva, Crystal ClaM Extra Jewelled, ..11 AIIL. The above Watehes are 'the beet valae in ■_ elfered. All Watehes eeld by R.G.g. are warranMI far 5 yean. Eight.Day Striking Cloaks frem 18e, Silver Wi»e "reai le per pair, Silver Broeehee tarn Is Cfe 88À. Other Articlee too ntunsrons to neattM eaulhr OMay. fir AR 0WPHF TO W. L. Jena ov foew pnoble to me, R.G. Scott Watehes, Cleeks, and Jewellery of im 4ssefffstfa» Repaired and Cleaned en t&e shetfe* n%m £ eempetent werkMen. All Watehes and vi repaired and cleaned at the above establishment will be kept in order lor Twelve Months Free e £ Charge* All Farehasers of WaMlm* Elan will rsmfE ■ » WBDDINO rBBSBHT ef Half-sSaS b2TSi Spoons ^7^ BestPORTLAN JEMENT IN CASKS 4#JL-t*. *• »alo A^nt at* the Qnug; Caaa/staree Str*wt' P<mt7Pndd, crThemtsb Caul 8- FIREBRICKS, JWB8T CLASS^t 28«-P»rl»tO, measnring by **ky 3 inehee. Alee, best HOUSE COAL, Mlvered te any part of tbe Diatrietat9/« perTeiw Ordese taken at flbe fiKAM Peer Omoi, PONTYPilDB. FRONOLEU HOUSE. st, ainvwu boab, PONTYPRIDR. I I NHB nMt. m Torat own. r' ¡p. ".0 ruin MISSES lit." r' 1 ..4_ ■ f