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-be IMPCriTAJfT NOTICE. All Changeb in Advertisements u SHOULD BE SENT IN BY 't WEDNESDAY TO SECUHE INSERTION. News etpatd also he S..Dt in by Weinesd ty tight. «00&S! BUOKS! BOOKS! BOOKBINDING, BOOKBINDING, < bookbindhtb (UTU AID OUifliT DQKI 6 i At r B. DAVIEW tI ClBOIICLB It STIlI FIDim 11m 13 A M. MILL 8TBOT, lONlYFBIDL .,f.. PRINTING neatly and ') promptly I I at the I lf=OECBI sm PIMlow! W -» [ t PONTYPRIDD. t » nCglalpiTIIS •» IU IttM, W UWS, J? ^Mb,<l(o«a Ooucu, go to Dari* i?iiaiing Werkt M ftitiu Sumi, fW> pridd. HAHDBILL8 4KD CIRCULARS for T>> r« 9s» i ftimi Others, i» targe or ssoaU ■at-. it>*> owpsiitiouely and cheap Iydoiw *t D*vi*«p C w.-a* j Printing Works, 21 & N, Mill Street, Pcf.n i ftidd, —— "CDOIUCLE" STEil, PRISTINE WORKS r^TLL, INV0IC1, MEMORANDUM ANO NOT* I Mj HBABING8, promptly and tastefully prists at • D»tW Steam Printing Works. 28 k If ICill Street, Pontypridd. j BANKRUPTCY J'ORQ, Notices of Creditor. B Meetings, and att'kiads of Solioitorlt' prints*- I saeeuted at Davies' ltara P ratting W'brks, & MiU Sir"t..RuaoyorWd. "3» AOl/lIONElSS' -SUJb&f nd'O^if |' announcements tt Davies' Steam JMnti* Works, 23 A U. MiU-tirsat. Pontypridd. 4 •• r, r ■ •; •* v: ■■- "j wmvi SAUJD 2/9 I SALUD 2/9 ubinMdiseasec Tn AJd> '&UjATaSi)b Remedy. A cetrain ml iwriy j ooze. Highly approved of By Ham Medical Faculty. Effective where fbifcsi amatelli BeetaatlbtaMo I (English and Foreign) with each bottle. Of all Chemiata,. ui Wholesale of SALUD Oon GUa> MU, iMKDOK, &(; 1,k;7UNDAYS Thi. infallible, painless, aad certain flBlh, fnl» iueed bj J. MUNDAT, has sbtsinsl • wsxM-wlia r% Eatation. The efficacy •( M fimn afar fcs Mnf y ita having euro! eauitiwr CO yssra stsaAtafr which had resisted all othar remedies. I It Saecatda wheM all Plaatara mi OtllMw lM» failad tolentTlig twa tttittstftOmi Md WMb. Is Bottles, Prtoil la., ty Poet M M. From MHU. Mmri* Mmttcr. Mr Monday, &JD8t8If88. D"r &r.-I bought a bottle of yrar annrm ■* Vlrl<^M>' tome fix months ago in Pari*, whteb ettad bm, aad as a principal danccr yon know my feet are mf Uvlag. The Wttfal bought did the service yon raeommended is, bat I toof|i another oq« afterward«,v(hi«h was forged and gaad. -#4 1 want a bottle o'sr.Kvm for a frie&d of nina, who ia nad with pain, will yttfc please sead n« ••• dlieet. MdUc MARIS M0LUB. From Mr. D Anthony, Swansea. Dear Sir,—in^tf hare anffiwed with cnaa, and tried several of the certain cores which people boast they havs, Ir^t they al! failed ia my eai-e. I then got a bottle of jgn Viridlne," an I by applying ome nightly to t&e eoro.I.wy surprised to find I eonld draw it clean Rp. I now sacloM stamps for another bottle for A friead of mine. NOTIjCtt.—The ^reat success of my "VIRXDllfl" has brought many worthless imitations into the market, aadet various names a* "Corn Cure." The pablie are, therefore, cautioned to purchase no other than MUjNDAT,o VIRIDINS," and see that my sighatnre ia on tho md of eaieh package.. PREPARED ONLY Bt J. IfJJNDAY, Chemist, 1, High St., CardSft Sold by all Chemists an.1 Patent Medicine Dealers London Agents-Wilcox & Co., 289, Oxford sa., W. Newbory & Sona, Sanger, Sutton, HoTeadea, Ae. I THE LATEST MARVEL. Mr B. A Gsous,- Dear Bir.-B. good enoagh to forward me another gross of your 00. Bal. the aalo of which is rapidly iaereaaing ia tbia diatriot; indeed, I hare never knewa say Coagb Medioioe' that baa ae qaiekly obtained so great a aale, aad given aaeb aiftnal satisfaction. I am, dear Sir, Years faitbfally, I I FHILLIP BALPfl. Bigh Tewn, Hereford, -lagast 27,1878. |(i BENSONS co = R Q z > z ¿'t 0 2 z c.? 9 = g BEST QUALITY. BEST QUALITY. -ST SON'S '-LUDGATE" WATCH. Z-'r ,1" "r r'10 Anion n, s vi-. o- ccnntry-made \> so.a at far higher pr;cj-imks. Illustrated Pamphlet Free. ia W. MAKER, STEAM FACTORY. ^|t!V^ 23, ROYAL EXCHANGE; and 25 OLD BOND STREET, LONDON. VOEXTS WANTED V OK BENSON'S WATCH ChUliS, for th° pupplv of their patent •'Ludgv.e" W.itch at £ 5 whicii .dfttaincd the OoUl Mt'd-ii at the lavoutdries' will ket'p of ra'e of timft cquillin'g a Pocket Ctironomeier costing £31t. and,will stand heard wear and rough u-axe, which the Ittter will not. Appli- cations invited, terais very liberal. Particulars poet free :Y§Lil mlJ!e1l1 PTTLOCHltY. PKBTHSHir-.R, P*v carriage for Wool sscnt theai fnr Mtnnfee- lure .ut> their Celnbrated PlTLoCHKY T'EU.'S, DrlESS TWKEDJ. l l.^KKKI'S T. ;i> COVF.iiS. ^RUOGLXS, S 1EETI.NG8 L £ >IX'SiK# XAKJSt Ae. tu\ EJgtiMt <eal<> grams hoM -the leadrn* JoarniiV. P*M#rn«, £ fn.l ptfticQliri cc witinio rctjuiicd, yield of » ooi, & o.. application s« above. See our Exiiibit cccnpTing <00 feet ipaee in ;he Illterùll.10na: r:xl1ibitio:1. Ediubarsh Ct.Ko.9. George's Cough Balsam. ANOTHER AIARVKLLOUS ( UKli IN THE KHONDDA No. ), .ah Terr&ce, Pentre-TJstrad, Lec. 20, 1883. Dear sir.—I have great pieasnre in bear- in? sineeie testimony to the value of your'i Balram. For, a pericd I suffered from a cot3 in'brteat which rllldered me a. burden to myself owint; to Cengh, Bhortnesa of Kreatb, hourseness, blood-saitting, inability to lie in bed, inability to walk, in fact, inability to do I anything except sitting in the corner, and that vaiuful enough very often. But I iEtreilul'y, cne night a friend called to see me and asked me if I bad tried I George's Cough Balaamv. I replied No," and he ativised me to try it, that it would be sure to do me gobd. So I resolved to give it a trial, and I am glad to state it gave me wonderfnj relief; aud, my opinion,loSiing for the *l\ above ailoieSau> •• Yours, JOHN Jokes." Prepared only by B. A. GEORGE, Medical Hall, Pentre, and sold every. I where in bottle8 at la lid each. .-0- I *1 imSSM, HBKUIS. I BBiGHAinp PILLS. .1 /^PATENT m PtLlS. ffl I Aa#«|hrfMad%T MWMMAB »M|P%iialb a O aiasa a fca« IwfcitfiM *ud siawai fa eaeh as wwad aad f*ia in th«s»aais«ai»<i^ew^ Uad aaoata, MlHMMSS Mtfl 4fNVSUMM| luehl ubiUs, #ashiagse< beat, -leea ef aapelito, dwrtaen of Weatm, eeeaivsasas, warn, Weteheeen the ektn, jistwhsd sleep, friptetfal Aveaaae, aadaWwervo— aad tecmttsjW seueC^ioMi Ao- ^01 ia 4w«niyaMaatee. Tbssis twtim, Aor Utey bave doae it ia (ksstaais ef sasea., ftv«ry nferor m earnestly iavited to 4c/ ooo baa ef ♦SmmTBU, ai^ th«y will be acknowledged to be W«RTfT A GUIWEA A BOX. Per fern ales ef all a(gae tkeee Pills are iavalvaUe, M. fcw-Aoees earry eff all -gross iMmaeacs, efoa all sbateasMene, —i Wwfj about aJl that is tefaired. Me foa»s*e sh—ld be with eat ibem. Tbere is ao msfitiss to be fewad to equ4 BEECHAM" PILLS for *ea»ovui3.«*y ebetraetien or irregularity ol the teas. IKatiw aeestdiag to the dnteetkms given wsili each Wz4hejr viS-eoos veetore feosalee ef all agee to esmkl esHl «ebast 4eaMu a -weak eteasaab, iaspswad digestiea, and all di seed we ef 4b«4ivee, 4hey act lake "MAOIC," and a few iassMRill be ieaad to work wnadaas upon the ■see* iaapestomt ss^gaaia of (he baman meeatae. Tbey rts'uagtben wbele masaalar lyatia, teatOM the lewg leet eeasplaaiaa, 4hmj bring biaek the keen edge rfeppaWti, aad beeaeb iaCe«B«iea' with ikr A03& BWD ef ImmI ilw whole pbysieaf energy ef tbe banian basM. These are "FACTS" ad(»itdod by ^*eaea»de asabeaeing all elaeeee ef seeiety; and one of the-beet^^aaraMteeaie the aerveas aad debilitated Beeebawa's HIs 11. lasgoot sale 01 any patent asedteiae m tbo werid. B«*CHAM'S KAqlC OOVGU PILLS. As a remedy for googbs m general, Astbm*, daA- wlty of Breathing, Otieiiuoea of Breatii, Tightness ■"2 Pppreeeioo ia the Gbeef Wbet amg, dr«., theee rtlle are ■nrivatted; aad any one labourite andetr any ef the above complaints aocd only try Oae Box te areve that th«y are tbe beet ever offered to the pnMw for Aethmatic *»d CoaMunptive CoOgba| Hofffsenees, and Oppreeeion ef the Cbeet. They speedily nam that -a of oppression and diffienhy of breathing witoh ^ghtly -deprive the patient of rest. Tbey give aimofet iiutant relief and eosafert to dtMe amicted with the abovu dietawsing and, when neglected, dan- ckm eeenplaints. Let any person trenbied With any of the above complaints give SaacaiK's Cooas Pus a Wni. 0 Th" nunt Congh will in a short time be. so- m.-d. Cautkw.-Tbe pablic are reqaosted be aotaoe that the words, M iteaetux't Pius, St. Helen's.^ are an the ftawerameat Stamp affixed to each box of the nlle. If aet on tbey see forgery. Preparedho«Jy awl so4 wheleaals and retail by the pt«pri«tor T. Beecham. Chemist, St. Helen's, Lanca shire, in h<Mt<" I", lid, atici i", *J. MeII. Sent poet fre. Jrwrn the peopri«t«r for* 11 or » Bta«pe.SoV| bv all' l>r«M(ieta and Patent MeUieine Psaleee in t& Kk»q.' dem. dhraaiiipns ased^mn With safeh b^x. '■ • f INFANTS' POWDERS, BAR.;FO IN IlEBEFOKDSniRE.—Tho IRegiarlrtir f;-enemti,in his rep^ntly^s- sned Q. iii te riy Return., refers to the fact th it the naraber of deaths of in- fank- bas been far-lees io^^ Hereford. fchire than in any oth"r county, being onJy 65 out of every thousand births registered while in other connti'-s it ranifrdSj" "154 to 180 fteY thofftand. This great local blessing is largely due tathe^irnaral practicewf.Herefordshire,• ..mother^ giving'theirinfants "(Seohgr's ^xfantS' Pot\DKKs,rof which onechla- mist Alone in( Herefordshire (Mr P. •lHlpn) aells moro thao ftH other babies' Proporatiptis put together.. 'I h. above re a few. of the, uiftgy th mpand expresaiona of the pnbltc No to the universal esteem in which they artf held by atl'Wfio rested their undoubted power upon infants end young children. Imkobtant.—The Proprietor wishes those that give GEORGE'S INFANTS' POWDERS a trial, to nhderstaiid that'the' first A dose often produces vomiting, this n^ust net alarpi them it jp only h proof that the tnediinri^'Is p'rtSlue!^ hopeful effects. ^GA«TiSx^\Vhenr y0iiia|k^for • f G20fe £ !S INFAN'TS' POWDFRS See that yon get them, as other appa- rently cheap bnt worthless substitutes inay be offered by* unprincipled par- ties. Every yermiie -ppoket has the proper l*bel, arid the liitep^epr's biS- nature written' -oni the G<ov £ rnmeiit Stamp. lj Notice.—The title SEOEOE'S INFANTS' POWDERS ¡" I' ie copyright, and registered under the Trade Mferks Ae't.' I ¡ -1 Avoid all Soothing Syrups and so. callwd-Powdiers-critimttifug -Mi-ttfn; they kill more iufunts taan all the dieeapes pot, together.1 i | f j f •, Sold by iftfwt Chemists and Medicine Vendors everywhere, at 1/i2 per packet. f I) I: r E P P S S CRi^EPOL-COMTORTIIICfc COCO A QTTEETTS PATENT dkm;hl* STVA woflow- FOR EXCELLENCE .1 HIGHEST PATENT I E) th^DE auntie AWABDí IS THE WORLD- BECAUBB j »> ,• BORAX I,, DRY SOAP "IS THE BEST'' I In the WorWj for CLEAKOTQ, \1fo$MiiXQf And itJltllCTfO EVE|LYTpmrG. In QuartBT'Poi/rfd and Haff-PtHhHT Pmiiet*«/ all Qrooeri. ,PATENT ,PATENT 0 0* Known Everywhere by this— TRADE MAIM Id Ask for Patent Borax, and refue all othtnk Mat YMDIOT OF THE WOKLJ AD THE UWUMM TllCE OF THE PEOPLE proi6 far VaiM, Quality, and Bxoellenc Go's Boglish Lever Watches have no Equal. 0 UR WATOBBS are CONVENIENT, STRONI U REUASLS, and EFFICIENT, and are sote] ear Own nmahctart, thus the public dealing direi j with as save to theatselves two large profits, ti Wholesale Merchants and the Retail Dealers. Oar trade mottoes are Excellence, Efficiensy, Ui afoaUed Valaa, Free Approval. Guaranteed Satisfai taction, and we Assert, withont fear of contradictioi that we can serve the public better than they can í: served elsewhere. SEND FOR OUtf. UATALOttfJE, and leant lor yonrselves what year neigbboars sa ahoat ear Watches, and net only that, you will b taught Bow to Choose a Watch; also learn how tb ftrm of Stewart Dawson & Co, have become BECON] TO NONE the wide world over as WATCH MANt RhOTURBRB. We will forward our Catalogae < Homology post free for Two Stamps, cost of postag If yoa reqsire a Watch ranging in prioe from 25 la 43S, send at once to •STEWART DAWSON &. CO, WATCH MANUFACTURERS, LIVERPOOL HAVE YOUR OWN WOOL MADE MTO CLOTH I A tc J. ^ACNAUaHTON, U'. rfir.T.i. K KkscriMcatM, PTTI.OCHKV, PBUTHSHIRE. Par earrlA¡:e Wool tent them (0. lCannfa» ture into their Celebrated PITLOrilKT TWKKDS. DRESS TWEBDS, 15L4.yK(tT8 BED COVERS .'■KUOOETS, Sl'El'.TlSGS EMITTING YAnNS, Mc..Ac. Hir rulo- fiami from the le&dioK Jonrnaih 9att^rna, chnrcM.a (nil particular! *= to time'rei;uii«d, chnrcM.a (nil particular! *= to time'rei;uii«d, [ yieldot wool,*c..o;; CtipKationu aboTe. Sao euf Kxhibi? oeeapTinc <00 feet apeee in ti>e laten>atioiMlXxhibiUei^Miobar(h.Ct.Kr «. 20,000 Lives Lost. AWFUL CALAMITY I CAUSED BY USING ONE PACKET OF o Hag-on's Powder. THE GREAT DISTROYER OF Bogs, Fleas, Crickets, Blackfeejtles, Moths, I Cockroaches, |pts, Lice, ancj ^11 Insects Sold ia Grecfii Packets at 2d. Each, -6d and Is Tins.- See that the name HAOOMT is on every Package, und note that tie Lowest Price Packet is 2d. 'I'Vo lti Ti,i. s Li,igo,L's Powder." > Sold by the Following Agents — o o TREF0RESTt-IIillr,.Generalt)«aler PONTYPlilDD—Darief, ChenUst; "D»" Williams, 29, Yfill Street. • HAVOD—Mrs ilorgau, Grocer, Trehavod Road, David Morgan, 20, Trehavod Road E. Thomas, Trehavod Road; Jdtmea RJuslsatds, Britannia Shop, Britannia. "• ? POHTH—Daviee, Grocer, Pontyprfdd Road; Samuel Griffiths,,65, Hanbah Street: TJBEALAW—Thomas Jones, Miskin shop; D. J. itees, Grocer. .1 TONYPANDY-Ptothero, Dunra,ven Street; Pegler, Duuraven Street; Thomas, 55, Dunraven Street. LLWYNPIA—E. Meredith, Grocer. TREORKY-E. Jones, 172, High Street. HEOLFACH, YSTRAD-J. Jones Grocer; Brimble, General Dealef. 1. TREHERBERT—Jones, Ironmonger, Bate Street and R. T. Jones, Ironmonger, 127, B^te-? £ reet. SALE! SALE! SALE ^UtBAT ANNUAL SALE! at the old-established \X «tnd uoted cheap U0U?iE FURNISH IXG WAREHOUSE, 7(3 Kocyi*iiBroRii, c VUD1FF A splendid oppbrtuhity for parties aboei1 to fnrifish. The whole of the VxVLiUAJBXilC SPOCX of Karuiture, Carpet^,BedsteadsJ3edding, Linoleums and Oilcloths, Cutlery and Electro Plate, Glass, China and Earthen- ware, General Fancy Gotds, &c., &c., specially marked downvajt cbnsiderably REDUCED PRICES. f- Dontiall to sfee the bargains, and judge for yourselves. -»0 IS"" All Goods CARRIAGE PAID at- BERRY & CO.'S, 76, Crockherbtown, Cardiff. HE ALT-I FOR ALL: ^Jais Great Household Medicine ranks amongst the leading piecessaries of Life. ITiesa famous pills purify the feLOOD, and act p rsr/t powcrluily, yet soothingly on the Liver, Stomach, Kidneys, and BOWELS, giving tone, energy, and vigour to U^se-great- MAIIi-.iil'ia.Xaii..OF LlEE. They are confidently recommended as a never-failing remedy tp all cases; where oonstitntion, -ffora whatever cause, has becoilie impaired or weakened. They are wonderfully efficacious in all ailments incidental to Females of all ages and. as a GENERAL FAMILY MEDICINE, are unsurpassed. oiHim-fcmwiiffli its. ^ef^^ching■ aad Hfealing Properties arc known throaghout the World. For the cure of BAD LEGS, Bad Breasts, Old Wouilds, Sores and Ulcers, it is an infallible remedy. If effectually nibbed on the neck and chest, as salt into meat, it Cures SORB THROAT, BroRchitis., Coughs, Cctds, and eveu: ASTHMA. For Glandular Swellings, Abscesses, Piles, Fistulas, Gout, Rheumatism, and every kind ot SKIN DISEASE, it has never been known to 5 fail. Sold at. Professor Holloway's Establishment, W, Few St (late 533, Oxford St.) London; klso by nearly every respectable Vendor of Medicine throughout he Civilised Wo. id, in Boxes and Pots, at is. i^d., 2s. gd^ 4s. 6d., us., ass. and 33s. each. 'W R.S .—Advice Oratia, at flxb ototo itadr&s, dally,' battteen tbe hours of 11 aiyl 4, qjr bv letter- -r- rJ'Ux Trying to do boBinesb without advertising is like rinking in the dark: yon mny know what yon arr long bat nobady else does. [ I <1H THE aPRINO-TIrH r- THE TTBAP V ow YOUR BEST FRIEND," e if bo Un wmkona %y my of the blab of the pad wivur, or ofterwis% Is un Gwllp Evans's QUININE BITTERSj 0^ i The TAfEKVI FBIBND lilt has been overworked, ec if c health shews any lipw of 1 breaking on after the trials of the past Winter, is ondoabt- edly Gwilym Evans's Quinine Bitters. It wiH braeetipagais 2 the failing bodily powers; fortify the system sgainst r disease, and enable theFather If to bear up in the futuu bet- |f ter than in the past. ,t The STUDENT'S FRIEND when in danger of breaking down g entirely after or donng a course of Bevere study, or it the confinement to beoks threatens a constitution at- ready delicate is, beyond a doubt, G wilym Evans's Quin- ine Bitters. It directly coon- teracts the ininrions effects of over-study, helps to baild up f resh, healthy tissne in the body, purifies the blood, and thus clears the braia, and assists to seenre that reserve 1 of strength whieh' the do. mands of close application to study Beeeseittte. I <3- W ILYM • I E a The CHILDREN'S FRIEND, iff they are growing rapidly, aad are net as strong as they need to hoi or if they appear deSeaAe after the Mrero Witttt we have goao threngh, is oertaimly #wilym Evans's Quinins Bitten. There is nothing like it for purifying and enriching the blsod, and thus predneing glowing healtk In weakly frames. Try it. The Best Benedy of the Age. EVERYBODY'S FRIEND, if he wants to be reernited ia health, if ho wants to rid the a/ntam ef the weak-j neaeee eataHeA fcr the hard Winter, if he wants to be stroag aad eajey the! pleasures ef health is uadsnbtodly' G wilym Emi's Qniaiae Bitters- k I :C MT 3: IT The MOTHER'S FRISM9 the cares of the family are w^ £ ing heavily on her, er if aay SP rangemeat of the natural fan# tions. is eansing anxiety, • Qwilym Kvana'a <(uiaine BkM% It restores the failing health-M the body, ^ives •trength tnstalF of weakaeas, and infuse* new fSt inte the blood. Kv'rv Mma sheald use it. TBOWORK AN'SFRIVM he m exposed to the weather, works for long hours in ventilated kooms, or breatMB tbe lmpare air of the the fnrnaee, er the factory, Gwilym Evans's Qninial Bitters. The timely oen at this invaluable medicine ha* many a time saved te tbf family the Workman's ess* ioga, as, without it. b* have been compelled ta gM an his work. It has savti falling bask on theelnh, iff hasreaaced tbe doctor's lA It has done so for others, ill do so for Y08 if YIFO,010 it nfair triaL .1 BIT T? :B I2/ S ( Being a happy combination of the active principles of the moet famed and most valued medicinal plants known to modern science, and being, in the process of manufacture, specially adapted-i» human needs. Everybody who has tested it in any way, or soon it tried, has » good word to say fss it. The Analysts declare it to ho pore and harmless; the Doctors prescribe it as being safe aai certain; the Chemists sell it as being popular aad trustworthy; the Patients use it as bein* positively anfailinn remedy; and everybody deelarss it to bo The Best Remedy of the Age # II for Affections of the Chest, for Diseases of the Blood, fer Oomplaints of the Liver, and for trouble* of all kinds in the Stomaoh. As the univsrsal teetim9ay Is that there is nothing equal to Gwily* Evans's Quinine Bitters for removing effeetually all these somplaiats, see that yon got this, sal this only. Other preparations, to some of which aomewhat similar titles have been given, are efts* offered for sale for the sake of extra preft. rurshaeers eaaaot ho too careful aet to be Remember that what everybody aekaowledgss as the host rsmody of the age is Gwilym Jlvaa^l Quinine Bitters. w —— Sold Kverywhero. Praised by everybody. Agants faL^JPMts ef the World. PricesBottlst 2s 9d; double sue, 4s 6d; cases ef three largo bottles* lis id. To ho lad of hit Chtafall inf Vetdora of Patent Medieines, or will be aent at afcavasrin Mj |||rm free tnd *<<< y* Pareela POIt, secure from obaervation, direet from the "c.' Pro^ietc-—Mr GWILYM EVANS, F.C.S., Uanelly, South Wales »' i A 30 YEARS 11ST 0'A-K»X) XI- ■. i' r ':I 1- R. B. BOULTON, r ENGLISH AND AMERICAN DENTAL SURGEON. acton house, ro £ th £ i<3AD, joffs j (Opposite Unirerwty College), '-CX j CJ^RDiirir, 3aring had great experience botb in ^nglish and Amerieaa systems of Dairtal moMia vs enabled to give to his patients the benefit of snch experience ia a maaaer T 'ew Protijrt* can offfr; and being the Inventor of the Patent Compaaiiaas^ to wjiich only « perfect impression of the month cap fala obtained, he is tnthlsd to mak beantifnliy fitting Artificial Teeth of guaranteed workmanship, mi nataral apstaiusa and whieh defy detection. lit Stt-boru 11011 Teeth. Ho k Tteflu me Bibbiih of uj Uli 1 RELIABLE TEETH. f I Partial Sets .from 6s to SOs Each. Sets Upper or Lower „ 60s to 30 tliiiiioass faew^sr •/ <As Al Av^am ^Qtoppinf AI ted bp as best Dentieie in Mmep* Ammimx niyl .ia TXXTH SAVED by ,!Jh «,-■% which last from 10 ia 40 yeaca, al Moderate Feea. NTRODS OXIDE Ga>, aeiajiiistered daily at Cardiff by tit bat ol safest isttboi Repain Execnted promptly on oar own, m ipoa work by other DeatiriL Extract frbm the "Ckrmiele," December 24th. '< The work of the well-known Denial fitugeon, Mr. B. B. Boalton, of Ae*oa Emm Carditis Tery jhighly finished, and is the beat work we hare eyer seen." HOME ATTENDANCE DAILY FROM 10 TO 5. .Ii ITOTIOB.^ ABMOYED from St. Oaiherine's Street, to Ma. Notts, 77, Tai Steael PaitrarMB Atteadanoe—the first Wedneeday in neh aaonth Areas J ta 4 a'eiew/ AIle at Mas. Warras, Chemists, 4o, MouUii ilk, the saaa day from 10. to 1 a'oiook. JUMwii at Ma. Hamus's, Chemist, Me-thyr, the Wecbt81ay in Md" mesrf* f; from 12 to S. Pnn-villo Road. Denmark Hill, London. tM "OCTTLIM&DE EAEBINQS.' NO MORE SORE EYES I ill psrsoas suffering from the above distrsssinj oomplaiat should at onoo try F. Jtiippini's Oculimede Gold Earringt Pi^s i-r^ 3/8, aad «f- m pair. F. FILiIFFINI, WAjTCHMAKH*, Etc., Market Street, Pontypridd. ff OSF, I by WAY of LOAN. TC TRADKSMEN" AND OTHERS: .( T ME. W. MORQ N, Accountant, Chtlrbh Street, Pontypridd, has had placed at his disposal the sum of £ 500, tc be lent iu sams of JBS to repayable by instalments. Tradesmen aad othasi desirous of temporary ecuuiary «.n»i«»j»nce -M |>e accommodated on ap lication persoaallw or bl letter to tho abowe. 4 3 } The ntmost soorocy may bo roHod npsaj 9 lea W. MORGAN, decountant, Chnreh Street. Pimliaai* t J SPECIALLY WRISTBMDS, SU [TAB LE FOR r,' SRI JNFANTS' POWDERS, t i i f f f —- 4 Marvellous are the effects of "GEORGE'S INFANTS' POWDERS" Upon the Infant System. They are not only the very best and pafest Medicine mothers can give their Pi? 01?** during the anxious period of Teething, but they act an a certain Specific for Fits, Inflammation, Bronchitis, Diar "iffia, Small-pox, Scarlatina, Measles, &c., &c. Sold by nmot Chemists, in p«ok«ts, k 1/11, or from the Proprietor, B. A. GEORGE, :¡ú14h PENTU. PONTTFJUDO