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PUBLIC NOTICE ~— i ■ ■ Mr-.U, v- l PONXTPBIDD. J: GREAT DRAPERY SALE AT JOHN EVANS & CO. I Commencing on Saturday, August 21,1886. ENORMOUS REDUCTIONS! <600 Straw Hats from 11-d 2 Trimmed Hats and Bonnets from Is Old ^Ladies' Mantles and Jackets Is llid up Waterproof Cloaks from Is Ilid Skirts „ Is 0-id 2 Pinafores and Aprons 3fd up ICOFurCapfs from, 2. 8id Fancy Dresses from 31d per yard 4 Black and Coloured Wool Serges „ 71d „ 4 2000 yards Black French Merino „ Is 3td „ -58-inch Tweeds (all colours) 2s 7$dper yd., usnal price 3s lid Black and Coloured Velveteens Is3fdnp >■$60 Umbrellas from 1 Ifd (ALL THIS SEASON'S GOODS). { Lisle and Silk Gloves from I id per pair 4-Button Kid Gloves ) lId" 4 ti Laces, Fringes, Trimmings, and Ribbons. Very cheap 150 Counterpanes frnm Is J IJd 2 Sheetings from 7Ad per yard All Wool Shirting Flannels „ 7fd „ Men's and Boys' Felt Hats from 3ld Men's Shirts .1. „ Is 0|d Felt Carpets from 7:¡d per yard 70 pairs of Blankets (slightly soiled) Very chepp 300 yds. Fancy Trouseiings, from Is 6yd to I Id-usuarl price, [3s 6d to 7s 9d No Goods will be sent on Approbation During the Sale. ALL GOODS TO BE PAID FOR BEFORE OR ON DEL VERY. .Address- 93, TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD. PUBLIC NOTICES. THE MYSTERY I THE MYSTERY! THE MYSTERY! See future issues of the CHKOXICLE. TF-IE MYSTERY' By the author of "The Woman in Black." 'THE MYSTERY' ''By the author of" Th. Jilt TRICYCLES! TRICYLES! To be Sold, Cheap, A 44 INCH CAMBRIAN TRIOYCI/E, ,In First-class Condition, including a PAIR OF LAMPS, and all accessories A BABOA.XV. ALSO A COVENTRY ROTARY TRICYCLE, VALUE aCS. Side Gear, Fast Machine, anrl good, strong Roadster. rjpOT further particulars, apply at the "CHEONICMC" Office, where the machines may be seen. IARKET HALL, PONTYPRIDD. • ON TUESDAY, the 19th of OCTOBER, 1886, a LECTURE will b. delivered by ,the die-ingoiahed AFRICAN BXPLOBEB, MR. HENRY M, STANLEY, SOVKKNOK OF THK CONGO FRBI: STATE, Anthor of 1 found Livingstone," "Through "jhe Dark Covitin"ni, Ac subject- "MY AFRICAN TRAVELS AND WORK." "Tto Chair will be taken by LOID ABEMAM, President of the Royal Geographies Sooiety. .Doors open at 7, to oommetoe at 7.30 precisely ADM Is-SI ON—Platform and Front Seats (*—. be red), 3a; Second Seats, 2s and Back Seats, Is. a II PLAN F THE HALL ".Y bwftvn and Seats eeeured at Mr W. H. Key's, idd. Taff-stK<»r, Pontypridd. TICKETS May also be of Mr W. Jones, stationer, Dake-atrvet, Cardiff-; Miss Wilkina, Stamp Office, Merthyr Tydti Messrs Farrant & Frost, booksellers, Abe: dare; Mis D»»vv»»«, bookseller, 17. Commereial- -street, Abeniai* Mr Evau Cnte, ffrooer,, Trefcer- bert; Mr W. Pnillipa, grocer, Treorky Mr Joha Lloyd, dr.«p»r, Pentr«} Mr Goorjfe Kuill, greosr, and Kr Richard Lewis. tloo( and Shoe Warehouse, Ten- ypendy; Mr John Jones, grooer, Hanaah-strset, Forth. vj^- It in anticipated til-it the Loeture will be over is time for friends from a distance to retarn by the 9.16 p.m. train- Bent If" for Three Stamps to pay Postage, mjBKVOUS DEBILITY, Its. Causes and Cure, JM Marriage and its Impediments.—Jn»t out, a new Medical Work by Dr. B. HAUOWTO* and J. W«MOK, containing chapters Health, its resto- Mtiot. leM of vigour. Ac.; also, over 100 ratable preeeriptiore for «>e}f-trM»tiBer.t of mrioas com- jAainte. Should he lead by all wilt. rains health, lfcreaftb,«*4 manhood, and wish to attain a h*ppr oid age.—A«tr«ss: Mr J. VBUKMT, Medwl Hail, Jfeaofceateiv • i GEORGE'S INFANTS' POWDERS. TESTIMONY FROM LONDON. 13, Coamo Placp, Queen's Square, London, W.C., July 24th, 1885. Dear Sir, Will you please forward me six of your Infants' Powders. A packet is too mnch I like to have them fresh. I find them invaluable, and always use them with the sanction of our medical man. By so doing you will oblige, Yours respectfully, C. EDWARDS. B. A. GEORGE. Esq. i packet forwarded to any address for Is lid. B. A. GEORGE, Medical Hall, Pentre, Pantypridd, Glam. WANTED, AGENTS Industrial Assurance and Sick Benefit Society. Fernd-ile, Pontypridd, Pentyrch, Treharris, Mout,. tain Ash, and Districts around. Books vacant. Splendid remuneration to ex- perienced men. Security required. Send business records, and full particulars of past experience, with Stamp to MANAOKB, 7 & 8, Arcade Chambers, ST. JOHN'S SQUAUK, CARDIFV. FIRM FOUNDED 1745." The Rev T Major Lester, the great Liverpool Philanthropist, writes :— The Vieaiage, E"nrton, December. 1,1883. I hare worn one of your much spoken of "Reli- able" Keyloiss: lavei Watches, aud have fouud it so reliable and sound, that 1 testify no Watch before has ever given me such satisfaction. "It looks wel!"—" It goes well"—"It is made well." and is cheap." t can and do recommend it with confidence to every class, and I shall m.vwlf stick to jour Reliable Keyless Lever Watch I sball rnvftf stick to your Reliable Keyless Lever Watch (Signed) T MAJOR LESTER ft Q 1 Aq (Worth JEW—In return for remittance I send JLv/55 free ana safe jier post ono of my own .spe> cially made RELIABLE" KEYLESS LEVBR WATCHES (Lady's or Gent!eman's size) This Watch is full jewelled in rubies, has chrono- meter balance, and soundest keyless work; in massive sterling silver cases. flat crystal Glass with gold winding button and gold joints rt 1 A—The same movement, of finest finish, called the "CHALLENGE," in a specially massive and heavy 18-carat Gold case, with flat Crystal Glass n o—"THE £ 2 WATCHES," in two sizes, for Ladies and X/ G Gentlemen, are famous timekeepers, and 4re guar- anteed by the Firm Send your Watch and Jewellery Repairs by Post (Registered) which will be given only to skilful workmen. Estimates sent I before doing the work, and I t&ke the risk and cost of carriage back "WATCHES .£1 to £ 100." Illustrated Pamphlet sent free on application. ¡'Nick Railway Fares Paid when same do not exceed 5 per cent on Watch Purchuses MR T. R. RUSSELL, Maker to the Queen, CATHEDRAL WORKS, 18, CHURCH-ST., LIVERPOOL THE WOODLANDS, PONTYPRIDD. — MISS i HOGG is-prepared to give LEVH80NS on the PIANOFORTE to a limited number of Young Ladies. Terms on application. "I a i2 a 2x BILLIARDS BAGATLLLES All tho e requiring New or Second- hand Tables, Requi-itep, or Billiard work done, should, before ftoing elsewhere, send for New Price List, Cloth and Cushion Samples, Ac., to HENNIG BR »8, High-street, W.C., London. Bst. 186S. To Peuemas asd thoas obUged to be out in the damp night airs Oadbvÿ8 C«M» affords aod fx- hHaaatmg beverage. —waraiax, eomforting a" aostasntag. Bevv«re of Imitation*, [■ -i mrt ■ 4.' '1- I I Post Free, with Sketches and Details for Self I Cure, (utider cover J, 6 stamps, From J. WILLIAMS, P.M.V., 22, MARISCHAL ST., ABERDEEN. THE POCKET MEDICAL ADYISER. For the Self-treatment of Nervous and Func- I tional Ailments,inducedby Overwork, Worry, Excesses, and other' enervating influences, and their Associated Evils. BY THE NEW LOCAL TREATMENT. A boon to all desiring I self-cure without re- course to physic Or the family dodor.-Medical Et ritw. A conntnj parson writes thus:—4 Your Guide has cured myself and many parishioners.' SUFFKHEKS should procure this handy Referee on various Ailments, and thus avoi'1 doctor's fees and objectionable mediciue.—Gazette. • 1 PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCES! ENT. Mozart's TWELFTH MASS TWO GRAND CONCERTS Consisting of Performances of the Twelfth Mass will be given at the TOWN HALL, PONTYPRIDD On Christmas Day, BY THE PENUEL CHORAL SOCIETY. Farther particulars will be given in future an. oonnoements. SALES BY AUCTION. HOUSES FOR SALE In the Rhondda Valley, de. TREALAW. I.' I A Double house, Shop and Bak*- house, No. 132, Miskin Road; Two double dwelling houses, with land adjoining, Noa. 118, 119, Miskin Road; Six dwelling houses, Nos. 1, 6, 6. 14, is, & 16, Wain- graig Road; Five dwelling houses, Nos. 23. 24, 25. 26, & 27 Hillman's Row; Seven dwelling houses, Nos 15,16, 17,20,21,47 & 48, Williams, town Road, (near the English Wesleyan Chanel!. I TONYREFAIL. Two dwelling houses in Gollenna Road. DINAS. TREORKY PENTRE. YSTRAD Dwelling house No. 28, D<naa Road, opposite the Half-way House; Five, dwelling houses. Nee. 65, 66, 69, 70, ii 71 Dinas Road. Two dwelling houses Noe. 106 & 107 Dumfries Street; Stable. at rear of, last named. Two dwelling houses, being Oak Tree Houses, top of Chnrchifeld Row, (one being a double house). RHONDDA. Double dwelling house No. 136, Ystrad Road; Five dwelling honses Noe. 22. 23, 24, 26, & 26, Tyntyla Road, (near Gellygaled Inn). PENCOEDCAE. Four Dwelling honses. LLANTRISANT. Large Dwelling houso near the Turnpike Gate, Da vid's Town, Llantrisant. FERNDALE. Block of three dwellings, Commer- cial Street, and one dwelling house Upper Row. PONTYPRITD. Two dwelling hoqses, Wood Road Also, houses in OGMOREV ALE & ABERDARE,— particulara of which ean be obtained of the undermentioned. The honses can be sold separately, or in lots, as may be required. Ninety per cent. of the purchase money can remain on mortgage, repayable in easy in- stalments, if required. Forfullpaltieulars apply to Mr H. W. Hughes, Preewylfa, Penygraig; Messrs Griffith and La tube, Solicitors, Cardiff, or to Mr Petei Price, 3, Creckherfctowa, Cardiff. t. 8te CHKONICLK For Loal -No". \I "U' -J. :.}. <. >' ,f. 'Ii DAVIES BROTHERS. PR INTERS, AND PUBLISHERS, I 23 & 24, MILL-STREET, PONTYPRIDD, J BEG to thank the Tradesmen, the Professional Men, and the Public of the District for the Patronage accorded to their Father during the past 20 years, and desire respectfully to state that they have now j TAKEilV OVER j THE PRINTING & PUBLISHING BUSINESS AND HAVE MADE j ,c" CONSIDERABLE ADDITIONS TO THE PLANT AND MACHINERY, SO AS TO ENABLE THEM TO COMPETE WITH THE CHEAPEST HOUSES IN THE KINGDOM In the rapid and economical production of the Commercial and General Printing so frequently sent away, •/ i A COMPARISON" OF PRICES INVITED. r "10 fy Posters, Handbills, Billheads, Memorandums, & c.» COME UNDER THE HEAD JUST REFERRED TO. • THE "PONTYPRIDD CHRONICLE" Is the Best Local Newspaper, started in 1881, and Three Times Enlarged. Its Circulation is more than Four Times that of any other Newspaper in the District. THE RHONDDA CHRONICLE Is a separate edition for the Rhondda Parliamentary Division, and is extensively circulated throughout the Rhondda District. J! YR" HERALD CENADOL," The only Missionary Magazine published in the Welsh Language. It gives an account of the Baptist Foreign Mission Work, &e. bl Attention is invited to the facilities offered at this Office for Printing BOOKS, MAGAZINES, CLUB & COLLIERY RULES, FINANCIAL STATEMENTS. I &c, Ac. WELSH WORK A SPECIALITY. ORNAMENTAL AND COLOURED PRINTING, Posters, Show Room and other Circulara, Programmes, Cards, Ac., being produced in the Finest Style in Black or Coloured Inkt, Bronze, Silver, and Gold Lettering and Borders. Rapidity Quality 1 Economy I Hundreds of Illustrative Blocks in Stock. DAVIES BROTHERS, 23 & 24, Mill-street, PONTYPRIDD. plain AND omram soomdie 33. D A. -%T K BEB St, "CHRONICLE" OFFICE, PONTYPBIDD, •4* BEGS to announce that, being about to confine himself to the Bookbinding Branch of the Business be has hitherto carried on, he is prepared to undertake all Binding work at the most Moderate Charges. The only Bookbinding Works in tb« Taff and Rhondda Valley District. 1. r." v.-4 ,»• :»"' e -;T J j|H i I i.tM'i w