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MOUNTAIN ASH LOCAL BOARD. The bi-montbly meeting of the Mountain Ash Local Board was held on Monday when there were present, Mr T. Edwards (in the chair,) Messrs J. Griffiths, C. J. N. Gray, M. Morgan, G. Jones and D. Jones. TEND ICRS. Two tenders were received for the erection of 10 of Field's automatic flashing chambers, and that of JMr Thomas Morris, Mountain Ash, of £244 15s 4d, being the lowest was accepted. SURVEYOR'S REPORT. The Surveyor's report was as follows:—To the Mountain Ash Local Board, Gentlemen, 1. In ac- cordance with your orders I beg to submit for your approval plans, specification and form of tender for the erection of Field's automatic flashing chambers. II. I have examined the sewers in the district with respect to the further ventilation of the same, and am of the opinion that for the effectoal discharge of gas from the sewers it will be necessary to construct twenty-seven additional ventilators in accordance with the plans prepared aDd estimate of cost and a list showing the places where I would recommend such ventilators should be erected. III. I beg to submit for approval plans for earthenware gullies and syphona recommended to be used in the future for street drainage throughout the district. IV. 1 have in accordance trlfcb yr-ur orders sketched upon the hospital plana the alterations recommended by the Local Govern- ment Boird. The expense of such alterations will add to the additional estimate the sum of J6160 158 making the total cost £1272 lis. If you adopt these alterations in will be necessary to prepare further plans for the approval of the Local Govern- ment Boird. V. I have examined the promises in Napier Stieefc, viz., 48 and 49 the property of Mr Od. Jones, and 50 and 51. the property of Mr Dd. Evans (Mr Lewis Edmuud's agent). The nuisance reported by yoor inspector arises from ineffectual drainage and improperly trapped gullies, which are not connected with the sewer in front of such .premises. I have also examined the premises, Noe. 65. GB, and 65a High Street, the property of Misa Margaret Evans soch property being deficient of any slop drains. I would recommend the said owners have notice to construct proper earthen- ware drains and steuch traps and oonneot the eame with the Bewers constructed for their recep- tion. VI. I have received from your Clerk a letter from Mr Shepherd rt-speoting the adoption (by your Board) of certain streets, viz. the street from Railway Terrace to Quarry Street and the Street from Rheola Street to Lower Churob Street. I am satisfied that the metalling in such streets I baa beeh properly carried out; but before such 1 streets are adopted as highways it will be necessary to serve notices opon the Llanwonno School Hoard, the Penrhiwceiber Company, Nirs Catherine Phillips and Mr Morgan Davies. to lay down, curb, and chann I a g'avel footpath abutting 1).pon their several properties in the said street in compliance wsth the 150th section of the Public Health Act, 1875. VIII. I beg to lay before you a letter from Messrs Stephenson and Son your Gas and Water Engineers and, in accordance with their Teqnest he prepared plans of the proposed cite for gasworks at Penrhiwceiber, and am now fcavin; five trial holes sunk npon the said site. VIII. With respect to the condition of the streets esd roads and the culverts at Mitkin I have ar- "Uged to meet Mr. Bell and report npon the aevera matters at your next meeting. IX. I have received the following building plans to which I do DOt eee any objection, viz., 1st, From Mr William Lewis Trebarris, of two houses to be bnilt in High-street. Ycysybwl. 2nd, From Mr E. M. Williams of additions to bis premises, Campbell-terrace, Moun- tain Ash. 1 am, gentlemen, your obedient servant, i". H. Harpur. aoryeyor.The Charrman moved that they adopt the snrv^yot's recommendation, with reference to the veotilltto's. Tbi8 was seconded bo Mr Grey and agreed to.-With regard to the gullies and syphons Mr G. Jones proposed that, tbe plans b) adopted as recommended by the •nr»4-yor.—The Chairman seconded the motion.- Agreed to.—Mr Morgan proposed that the surveyor 1.1 "pare pitna of hospital with the ulterationa veccjmmended by the Local Government Board and that they be submitted to the Local Govern- tofttit Boaid f»>r approval.—> Mr. Griffiths said that 8 >m« boards bad refused to have anything to do with hospitals until there was an act passed to cottpet people to make use of it. Col. Graig pro- |>osed thnt the altered plans lie ou the table.—Mr HorgHn pointed out that there was a resolution on the books to erect an hospital and he mast ask Coi. Gny, before proposing his present resolution, AID gito ni.tice to rescind the previous resolution. -I he Oh,I ma,, tba.r he conld tie the halide of the Board by proposing that the matter be I dt forred for the prpAmnt. *til. Gray a -tid that he "'N¡ d go a« far bK he o uld to atop it. He would. ttlt'tdor'p. propose that the matter of the hospital polhop be adjourned for farther consideration.— Mr <y <<m .a aecoudefi, Ahich warf cMr")d, Mr Mor. motion falling through, tttcre being no — i»u» other suggestions in the report r»j W MTSC KLLANKOIRG. Tins Officer reported three frpslh cases ;of t) pltOid fever, one of whieh tied proved fttal.— n't,t-- Niiiw,-vioWs rep)rt on dairies and «*ewKhedi« MAte.t th-st 36 permma had applied for V*p-'s»T3»H>* to sell milk. Nearly all were in a «et:iif^r'orv "ttte A committee, eonsisting of the thfttmoin. Mr. J. Griffiths, and W. Little, was if, roasider th so appHeAtions.—A me- etctal w" udoptod to D't Postmaster-General in favear of a late bag.—The parliamentaro debt, it was stated, amounted to .£2,362 5a. lOd.