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It Berry and Co.'s GREAT ANNUAL tJLEAKAJSCE SALE NOW PBOCEEDING AT 34, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF. -0- The extras "/ciinarv Popularity these Half- Yeary liave attaued is a sufficient guarantee that t he publIc may confidently -rely upoB bfc Ej: ttble to completely or partly furnish fx m this old established and well- known firru considerably cheaper than from any other B oue in Cardiff for the l'ollowing Im reasons N. Berry & Co. Have the laigest variety of Goods in Stock. N. Berry & Co. Keep every Article required in the furnishing {,f a Hoii;.e in Stcck. ft. Berry & Co. Guarantee Satisfaction. N. Berry & Co. Pav Carriage on all Furnishing Orders. N. Eerry & Co. "Can completely Furnish sny size house in a few hours. N. Berry & Co. Buy only for (8h, and can consequently sell cheaper than any other firm. N. Berry & Co's biuess being under the personal supervision ,Le Propr-letors, they are always prepared give customers the benefit ot their long experience. ft. BERRY~AND CO.'S HALF-YEARLY SALfcS Enable them to clear off all Surplus Stock, consequently nothing but new Goods of the latest design and of sound workmanship is to be found on the premises. Entire Stock Re-Marked AT EXTRAORDINARY JftE-DU CTION 8!! To effect a Clearance previous to Stock. Taking. £ s. d. Bedroom Suites, 9 Pieces, beautifully decorated 3 17 o fcolid Ash ditto, with plate glass dior to robe, marble top, and tile back Washstarid 7 10 € Mahogany Suites, in Latest Designs y 8 10 0 Dining Room Suites, 9 pieces, in Leather Cloth, from 3 13 6 Stiperior ditto,with Stuffed Back, an3all chaii-s from 4 17 6 Ditto with Massive Oflk Frames 5 15 0 1) raw in groom Suites, haiidfcomely upbolstered, from 3 lli 0 Ditto Upholstered in Velvet, from 4 15 0 Large Assortment of Superior ditto, with Solid Walnut Frame?, from jfc'7 7s to £ 12 12s, worth .£16 lôa. 'II' 1 N. BERRY & Co. Hold an enormous Stock of I BEDSTEADS, Bought previous to the late ttdvance on iron hLd Bn1 and will offer the same at wtunling Priced Full sisse Milpuff bede, Bulater and Two Pillovs s, qtA Full size Feather Bed Bofeter and Two Pillows, from 35s. Our exitiisive Stock of Clieffiouiers Sidtboards, WardroheF, Dochrsse Tables, fliests of drawers, Wwsh Stuuds, Cabinets, "Whatnot?, GeneThl Ironmongtry, Electro iplate, Cuiln-y, I arpets, LInuieurr-s, Pier and Toilet GUssea, will be included in this fc ale, and Inst but not Jenst several ro. S OF CHINA AND EARTHENWARE Just received fiom the Potteries, and bought 30 to 40 per cent. under usual prices, in- cluding, Hundreds of Tea Sets, Hundreds of Dinner Sets, Hnndreds of Toilet Sets, Thousands of beautiful Vases, Tea Pots, Cheese DUbes, Plates, Cups and Saucers, Ornaments, and a Variety of other Articles to clear. Please Note—Don't mistake the name and Address I.MM HOUSE FURNISHERS, 54, Queen Street, I ^WAJRDIFF. WONDERFUL RESULTS!! OF USING HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS, j Are constantly re-ported from all parts of the civilised world. The most obstinate diseases caused by IMPURIC BLOOD are cured by this REMARKABLE REMEDY. -=- HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS Are unsurpassed as an effective REMEDY for an those DAN- GEROUS DISEASES which have their origin in DISTEMPERS and IMPURE BLCOD. Testimonials from all parts of the world have been received testifying to their power in curing the following in Diseases.- SCURVY, SCROFULA, BOILS, NERVOUSNESS, SORE EYES, COST1VENESS, WOUNDS SKIN RASH, HEADACHE, I FITS. RHEUMATISM, I ULCERS, BILIOUSNESS, NEURALGIA, DISTEMPER, GIDDIMES- I &c., &C., &e., HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS have proved to be the most effectual of all medicines discovered in the Nineteenth Century. I "n. The MAKVEV. >(JS CURFS wrought continually viz I-IUGHE1S' BLOOD PILLS Eave been so numerous ard complete that the Potts are tnored to sing their praises, of wbich the following is a proof:— HCGHFS' BLOOD FILLS for the manifold ills That assail the human frauie,- Have been tested at large through valleys atd hills, And have earned a world wide fame They're potent in vanishing pvery disease, That affects the vital Blood; Restoring the patient to weal and ease, And inake his condition gcod.. No man whose Blood ue infected with corruption, Can ne'er enjoy a healthy constitution But meet be in pain, and restless right and day, Till the foul malhdy is driven away HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS will this great boon effect, And from the system seeds of death eject. Their fame is gone to many a foreign laud, And is admitted now on every hand; From cot to mansion do their praises soaad And testimonials reach us from all routed HUGHES' BLOCI) PILLS receive no empty praise, Bat are commended by the great and wise. So important duty it is to keep the blood, In perfect order and condition good,— That I would fain advise the sore afflicted, To guard ags<in?t its further being neglected HI GHES' BLOOD PILLS will soon effect its cure, Of this to all concerned I can assure. RUCHES BLOOD PILLS. fbis Doted me-iicine acts directly upen the Blood and Juices of the human system which they Strengthen and Purify. By so doing tho Liver, Kidneys, Heart, Lungs, stomach, Bowels, Brain, and Nerves are renewed and toned to buch a degree that their functiocs are perfectly performed, securing o the man healthy days. Sold by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendor s, at Is Hd, 2s 9d, 4s 6d. By Post Is 3d. 29 lid 2 and 4a 9d, from the PROPRIETOR and DISCOVERED, JACOB HTTOHES, MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, Penart, Cardiff. Ask your Chemist to get them for you. FREDERICK PEARSE, I Builder,>d Monumental Sculptor i Marble, Granite, and Stone Works, PONTYPRIDD. Monnmetts, rombs, Tablets, Tombstones, &c.;| of any description to order. LETTERING (Inlaid with lead or otherwise) Accurately and Neatly executed.—Estimates given j for all classes of Work. SEPAlSs IKLEIITAKFX.. FOREST WOOLLEN FACTORY Illtizv, and the Market, Pontypridd. S. G. JONES, | Woollen Manufacturer of Cloths. Blankets Coverlids, and every kind of Plain and Fancy Welsh Flaanels. Stockings, Yarns &c., all home-made at moderate prices. Country work piomptly attended to. (ESTABLISHED IN PONTYPRIDD 15 YEASS), RHEUMATIC ACONIES INSTANTLY SPEEDILY RELIEVED. CURED. 1 0 I iiiim 0 ol 0 -C Gout Torture, Rheu- matic Agonies, Neu- ralgia in the Head, Fkoa, or Hook, Lum- bago, Sciatica, Stiffi Jowta, Toothache, Sprains, Bruises, Burns, ft all Excrooi- ating rain to whiah poor mortals »r« Never Fails to relieve and Expel the most obstinate Pains, and has positively cured cases of old standing, for which all other remedies had been triad In vain. -If you cannot qet SPECIAL CAUTION DR. IUCHTZR a Pain Expeller, do not be persuaded to take some other remedy frith a similar sounding title, as the healing and soothing properties which have made Dr. Riehter's Medicine so fasuus are possessed by it alone. Always look for the name and trade mark (a. Comet). SKVSBAL MILLION BoTTMts BoLD LAST YBAE. 1/li <* 2/9 of all ChllmÙlu. Post IVm Jl8 dk 81-. Dr. RICHTER & Co., I, Railway Place, Fenetiurch Street, LONDON, E.O. The "GUIDE TO GOOD HEALTH," pma away t—will be sent Post Free to anyone asking for it. W AGENTS WANTED XTBBYWBJMk OOISUMPYIOI. I; have a positive remedy for the above disease by its uti Ziousands of cases of the worst kind and of long have been cured. Indeed, so strong is my faith in its eiiicaejl tniot 1 will lend TWO BOTTLES FREE. together witKt VALUABLE TKKATISB on this disease to any suffer^ Give Address in full. DR. T. A. SLOCUM*IktUauhmQt* lianingdon Street, Londoa. f 018BXZBV System of Memory Training is the ONLY U one by which the Natural Memory eaa b* to Efftwfc improred that th« Svitein, u a Pavias, will b* BO mora needed. IlARK TWAIN (Mr. S. L. Clemens) says of ProfesRor Loisett.: He showed me how to MMWMM LtCJUT UP the dark cellar of my Memory." IIL NJCFIUV Unlike mneaionles. Proepeetiu, eontaiate« Ml 1 IWLL 111 § opinion'* of PapLU who have PASSED HA1D. Wlhliiwi 1 JF ATIONS, and of member* of the Medieal, >obe> laatie, ClarieW. Military. and other profeeiieoa, post tarn CMS Pwteeeer LOIIMTTS Sf. New Odd Ittceet. BMDAA. ADVERTISE IN THEj Mli CHRONICLE' n v FOR THE BEST Weekly Liberal Paper SEE THE "CHRONICLE.' George's Cough ANOTHER MARVELLOUS CURB IN THE RHONDDAII No. 1, Ash Ternoe. Peatte-Yetn4 Deo. SO, lIU. D«u fir,-—I hti»|TMt pleMore in b««r- ing aiBoers teetimoBj M tha ralae of jov Cough Balmm. For a long peHod I saffered from a oold in 181 okeat which rendered me a bnrdea to myself owiag to eoogfa, shortame of Hroalh, howimw, blood-apittiag, inability to lie in hod, inability to walk, in foot, inability to do anything except anting in the eorner, and that painfal enough very oftin. But maroifnlly, OM night a friead oalled to IN me and naked no if I had triad Goorgo's Cough Balmm I repliod No," » and he adviaed me to try it, that it woald be aore to do mo good. So a resolved too give it a trial, and I am glad to itato it gave me wonderful relief; and, in my opinion, there Ie nothing Kko it for the ftboro ailmonta. Toara, Joaa Jairia." frapared only 1 B. A. OXOBOB. Medieal Hall, Postm and sold every. where ia bottlea at 18 lid oaoh. Ts a Delicioas Beverage and Tonle made from Port Win% Liebic's Eztiaet «f Meat and Hxtoaot oI Malt; Mstrition^ MwaUaatho Intilid. fMMMNflMHl If Ai ImportuH nnaoHaltod TeetimeaM from Jl. HOPKINS, Saq, L.JL. L-F-P.S. BauMi have been received taa KeMesI Iba M, Aston Road, W.. Birmingham, Deoambar lftJa, IM DRAM Bias,—I bag to acknowledge Nerift of sample II your Extract of Meat and Malt Wine/* also one yon seat • short time back. I have now Quite Twenty PattMlt* toVlr>g it, and as a floah-forming, and strength nradoetag scent, I consider it second to none, being eqoally OMfaX ia aJ forms of debility, Yonrs faithfully, EDWARD HOPKINS, Messrs. Coleman A Co. L.R.G.P., L.F.P.&. Sold by all Drncgists, Wine Merchants, and Patent Medi- oina Vendors in the United Kingdom, tat Battles 2s. SML and 4s. 6d. each. Ask for GOLEM1n>S ZJBBItt'S KXTBACT Or MEA. T AND MALT WINS, aik-0 "a that yoa gat it" .1 thare 18 any difflealty in getting the Wina, write direct to the Manofaaturem, wha will lam 1118 PlAt-IBowotme by foatia aaaa«o> Kg stMva. Ooaaa m w Rail N Ma. « 9 HU UAsnruet l II CO. S I Furniture!! Furniture! I MARVELOUS PRICES! BEVAN & CO.. THE CAKEIFF FUENISHEHS. 21, DUKE, STREET, AND 76, ET. M-AItY STREET CARDIFF, I ŒL'Z LHold the largest selection of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE Of every description, PIANOFORTES, HARMONIUMS, DINER, TEA, AND TOILET SETS, CARPETS, FLOOR CLOTHS, LINOLEUMS, MATS, MATTINGS, HEARTH RUGS TIMEPIECES, FENDERS, FIRE IRONS, I CUTTLERY, In the Principality. Handsome Walnut Loo Tables, 27s 6d Full Sized, Brass Foot Bedsteads. 27s 6d Do. Feather Beds & Bolsters, 42 Splendid Figured. Velvet Suites, 95 TheirlSt. Mary Strett Premises have justly been decJ ibed as One of the Sights of Cardiff," While: their large Cash Purchases enable them to Sell at Prices far and awayjbeioi those of other Firms. None butttlJOroullhly good articles kept in Stoek, and ALL GOODSiwARE DELIVERED FREE, By road or rail within 100 miles. b ■ Illustrated Catalogues- Free a Application C J B e va n & Co. "THE CABEIFF FUEKISEEES." DUKE orSTREET, AKD ST-MARY STREET, l C A RP T wF.

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