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CORNS CORNS I t) (Registered Trade Mark, No. 36996.) A^Cacvu.i j J ice for Ooras. PAINLESS AND HARMLESS. (N,QRNS1 C°RNS1 qorns;I CORNS! CORNS, CORNS] QORNS qornsT CORNS I CORXS) CORNS I CORNS CORNS! QORNS CORNS QORNS: C s CORNS! (}ORNS CORNS! CORNS! CO HNS This infallible remedy introdaced by J. MUNDAY ha3 obtained a world-wide; reputation. The efficacy of VtRIDLNE may be judged by its having Cared Corns of over 50 years' standing, which had resis- ted all other remedies. 1 succeeds where all Plasters and Caustics have failed IN REMOVING- BOTH HARD OR SOFT CORNS AND WARTS. 1 KS TIM ON IA L 8. From Mr. UOPKtN flOPKINS, Gors. (eiiion. near Swansea. DCAR Sik,—I heartily congratulate yon for vour treatment for corns. Toe bottle of' Vir 'dine' yon sent ml, some time a^o has proved itltuoac ruiraculoas to the corns I had on mv feet. It is exactly the remedy wnat you recommend it to be, ard I hope it will become nior.3 known in the Princi- pality, for there :s,rs, ') doubt, hundreds) of persons that would be plad to know of its effects. From M.Hle. MARIE MULLEP., Amsteidam, Hulianu. ME MONDAY, DBAK SIK,-I bought a bottle of yoic genuine 'Viridine' some six mouths aHOtti Paris which cr.ed me.and as I am a princi- pai dancer,vo:t kao.v my feet are my liviin;. The bottle"I bought did the service yon recommended it, bat I bought another IHi" afterwards, was forged and no siood. As I waut a. bottle of jienttiiie fora trieiul I): mine, who is nearly iiitid witii pain, will you please send me oii, direct.- Aldlle. MARIE MLLER. CAUTION.—As tbere are several imi- tations of this pv-jp iration, the public art requested to ASK. FOR M (J S L> A Y S V I K i D I N E." And SEE THAT MI" ATCRK is OIl the end "I each pickaxe. By ordering 'Cora Cure' yon ri,, receive ouo of the many so-called 'rei,] I edies' which only ^ive reliel, or soi'ie worthless imitation ol Viridiue.' 5, n < > | r «- g Op r. „ • m w — — i—( *'T i tn tL c ^v. £ » T? F e £ 2 3? ► • tc «-» 2-'Lr' <- £ 8- ► c § P r? si r-. o pn tn H o £ irZ co • c. p B 7„ .7. J 5 Q H tk 5^ ♦ O 2 p i__ (— > | H T* ^>■■ E "> k-H C> 5?» pa B jr g » L. j hr »- fcj t-1 "SiiSSls* £ 3 ? • |s,-«;?1 i: s I | is? g ?" <- (egtBB S1 jS rH S ■ €° fc S 8. o c i 2? I s"°!o '■ 3" r" £ K Cj h v. 'jj- C C. • & tt re 9 o -— ■ e/> | i-2 w "3 s* fee J? a. h d £ J &« •?> 8. S? m s »= c-. S S sr k >t,|a g so i*v= 3 §• *° <3 D £ £ £ |< S- ■ g V -n r » O Ec i-5 o Sk?T d ir S «• -»—, > i a ki ra *—'1 « U H -s* 5 „ 2 g •< S S D s g £ a y c E t> c 35 <s H»_—> • >— d >, r "c 3 p a,- f. I 5h i n ft c (r" i-5i M ? '(«- O C"^ hH S3 o 'B ue m 5 S 1 O 1 i 1 O) J y •' -■ K &^2 a I > B g -U 1 2 °- H. £ J- ■ £ CO r. 5 tj o cd so is 5 o s r P 5 p w p- s ? ? -i | o so pj £ z X x ?- -.5 •< r -r-. 1 ? o" s kj ■ft 1 f- O » S as K H g. c- g ■ = < V S "C g." £ »■ 1 3 I. g S. ■ 2 = cr. S K- fc 5^5 Sr > ? t 3 ^M £ *» 1 S ,• £ ° a 2 s j.'g :■ o £ ;• c i 93 > O tc • Ksr Q !l X^ 3~r- • <-■ — — ^$-: | «* 3 2. g" g o j* r"i' r1 l-^ ? r r £ g' g 5 £ p: h k r | if B.'esath Freely SleepjCalmljM Francis' Asthma Powder H v3 never failed. GKve^ in3^Qt reliaflin cas -i ut BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, CATARRH, WJDOPINGI oouaa, Ac. d See Testimonials from Professional Gentlemen and theia who have tested the: Marvellous Effect; of this Powder. i Sold by all Patent Medicine Vendors, in 2/9, 4/6, & 11/ Wholesale from W. Sutton & Son, 10, B )!vohureh YardJLondoD. Or to the Proprietor, GOAT STREET, HAVEftvQRDWEaT. WORK! WORK!! WORK! Very little work yea can do while your blood it impure, for disease in soma form or other is gain- ing a firmer hold on your constitution duly. Purify your blood without delay by using HIIG R BLOOD PILLS," wiliah far surpass all ot ier r-) un- dies for the blood. P'ioi h. HI., 2s. \11., _tad -Is 6d., of all medicine vepdora. ADVERTISE iMar E DRONICLE k WONDERFUL MEDJCUUs. BEECHAM'S PILLS c MsATmryf} IS! PILLS. M Are admitted by thousand to be worth a Guinea a box for billions and-nervonsdia- orders, such as wind and pain in the stomach, sick headache, giddiness, fullness I and swelling after meals, Idissiness and drowsiness^ cold chills, flushings of heat I Ides of appetite, shortness of breatn, costivenees scurvy,bictches on the skin, disturbed sleep*; frighttoi dreamy, and all nervous hud tremblings, sensations, dtc. The first dese will givt. re- lief io twenty minutes. This is no httion, lor they ha-o done it iu thoaeanfls of cases. Everv snfierer \~<s iwirneetly in vised to tr, one box of these Pills, and they wi'l be acknowledged so be WORTH A GUINEA A BOX « Pot feKsalesof all a,res tkese Pills are invaluable, as a f £ w doses eafry off 81M grow hnmonrs, open all obstructions, and bring abeai all-thaf, is required. Gj female should be withollt tbew. Tlif^re is no nasaio/ to be found to equal BEECHAM'S PILLS tCl re- moving any obstruction or irregularity of tho aysmtD. If taken according to the directions given with each box they will soon restore fetnales of all ages to sound and Robust health. For a wbak stomach, imp&iied dieettion, and nl! disorders of the liver, they act like "MAGIC," and & few doses will be found to work wonders upon thj Boat important organs of tbe huouiu machine. They strengthen the whole maoonlar system, restore the long lost complexion, they bring back t&6 keen edge- of appetite, and arMMk|to action with' the ROSci- BUI) of health (dto Wule pbvsieal energy of the human frame. TWH^OM 'TACTS" admitted by kbousands embraaftjg tH dassnn of society and cr.e af the beat gaaraot«|i to in* nervocs and debilitate Is Beecham's PiUI haM the UtKge3t sale of any patent nudiemo ««Hd. BEECHAM'S* ItAftlC COUGH PILLS. As a remedy for OtMtM is general, Asthma, ditii mlty of Breathin of Breath, Tightiie"A mlty of Breatbiof, JHmrtBOfM of Breath, Tightness tod Oppression ia M# Okaot, Wheesing, &c., these Pills are nariyalMl; Od mm one labouring under any of the above coupl&ljBtfl need only try One Box to trove that they are the beat ever offered to the public 'or Asthmatic and Coasninptive Coughs, Hoarseness, md Oppression of the Cheat. They speedilv remove kat seBse of oppression and difficulty of breathing vhich nightly deprive the patient of rest. They give dinost instant relief and eomfort to those afflicted with the above distressing and, when neglected, dan- gerous complaints. Let any person troubled with tny of the above complaints grve BBZCBAX'S Couea PILLS a trial. The most violent Cough will io a short time be «moved. CAUTION.—The public are requested to notice that fee words, "Beech4)c'8 Pi £ XB, St. Helen's,' are on he Government Stamp affixed to each box of the ?ills. If not they are forgery. Prepared only, and sold wholesale and retail by the nroprietor, T. Beeoham, Chemist, St. Helen's, Lanca- ihire, in boxes Is. Ud. and 9s. 9d. each. Sent post *ee from the proenjstor fox 15 or 35 stamps.—Sola by ill Druggists anf Patent Hedicine Dealers in the Cingdom. N.B.—Full iiraatiou an (iv« «th ea«h box. Umm Macnatig'litcrn^ B 11 11 WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS, « a SIB* Pitlochry, Terthv h ro Have beon AWATtDKD » PRIZE HKVAL fur u-h ^SVoollen in tho KUIN-BUKGH lNr±'L it NATIONAL, BXHIBITH-.K, I They pay earring# of W ..x: emn 'frfitc tcr mcfsaiactaj» fcitc their cei«;hra*^d PiTlOCHRV TWEEDS, • D;'ESS T*3S. SU'IKFTS. .,t, Hi KB > i -i »IM' Ieri,t;. <'bv h ft 1 v, I, '1 S cbtcined in c*. ooaw about IJd. each dose. ( TARAXACUM AND FODOPHYLMN.—A liver medicine without rae/cury, is a mixture of juiees of the mandrake and dandelion plants, good for h'jadacht'. torpidity, costiveness, fiatnleaoe, heartbntn. iiuu^es- to, biliousness, repugnance to food, dis oernfori, dep«eesion, &c. Pcppsr's Taraxaci:i i l'odc. pb vllin, by stimulating the liver with a m.>-»i. ^entl* I action on the stomach, is the safest, mosi rtiiab c IHl!¡l.icine. Hottles, 2s. 6d. So'd everywhere Insisi ou having Pepper's. To DAj&riru Gazy Sm-fii:.v H," %C<!TORER produces a perfect oat-ural u few days. No hair rest-irer "1, i.o; Lockyer's Sulphur lor :U> ;•<. Jica;i- r. action on the hair, oausing it 1' ».« ;r)w. L* g bottles, Is. 6d. Said everywhere. DEAFNESS, NOTB-BS IN THE EAM. A'—DELT.AB'- ESSENCE ros DBA?S>:HS is still LIW ^ULY remedy 0; any real worth. Its power of c'?ar>na tjie ear passages and often reiievin;; oid cases 1:s been proved during a quarter of a ceiituvy. Applied on o-lton wool. Bottles, la. lid. Sold everywhere # A D^LjonTFi'L FLAVOUR.—CKACROFT'S ARECA-1?ui TOOTH I«KTK.—By nsing th:3 d.-liciottj, Aroniati. !)>>ntifrieiv the cnfvrnel .t tiih v. 'oand, oIoI!{lpu!i¿-)wd like ivory. Is is exceedit:i;!j fragrant, jrd"specially need for rexnoving incrust.. tions of tartar on neglected t.)« L, Sdd by 'j 1 Cben'ii-Jts. Puis, Is. and 2s. (.ch. !u-i Ciacr'ft's LivER COMPLAINT.—Thrr- -FOUMLI- d R-arfunni.II derar.^emente are caused by ir.toirpptioii ot tin Ifver's action. A few dosca of Rino's DANDKIJOX .1 QOUUNK LIVKH PU"L8. without mercury, are a pote; remedy. 1 bey perform all the benefits of rnercniv. witliout any of its disadvantages and dangers Dr. King's Pills remove all liver and stemach co ■ plaints, biliousness, headache, sickness, should peins, heartburn, indigestion, constipation, so ei' ing perfect health. These old-fashioned Pills st« keep ahead of all others as the great liver reined Sola every where. Da. Rise's JLrvtm PiLLS, containing dandelion ar. quinine, without mercury, are far above all ntiL" as th.? surest, mildest mains of removing indigent! >< biliousness, headache, dyspepsia, obstructions a r irregularities of the liver and stomach, so ensuri perfect health. Dr. King's Pills are sold ever vhere To STOP Couoanto, a few doses of PKPPBK" WH:, COUGH MixrwuE arrests the most troubieso me tit jooghing, restoring relief and tranquillity to tj. irritated membranes and ai^aasages. 4o;th ■omfortinK, and demulcent, its ution is quite di: ant from ordinary Cough Remedies. Bottles oot svery bere. F)ofc (VATGR/RSO THE THBOAT AKD KO;JTE, N-. Pxppta's TAXIWO THROAT GAROLB.— An application.. treat service for sore throat, whether inliainui;tv.o. relaxed, or ulcerated. Tannin Gargie is strengiy in commended to speakers, singers, (Sc. as greatI. jervative and sustaining. It is also a vaiu:l< pnrifier \8 a taonth wash, being singularly agreuabie. astringent, -and cleanaiag. Bottles. Sola e.ery where v. SULPHOLINB SOAP IS A TOILBT SOAP CONTAIN: SULPHOLINE.—It is a delicately refined, chemicaii'. pure Soap, intended for general use, and is tree fr.;>n; the injurious acrid oils peculiar to common, impcr fectly Dreparad aoapa. Bnipholin&'S&ap is exceiien- I for washing at all times and rendering the skin s;it c'flar, and pliable. Tablets, 6d. each. Sold ever, iprhere iprhere To ENSURE. CLBA.3 Snn-3felpBt)!fni9 Tiotion cles of all imperfections in a few days.- Spots, Blemiekt Irritating Objectionable Appearances.$.!&edne*s Roughness, Tan, Uncomfortable Skin Disfigure- mentd Ac., however obstinate, entirely fade away, leaving the Skin smooth, transparent, supple, natural and healthy. Perfectly harmless. Salpholine ii delightfully fragrant, cooling and refieshiug: coun- teracts effects of weather, softens, and preserves Bottles 3s. 9d. Sold everywhere. GOBSS, BOTTOMS, AIm EKLARGBD Tom JOINTS.— DRLLAR'S CORK AKD BUNION PLMTSBS are the only renkedy. They differ from all plasters, shields, or sompositions ever invented. By instantly saft^aifig the callous surrounding the pain goes at onoe, the sorn soon followiiy. Bonions and enlarged toe joints require mole ftige forj>erfe«t cure, But thd Mflbn fa mtaia. IMM, Soul by Cfcenuet* *« •re^sM. # •re^sM. # |g§| Jft g [8 .■Bo Cjf^fiii^ SBg^PENNVROVAl-. KWtj H H ■ 9lK s^^ALOESJk BITTER AFPLE.^mT ■ ■ HBBld NO OBSTRUCTION STANDS AGAINST THEM. UNIVERSAL DRUG Co., 19 and 21, Queen Victoria Street, kc. HAVE THE LARGEST S LE OF ANY. Pontjpridd, Llantrisant, and Rhondda Valleys PEEMANENT BSNSPIT BUILDING SOCIETY. 0_ Established 18C6. Incorpon'ted 1874. D I REC-I-OFZS MR. WM. GRIFFITHS, r,.rk House, Cardiff, CbairniHD. MR. JAMES KICHAltDS, Treferest, Vice-ohair- maD. *1R. JOHN MOlvGW, Llar-t.risant, \1E. THOMAS Y Fron, Pontypridd. MR. DANIKL I \,1,1,\ (; hlOt', YD. P'ont)'l>ridC. MH. KlUItAKD ROiJhFiS, I'onfypridd. Advances made on Mace in sums varying from £100 to £ 10,000, repayable in monthly or quarterly sto-lments MORTGAGE AND SURVEY FEES PAID BY TilE SJCIETY. Advances made t the Shortest Notice. For further particulars apply to the Rocretary. MR. H S DAVIES, OLD POST OFFICE CHAMBERS, Pontypridd. II W' S-f 13 -A t4 0 9, ITS. SUITAB LE RJR RT^ROHTS j COLLARS. ST! FF&C. B R SILI L. PHILLIP R. JAS^iES, PONTYPRIDD ANDIRHONDDA VALLEY. I Bill:Poster and Town Crier 4 tJEENTS ALL THE PRINCIPAL POSTING STATIONS IN PONTYPRIDD AND KEONDDA VALLEY. HOESES fesd TRAPS kept for Hire, PIANOFORTE ON HIRE. Offices: Penuel Square, Pontypridd. MADE WITH BOILING WATER NC% E P p s a GRATEFUL-COMFORTING, Ao"" COCOA MADE WITH BOILING MILK. I A South Wales Emigration Office, Pontypridd. JAMES ROBERTS LICENSED PASSENGER AGENT. Books togli parts of tbe "orld and by a!l lines of steams American Passes excbauged free of cost, and his Passengers are met in Liverpool by responsible Agent on-r arriVftl. a"d conducted to the Steamers LOWEST FARES TO ALL PARTSOF THH WORLD QUOTED PONTYPRIDD JOHN CROCKETT & Co. WMOXmTAJLMMB, III fiaaeral Cabinet Makers, and House Fur fiishers. SkeUibiar for Adult Funerals. Goad^ Jot fh*ldrm'$Funerals Wreaths in from twMy JhSdrwn't OoatM fiea IH 7a. 1 dolts 'Coffiaa w .25B. faluhed Oak Coffins with WIaite TMm. aiaga and padded inaide 60B. thollibier to oarry 8 aadaoAa ««t- gide from Paatypridd, Hopkxaatewa, P-typn CoedpmaMB, OkanwoHu tad TVd- foraat to Oaaetofj kmek to carry 6 iMMw Md <MM'<t ee<tm «atoM*liraKaboT«plMMloOMnta9 g 80 "STEALS IN OJLE/IDIFF R. B. BOULTON, ENGLISH AND AMERICAN DENTAL SURGEON ACTON HOUSE, ROATH ROAD, Opposite University College, CARDIFF. I Having had great experience both in English and American systems of Dental practice, is enabled to give his patients the benefit of such experience in a manner which bat very few Dentists can offer; and being the Inventor of the Patent Composition, by which oaly a perfect impression of the month can be obtained, he is enabled to supply beautifnlly fitting Artificial Teeth of guaranteed workmanship, of ratural appearance, and which defy detection. No Sea-horse Ivory Teeth. No 3s. Teeth. No Rubbish of any kinl. E E L IABLE TEE T H; Partial Sets.from 5s. to 30s. Each. Sets Upper or Lower „ 50s. to 20 Guineas Inventor of the Al Amalgam Stopping, as usei by the best Dentists in Europe and America TEETH SAViaD by fillings, which last from 10 to 40 years, at Moderate Fees. Nitrous Oxide Gas administered daily at Cardiff by the best & safest method. I Repairs Executed promptly on our own, or upon work made by other Dentists. Extract from the "Chronicle," December 24 th, The work of the well-known Dental Surgeon, Mr R. B. Boulton, of Acton House, Cardiff, is very highly finished, and is the best work we have ever seen." HOME ATTENDANCE DAILY FROM 10 TO 5. USTOTICIE. Aud at Mrs. HARBIS'S, Chemist, Merthyr. the Second Wednesday in eachljmontfc. from 12 to 3. 31, DANVILLE ROAD, DENMARK HILL, LONDON. Prin ting! P rin ting Neatly executed at the Office of this Paper. C3- OR -C-X- 8 PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS. A MARVELLOUS REMEDY. WHAT WILL IT DO2 "=, It is more than Gold to me,-it saved my Life." WHAT WILL IT DO WHAT WILL IT DO WHAT WILL IT DO WHAT WILL IT DO WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? W dAT WILL IT DO WHATJWILL IT DO? WHAT'WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IV DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT, WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL01T DO? WHAT £ WILL;IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHATSWILL IT DO? WHAT-WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO WHAT WILL IT DO? WH AT-WILL IT DO,? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT Do? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO P WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT;WILL IT POP WHATJWILL IT DO. WHAT WILL IT Do WHAT WILL IT DO P WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO ? 'TMITVLLL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO P WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO f WHAT WILL IT DO P WHAT WILL IT DO If you suffer PAIM in the BACK and LOINS, or between the SHOULDERS, this remedy will effectually remove them. If you ure troubled with IRKITATION of the BLADDER, SuppEtilghlo?. and RETENTION of the water, STONH or GRAVXL, the ONLY SAFB effectual Remedy EVER OFFKBKD TO THE WORLD is GBOBGH'S kl, and GRAVEL PILLS. If tke water is HIGH OOLOORBD, THTCK, and depositing muofc SBDIMKNT, lose no time, procure a box of GEOOGS'S PILL3, and you will soon be RIGHT again. If your Kidneys and Over are sluggish and out of order, this Remedy will gently StiUlkllLI&Lttt these important organs, open up their CLOOGED PASSAGE, and promote the secretion of Saesiltft j bile ant other vitill fluid*. If you are a martyr to Imadin-extion, Biliousness, and Constipation, you have a SURR GHORG^B PILLS. If you suffer from any Bowel disorder, such as Pilos, Con. st paton, flatulence, Colic, you have here a Remedy you can always rely upon. If you suffer from Palpitation, and are afraid that your HEART id affected, yon will find these Pills an EFFICACIOUS REMHDT. If you suffer from Headache and Griddiness, Gecrge'e Pills will remove these PAINS sooner than any other known medicine. If yon have Pain after Hating-, and feel Drowsy r-jid ■jistless^one dose of George's Pills will act like a charm. If yoar Food turns Sour and rises into the mouth, a fdW doses of this Remedy will make your troubles a thing of the past. If you feel Meryous, Excitable, and Low Spirited a perfect ANTIDOTH will be found in George's Pills. If you have a Disagreeable Taste in the mouth, a n SINGLE Dosn of George's Pile and Gravel Pills at bed-time will clear the tongue before the dawn of another day. If Sleep ails to give you Rest. Try George's Pills. ThllY will make your bed easy, sleep refreshing, and Rieviva your STRENGTH. If you feel unfit for Exertion, Weak, and Uuip, this Remedy will restore your ENRRGY and STRENGTH, and will make abour and Exercise the EN^C XKHNT of your life. If von are troubled with -Mansea and Vontitlns* at the thovfM* of patina:, a box of George's Pills will make your meat and drink hit SAVOURY and PLEASANT. It ytut Blood is impure, it will keep open all the importan outlets of the body, and thus give free exit to all GROSS HUMOURS and no more Blood Impurities will be seen burqtjpg through the Skin in JMmpteN, IM<KcheN, Sores Boils. In thousands of case*, it has removed from the Blood, root and branch, Rheumatic, Scorbutic, Scrofulous Taints that had defied all other Remedies. If you have a tendency to Dropsical Swelling-s, thia Remedy, by its action upon the KIDNEYS and SKIN, will soon bring Relief. g If you have Difficulty of Breathing-, this remedy wiL prove A friend to you in the hour of need. It will change your constant ailing to freedom from pain. It will change the sallow complexion to the bloom of health. It will change your sickliness to vigour; your languor to activity and your general debility to firmness of sinew and muscle. It is Aperient, acd therefore will remove Congti. pation. It is Antibilious, and will, therefore, correct all regularities of the Liver. It it Diuretic, and will, therefore keep opefa the water passages. It is Tonic, and will, therefore' give tone and vigour to the DIMSTIYB ORGANS. It is Bloo.: Purifying" and 31 erve-Strengrthening*: it is, therefore ALL YOU WANT. • These World-renowned Fills are sold everywhere, in Boxes 1/li and 2/9 each, j .5 lJOUGH BALSAM. for tie core of Coughs, OoMi no u. H'-wrsenens, Wheetisg, 18- < flu.i.a*, f-Mt'itis? of Blood, Coaamp* /< r- ro>;onif.if». Whooping Oongk Ditfit'iiiiA oi Breathing, and all Afit^ of the Chest and Lungs. P.air».ordinary Care ef a f tx iffiis' standing, deolared belcct h «• •• ipfrir>ner to Administer Oatbfl t 6,.uc!u.b Court of Judioatm% t f: •. i IV. J HK. KY JAMES GAMMAGE, of i i 110 & 117, Widemarsh-sfcreele K I. ify pf Hereford, Contraotor II t. ■! at->r, do solemnly and aift- "•;< 'i» 1.8 follows b,ur. eiuht years ago I had a fl- •• JicmcA of rljeomatio fever, from w hio ^hoij i hid recovered, I had a ri:(i c. and the medical nlan who Ii roe. wi)o is one of the Visit- M » p to thn Hereford Infirm- HIJ i.if ,( n,eQ mf3 that I never could be Ti-oEoii-h!? cuted from it. X r' tj-n tliNt time until about two >s*xc VI) I bave suffered more or leM t» .nu u e hfim« cough, which at times vii.- wi the t.tistu at others. I especially s' -.issitfwou tj hy it in themorttitigawhen » aoi w .-iPD Botnetimea I coughed j onril 1 WH9 t-lmost suffocated, and I vhuii^ht I should be stifled. a DUling those years ] consulted several nifd cai men, from following wrif4?e swi "ice obtained no relief, and i i hsve tftKcn vnrions patent medicines witfc the g mie result, and I had givea up ail hope of ulieviating th"" cough. 4 AiJOUL two yeara ago I was reooma uiended by a friend to buy a bottle of George's Cou^h Balsam, Aud &tth' cHb 1 had no faith in its proving efficacionn, 1 gave way to my frienu's importunities, and purchased a bottle. 6 From the First Bottle of George's Cough Balsam 1 took I felt greatly relieved, and I bought another bottle, which I took, and which effectually cured my cough, 11 and Hj¡,ce thiii time 1 had no retarn of the eciUkih. 6 If I find I have taken cold I take a dose of the bf, lsam as a preventative, and I am now, and have been since I took George's Cough Balsam As free from Cough as I ever WM IS my life. And I make tHa gciamn deolnratioa conscientiously Imiiwvtng the same to be true, atxi hy virtue of the provi- sionll of an Aot irm-le and passed in the. fifth ard sixth years of the reip-n of bis 1-te Majeety King William IV. inti- tilled" An Act to repeal an Act of t$a present Session of Parliament, inti- tuled an Aot for the more effeotaai Abolition of Oaths and AffirmrnKmfl taken and made in various depart- ments of the State, and to substibata Declarations in lien thereof, and fog) the more entire suppression of volun- tary and extra judicial Oaths and Affir. mations, and to make other provisions for the abolition of unnecessary Oaths." Taken and declared at 16, Bedford- row, in the County of Middlesex, thil 9th day of October, 1880, before msfe C. LOCKS MULS., a CAmmissiot^er to Administer Oaths ii the Supreme CJourt of Judicature. HT. inTH GAIOIISB. Mr B. A. OXORGE.— )ear Sir-PJeu8 tead me three gross f Cough Balsam at once, as I shall be quite out in a few days. The sale luring the pre- sent winter has been the greatest I have yet had, as many a thirty bottles having teen purchase at my shop is a day. This has beet saused entirely by the reoommendati a of those wilt- bave 3toted its effioao I 3m, dear sir, 101 a faithfully, PHILIP ALPS, High Town Hereford, J nuary 17, lflSC. OAUTK if The Pnblio are pat-tit larly requested to observe that the wo ia "UEORGE'a COUGH BALSAM" i :e stamped oo each Bottle. None 6. Auine without. The "COUGH BA SAM" will be found peculiarly serv jeable for RE. LIEVING ALL PAD 8, from what. ever causing arising, I ich as TOOTH- ACHE !<-AB-ACHE, <»AIN IN THB CREf" OR BOWEU DIABBHCBA, Ac., ke Sold i: Bottles, at1 and 2/9 by most •Jhemists an« Medieine 7m* dors in the World. B. A. CEOI IGE, MEDICAL 1 ALI, PENTBE, PO TYPRIDD, ( ^AMOKGAITSHIBB. George's Cough Balsam. Members of Parliamect, Military Commanders, Clergymen, fuhlio Speakers and Singe-s, Oaptaius of Ships, Schoolmasters, ctDd others, upon 'ou whom the aggravations of a bad cou^h bad imposed the necessity for relin- quishing their employment, have beea enabled to resume their,engHg»m»nta by taking George's Cough Baisam,