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GEOBGl'S IHFAiHTS POWDERS. Brynhyfryd, Aberavon, Glam., Jan. 31, 1887. ÐUB SIa, Three years ag3 OB^ of my little boyst who bad been convulsed for about seven weeks, was I twice given up by the doctor attending, when, as a last resource, I telegraphed for a supply of your Powders. The elect of giving him one was indeed marvellous, n less than twelve hours he was free from fits, and has *never had one since. I needn't tell you I always keep a stock in band, and should -feel obliged by your sending me another packet —stamps enclosed. Yours faithfully, R. W. LLOYD. Mr B A George, &c. OPINIONS OF TEE rRESS. BABIES IN HEREFORDSHIRE.—The Registrar- Oenerul, in his recently issued "Quarterly returns," refers to the fact that the Dumber of deaths of in- fants has been far less f- Herefordshire than in any other county, being only 65 out of every 1,000 births registered, while in other counties it ran from 164 tc 180 per thousand. This great local | £1,000 Will be paid to any person that will prove the above Powders contain A Thousandth Part of a Grain of Opium in a Ton of them. The Proprietor guarantees them perfectly harmlass to the youngest babe, and that they are more ndivc than any in the market, one fair and unptejudiced trial will convince the most sceptical. Read the remarkable and interesting testimonials around each packet. For Fits, Convulsions, nflammation, Looseness of the Bowels, constant Vomitting, Bronchitis, Sm-til P >x, Scarlatina, Measles, Severs, and all the roubles while Teething, they will be found invaluable if given according to the special directions around each Packet. PROPRIETOR AND INVENTOR- ms, A. gsorge:, I Manufacturing and Dispensing Chemist. I PENTRE and TON, Rhondda Valley. ( 6 Jessing Herefordshire mothers giving their infanti j "George's Infants Ponders," or Enrnpa Lit> j Preservers." of which one chemist a'one in Ber*- j fordshire (Mr P. Riilab) sells more tbnr. all ot*e: babies' preparations p,,iu Journal. I MB B. GEORGE'S MEDICAL PREPARATION'S. — vVith al" | the advantages of wide publicity, article? in them- selves worthless cstu have no enduring hold on the j public; but if they be oc vuiu?, th-in it- oul; requires to -nake them known irt order to creat* and maintain for them trie ad-autages of publu I demand. This has heaa the case pre-etriinenttj I with Mr George's Medical Preparations—notably I his Earopa's Infant Powders, which have tounc their way throughout the United Kingdom, thf English Colonies, and t'oe United States, and art appreciated by all heads of families who admitiisU": them to titaeir little ones. Mr George, having found a remedy for the maoy ailments incident*; found a remedy for the many ailments incident*; to infantf, deserves the acknowledgement of the public for his enterprise in making his preparation* known, and we are giad to hear that in addition tc the gratification be must feel by the rwany testi- monials he receives of the efficacy of his Infant? Powders and Coogb Balsam, h.s commercial r« ward is secureJ.-l1Ierthy¡' T:eU'ltph, -'hy 11, IBS? NEW MUSIC SHOP e PONTYPRIDD. NEW HIRE SYSTEM FOR PIANOFORTES FROM hs MONTHLY. THOMPSON & SHACKELL, LIMITED, F QUEENS BUILDINGS, CARDIFF. &0., &0., &0. _4.- NEW HIRE SYSTEM FOR AMERICAN ORGANS FROM 10s MONTHLY. THOMPSON & SHACKELL, LIMITED. NEW HIRE SYSTEM FOR HARMONIUMS FROM 10s MONTHLY THOMPSON & SHACKELL, LIMITED. LARGEST AND BEST STOCK OUT OF LONDON TO SELECT FROM. Jftw Catalogue with Photographs andfully detailed particulars, sent, post free, on application- THOMPSON AND SHACKELL, LIMITED, 86, TAFF ST., ZBqiET'ID'Y'IF'IR/XPID _u_- A.B.-List of BARGAINS FOK CASH j J.-SO published Tuning orders promptly attended to. GRAND Display of SPRING FASHIONS HUMI BROTHERS. Queen Street, Cardiff, ARE NOW SHOWING ALL THE LEADING NOVELTIES IN Manties, Jackets, Costumes, Millinery, Straw Hats and Bonnets, Laces, Ribbons, Gloves, Hosiery, Dress Materials, Washing Dress Fabrics, Black and Fancy Silks and Velvets, Sunshades and Umbrellas. ALSO THE VERY -Best Value in Everg description of Household Drapery y P. A VISIT RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. I, PATTERNS POST FREE. TERMS—CASH. J MEDICAL ADVISER. ¡ (Beautifully Illustrated): Post tree with Sketches and Derails for Self I Cure, (under cover J, 6 stamps 'From „ J. WILLIAMS, MEDICAL PUBLISHER, P.M.V.,1 22, MARISCHAL ST., ABERDEEN. THE P8CKET MEDICAL ADVISEE. For the Self-treatment of Nervous and Func- ( 11 tional Ailments, inducedby Overwork, Worry, Excesses, and other enervating influences, and their Associated Evils. BY THB NEW LOCAL TREATMENT. A boon to all desiring self-cure without re- course to physic or the family doc.or.-Medical Review. A country parson writes thus:— Four Guide has cured myself and many parishioners.' SPFFEBEBS should procure this handy Referee on various Ailments, and thus avoid doctors' ees and objectionable medioine.-Gazettee gjg Vide—Medioal Adviser. j THE PUBLIC HEALTH Is of the utmost importance. Nothing can pre- serve it like HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS. Try a box of them and you will be convinced of their marvellous influence for all Blood, Skin, and Nerve diseases. Price Is. lid, 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d. Of all medicine vendorn- CADBURY BROS. direct attention te the Dutch Cocoas and other English imitations, scid as pure Cocoa, to whieh about 4 per cent. of Alkali and other agents are added, to give apparent strength to the liquor, by making it a dark colour; This a ddition may bt> detected by the soent when atia is freshly opened. No Cocoa can be stronger thaa Cad bury's which ii guaranteed ABSOLUTELY PURE. mmumFmni ol have a positive remedy for the above disease by its use ziousands of cases of the worst kind and of long standing have been eured. Indeed, so strong is my faith in its efficacy that I will send TWO BOTTLES FREE, together with. VALUABLE TREATISE on this disease to any suffered Give Address in full. DR. T. A. 8L0GTOU fib IhualtoeCti f&rri&gdob Street, London. J 1 INFANTS' POWDERS, Marvellous are the effects of "GEORGE'S INFANTS' POWERS" Upon the Infant System. They are not only the very best and safest Medicine mothers can give their little ones during the anxious period of Teething, but they act as a certain Specific for Fits, Inflammation, Bronchitis, Diar rhesa, Small-pox, Scarlatina. Measles, &c., &c. Sold by most Chemists, in packets, 1/li, or from the Proprietor, B. GEORGE PENTRE, PONTYPRIDD British School, Ystrad Rhondda, I Nov. 17th. 1878. Dear Mr George, Please, accept my most sincere thanks for the Powders that you sent me, for I really consider that they have saved the life of our little Maggie, who had all the symptoms of Convulsions, which began to abate in LESS THAN AN HOUR AFTEE SHE TOOK THE FIRST DOSE. I beg most heartily to commend them to every mother as the best medicine I have ever seen used. Yours obediently, W. G. HOW ELI, •INFANTS'JOWDERS. Barks JHT Rji*|nroE?SHiM.-r/ft» Rtglfllrar jfonexftMin his recently sued ^Quarterly »«Brng, refers to tha not Coat the nttitfDBr of deaths of in- fante has been far -less in Hereford* shire then in oounty, being only 66 out of every thousand births registered, while fa other counties it ran from 164 to 180 per thousand. This gveat local blessing is largely due to tha (federal prnctioe of fierefordshira mothers jiriving their infants "GEOUSE'H InvARTS' ,Palw^ JOIN "ii of which one oh. milt alqpe ia fl^wforda^iire (Mr P. Ralph) sells mare than all other babies' preparations pat together. The above are iFfew of the maay thonsaud ezpreasieas of'the* public as to the uaivera*! esteem in which they are held by all who have tested their ondoabted power upon infants and yoang children. IMPOBTAKT.—The Proprietor wishes those that give GEORGE'S INFANTS' POWLSSS a trial, to understand that the first dose often prodaoes vomiting, this must not alarm them; it is only a proof that the medicine is prodaoing hopeful effects. ^ATJTIOW.—When you. ask for GEORGE'S INFANTS' POWDEBS See that yoa get them, as other appa- rently cfreap bat worthless substitutes may be offered by nnprincipled par- ties. Every qenuine packet has the proper labpl, and the Inventor's Sig- nature written on the Government Stamp. NoTKN.—The title GEORGES INFANTS' POWDERS is copyright, and registered under the Trade Marks Act. *#* Avoid all Soothing Syrups and so- called Powders containing Opium they kill more infants than all the diseases put together. Sold by most Chemists and Medicine Vendors everywhere, at ljIl per packet. THE LATEST MARYKL. Mr B. A GEORSK,— D6*rSii ,— B# tcwod ftwoagh te ferwar4 me another gross of YOttr Coagh-Balsa^' the 8&1& of which is rapidly ii#f#aiis^ if this district; imined. t'have aevar knew* any Coagh M..dicinp: that has se abiained so greM a and ghran saaa uirarsai Katjsfact)«N. I Ma. de*: Sir, Yttma ftttttftHy, PHILLIP RAliPft zkb Tewa, Horofo). j 4a«ait *7 1%79 —————————————————— 1 ADVERTISE IV THE CHRONICLE









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