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WCKL E&FUL RESULT! OF USING HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS, Are constantly reported from all parts of the civilised world. The most obstinate diseases caused by IMPURE BLOOD are cured by this REMARKABLE HEMEDY. -n- HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS Are unsurpassed as an effective REMEDY for an those DAN- GEROUS DISEASES which have their origin in DISTEMPERS and IMPURE BLCOD. Testimonials from all parts of the world have been received testifying to their power in curing 'the following Diseasec :— I PCUKVY, FCEOFULA, POIL9, SKIN r.KATWHE, BILIOUS2V LSi?, NEURALGIA, I NFRVOUIqNEII-q, SOEE EYES, FITS. RHEUMATISM, DISTEMPER, GIDDIMESS, ICORTIVENESS, WOUNDS I | ULCEUS, I Ac., A.o., &c., HUGHES' BLOOD T ILLS have proved to be the most effectual of all medicines discovered in the Nineteenth Century. gt—l Jl M' ■■ tfT;;rjrr? -c The MAKVBJ :OJS CUEKS wrought continually viz HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS Have teen so minimus ard complete that the Potts-ere moved to sing their praises, of which the following is a proof:— HCGHFS' FLOOD PILLS for the manifold ilia Tb nt asthit the human frame,- Have been tested atlurge tlnoiitfb valleys and hills, And hiive etirntd » world wide fame: They're potent in vanishing every disease. That affects the vitnl Blood Sestoring rjj*. paiieiifc to we"} and same, And Uiake his condition good. No man whope Blord lIe infected with corruption, Can ne er crj'.y M healthy constitution Bat most be in pAip, ard restless right and day, Till the f( u) fl!AJ> dy is driven away IiUGRPIS' BLOOD PILUB will this great boon affect. And from the system seeds of death eject. Then-fame is pone to m<iny u foreign land, And is admitted now on every hand; From oot to mansion do their praises sound And testimonials reach as from all round HUGHES' BLOOD PILIAI receive no empty praise, Bat are commended by the great and wise. So important dnty it is to keep the blood, In perfect order and condition good,- I That I would fain advise the sore afflicted, To guard against its further being neglected I Hiauss' BLOOD PILLS will soon effect its cure, Of this to all concerned I can assure. ■- • s HUGH Els' BLOOD PILLS. •fhis noted meeicine acts directly upon the Bloed aild Jvieea of the human system whioh they Strengthen sud I'urify. By so doing the Liver, Kidners, Heart, Lungs, Stomach, Bowels, Brain, and Kerves are renewed and bonttd to sach a degree that their functions are perfectly performed, scouring o the man healthy days. Sold by all Chemists and Patent: Medicine Yandors, at Is lid, as 9d, 4a 6d. By Post la 3d. 2a 11 Ud 4e 9d, from the PHOPKIETOB aad DIBCOTXRKtt, JA(JOB HUGHES, HANUFACTUBING CHEMIST, Penartt I Cardiff. Ask your Chemist to get them for you. ,c E- 1 E- T MALT W i, N E DeHeiool slow40m=.JPOI& levali& .i>"»*»«■■> TnrT» Impcirtaa|Mwtile* Teelbaeeial from SL Hopkrwfl, M, EoaMitaTttMiMMMaMHijh,, M. AMOS HM«, ■„ nbllaaaaM. P——lTth, Mm Dtu Bus,—I k«| te 'fH at mania ef miu '• Kxtraot oi Meat aM Malt Wln^; also eaa yea mm a short time barffc I hay.9/m. Patients Jt, an* as a SMfc-Jeamlnf, a* ««|tt prododnx «*nnt!l oonaider H seoond to •QuaO? a»«ful S.A—«*»» XZl&TZhmi IIHM, Co1emø A eo. r.P.8. Sold b* all nr. Wins MembNO4 am Patent not etna Vwderi in tEeUaitel Bljloa, In Booties 2s. M. and SaTU eaoh. Ask tar OMiBMilRB U1BIOT EXTRACT OF MBAT AHP MALT WINB, a^d -see thatyaejSt 11" "f ft«n Is ui dtiSealty to the WtaM, writs street to the iSanmfaetarara, woe will iorwari sla Pin. Betas teee by 11000 sssslf I of » stamp* ttMOt » » M Do 4 «mi suroria I: CO., St. IJttamBXM* M" of nomm mwnim is tb8 OIU V Mi^vkiaiotMMDhMrta tali M l>aww< S|t ll» mm 4 Biiln Mod" I amti ft Ä.Di ()b. B. L. Omp) my If "1 AMgHM M W9 flfki BQf FREDERICK PEARSE, Builder and Monumental Sculptor Marble, Granite, and Stone Works, P0N1 YP&IDD. MoBometfs, fombs, Tablets, Tombstones, &c.; of any description to order. LITTERING (Inlaid with lead or otherwise) Accurately and Neatly executed.—Estimates given for all a'assea of Work. BSfAlM HVMBTAKII, FOREST WOOLLEN FACTORY RUN, tmdth* Jtmrbtt, FantypriM. S. G. JONES, Woollen Manufacturer of Cloths. Blankets Coverlids, and every'kind of Plain and Fancy Welsh Flannels, Stockings, Yarns &c., all home-made at moderate prices. Coantry work promptly attended to. (Inuuiin IN PearrrBiDD 15 Y|ABS), ADVERTISE IN THE 11 CHIRONICLE SOUTHERN RUBBER CO, a er Poo s Waterproofs! Waterproofs!! TO BE SOLD AT A GREAT SACRIFICE. 1 During the months of Maich and April we purpose Clearing out the whole of our Surplus Stock at GREATLY REDUCED PRICES CONSISTING OF Gentlemen's Waterproof Tweed Coats from 13s 6d Ditto Ditto with capes „ 14s 6d Gentlemen's Waterproof Tweed and other Leggings from is lid Ladies' Waterproof Mantles, best Make „ 4s lOd Waterproof Carriage Rugs of various qualities from 6s 9d Waterproof Nursing Aprons „ Is Oilskin clothing in all qualities and various prices. Footballs of Best Quality 3s Id to 8s 6d I HOT WATER BOTTLES, CUSHIONS, AIR PILLOWS, BED SHEETING, 4c. j AT CLEARING PRICES. The above Goods, forming the surplus balance of the present Season's Siook, are in splendid condition and of excellent value, and must be cleared out to make room for STTIMIJVEIER GOODS. I Wholesale buyerfJ liberally dealt with. THE SOUTHERN RUBBER CO., 80, High Street, Pontypridd. A SPLENDID SHOW OF Confectionery, Cnocolate, Biscuits,1 AND FANCY GOODS, AT J. COOMBES; Market steet, Pontypridd. TRY OUR CAKE, IT IS THE BEST AND CHEAPEST, Great SALE of Ironmongery Goods. A Rare and Seanunable Opportunity for the Public. In conseqaenco of the removal of the large Stock of Ironmongery Goods from the Olcl Warehouse (in view of preparing for the erection of the proposed Arcade between Market Street and St. Catherine-Street, M. EVANS AND SON, IIROISl ZMZOINTGKEIR/S, 88, Taff. Street, and Evans' Court, Pontypridd, Beg to announce that they now offer, at a great sacrifice, a large assortment of General and Furnishing Ironmongery, Colliery Requisites, Household Goods, &c., &c.. Including Patent Packings, Steam and Chalk Gun Metal Fittings; Bedsteads and Beddings, Pfctent Open and Close Fire Ranges, Register Grates, Gas Chandeliers Oil and Colours, Fender and Fender Irons, Coal Vases, Trays, Filters, Teilot Ware, Catlary, Baths, Electro-plate, Lamps, Stoves, Guns, Pistils, Revolvers, and Spertingrequisites' iM. S. h SON are Agents for patent Washing and Mangling Machines, and Agricultural Implements of all kinds. The above Clearance Sale of stook affords an excellent opportunity to the pitlia 'tf obtaining Good CHBISTMAS AND NEW YEAR'S BARGAINS. Experienced Workmen kept in the Gasfitting, Electric Bell Fitting, BeBhangiag, and Smith and Tin plate Work in all their branches. The Ironmongery Goads described above must be CLEARED AT AN ASTONISHING SACRIFICE Inspection is Sespeetfolly Solicited, as prompt Cleuuci is INM. Note the Addrøøø- T M. EVANS AND SON, iJ. v 88t Taff Strut, Pontypridi.