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I' PUBLIC NOTIJES. « i • 'i foil EVAMS & DBA PEKS, PONTITPRIDII Jth M » + > MYRDDIN D VIES' ) Fruit Couji'li 13alsam A permanent cure of all disorders of the Chest, Langs, Throat, viz :—Congh, Difficulty of Breathing, Hoopi»g Cough, Hoarseness, Loss of Voice, Influenza, Asthma, Bronchitis, shortness of Breath, Spitting e€ Blood. Its action on children is direct, safe, and certain. J. MYRDDINT DAVIDS. A.P.S.. Conanlting and Dispensing CdEHIST (By Examination.) (Late Qualified Dispenser of Medicine of the Apothecaries' Hall, London, 4, OX-"ORD STRfcKT .SWANSEA. To be obtained o most chemists, in Bottles, Is lid Is 9d, and 4", 6d each. Auy Chemist not having it in stock wHl immediately obtain it if requested to do so. London Agents: Newberry and Sons; Thompson Millard, & Co., Itnd all other Patent Medicine Vendors. Agents throughout the RHONDDA VALLEY. — 1 SILO AM, GYFEILLON. j CYNELIR E I s fr I) I) F 0 t, GADEIRIOL yn y Capel uchod BIDD (iWKNEtt Y CKueLiTH, 1888. i JPMF DDARNI'r Cor, lieb fed dan 30 o rhif, a gaao yn oreti, "Y Fiynon ger fy Mwth," (Gan Alaw Ddu ;) • Gtcobr Y,5, a chaJair IT Armtlfyld. Veirniaid—Mr P. Yomtb (9-8 Hafol), CNU; a Mr CoMJtett < ostlett (Carn Elian), Bard ioniattb. Jfroprammf-8 yn awr yn barod, yn cynwys yr bolfo'r testynau, yw cael gan yr Yssjrifenydd, MOiiOAA MORGAN, Ty RbouddH., Hopkinstown. .— —— ESTABL8IED 39 YEARS; E S"v GEORGE GoO I MAtt Pawnbroker, Clothier, Jeweller, and Furniture i.ealer, .3.t 4, TRAM-ROAD, }'ONTYI'RIDlJ la c.,jr. iiequonee,f the low rate of wages existing t. J;t; ^reeent ■<. in the neighbourhood, will bis Large n vj,.ri(-d Stock of New and SECOT'HBND tLOTHlNG, JEWKLLERY, WATCHES X.C., At Prict-8 that wili meet tne requirements of all ChNl8fï. Intending pur <>••»««« of ary < f the above C >dewillbe -,At It rep"" by a visit before pur- el asir.g elsewt'f-re, A p od assortment of New • fcr.d Hw '.jd-hi\nf! IiOUSEHOLD FUKN1TURE BED'TNi't, Ac. To be Sold for i-r pxrft- «i by WEEKLY INS' A L VF.'NTS, to sir- lie Purchaser. M<ney ;Idvv,, ced 1,- Hr-y funourtou Deposits of I'teei's, (,indc,, < Ji-welleiy, an,, othtr £ amities. GEO. OOODMA.N- 3 £ 4, i >um h<>i'd, Pot'ijiprtdil tmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmi^ 'VVITIT-L -A- Max j (Fenterdawe) WORM LOZENGES!1 hi aaartv Thirty T«u« tUa hifhlr lAAh !■* b» mM wltt dw ffirtwr muw AirfMni fakiB D»Mwto CM14MI <«{tam *«••• u kM«nM») li tt« MMde. OattliwrMof «■ torwBtta*WWklMtkM |H Umm, tkaibio. CUM kaoMMa ■ m Ufa*, ■ T> • tmn for MBW ttax mt* JOB er W«nu my fuofly, tad And tham ««]rviw uJ aOcairioas «n tm MMMM, ul tMt wwii»i «sd uJ aOcairioas «n tm MMMM, ul tMt wwii»i «sd far*> ta > fr<Mt neommuifeilon tor ChiMnB. H w. EVKIIIIOI,TATR at Hew* ■ Seid m» Hd^\H<L. m*4 U.U. C*mi*; or/or u«rM ««—»■,>r— ■■ I DAVtEl, OHEHOT, 80, HMM 8MN, 8WHKSO. ■ A tAlI of ^■1'—, ». AwHoti—. c" TO LET, GOOD DWELLING HOUSES at JLewiB' Terrace, Graigwen Koad Kent, 22/- per Month, clear. Water laid in.-Apply to WIL- LIAMS, Painter, '.40. 1, Lewis' Terrace, Pontypridd. PONTYPRIDD MUSICAL SOCIETY. THE ABJVE SOCIETY Has been formed, and will be worked on strictly NON-SEC iARIAN PRINCIPLES, And Bapported by the giving of frequent Concerts, the First of which will take place On Thursday, April 12th prox. Practices will be held in WE8LEY SCHOOLROOM, On Wednesdays, from 8-15 to 9.30 p.m. Those wishing to join will kindly attend next Wednesday Evening. The enrolling Ftle of Sixpence per Member will cover all expenses. The Society was formed on Wednesday, the 22nd of February, with a nucleus of Forty-five members. CAERPHILLY CASTLE. A GRAND llSTEDDFOD Will be held in the far-famed rains of the above Castle (by the kind permission of Lord Bate), ON WBIT-MOFDA Y, MAY 2Ut, 18eS PRESIDENT: SiR MORGAN MORGAN. ADJUDICATORS I Eos Morlais, Mr. Tom Price, A.C., and Dyfed. Chief Choral Competition We never will bow down," £ 30. Male Ptfty, JB5, Juvenile Party, £3 Solos, jEt each. Chair PrtZM Awdl on Stanley," jB5 and ehair, Ac., Ac. ¡ Programmes by post, l £ d. from 2 f). WILLIAMS, Soretary, CaerphiHy. TREDEGAR CHAMBER OF TRADE ATHLETIC SI0RTS. ¡ EASTER MONDAY. The following evente will be oomp ted for :— 120 YARDS T PAN HANDICAP.—First, Prize, A4 4S. 2nd do., £ la. 3rd do., 10/6. Entrance Fee, 1/6. 440 YARDS OPEN HANDIC/IP —First Prize, ta 38,; 2nd do., 91 Ie., gr-I dl)" 10/6. Entrance Fee, 1/6. 260 YARDS HUJtuLK BACH, (Eight Flights of !Iard)M).—FirNt Prize, A3 Si.; 2^d do., £ 1 Ia. Entr.,noe Fee, I/. ONE MIL* HANDICAP (OPPN\—First Priz>\ £ i 4I; 2nd d<> XI Is; 3rd do. 10/6. Entrance Fee, 1/6 HiOMjoMp.—.ELls..Eutraacefee, ø- Numerous other Events see Dills. All entries to be pent to Mr G. T. Hodge, Trf- ilegax, on or before March 28th. Admission to Field, 6d., Enclosure, 1 UAfi BOX OF ULAJ^Kbi'y B41 iTLLb is warrau ted to cure all dischargee from the urinary organs, to either sex (acquired or constitutional), gravel, and pains in the back. Guaranteed free from morrnry aoltl in boxes. 48 6d each, all chemiats and patent aiedicii.e endore or sent for sixty stamps by the Makers, The Lincoln tMid Midland Counties Drug Co.. Lineob.. 0URE FITS! Whex. I my cure I do not nwtt merely to atop thecn for a tn- and ihen hare theai retuna apHa. I mean a ra-iknl (rare. >' hare nftdo thf diwaae of FITS, KPILKPSY or FALLIN(I ICS:NE.-5ii a hfe-loDg etuif. I warrant my remedy to oust Ae worst-cawe B*«ansf ]»are failad ii so rcuaa far ot now receivnir a eore. Send at one* for a trmtua ul a "wee Bottle of my infallible m aedy. Give Addreaa in hi. t eonta yon nothing for a trial, m4 I will tan you. Atfma >iu H. G BOOT, 6, PIFM VRNT Ck« JlarriofdoMt., umdafc HOW TO MAKfcl MONEY I Ah There's the iub — HOW ? V EARf.Y every sphere of labour is good, but 1* there are openings and here is one—Buy a Bottle of HlGON'S FLUID HERBS, make sparkling delicious Beer, and Sell it at Collieries, Works, Railways, Foundries, Fetes, Fairs, Raoes, etc., wherever thirsty men are to be f j«nd MONEY may be made easily and honestly, giving satisfaction aiine to Buyer and Seller. ° HAGON'S BMER yields a handsome profit even when sold at the low prioe of a half-penny per bottle. One 6d. Botile makes Four Gallons. One ls. It „ Twelve do. HAGON'S FLUID HERBS is a compound of Yarrow, Burdock, Comfrey, Sarsapariila, Hore- hound, Hops, etc., and is NON-IN TOXICATING. Western Mail, August 19tb. 1888. We can hnnetltiy say that the drink (HAOON'S BKKH) is &h< r tughiy refreshing and cooling, and supplies a want in summer beverages. No boiling is re- qm ed in its manufacture; the directions are simple and easily carried out, and when made the drink will amply repay the trouble." SOLE MAKER A.. HZ^a-OiT, MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, 39, BRIDGE STREET, CARDIFF, Sold by all Grocers everywhere. In-sist on being eufpii.-d witn •• HAOON'S aad n-jte TLAde Mark, J* al-JOO, wiuOuut which none are genuine. GROCERY! GROCERY! GROCERY! FOR GOOD QUALITY IN Groceries and Provisions At veiy Low Prieetl; go to the Town Supply Stores. Home Cared Bacon <Sc Best Carmarthen Butter always in stock. l'neir Teas at 1/4, 1/6, tl: 2/- is uttegnailed. THE TOWN SUPPLY STORES, 76, Taff-sireet, Pontypridd, T. W, JONES, Proprietor, A CARD. AN IMPOHTA*T DI«COVM.S* is annouooed in the 1 aria Kigaro," of a valuable ieiaeiy for nervous debility, pbjaio&l exhauatioii, and earJy decays. 1 he discovery was tnvde by a missionary in Old Mexico tt saved him from a miserable existence and^n iaily grave. ie^rn tn*t tUe Hav Josepn Hoi J.M, Bloomsbary Mansions, i^-oonasbury Squa.e, London, W.C., will sejud the pieser ptiot.a flee of charge, on receipt of a self addressed idlamped envelope. J'FOR THB BLOOD is THa LiM. -ContMoiattion of the blood-the result ol Contagious Diwase, heredi tary taint, or foal matter of any dtscription-posi- T *1 by t&kixig "Clarke's Vvond-famed Blood Mixture." For scrofula, scurvy, eczema, skin and blood diseases, ai d sores of all kinds it s effects are marvellous. In bottles, 2S 9d and lis each of all chemists. Purchasers of Clarke's Blood Mittore, beware of worthless imitations. t" i

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