Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

7 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



"A FRIEND OF MINE." Travellers who have gone "far countries for tlv see say tha.t they find hnmau nature pretty much the s'tme all the world over. They find wide variance in eolonr of pkifl. ic phys; cal contour, in mental charncteiisticB, h it in tbe PB- sential elements that control social conduct, the h man family is a brotherhood. The law, unwritten, found in no statntc hof>'r. 0> forced by no court decrees, but having on iufh. circumscribed only by the limits of f, sp.-w. i< the law ef kindness. Atnong peoples where crnelty to no" kin0 almost a fixeil habit, who are end as friends scarcely le^s to he dreaded, "h natures revel in fi.>nr?i3h atrocities, tjhere vet lingers the spark of divinity which lifts hi an above lh-» beasts. Sorrow meltr. the human heart wnpt'.v" fro"nd, "rd sympathy mineles it3 tears with grief ;¡!J the w< over. Where pitv does not dwell, there hv^s no t}..ip\! of htiman kind. lf is "the touch of nature that make., the whole world kin." What a terrible world this would be to live in were it not for the sympathy and shown us when sorrow come?, for it is tilit in all liv--M "some days must be dark and dreary." The thousands of voluntary testimonials which th- proprietors of Warner's Safe Cure have received i •> reaard to the efficacy of that remedy, reveal tl »• "touch of nature" in a peculiar manner. Tbe :n'f majority of them P-knowledtze that it was thr%ij!» some kind friend who, in pity for their sufferings, l»n >. made known to them the wonderful merits of this grpat remedy. The testimonial of Mr William H. Pearce, of 45, St. Anne Street, Liverpool, is a fair sample. For months; hewasgre-tly troubled with terrible pains in f,~ ■». small of his back, and was constantly obliged to I\t from bis duties. He ha.d no appetite, fo-d being ob- noxious to him, and his mouth in the m-ain!" tasted greasy, and hi3 tongue was thickly ccat^d. He ""1\- snlted his medical man, wboinforiiied hiri tbithe wpq suffering from kidney disease. He made use of the doctor's nrescriptio* s. but did not imrrow '.N t, Inst," he says, "a friend advised'me to trv Warner SaV. Cure, which I did. and eontinned tikin" ;t regularly, according to directions, for some thiw* months, with the result that to-day I am pe'-fe-t'y cnred man, and have none of the distressing s\mp- toms fiom which I previously snffered. How many men there are to-day in the wot-ld rOllniting ont lives of usefulness, making the worhv hapDier and better, who would have long since pas-el" to the other shore, had it not bpen for the )o\!n". kindness of friends shown in the practical way mertioned by Mr Pearce. This great remedy, of whose merits people from sill, qnsrters of the globe bear willing testimony, i" r sale by all chemists, at 41; fid per hottle, or can be Yi>vd. direct of H. H. Warner & Co., 86, Clerkenwell Road^ London, E.C.






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