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w iOCAL & DISTRICT INTELLIGENCE PONTYPRIDD. 'ST. CATHKRINE'S VESTRY.—At the anrnal vestry. > J lield on Thursday evening lasft, at the Llanwonn< 'Vestry-hall, the new vicar presiding, Messrs W ) II. Key and Phillip Loughor were re-eleoted church. • wardens, and Mssera Daviea and Aehtoil as sides. en for St. Matthew's Ccedpenmaen.-A vote *f -A. ,"js. dolence was passed with the widow of the late 'T.'CVC* to whose sudden death the chairman referred i ir feeliDg teems. A vote of thanis was also passec. '*• -to Mrs Davies, who now resides at Aberystwith, j for the handsome altar cloth presented by her to the church, in commemoration of her departec iiUbbnn<i. ST. MATTHEW'S CHUBCH, CORDPENMAFN. A Wl.nce-sbpet has just been published showing thaI the oost of erecting this mission church was £ 1^ 19" 6d and that the balance in hand amounts tc £4 15s 6d. This oeatifal church ewes its erectio: to The energy and zeal of the late vicar, the Rev. D Griffith l>n-i«S, M.A. PONTYPRIDD HIGHWAY BOAE^.—1The monthlj meet- ing ot this Board was held on Wednesday, whe;. thero were prpsent Messrs J Lewis (m the cbairj. -W John, P J Dann, P Phillips, MCule, T flonteg), H Anthony, A Cule> EJobn, and Bland} ienkiua.-A letter was read from Mr Mackay statu* t'uat he was prepared to hand over next month. Would the Guardians state what H anything, they wished to have done to it ?—After a irief conversation, it was decided that a committee visit the place and report.. ilUoiCAii FESTIVAL.-The choirs intending V take p -rt in the annnal musical festl^!a^Pe 9j Meth.dis Chapel, Pontypridd, on Whit-Monday, are making earnest efforts to complete then »fficie«.cy, united rehearsals being regularly held. Air. John Thomas, Llanwrtyd, will again wiela the baton on the occasion Dumed. W AN1 ED a Boy over 13 years of age, as appren- tice to the Printing trade. Apply at the Office of thi: Paper. MOUNTAIN ASH. The following is the result of the election of members for the Mountain Ash Loc^{,BJoar^ Jones WWR Yeo and J. W. Jones W. Little, 306, "Mr. J. M. Greenhow, 567 Mr. W. ^evan' A17 EOUTH WARD (one member).—Mr. D. Llewelyn, 217 Mr. 8. Evans, 122. Au asterisk denotes an old member. VK«T*T —A Vestry meeting in connection with St M.rgaret's Cbuich was held °n Thursday even inn the Kev. B. Lloyd, vicar, presiding. Mr. J. P. Heinish was unanimously re-elected people s warden Mr. M. Morgan vicar's warden. OUATOUO PMIOBMASCI.—On Thursday evtniug, at St. Margaret's Cbnrch, the sacrad orRtoiio entitled Gou, Thou art Great, by Spohr, was tendered in excellent styleJ»y the church cW folic w ed by a selection of sacred music. The organ ^a» ™P™rted by brass and string instruments. There was a large and appreciative audience present^ One PeDDY Packet of EDWARDS' DESSICATED enrp will make a basinful, which for tlavon is unfqnsiUtd.-Agent, HA&xu, grocer, Tag Bueet, Pont. ypridd. YNTSHIR. TBS LOCAL BOARD E".crION.- W. B. Mathias 800h d u wslWOTerrtd triumph in the recent contest lor the seethe had « well AlI- WoreN the Y strad Local Boeid. It bad been feared that the voting pc werinFerndalewoeW have swamped the other cortices of the V dIey, but the ratepayer, ehowed "dom it declaiing so strongly for Mr Mathiss, bc is a remarkably clear-headed and fair-minded imf mb%r, &Ld wbese stake in the disifict is a large ore. }i: practical acquaintance with snch huge works as P.p Boaid will shortly have to ntdertake pre-eminenti; fits hsm for the bnsinese of the com- ing three years- We heartily coBgratnlate hio, apes his snbstan »al majority. 8T. Ann's VKSTKT.-The Easter Vestry was held this year for the first tio.0 ia this ehurch, when \b- Vicar (the Kev. David vrsncia) preeided. Tbt- Tear's accounts were produced, and showed a balance in hUld (,f IS 11, 6d. Mr lboman Jones (Maindy) -its appointed vicar's warden, and Mi phiDip Ixmebor was elected the people's warden. Sir John Joaes *nd Mr James L»y»t»ou "1" OF- poiated sidtsmen. A vote of tbilsits was passed with g. eat cordi.Htj-tv Kr James Limbrick (or- ganiet), and Messrs James Royal and John Royal for their past grittitens eerTicpf. BUTTER t BUTTER BUTTER I Beat Canadian Better, 1M per lb.; Finest Irish ditto, Is; Cboicest. from best dairies. Is 2d Margarine (selected), 6d and -&I per lb.—Haras, Taff Street, Pontypridd. TBEALAW. 8rvciAi. SicaTicza.-On unday three special eermorf WMt- pteaebed by Mr Geerge Stephens, R.M.L.P., of Yftrad, at the Wesleyan Chapel, Miekia-road. On Monday tl e same gentleman de- livered I is oopnlar lecture entitled "The five D.'S ,and tl,e five P.'S," or, ']How two Shepherds WOI, two Cn-wns and two Kingdoms each." At interTah a eelection of mnsic was given. The attendance was the large, and the efforts of Mr Stephens re- ceived t xprcasiona of warm approval. HFTIE TOO tried HARBIN' NOTED TEA, at 2s PEK "P.»i,nd v Trv a sample quarter pound, 6d, and you will always uae iL-HAJUU8, grocer, Taff Street, Pont nftdd. YSTEAD. FAD AcciDBKT.-Oc Saturday a little boy Dameel Thomas Williams, eon of Mr and Mrs Williams, oi Bailey Stm t, Ton, cut a deep gash in hiB forehead through accidentally falling into a brook. His eyes, owing to the severe effects of the accident., have since been closed. LLWYNPIA. DBATS or MI OBADIAH RICHARIDS.- On Saturday morning 111 Obadiah Richards, of the Ivor HBe] Inn, died Hfteraahcrt illness, at his residence. He was 27 ye irs of age. YSTRAD RHONDDA. DSATH OF A RISMCCTED INIU.IIIUNT.-On Ilon- the rouaine of the late Mrs Mary Weatoc were inteued at Treorky Cemetery. Mrs Westor had worked zealously with the Good Templar movement and Sunday School for many years The Revs. J. T. Evans, Bodringallt, and Lewit Lewis, Heclfach, officiated on the occasion. Tht large concourse sang Bome favourite Welsh hymns at intervals. The Bodringallt Choir, under tht leadership of Mr W. Williams (Alaw Maohno) tool & prominent part. The neighbourhood has sus- tained a lots in the death of Mrs Weston, bhewaf vt a kind disposition, and ever ieady to support every good cause. CLYDACH VALE. FATAL ACCIDENT.— While working at the No. 2 l>vel at Cwmclydach, on Friday, David WilLams collier, met with a shocking accident. It appear* fey some means a heavy portion of the roof fel tpon Williams, and in consequenpe some of hit limbs were fearfully shattered. He lingered ir agony till Sunday morning when he succumbed tr hiB injuries. The poor fellow was a native of 3Nortb Wales, and leaves a widow aiid one child. LLWYNPIA. DISTRESSING ACCIDENT.—On Friday, a little sin earned Sarah Jane Farmer, daughter of Mrs farmer, of this place, accidentally fell into a tn) •of hot water and received serious burns thereby. Harris, 75, Taff Street, Pontypridd, is agent fo Harris' (of Calne) noted SMOKED WILTSHIRE BACON; also WILKINSON'S NOTED CAM BRIDGE SAUSAGES.



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