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'w. Though you í Rub! Rub! Rub! And you I Scrub! Scrub! Scrub! find that It's not in your power4 In the old-fashioned way I "c:: To do in a day r What Hudson's Will do in an hour! i| WS^PEARM' i|^B|, Jf otn E^Q^S Sj^ L r-, N (1, 1), ti S et J .I ir It 'l -= 0 l II 1. HUDSON'ti' is a pur3 Dry Soap in nle r\i t, in lib., å lb. 8 i ib. paci-r a ts-sc, ,-Dns all waters—makes a foaming lather and keeps the clothes a good colour. JDSON'S Sol',? is excellent for -ig Flannels and Woollen Underclothing, as well as Linen, Shirts, Collars, Sheets, Table Cloths, &c. HUDs fS SOAP for Washing-up. Hud son's is as good for Plates, Dishes, Knives, Forks, &c., as for Washing Clothes. Hudson's leaves No Smell. WORTH ..A IPOTJISro ..A PACKET- t • :!I. ISAAC PROTHL iO. Pontypridd and Treforest, IS AT PRESENT OFFERING EXTRAORDINARY GOOD VALUE In Flour, Potatoes, Bacon, Cheese, T a, Patent Medicines, and Toilet Requisites. Do not fail to see the quality of his goods, and the price at which he sells them, before you go elsewhere. It is a fact that you will be quite ASTONISHED at the MARVEL- LOUSLY LOW PRICES he quotes; especially when yon take into consideration the SUPERIOR QUALITY of the goods offered. FLOUR- Of good colour and quality, makes a first-rate loaf, 2a per score. FINES, splendid quality 2s 2d per score. POTATOES- Best magnums 24 lbs for Is. STJGAR- Bright Crystals, 2d per lb. Light Brown lid per lb. 2 TEA- MABVELLOUS VALUE, 3ld per quarter lb. A fine, rich, strong Congcu, rotbing in I 2 C) town to imtch it, 4id quarter lb. COFFEE- Fine French, in tins. only 10 per lb. OTECEESJE- Firie American only 6d per lb BAOOU- FINEST FRESH Mild Cured, 6d per lb. Shoulders, JOB LOT, 3d per lb. Ali other Goods EQUALLY CHEAP. A Genuine Patent Medicines in Grea1- Variety at Manufacturer's Prices. A SPLENDID SHOW OF CONFECTIONERY, CHOCOLATE, BISCUITS, AND FANCY GOODS, AT J. OOOMBES, CONFECTIONER, Market street, Pontypridd. TRY OUR CAKE, IT IS THE BEST AND CHEAPEST i CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE, TET MORCANIS 4D. CAKE. BEST VALUE IN THE TOWN. NOTE THE ADDRESES,- HOPKIN MORGAN. I '14, Taft Street, and 5, High Street, (LATE HONG KONG), A POIsTTYPR Ii >> i V NEW Ml -ir SHOP INT > 11 y pIIIDD New Hire System for Pianos, FROM 10s. MONTHL THOMPSON & SHACK3LL^ LTMITFD, QUEEN'S BUILDINGS OAS'IFF, &0., &0., &0. New Hirr v*tem for American Organs FROM 10s. MONTHLY, THOMPSON & SHAOKniLL, LIMITED. New Hire system for H ,t, \1 on E S, FROM 10s. MONTHLY. I THOM1 ..JST & SHACIC LL, LIMITED. — Largest m¿ I L Stock out of Londt, I U New italogue, witb ) phsand full particulars,se t p ¡¡-¡-f; on p ation to— HOMFSOft AND SHACKELL,, kit »D, Jr ,j 6:.1 ';¡"iU.c, ,) :i r TTAJ" ST., fY ID, List of ior Cash jast published. TuniTt-j; to. Ub .,L'S "Npw rJ i, e' ¡¥AL ENGLISH L ii.with LitiJSS ACTION, iij Alri cjii ver Casek,j ,,i,. cheapest and « ■ t Levor V\ t<- ift le. 1I\ aThree- r j ■ .t •fioglish Lever .Iull' lied in F II Chruaonaeter "« a>n st, aud Qamt< i j All the Material •i> .ship are .ti..hah. Tii i ivement, •> t GOLD 18-rarat ,band, »anted.}—Ill a 8- r»amf.hlei-Lt :ilr f. it. Russell, .\Uk»-r ?■ Queen, Cathedral Works, 18, Church. Stjreel, j ..vuo >1 ONE BOX OF i ij\H !vlil •> ,LS is war- ranted to cure a'1 s.m- ie Urinary Organs, in eiihar a ititational), Gravel and Pains ii; .'i free from Mercury. Sold in B •• I Chemists. and Parent Median V t for sixty stamps by the Lank P; j ;¡j Midland CountiesDrng Co., t, v "i.l.J- Barclay Sons, Farringdou St. v .i ,:i '¡ wie Houses. Printed by Davict ud 25, Mill. Street, Pnntvpv- ■ « Glffo)orsraiib "Vi^^v. Alar v- ls q.