Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

2 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



CADER IDRIS. ON Cambria's shore majestic Idris stands, And circle vast of heaven and earth commands. Three mighty summits pierce the clouded sky, And three abysses sink as deeply nigh. As many crystal lakes expand below, And thousand torrents into ocean flow; And many a lovely dale and forest green, Adown the mountain's rifted side are seen. There once, in days of yore, a Sage profound Fit seat of Science and Reflection found: There bore the Summer's sultry heat inured, And there the Winter's frosty night endured: There watch'd the Moon slow sailing through the sky, And Planets gliding in a path more high. Then view'd the heaven's sublimer, circling Sphere, The frozen Pole, and great Arcturus near: Survey'd the Pleiades, and Orion dread, When, wash'd by Ocean, first he rear'd his head; And sultry Sirius, and the winding way, Pursued in Zodiac by the orb of day; And higher heaven's wide belt more white than snow, Where countless suns in blaze united glow. Admiring gained a clear unbounded glance Of all the prospect in the vast expanse. The royal Wreken first, reflecting bright The golden glory of Aurora's light; And grand Plinlimmon, and the southern chain Of rival mountains, and Sabrina's plain, And Albion's glistening hills in furthest line Beyond Sabrina's widest channel shine; And glowing Ocean, furthest Cambria's bound, And Wicklow rising from Hibernian ground; And Mona's hallowed groves, and Snowdon dread m nL In high pre-eminence exalts his head; And all Carnarvon to its sovereign bend, And lines gigantic to the seas extend, A mighty Western, mightier Eastern wing, And many a rood of sable shadows fling O'er Conway's foaming flood, where first the line Of lordly heads—the British Alps, decline; And rival Arran's capt with glistening snow, And Bala's vast expanse of lake below. The Cambrian rocks, the stream expanding, roar, And Albion's plains oppose a feeble shore. Then pensive watch'd the rolling fleeces climb The deep rent ridges of the peak sublime, And flitting rapid o'er the rocky height, Obscure the glorious landscape from his sight; Or cleaving, momentary glimpse bestow Of some fair valley in the plain below, Or mountain summits from the clouds, While all beneath a rolling chaos shrouds. Or erst he mark'd the distant tempest sweep And curl the darkling billows of the deep, Admiring view'd the forked lightning flash, And high-piled clouds in thundering conflict clash. And oft the trembling Sea-bird, struck with dread, To friendly Idris for protection fled, And every mountain-tenant sought retreat, And found a sacred refuge at his feet. But when in raptur'd frame he rose to sing, And swept the high-tuned harp's majestic string. Each Shepherd from his fleecy charge withdrew. And round the Bard's exalted Cader drew.

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