Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



A CARD. 30, Pier Street, August 17, 1840. THE Misses S. and J. COX, in making their respectful acknowledgements to the Ladies of Aberystwith, and the Neighbourhood, for the countenance they have already received, beg leave to announce, that they have succeeded in making an engagement with an experienced assistant in the MIIiIiICTEB.Tr DEPARTMENT, from a fashionable Establishment in REGENT STREET, LONDON: by this arrangement they are enabled to execute all orders, in that branch, in the first style. JACOB LEON, Jetoillet anti HberfJntít, FHANKFORT HOUSE, Nos. 23 and 10, PIER STREET ABERYSTWITH, IN departing in some measure from the plan he laid down for himself on commencing business, and which he has, as is well known, hitherto strictly observed, viz. that of abstaining from the common practice of puffing his Goods in any shape, feeling confident that the quality of them requires no such adventitious aid, avails himself of the estab- lishment of a Newspaper in Aberystwyth thus publicly to return thanks to the Nobility, and Gentry residents, as well asVisitors, for the support with which lie has been fa- voured for the last eighteen years and he trusts that as his endeavour will always be to oblige, he shall experience a continuance of their patronage. He has laid in a ID -2 which he feels assured his friends and patrons will, on inspection, pronounce the most splendid he has ever had the good fortune to submit to their notice, and which he fear- lessly asserts, will stand the test of comparison, in point of quality and cheapness, with any other that may be intro- duced, from whatever quarter, or with however high pre- tensions, The Stock embraces, besides the usual articles, a vast variety of the most elegant NOVELTIES, in Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Lapis-lazuli, and Opal Rings and Brooches; Ladies' Hair Pins; Platina enamelled Brooches, of the most exquisite workmanship; Gentlemen's Cravat Pins, of various devices, in massive gold; Pebble Snuff Boxes, in Gold and Silver mountings; Musical Boxes, from one Guinea to twenty-five Pounds Ladies' and Gen- tlemen's Cylinder Gold Watches, by Le Roy. A large stock of Silver Plate, new and second-hand: best Sheffield Cut- lery; Dresden China, &c. &c. &c. AN EXPERIENCED WORKMAN ALWAVS EMPLOYED. Eau de Cologne, direct from Jean Marie Farina, at Cologne. HAVANNAH CIGARS. No. 5, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWITH. EASE, ELEGANCE, AND ECONOMY. J. JENKINS, (From Arrol's, London,) BEGS most respectfully to acknowledge the kind support he has received from the Nobility, Gentry, and others, both Residents and Visitors, during the last Twelve years, and to assure them that his endeavours to secure a contin- uance of their favours shall be unremitting; and in order that nothing should be wanting to meet the wishes of his customers, he has greatly enlarged his stock, with the very best London Goods, as well in ready-made B(66.T3 \M[Q) G=(J@Œ) as in materials for the execution of Orders. J. J. earnestly invites an inspection, satisfied no House in the trade can excel in shape, quality, and price. N. B. India Rubber Goloshes; India Rubber Fishing Boots; Patent Pannus Corium, or Leatlier Cloth, for Tender Feet. August 12th, 1810. ADER YSTWITH. MR. wTlliams, Organist a/St. Michael's, Begs to announce that bis COICEBT WILL TAKE PLACE AT THE ASSEMBLY ROOMS, On Friday Evening, the 28th Instant, Under the immediate Patronage of His Grace be Bute af Ke&castle, U.0. PERPORMEUS: Miss ANNE WILLIAMS: Miss M. WILLIAMS; AND MISS WILLIAMS; MR. H. HAY WARD, (The celebrated Violinist;) MR. E. J. HOPKINS, From Her Majesty's Chapel Royal St. James's; AND MR. WILLIAMS. In addition to the Vocal performances, which will consist of some of the most favourite Songs, Duets, Trios, &c. MR. HAYWARD Will play a Grand Fantasia, and an air with variations, composed bybimself, and performed by him at the Philhar- monic and other Concerts in London, with distinguished success. Mr. HOPKINS and Miss ANNE WILLIAMS Will play a Grand Duet of Thalberg's on Two Pianos. A Gentleman of the Neighbourhood has kindly promised his aid on the flute. The Rooms will be open at 7 o'Clock, and the Concert will commence at 8 precisely. Tickets, 5s. each, and Pro- grammes, may be obtained of Mr. Williams, 51, Portland Street; at Mr. Cox's Library; and at the Public Rooms. August Idth, 1840. RICHARD JAMES, & Co. WLinz & Brantm JEerdjants, Great Dark Gate Street, Aberystwith, TENDER their grateful acknowledgements to their num- erous friends and patrons for their esteemed preference; andtake this opportunity of assuring them, as well as the Visitants of Aberystwyth, that they have laid in for the Sea- son a Stock of Wines of the finest vintages and growth, which they can with the fullest confidence recommend. Their Stock of Spirits, Foreign and British, will be found to be genuine. They have also imported a selection of curious Liqueurs. Guinness's Dublin Porter in Casks and Bottles. August 21st, 1840. MEDICAL HALL, ABERYSTWITH, HENRY HUMPHREYS, Utarutactutirat anfc Htspensmg demist Great Dark Gate Street, WITH great respect acknowledges the extensive patron, age with which he has been favored for the last five years and assures his numerous friends that the same per- sonal attention will continue to be given to the preparation and dispensing departments, as well as to the selection of the Medicines used, which have obtained for him such a kind preference. N. B. Sylva and Havannah Cigars Fancy Snuffs: Schweppe's Soda Water and Lemonade; Wax and Sperm Candles; Pickles; Sauces; Preserved Fruit, &c. &e. An assortment of British IVines at 21s. per dozen. August 20th, 1840. WIRIESTILING. Some Cornish Wrestling Play is appointed to take place in a Field near Penrhyncoch, on Saturday the 29th instant, when the following prizes will be awarded viz. To the best man a Gold-laced Hat. To the second best a Silver-laced Hat. To the third best a Purse of money- The Play will commence at 10 o'Clock in the forenoon, and is open to all competitors. Ojcatrc, ber!,øtlUitfJ. On Monday Evening next, the 24th day of August, 1840, By Desire and under the Patronage of PRYSE PRYSE, ESQ. M, P. SJogerddan, Will be performed the new and popular Comedy, entitled IATlI a X A «, £ S MJE TS To which will be added, a new laughable Interlude, called 3POILTW OR FXFTTT, Mr. and Mrs. Lillywhlto, by Mr. and Mrs. BASS. To conclude with the popular Musical Farce of the ILLUSTRiOUS STRAMSER. On Wednesday Evening next, August 26th, By Desire and under the Immediate Patronage of The High Sheriff of the Countv, J. W. LEWIS, ESQ. Xilanayron, Will be produced a new and interesting Cambrian Drama, (Etopctl) V aitgljan, Owen William Mr. KING.—Hngh Morgan Mr. SANDERS Morgan Morgan Mr. BASS. Gwynneth Vaughan -Miss C. POOLE Lyddy Pryse Mrs. BASS A variety of entertainments, and the truly laughable Farce, entitled COMFORTABLE LOSCIXTCS. From a Concert being fixed for Friday, the Theatre will be opened On Thursday Evening, instead offridtzy; an which occasion will be performed, by desire and under the immediate patronage of MRS, RICHARDES, Penglaise, The favourite Comedy of SPEED THE PLOUGH, with SVXiVESTER DAGGERWOOD. and m)e iHotjai Ealc. BOXES 3s.-PIT 2s. GALLERY Is. WEILSK F-LALIVNEILS. JOSEPH ROBERTS, London House, Urnot antr SEIooilrn Braper, Sim MEI5.CEB,, LACEMAN, HOSIER, &c. BEGS to return his sincere thanks to the Visitors and Inhabitants generally, for their very liberal snpport during the many years he has been in business; and begs further to state that in consequence of the great fall in the Wool Market, he has laid in a very heavy Stock of Welsh Flannels, Whittles, Hose, &. Yarn, which shall be disposed of at such low prices as are reany unprecedented. J. R. has on hand the most prevailing patterns of the Aberystwith plaid, somucliiu vogue just now for Ladies' Dresses; also, the Aberystwith milled Woollen Plaids and Stripes, for Gentlemen's wear. J. R. begs to draw the particular attention of the reader, to a peculiar make of Welsh Gauze Flannel he has for Sale, it is of a most beautiful texture, and soft as down, highly recommended to persons wearing Flannels for the first time. N. B. Goodsfor Charity at the Manufacturer's prices. OBSERVE.—Joseph Roberts, London House, Corner of Bridge and Church Streets, opposite the Town Hall, Aber- ystwith. August 21 st, 1840. Printed by JOHN Cox, of No. 30, Pier Street, Aberyst- with, at the Office of him the said John Cox, 10, New Street; and Published by the said John Cox, at his Library, No. 30, Pier Street, Aberystwith aforesaid. Saturday, August 22nd, 1840.