Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

10 erthygl ar y dudalen hon


Rhestrau Manwl, Canlyniadau a Chanllawiau

ARRIVALS. At Belle Vue Royal Hotel .His Grace the Duke of Newcastle and Family; The Hon. Charles Shaw Lefevre, M. P. Speaker of the House of Commons; Hon. Mr. Lefevre Sir George Harrison Lieut. Col. Taynton Capt. Thurston Rev. Anthony Buller; Rev. Thos. Lloyd Mr. and Mrs. Champernowne and Family Mr. and Mrs. Hartley Mr. and Mrs. Turner; Mr. Mrs. and. Mr. G. C. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Lewis; Mr. and Mrs George Cox; Mr. and Mrs. James Davies, (Moorcourt;) Mr. and Mrs. Lewes Gower Mr. and Mrs. Townsend; Mrs. and Miss West; Mr. Charles Barron and two friends; Mr. Small; Mr. Ridley; Mr. Wm. Bailer; Mr. Boucher; Mr. Tench: Mr. Edwards Mrs. Richard Buller Mr. Aston; Mr. C. Turner; Mr. Thompson Mr. Hume; Mr. Browning Mr. C. Deeve Miss Carron. At the Gogerddan Arms Hotel,—Mr.and. Miss Wil- kinson Mr. Mills; Mr. and Mrs. Salter; Mr. E. Thomas: Mr. Cross and Son Mr. Henry Francis; Mr. and Mrs. Webb and Family; Mr. Humphreys; Mr. Weyman and son; Mr. Mattirigley Mr. and Mrs. Pearce and Family; Mr. Beddoes; Mr. Howells; Mr. and Mrs. Jones; Mr. Phelps; Mr. Aspinall; Mr. Worthington; Mr. Long; Mr. Edwards; Col. and Mrs Tennant; Mr. Standeven Mr. W. Russell and Family Miss Russell; Miss Astley Miss Hig- gins; Mrs. Parry and Family; Mrs. Crump; Miss Pierce Mr. White and Family Mr. Jenkins Mr. J. R. Court; Mr. Watkins; Mr. Grassy; Mr. H. Hayward; Rev. Mr. Jenkins and Family; Mrs. Yarley; Mrs. Kiddis. At Private Residences Mr. John Becke, 7, Ter- race Mrs. Jones, 24, Terrace road Miss Phillips, 22, Portland Street; Miss Bright, 43, North Parade; Mr. Lewis, 9, Terrace Mr. Bigg, 18, Terrace Mrs. Col. Dunloppe, 55, Terrace Mr. and Mrs. Thomson and Family, 55, Terrace; Mr. Townsend, 52, Ter- race; Mr. Earnshaw, 53, Terrace; Miss Lawrence, Rock House Mr. Smith, 50, Terrace Miss Evans, 42, Terrace Mr. Long, 30, Terrace Miss Butcher, 35, Terrace; Mr. Atkinson, 49, Terrace Miss Jones, Miss Bebb, and Mrs. Grassy, 16 North Parade; Mr. J. Pitt, Cobourg House Rev. T. Jones, 11, Terrace; Mrs. Sanders, Miss Chilwell, Mrs. Fallows, Miss Hill and Miss Wood, 11, Portland Street; Capt. Schreiber and Family at Gloucester House.


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^Tjipptng intelligence.

SATURDAY, AUG. 29th, 1840.