Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon

SATURDAY, AUG. 29th, 1840.


scope for grateful contemplation on the good- ness of an all-bountiful Creator, who "openeth His hand and filleth all things living with plenteousness," and causeth the valleys to laugh and sing." Verily, we have abundant n zn cause to be happy. We are glad also to learn that, while the Man of Pleasure, the Valetudinarian, or the Student, are each devoting their time agree- ably to their several inclinations, the Men of the World are not idle projects are about to be set on foot, the carrying out of which will tend, materially, to the improvement and con- venience of the Town: we allude, especially, to the talked of construction of a Landing-Pier or Jetty at the extremity of Pier Street, for the accommodation of parties embarking and dis-embarking on excursions of pleasure. This, as well as some other' improvements in the ground between the Terrace and the Sea, and an improved drainage of the Houses, by the formation of one or more main sewers,—would leave but little to be accomplished, to render "Aberystwith inferior to no bathing place in Great Britain, and far superior to most of them." Aberystwith Cricket Club.-Oii Saturday evening last, the anniversary dinner of the Club took place, at the Gogerddan Arms Hotel, when about thirty Gentlemen, Members of the Club and their friends, sat down to a very sumptuous dinner, provided by Mr. Davies, in his usual style: the dessert, too, as well as the wines, outvied, if possible, every former spread, on similar occasions, and the evening was spent in the most joyous possible mailner:-A. L. Gwynne, Esq. Monachty, took the Chair, and was faced by Alfred Stephens, Esq. of Aberystwith. The united efforts of two such efficient Officers, could not fail to keep the corps in u right merry 'mood." The party did not separate until Eleven o'clock, when they retired, again to meet in so short a time as the following Monday morning, the day appointed for the Return Match between the Club and the University Gents the latter of whom, as we stated in our last, carried off the laurels on Friday, the 21st. On Monday therefore, at the appointed hour, Twelve o'clock, the Combatants again took the field, attended by a numerous concourse of specta- tors, whom the unusually auspicious state of the weather, combined with the opportunity of viewing, to advantage, a favorable display of this athletic and national recreation, attracted and detained, for many hours, on the scene of action. The Combatants, on both sides, were full of confidence; and as the first Match was very closely contested, and left their re- lative merits too much in equilibrium, to admit any thing approaching to a verdict on the superiority of either party, the result of the present, called forth no little degree of speculation, and its decision was looked forward to with considerable interest. The Club, at the commencement, were rather the favor- ites, and the skill and spirit exhibited in their first innings, appeared to justify the fullest expectations of their backers; but the quick batting of their opponents, seconded, subsequently, by their excellent fielding, turned the scale, and, as will be seen by the following score, the Universities were again the Con- querors, with nine wickets to go down. We would beg to suggest to the resident members of the Club, the expediency of meeting, for practice, more often than once in the week; a little more practice, in all probability, would have been attented I with different results, than those of the last two Matches played by the Club. CLUB'S FIRST INNINGS. Mr. G. Jeffreys, Jan. c. Croker b. R. Morgan 1 Mr. E. Jeffreys bowled R. Morgan 0 Mr. Gwynne bowled W. Morgan 3 Mr. P. Pryse bowled R. Morgan 26 Mr. Uttei-soij bowled W. Morgan 10 Mt-. Lloyd Philipps c. Cumming bowled R. Morgan 8 Mr. C. Jeffreys c. Bates bowled W. Morgan 3 Mr. Adams c. Cumming bowled W. Morgan 0 Mr. J, Pbilipps bowled W. Morgan 3 Mr. Jeffreys bowled R. Morgan 1 Mr. Miller not out 1 Byes 8 Wide Balls 2 Total 66 SECOND INNINGS. I Mr. G. Jeffreys bowled Surtees I Mr. E. Jeffreys bowled R. Morgan 3 Mr. P. Pryse bowled Surtees 8 Mr. Adams stump. Surtees -11 Mr. Gwynne bowled Surtees 0 Mr. Utterson bowled R. Morgan 0 Mr. C; Jeffreys bowled Surtees 11 Mr. Lloyd Philipps bowled R. Morgan 1 Mr. Willoughby Miller bowled Surtees 4 Mr. J. Philipps not out 1 Mr. Jeffreys bowled Sui-tees 0 Byes 3 Wide Balls 0 43 First Innings 66 Total 109 I UNIVERSITIES' FIRST INNINGS. Mr. Croker bowled Philipps 5 Mr. Jones bowled Adams 0 Mr. R. Morgan bowled Adams. 1 Mr. Surtees leg before Wicket 15 Mr. W. Morgan bowled Adams 20 Mr. Cumming bowled Adams t 8 Mr. Ridley bowled Pryse 1 Mr. Alfred Stephens c. Adams bowled Philipps 0 Mr. Bates not out 21 Mr. Pearce bowled Pryse 3 lU r. Bland bowled C. Jeffreys 1] Byes -9 Wide Balls 1 Total 95 I SECOND INNINGS. I Mr. Croker not out 11 Mr. Jones bowled Adams 3 Mr. R. Morgan not out 1 15 First Innings 95 Total 110 Ball and Supper On Tuesday evening last, the Ball and Supper at the Assembly-rooms, given by the Gentlemen of the Aberystwith Cricket Club, was the most brilliant affair of the Season. The preparations were such as might have been augured of the well known liberality, as well as gallantry, of the Members of the Club. Soon after nine o'clock about one hundred of our fashionable Residents and Visitors had assembled, and after dancing until twelve, George Jeffreys, Esq., the highly esteemed President of the'Club, led the way to the Supper-room' The repast prepared for the guests was perfectly recherche, and after justice had been done to it, the Company adjourned to the Ball-room, when dancing was again resumed and kept up with unusual spirit until five, when the Party separated full of satisfaction at the manner in which they had passed the evening. The following is a list of the company as they en- tered the Ball-room :—Mr. Jeffreys, Mr. C. Jeffreys, Mr. G. Jeffreys, Mr. E. Jeffreys, and the three Misses Jeffreys; Mr. and Mrs. Cumming; Mrs. Cornish, and Mr. Robson; Capt. and Mrs. Hinde, the three Misses Hinde and party Mrs. Pryse Pryse and Miss Rice. Mr. Mrs. and Miss Walsh; Mr. Horatio Hughes and Miss Cooke; Mr. Smith; Mr. John Hughes; Mr. Keary, and Mr. Frederick Philipps; Mr. Croker and Mr. Lewis; Mr. and Mrs. James Hughes, the two Misses Hughes, Mr. Hughes, Jun., and Miss Bonsall; Capt., Dr., and Mrs. Gwynne, Mr. and Mrs. Maddy, Mrs. Wadley and Miss Davies; Rev. Mr. Lloyd and Mrs. and Miss Pugh; Mrs. and Miss Walford; Mr. Mrs. and Miss Adams; Mr. J. Pryse, Mrs. Pryse and Miss Lewis; Mr. Bland and Mr. Hadley; Mr. Lewis; Mrs. and Miss Price; Mr. Jones; Mrs. Williams, and Miss Loxdale Mr. Mrs. and Miss Miss Clark; Mr. Massey; Mr. Mrs. and Miss Lewis; Mr. Elwes; Mr. Horridge; Mr. and Mrs Alfred Stephens; Major Lewis and Col. Powell, M. P.; Mr. Mostyn Pryce; Miss Richardes; Mr. Boultbee; Mr. J. Miller; Mr. and Mrs. Ackland, the Misses Ackland, and Miss Hanson; Mr. Tench, and Mr. J. E. Morrice; Mr. Bates; Mr. Surtees; Mr. Turner; Mr. Hendry; Mr. R. O. Powell. Archers' Society.-There would appear to be some- thing which might be called "unlucky" in the days appointed for shooting by this Society the weather being resolved to prove unpropitious on those days. Our readers will remember that, on Tuesday the 18th, the Society did not assemble on the ground, in con- sequence of the unfavorable state of the weather, but fixed Saturday the 22nd instead. On Saturday how- ever, a shower of rain descending about the hour of meeting, a further adjournment took place until Tuesday last, the usual day of meeting: Tuesday however, although fine 'till about 2 o'Clock, was not exactly the sort of day on which to enjoy Field sports, especially such as are participated in by the Ladies, and'the Society, in consequence, again experienced a disappointment. A large party of shooters had scarcely arrived at the field before the rain commenced, and they were compelled to retire. Mr. Williams's Farewell Concert.It will be seen by Advertisement, that our respected Organist, Mr. Williams, has resolved on giving a Farewell Concert, on Tuesday evening next, when he will be honored with the patronage of the Lord Lieutenant of the County, Col. Powell, M. P.; and Pryse Pryse, Esq. M. P. The performers on the occasion will, it ap- pears, be the same Individuals whom we had the pleasure of hearing yesterday evening; Mr. Williams having, we learn, at a considerable expence, engaged the services of Mr. Hayward, for a second Concert, when, as we perceive by the Advertisement, he will perform Paganini's celebrated Fantasia, on the air "'NTel cor piit," which Mr. H. played at the London Concerts amidst the most rapturous applause. We sincerely trust that, as Mr. Williams has incurred the great expence attendent on the engagement of such distinguished performers, he will be favored with such an attendance as will reward his endeavors. Aberystwyth National Schools These Schools. which are supported wholly by voluntary contribu- tions, were advocated on Sunday last at St. Michael's, by the Rev. John Hughes, the Vicar, in a Sermon. as clear and as forcible as we ever recollect to have heard. The Rev. Gentleman selected as his text the loth verse of the 3rd chapter of St. Paul's 2nd epistle to Timothy,—dnd that from a child thou hast ltnown the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto Salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. The exposition of this text was