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THE WINDS. WE come! we come! and ye feel our might, As we're hastening on in our boundless flight, And over the mountains, and over the deep, Our broad, invisible pinions sweep Like the spirit of liberty, wild and free And ye look on our works, and own 'tis we; Ye call us the Winds but can ye tell Whither we go, or where we dwell ? Ye mark, as we vary our forms of power, And fell the forest, or fan the flower, When the harebell moves, and the rush is bent, When the tower's o'erthrown, and the oak is rent, As we waft the bark o'er the slumbering wave, Or hurry its crew to a watery grave And ye say it is ,,e but can ye trace The wandering Winds to their secret place ? And whether our breath be loud and high, Or come in a soft and balmy sigh, Our threatnings fill the soul with fear, Or our gentle whispering woo the ear With music aerial, still 'tis we, And ye list, and ye look but what do ye see ? Can ye hush one sound of our voice to peace, Or waken one note, when our numbers cease ? Our dwelling is in the Almighty's hand We come and we go at his command. Though joy or sorrow may mark our track, His will is our guide and we look not back: And if, in our wrath, ye would us away Or win us in gentlest airs to play, Then lift up your hearts to him who binds, Or frees, as he will, the obedient Winds! TOWN HALL TUESDAY AUGUST 25TH, 1840. Aberystwith Gas and Coke Company A General Meeting of the Shareholders of this Company was holden on Tuesday last, the 25th instant, at the Town Hall, for the purpose of electing a Committee of Management, and Auditors, for the ensuing year and for the purpose of declaring the Dividend to be paid to the Shareholders. John Hughes, Esq., Mayor, in the Chair. The following appointments were made:-JoH-N HUGHES, Esq., (Surveyor,) MR. JOHN ROBERTS, Junior, Mr. ROBERT EDWARD, and MR. WILLIAM MORLEY STEERS, were respectively re- elected, and HORATIO HUGHES, Esq., and LEWIS LEWIS, Esq., were elected THE COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT. The AUDITORS for the last year, MR. WILLIAM ROWLAND and MR. RICHARD JAMES, were re-elected. The balance sheet, for the year ending June 30th, 1840, was then laid before the Meeting, approved and allowed we subjoin an abstract of the accounts, by which it will appear that the net profits of the last year, after deducting the sum of SGO 19s. 9d. expended in the purchase of a Station-Meter, and in the erection of a Shed, &c. for same, (an expence which will not again be incurred,) amounted to X310 4s. Id. A Dividend of 6 per cent. or 12s. per share was declared, which was made payable on the 10th of October next; after the payment of which, a surplus of £70 4s. Id. will be left. Abstract of Accounts for the Year ending 30th June, 1840. GAS-MAKING ACCOUNT. INCOME. £ s. d. Amount for Gas sold 546 8 5 Coke, Tar, &c., sold 69 14 4 Waste, Lime, and Ashes 3 19 10 Coals, &c., &c., in stock 8 16 4 EXPENDITURE. Disb-,irsements, &c, 8 11 Profit as balance 253 10 0 628 18 11 628 18 11 METER ACCOUNT. INCOME. Meters on hire, and in stock, Rental, &c. 189 9 6 EXPENDITURE. Meters on hire and in stock, 1st July 1839. i167 4 0 Meters delivered on station year end- ing 30th June, 1840.. 3 12 0 Profit as balance. 18 13 6 189 9 6 189 9 6 INTERIOR FITTINGS ACCOUNT. INCOME. Fittings sold 46 15 11 Do. in stock 9 12 0 EXPENDITURE. Fittings in Stock 1st July, 1839 853 Fittings put-chased. 29 310 Profit, or balance is is 10 56 7 11 56 7 11 -I PROFITS RECAPITULATED. Total Profits last year. 174 10 0 Deduct Dividend payable 1st No- vember, 1839 100 0 0 ——————— 74 10 0 Profits on Gas making this year 253 10 0 Do. on Meters 18 13 6 Do. on Interior Fittings 18 18 10 ——————— 291 2 4 365 13 2 Deduct deficiency in Original Capital 55 9 1 Net Surplus 310 4 1 The Commissioners, under the Aberystwith Im- provement Act, held a Meeting at the Town Hall, this day, (Tuesday) when several appeals against the rates were heard and determined. At the weekly Meeting of the Magistrates, on the same day, nothing transpired at all interesting to the public.


SATURDAY, AUG. 29th, 1840.