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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

2 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



LAURA PLACE, ABEEYSTWITH. TO BE LET, furnished or unfurnished, and entered upon immediately, those two handsome and commodious Family Residences, being Nos. 1 and 2, Laura Place, un- questionably the most genteel part of the Town. The houses have been erected with every attention to comfort and con- venience, and if not Let, they will be to be ,Solb ftp iiritoate Contract; and the Purchaser may have the option of taking the whole or any part of the Furniture, at a valuation. For particulars enquire of Mr. E. Morris, the proprietor, on the premises. August 25th, 1840. No. 12 Pier Street, ABER YSTWITH. THOMAS JEFFRIES, WORKING JEWELLER, VERY respectfully offers his sincere thanks to the Nobility and Gentry, Residents, and Visitors of Aherystwith, for the liberal and kind patronage, with which they have ho. noured him during the last seven years. T. J. avails himself of this opportunity, to assure his friends and the Public generally, that he will continue to give the same prompt attention which he trusts he has hitherto done, to the execution of any orders with which he may be favoured, and by which he liopesto merit a continuance of their patronage August, lith 1840. HOLLOWAY'S UNIVERSAL IPADZILY OINTMENT. COPY of a Letter from HERBERT MAYO, Esq. F. R.S. Senior Surgeon to Middlesex Hospital, and Profossor of Anatomy and Pathology, King's College, London, &c. &c. "To Thomas Holloway, Esq. Sir,-WiII you excuse this formal answer? The Oint- ment which you sent me has been of use in all the cases in which I have tried it: send me, if you please, some more in a few days time I have enough for the present. Yours truly, "H. MAYO." 19, George Street, Hanover-square, April 19, 1837. HOLLOWAY'S UNIVERSAL FAMILY OINTMENT will be found far more efficacious in the following diseases than any other remedy extant; viz., Ulcers, Venereal Ulcers, Wounds, Bad Legs, Nervous Pains, Gout Rheu- matism, Contracted and Stiff Joints, Pains in the Chest and Bones, Difficult Respiration, Swellings and Tumours, &c. Its effects in Cases of Piles are truly wonderful. Its effects have been astonishing in the most severe cases of Stony and Ulcerated Cancers, Scrofula or King's Evil, in all Skin Diseases, as Ring-worm, Scald Heads, &c. and in Burns, Soft Corns, Bunions, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, &c. 540 Medical Certificates, most of which are from the first Medical authorities, such as her Majesty's Sergeant Sur. geon; Sir B. C. Brodie, Bart., and such like eminent names, must for ever set at rest all doubt as to the superior efficacy of this remedy. Holloway's External Disease Pill. Combines all those sanative properties which render it a very powerful auxiliary to the Ointment; aud it is strongly recommended to; be used in every case in con- junction with the Ointment. A small Explanatory Treatise is affixed to every Box of Pills. Sold by the Proprietor, 18, Broad Street Buildings, City, London and by all respectable Wholesale and Retail Medicine Venders throughout the kingdom, in Pots and Boxes at Is lid., 2s'. 9d., and 4s 6d. each. The largest size contains six of the smallest, and the second size half the quantity of the largest. S-UPEBIOB BEER be cSoDJ, A FOUR-PULL BEER ENGINE, of a superior construction, nearly new. For price, apply to Mr. Cox, 30, Pier Street. IMPORTANT SALE OF PRIME DAIRY STOCK, YOUNG CATTLE, Superior Horses, Colts, Ponies, ETC. ETC. PLASCRUG, NEAR ABERYSTWITH. MR. EDWARD WILLIAMS, Auctioneer, respectfully announces to the public that he has been honored with instructions from the Proprietor to offer for Sale by 44 ftiMtc Eurtion, on the premises at Plascrug within half a mile of Aberyst- with, on Wednesday, September 23rd, 189:0, Twenty-five superior and well-selected Milch Cows; five of which are of the PURE ALDERNEY BREED; several well bred Heifers and Calves a very superior young Bull; six capital Draught Horses, of different ages; a thorough- bred Mare; several well-bred Colts, and Ponies. The Auctioneer respectfully solicits the attention of the Nobility, Gentry, Farmers and Breeders in general to this rare opportunity of improving their Stock. The Dairy Cows are superior to any that have been offered for public compe- tition in this neighbourhood for many years, no expense having been spared by the Owner in endeavouring to bring this Stock as nearly to perfection as posslble. The Horses will also be found to deserve attention; and it would be superfluous to attempt any eulogy of a Stock so well known. The Sale to commence at Wy Clock. As it is intended to dispose of:the whole in one day, a prompt attendance is particularly requested. Six :months credit on approved security. DEVIL'S BRIDGE, £ out$ Oeales. FRANCIS MORRISON IN returning his heartfelt thanks to those Ladies, Noble- men, and Gentlemmen, who so kindly put up with the inconvenience attendant upon the dilapidated condition of the House on his entry; takes leave now to inform the Public at large, that the Noble Proprietor has, at an immense expence, so enlarged and improved the Hotel, as to render it capable of entertaining any number of Families. The most eminent Tourists of the day, pronounce The Scenery the finest in the World The Sleeping department is inferior to none in the Principality. Admission to view the Hafod Grounds, the Domain o HIS GRACE THE DUKE OF NEWCASTLE, K. G. AND THE GREAT WATERFALLS AT THE DEVIL'S BRIDGE, can be obtained, only by Ticket from the Hafod Arms. F. N. has also the pleasure to state that the liberal Pro- prietors of the great Lisburne Mining Company, have granted permission to his Visitors to explore their extensive Lead Mines, on producing a Note bearing his Signature. POSTING DISTANCES. MILES. MILES. Aberystwyth 12 I Llanidloes 20 Rhayader (old road) 19 Rhayader (thro' Hafod Grounds 23 Ditto (new road 25 Lampeter (thro' Hafod Grounds) 30 Ladies and Gentlemen who wish Recreation, Study, and to employ their Pen and Pencil, will find such an amazing variety of Scenery, and so wide a scope for the display of Talent, as cannot fail to delight them. Families or Single Ladies and Gentlemen, wishing to sojourn for a time, will be Boarded, &c. on reasonable terms. A Commodious Coffee Room August, 28,1840. Printed by JOHN Cox, of No. 30, Pier Street, Aheryst- with, at the Office of him the said John Cox, 10, New Street; and Published by the said John Cox, at his Library, No. 30, Pier Street, Aberystwith aforesaid. Saturday September 5th, 1840.

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