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MICHAELMAS QUAXVXEXl SESSIONS. The General Quarter Sessions for the County of Cardigan, were holden at the Town Hall Aberystwith, on TUESDAY the 20th day of OCTOBER, 1840, before D. A. Saunders Davies, Esq., Chairman, R. O. Powell Esq., Major Vaughan, George W. Parry Esq., J. Lloyd Davies, Esq., W. O. Brigstocke, Esq., J. B. Lloyd Philipps, Esq., A. L. Gwynne, Esq. J. Lloyd, Esq., Capt. Jones, Rev. James W. Morris, Clerk, and J. S. Bonsall, Esq. County Bridges. The Court made an order that the Sum of X300 be granted from the County Stock, towards the com- pletion of the bridge now erecting over the Tivv, at 11 y Alltycatan, and making the approaches thereto, the work being under the superintendance of Mr. Lloyd Davies, and Mr. John Hughes, the Surveyor of County Bridges. The Sum of X20 was also ordered to be paid on account of the repairs of Pwllpiran Bridge, over the river or brook called Piran on the Turnpike Road leading from Aberystwith to Rhayader. Projected Lunatic Asylum. An agreement was read by the Clerk of the Peace, dated 15th October, 1840, between the Magistrates of the several Counties of Carmarthen, Pembroke, and Cardigan under the provisions of an Act of Parliament for'regulating the erection and building of Lunatic Asy- lums in England and Wales. In this agreement it was stipulated that in the event of a Lunatic Asylum for the three Counties of Carmarthen, Pembroke, and Cardigan, being erected at or near Carmarthen, the expences of such erection, and of the further keeping up and maintaining the Asylum, should be borne by the respective Counties in the proportions following, viz., the County of Carmarthen, 11-27ths., the County of Pembroke, 9-27ths., and the County of Cardigan. 7-27ths,:—and that the surveillance of such Asylum' if erected, should be vested in the following number of Magistrates for each County, viz.,—Carmarthenshire nine, Pembrokeshire, eight, and Cardiganshire seven The consideration of this agreement and of the several matters therein embodied was deferred to the next General Quarter Sessions. Aberystwith Town Hall. A Presentment, signed by the Grand Jury assem- bled at the present Court of Quarter Sessions, was read by the Clerk as follows:- MICHAELMAS QUARTER SESSIONS, 1840. Cardiganshire to wit. To Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace in and for the County of Cardigan in Quarter Sessions assembled. WE, the undersigned, being the Grand Jury sworn and empannelled at the Michaelmas Quarter Sessions of the Peace, holden at Aberystwith, in and for the said County, on Tuesday, the 20th day of October, 1840, do hereby in pursuance of the powers and authorities to us given in and by the Act of Par- liament made and passed in the seventh year of His late Majesty George the fourth, intituled AN ACT to provide for repairing, improving, and rebuilding Shire Halls, County Halls, and other buildings, for holding the Assizes and Grand Sessions, and also Judges' Lodgings throughout England and Wales."—PRE- SENT, That the County Hall or Town Hall in the said Town of Aberystwith, and in which the Easter and Michaelmas Quarter Sessions of the peace in and for the said County are held, is unfit, insufficient, and inconvenient, for the holding of the said Quarter Ses- sions, and that the same ought to be pulled down, and a new County Hall erected in the said Town in lieu thereof. WILLIAM ROF.ERTS. 'Foreman. JOHN DAVIES GEORGE CARESWELL LEWIS EVANS JOHN MORGAN THOMAS EVANS GRIFFITH EVANS T_u T. _n_n RICHARD THOMAS EVAN MORRIS THOMAS JONES JOHN EVANS LEWIS HOPKINS." o times riugnes, ii,sq., on the memorial navmg been read, observed. that in considering the subject of the erection of a new Town Hall at Aberystwith, of the necessity for such erection, the Bench unanimously expressed themselves perfectly convinced, it would be necessary that the Court should distinctly keep in mind a fact which he would not attempt to conceal, viz that it was in contemplation to apply for an Order in Council that one of the Assizes for the County of Cardigan should be holden annually at Aberystwith and, therefore, that in any order the Court might make for the erection of a new Town Hall, regard should be had to the constructing such an edifice as would be available for County Courts. The Statute requiring that the matter should be con- sidered by the Justices at two ensuing Courts of Quarter Sessions, the further consideration thereof was accordingly adjourned to the next Court to be holden at Cardigan. The Calendar. 1. JOHN WILLIAMS, R. aged 36, committed 10th of September, 1840, by John Griffith, Esq., charged on the oath of Mary James, with having uttered a base and counterfeit piece, purporting to be a half crown of the standard current coin of this Realm, knowing the same to be false and counterfeit. Guilty—One months imprisonment to hard labour. 2. WILLIAM EVANS, R. aged 40, committed 10th of September, 1840, by John Hughes, and J. B. Lloyd Philipps, Esquires, charged that he on the 26th day of August last past at Rhos fair, in the County of Cardigan, a certain quantity of wool, and also one sack, the property of one Evan Jones, feloniously did steal, take, and carry away. Another count in the indictment laid the goods stolen as the property of one Evan Jenkins. Guilty of stealing the sack. Four months imprisonment to hard la- bour. WILLIAM IIOGAN pleaded guilty to an indictment charging him with stealing at Sputty, in the County of Cardigan, two oak poles, the property of John Taylor, Esquire, and others. Four months impri- sonment to hard labour. The Court, prior to passing sentence on the prisoner, enquired of Captain Matthew Francis, one of the prosecutors, whether the Prisoner was in their employ at the time he commit- ted the robbery. Captain Francis replied in the affirmative and stated, in answer to enquiries by the Bench, that Prisoner was earning at the time from twelve to fifteen shillings per week, having been in their employ, without intermission, for the last six years. The Court observed that it was a considerable aggravation of the crime that it was committed by a man on the property of his employers, at a period, too, when he was earning such excellent wages. In sentencing the prisoner the Chairman very ably com- mented on the iniquity of this offence expressing a desire that it should go forth publicly that robberies of this description which, it appeared, bad been very frequent, owing to the exposed state of the property, and the consequent difficulty of sufficiently securing it, would, for the future, not only be prosecuted to detection, but would also be visited by the most rigid sentence of the law. The Prosecutors averred their determination to prosecute to conviction every case of delinquency occurring on their property. AN APPEAL in which the parish of Llanbadarn Trefeglwys were the Appellants, and the parish of Llaneynfelin,Respondents, was quashed pro tem by mu- tual consent. Attornies for the Appellants, Messrs. Hughes, Hughes, and Poberts for the Respondents, Messrs. John and Hugh Hughes. THOMAS GEORGE NUGENT, Esquire, Mayor of Cardigan, produced to the Court a series of Prison Regulations which had been transmitted to him by Lord Normanby, her Majesty's Home Secretary. The Court directed the Clerk to apply to the Home Office for copies of the regulations to be furnished to each of the Magistrates, that the same might be taken into consideration with a view to the adoption of such of them as were applicable to the County of Cardigan. The Court then adjourned to ten o'clock on the following day. WEDNESDAY, 21st. OCTOBER The Treasurer's Accounts for the year were examined, allowed, and signed by the Bench, Sundry bills were passed, and the sum of X 10 0, was ordered to be paid out of the County stock for repairs of the Bridge over the Rhei- dol at Aberystwith, and the sum of X20 on account of repairs in progress at the bridge over the Piran, near Hafod. A rate of one penny in the pound was granted to the Treasurer and the Court adjourned. Cardigan.-On Monday morning last, the Brig Thomas and William, of Whitehaven, from Quebec to that Port with a cargo of timber to P. Brown. Esq. parted her Cables in the bay and drove on the rocks called Cerrig duon," the Pembrokeshire side of the bay under Penryn Castle, the marine residence of Oliver Lloyd Esq. The St. Dogmelles fishing boats landed the Crew safely and the cargo is now being discharged, and the general opinion is, should the weather continue moderate she will be got off, but at the time we are writing, 12 o'clock. Thursday, it is blowing a hard gale. The Vessel and Cargo are ensured. The Bute Dock. Very serious accidents have occurred at the new Docks erected by the Marquess of Bute, at such a great cost, at Cardiff, the wall, which was the admiration of all who witnessed it, and the conducting pipes, having fallen to pieces. The repairs and the alterations rendered necessary by this unfortunate accident, will, it is said, tax the noble Marquess's munificence a further sum ofX30,000 They have commenced under the superintendance of Mr. Stevens. The Docks were only opened in October, last year—Morning Post.

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