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CALL TO-DAY. brilliant dl8play MAB TtOSt in WATCHES, JEWELS.CUTLERY, "I etc., but the are much o me r8 yro, ago, and my filuhanced by the FULL FRFF GtFT wooococt.- u'r) DISTRIBUTION. EASTER TS, GOLD WEDDINGS. s I H. Samuci's zz-ct. PI!NDAK' "Lu Kyll WEDDING RINGS. TS, C 1".g (;ifL ith FARE PAID. d B X/"BROOCH, rerv popular. S Vi 0 y..i. fl»WxA famous B ^S/8 CEAUT1FUI, SOLII) j^J ^^ricg. SILVER ALBERT FRIEIL SOLID SDJUFABLE \'C/K SOLID GOLD GEM RINGS, ^V sroNEs. £ I REG 'OR' \W/ O SET WITH RF.A;. STONES. « IL \3/3 SILVER-PLA'I'ED DINNER /$V F^|J TO-DAY. Ta-tc* advantage of these exceptional BMtM yjjtjgf Iff jvJI offers-hundreds to choose from. m%|< !§Wh H "fi £ FULL w fiJ FILVER- from 5/6 MONIVS BACKED the IJAIR I thrae ^TRlST8 H. SAVE M041EY-Buy 5/6 AT H..6,AFAUEL'Sl CALL TO- DAYI La6test i MCOftOW^" MARVEL" fegfif' Q /O I | VALUE CUTLEKY ^|SE#e ^'3 V *f I 1.4 PKRCEL. CUTLERY. 53 Articles 25 CRUET Rl,%T' 1) alig',itful Raitter Gift. | ties suitable for' Salter compareVhese PMCttt J 1 SUi* ironl upwards— ,m'MWT' f^V.;s Kuks a point of calling at 3 | PHOTO FRAMES, GLOVE MjB>, H. Samuels TO-fc&Y. | SARD BUTTON HOOK ft ~#. & i BROOCHES, Etc. DO SO WOwl | TRAIN PARES FULL usual H. mA M F&m L TRIAL sr. usual. [ 119, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR. ",) ,.c' Pkxrfran *1 |: ..CmyJBEB^ ||{ Your friend I" and always Sesame ^||J| 2 P 2d. & 33-d.; worth It "C THOMAS, Bristol. SHOPPING BY POST. 1/- WEEKLY & fffiSSSS* fPS&H&lS £ *«► Skirts, Furs. Boots, ^v-p/ip^ SUPPLY tain Lists.-WHOLESALE & ftXF»«l S° *"> 79. Knightrider-street, Lotirton. K.C. T i, iMiMwiii ii ii "n -ir*——,MMAnB| TLADIES SHOULD KNOW | 1 BMarfl's Apiol & Steel Pills 1 In • .v. «.»-* of any medicine for BS ■ »«;s^n-Ss:K'7 1 LUNG NgAin R I will immediately arrest the course of the | J disease and guard against all ill effects. K | f possesses marvellous healing and P jg I erties. and gives .nstant relwf to Cough s, | S Colds Hoarseness, Broncnins, unn jg | cultyof lroathing. etc. lt .svery g 1 beneficial, and has proved for nw?gfl | boon«nd blessing to thousands of sufferers, m I REMEMBERI Neglected Coughs and gw Colds frequently turn to Bronchitis. Asthma, I REMEMBERI Neglected Coughs and gw 11 £ dreadful disease—Consumption. jg H mi and S3 Of ail Chemists and Stores. Ej B Wcrli^omfhe sole proprietors and inventors | 9 O. DEAKIN &, HUGHES. | H THE INFLAMMATION REMEDIES CO.. gg BLAENAVOW. MON. W 'ætl. A Boon to Mothers. MOTHERS ARE WARNED | sk,SSSW^~3. I stultify their growth. But done |j try to stop theif gjj Painful Cries | by forcing them with food. Their | cries indicate ailments which can he g rapidly relieved and cured by K JONES' I RED DROPSI THK HEALTHFUL RKMFUY FOR | Wind, Gripes, Convulsions, | i and all kindred infantile complaints. |j § tar One dose decides its unique value, || K ensures healthful ba.bifc.°, and enables |g I Mothers to have quiet days and restful jjj Keep a Bottle Handy. t/t per bottle. To be had from the following Agents:— Wcrcliyr, Mr. V. A. Wills, R.D.S., Chemist, 3a Victoria Street. Jowlais Mr. Evans, Chemist, Union street. froedyr liiw Messrs. J. D. Jones ic Son, Canton House. ftraufort Mr. Price. PostotBce. freharris Mr. Lloyd, Chemist. Bargoed Mr. Pritchard. Chemist. ^aeraii. Maes teg Mr Howells. Chemist. Cofitypridd From all Chemists t'ocypaudy Mr. Emrys Richards. Chemist. l-lwyn.vpia Mr. J. W. Richards, Chemist. Peiilre Ystrad Mr. 8. S. James. Royal Stores. freorcliy Mr. Prothero, Chemist. ^reorchy Mr. Davies. Chemist. [.'reherbert Mr. Evan', Chemist. {>rnda!e Mr. Bnrgess, Chemist. f'iyshir Mr. Lewis, Chemist. J^'orstown Mr. W. R. Williams, Cliemist. "fcynon Mr W. C. Williams. Chemist. • >rdare Mr. Harris. Chemist. j.faman Mr. I. E- Thomas. Chemist. f.ntain Ash Mr. Williams. Chemist. '^iintain Ash Mr. Jones, Chemist ^iiviivvcciber Mr. A. M. Jones. Chemist. L*> From all Chemists **rR°ed 'Mr! W. Parry-WiUiaias, Chemist JONES & SONS, Maaufacturing Cheausts, Ll^iu41«ea



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