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Auret vxjwiud 1 » Tho«sa»4» of pe*»le bwe leant how to reduce their expenditure oa { & dress witbostsaeriOeittf appearascea. Tke secret lies ia tke fact that if jr they have discovered the valve of the « I Johnson Patent Processof Dry Cleaning$ S They have iheir various articles of attire cleaned again and a(»u— 8 C every time they return looking like new. # f Call at oar local branch and see the specimens of (antenti which have keen 3r dry cleaned. We avoid shrinkage or alteration of shape, whilst reviving the & # colour and smartness, so that yoti experience afresh the felieity of wearing C new clothes. 3 We elean BLOUSES from 1/3, DRESSES tf COSTUMES from 4/9. « GLOVES from 2d. GENTLEMEN'S SPITS. 4-/g, TROUSERS, 1/- 4L I Johnson Brothers, if 101a. HIOH STREET, MERTHYR 8b. TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD; S 49b, COMMERCIAL ST., ABERDARE; 12, ANGEL ST., NEATH. JK WE 10 not, lfiim to be able to perform miracles, as the ff-r these are past, but we ccrtainly can lay ;iaim lo a great number of marvellous cures, as ;estified to by a multitude of people who have used viz., The !< MANN IN A" HERBAL OINTMENT l'lie cures range over a Held of many and varied diseases, as instance, Cancer of the breast, lip, etc.. Tumours, Lupus, Erysipelas, Carbuncles, Abscesscs, Ulcerated and poisoned wounds, Sarcoma, Piles. Psoriasis, Scalds Burns, Kr/ema. Ringworm, Ro- dent Ulcers of the hands. Chapped ditto, Chilblains. Scurvy, Sprains, Swollen Feet, Rheumatism, etc. And we confidently invite the most thorough inves- tigation of these our various statements with re- gard to the merits of our Remedy. Presuming that yon are readv to take us at our word, and wish to lest "MANNINA" for yourselves, see that you ob- tain the right thing. "MAUN IN A" (Trade Mark) is made up in three jfifferent strengths, as No. 1. Full, Cancer, etc., care, at 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and 8s. 6d. per pot. As No II., Medium. fcr all poisonea wounds, at Is. lid., 2s. pd., and 4s. bd. per pot. As No. III., Mild, for all skin diseases, at Is. ild., 2s. 9d., and 4s. fid per pot. The "Manniaa" Ointment is sold by the follow- ing Dispensing Chemists, viz. :—Messrs. V. A, Wills, 3a, Victoria-street, Mertbyr; T. Da vies. Forth D. E. Davies, Treorchv Emrys Evane, Aberdare; Oliver Davies, Mill-street, Pontv- E:idd; Mr. D. George, Dispensing Chemist, 153, ute-street,Tveherbert; Mr.T.Thomas,M.R P.S., Consulting Chemist, Cash Drug Stores Co., Treharris; Mr. D. Williams, M.P.S., Dispersing Chemist, Commercial-street, Mountain Ash, &c. tr can be obtained direct from the Sole Proprietor: Pie Mannina" Herbal Ointment Co., Main Street, FISHGUARD. PLBASE WRITE FOR FREE BOOKLET. ■ — ■ Fare linen /|i needs pure soap; its BL name .Soa»cra Only nPf 9! household 8 r ~ib Olire Oil Soap, | 5J" therefore cannot harm i ZHOHAB, Brlrtol. ■ 1BACKED]}-™I 11™6 bwtishI ¥ n%r A 1 i'WATGH'-MEHl TBY A If STAWDll i 1 Eg FIR Ma B [NAT! 011 9 iTh^wlwIeWateh' g Am i ■ mm JJ Peopls are up 9 In support of £ § fPURSER'SS Ithe great British jeweller's, campaign Eg | against tols middle profits & low valuesM J 3 UCCE-S—immediate and complete 9 11 has at>9nderl the opening: of allfl H their great Welsh centres. B ijSUYERSare NEVER in DOUBT if from the moment they set foot In |j Purser's handsome, comfortable 9 M and richly stocked shops— 9 jfYOLI REALISE IN A MOMENT! THAT EVERYTHING IS BETTER 9 MATERIAL-WORKMANSHIP-VALUE. 9 FROM FACTORY DIRECT AND PRICES LESS THAN HALF We have A MONTH'S FREE TRIAL I °*toyrael"°9 s°K^,SS"'Si: 12/6 S3 tO raise ter than 25/. values elsewhere lvalues "FmT Silver-Plated Din- Q /Q H Eg&nd Ctlt ner Cruet. Usually 616. w/ U 9 away big? Solid Gold, Diamond r /ft |3 profits, ?"d ,,Rubv Rinss- 0/0 9 and fear no |competition. 9fl. J««« reward Solid silver „ sent l ri .^e« Hall-marked J/J SAME m&C 30ES3 Cm' Alberts /W DAY. SB PLRSEWS j 2$^ 'pUtC~TRAIN~PAfm I-AICP. W Cardiff-2, Qaeen-st. (St. John s-sq. corner). B Newport (Mon.)—25, High-atreet. TO ■ Swansea—84, Oxford-street. m SERVANTS can easily bo obtained by the use of a small Want Ad. in these columns. State your requirements, and ifou will be eure to gret suited at once,





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