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The Aberdare Baptist Association THE DISESTABLISHMENT BILL. The quarterly meeting of the Aberdare Bap- tist Churches was held on Wednesday afternoon at Noddl'a Welsh Baptist Church, Trecynon, under the presidency of the Rev. Jas. Griffiths, ¡ Calfaria. There were also present:—Revs. R. E. Williams (Twrfab), Ynyslwyd, G. Llechidon Williams, Godrearnan; D. Hopkins, Noddfa, .1 Trecynon, secretary, J. Frimston, Y nysyboeth M. Jenkins, Abercwmboi, G. Hague, Hirwain; Joseph James, Cwmbach, Glanlfrwd Hughes, I (Jadivs; J G Watkins, Ffrwd, Mountain j Ash, together with delegates from the churched at Calfaria, Aberdare, ltamoth, Hirwain; CWffiJ bach; Gwawr, Aberaman, Mill-street, Tre- cynon; Rhos, Mountain Ash; Abercwmboi; Cwmdare; Cwmaman; Ynyslwyd, Aberaman; G-adlys; Llwydcoed; Penrhiwceiber, Ffrwd, Muntain Aeh; Ynysyboeth, Noddfa, Trecynon, and Godreaman. A letter wa-5 read from the Rev. W. Harris, Aberdare (ex-president of the Welsh Baptist Union), expressing his regret at his inability td be presc-nt, as he had to undergo an operation for a cataract on th? eye. A telegram was also read from Cardiff intimating that the oper- [ ation had been succo=sfully performed, and that the veteran minister, who is now in his 80th year, had borne it welL-A resolution express- ing the congratulations of th meeting at the good news contained in the telegram was passed and ordered to be sent to Mr. Harris. On the motion of the Chairman, seconded by Mr. D. Williams, chemist. Mountain Ash, the following telegram was ordered to be sent to the Prime Minister on the introduction of the Disestablishment Bin :The Aberdare Baptist Is Conference, representing 5,000 communicants, meeting to-day, offer its congratulations to Mr. Arquith on the occasion of introducing tho long hoped for measure of the Disestablishment and Disendowment of the Church of England in Wales, and relies upon the Government to carry the Bill through all its stages success fully." The committee appointed to draft the re* rule-i presented their report, and the rules WQY. discussed at great length and ultimately adopt- ed, with a few alterations. A standing onl.-¡ was added that no amendment of the rules bet allowed except after sit months' notioe.-If letter from the Rev. Charles Davies, of Cardiff drawing attention to a resolution of the As-ccv ation that an assistant 6ecretarv for the Homtf 0' M ission be appointed in each district %as read, and Mr. John Williams, of Aberaman. was eleo- ted for this district.—It was reported that the Rev. G. Hague, of Hirwain, had,, owing to the ill-health of his wife. decided to return to the United tates, and a resolution expressing re- gret at his departure and wishing him and his family every prosperity in their Far W°st homes was passed.—A vote of sympathy with the Rev. J. Mills, Abernant, in his illness was pa.s-ed; and a vote congratulating Mr. D. A. Thomas, M.P.. on his being in a fair way to- wards recovery was passed, on the motion of the Rev. W. R. Jones. Penrhiwceiber, seconded by the Rev. R. E. Williams (Twrfab).—The re- port of the delegates from the various churchc* on the appeal from the church at Gcdreaman was very favourable, and the matter was re- ferred back to the committee to further con- sider. The Temperance Committee reported that several -uccesstul public meetings had been held during the past three months.—Mr. T. DaYÎèl presented the report" of the Sunday Schoo! Com- mittee showing that last year an increased num- ber of the Sunday schools in the district pre- sented cand:dates for the examination, and that an increased number passed seventeen schools took part as compared with 14 the previous year, and in the various stages the following number passed: 1st stage. 98. against 72 the previous year; 2nd stage, 53. against 40; 3rd, 14, against 6; and 4th, 25 against 23. In the "viva voce" examination. 216 passed, against 86 the preTe ious year. The Sunday schools which did not present any candidates were urged to do so in future.—It was also reported that the commit- tee had decided to present only Welsh books to the successful candidates at the examination.— A paragraph re the certificate was referred back to the committee for further consideration.— The Missionary Committee's report was also presented. Votes of sympathy with ths relatives of the members of the committee who had passed away during the last quarter was passed.—At- tention was drawn to "Enwogion Cymru" by the Rev. T. Morgan. Skewen, and the Sunday School Committee were asked to introduce thj. excellent work as a prize book where it wit found practicable.—It was resolved that the next meeting should be held at Ynysyboetlj, and that the preacher be the Rev. T. Hura phrevs, Cwmaman. At the close of the conference. th ministers and delegates were entertained to a sumptuous meat tea by the members of the church at Noddfa. and a cordial vote of thanks was ac. corded them for their generosity. In the even- ingo well-attended preaching services were held, the preachers being the Revs. R. S. Rogers, B.A.. Rhos, Mountain Ash, and J. G. Watkins, Ffrwd, Mountain Ash.

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