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"SOME VAGUE CHIMERA CALLED SOCIALISM." MR. KEIR HARDIE is this week honoured by "Punch" with a full page cartoon depicting the hon. member declining (with both hands) to "depart from the lines of sanity, and follow some vague chimcera called Socialism." The quotation is from the declaration published in the party organ last week by the four members of the Executive Committee of the Independent Labour Party, who tendered their resignations and refused to withdrawn them. All four gen- tlemen are Socialists, earnest and avowed, and they have spared no pains to preach Socialism as the one and only effective means for the attainment of the objects of the Labour Party. But the primary and essential condition of success in this, as in every other organisation, is agreement with regard to means as well as ends, and this is lacking in the I.L.P. move- ment The leaders and their more militant followers are not agreed upon the meaning of the term which they bandy about with such freedom. Mr. Keir Hardie and his retiring colleagues have one idea of Socialism. Mr. Vic- tor Grayson and his admirers have another. Between them there are worlds of difference. To Mr. Victor Grayson Mr. Hardie's Socialism is a worn-out worthless shibboleth, while his own conception of it is something which Mr. Hardie denounces as some "chimsera or gor- gon dire," which shall not tempt him from the lines of sanity and reason. Herein we come across the lines of cleavage which separate with more or less accentuation the sections that go to make up the Independent Labour Party. The Party was not started as a Socialist organ- isation, but it is certain that as soon as it be- gan to assume proportions of importance the Socialistic trumpet was heard blowing loud blasts at the congresses, and desperate efforts were made to capture the entire organisation for Socialism. The attempts were not success- ful. They came too soon. Trade Unions bad poured hundreds of thousands of members into the ranks, but Trade Unionism and Socialism are not terms mutually convertible. The over- whelming majority of the I.L.P. are Trade Unionists, but not Socialists, and the aggressive tactics of the latter have simply brought the Party upon the rocks, and it will require some time and much effort to get the ship again into deep water.



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