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jWHAT MERTHYR SA"( 4 J Of Doan's Backache Kidney Pills. j a i Again to-day Merthyr evidence is given that the genuine Doan's t Backache Kidney Pills cure kidney t and bladder troubles, such as:- Pains in the feack, Excessive Thirst, ( Rheumatism, I Urinary Disorders, Sediment and Gravel, f Dropsical Swellings, Dizziness, Headaches, < Lumbago, 4 Gout, j Lassitude, f Weakness, i f Depression, j Weariness, J Failing Memory, 4 Spots before the Eyes, j Impure Blood, j J Feeble Circulation, 5 4 Cold Hands and Feet. ♦ i • • i And Merthyr evidence is good evi-1 t dence, for we have faith in a neigh- ø bour's word. J The reason Doan's Backache Kid- jj ney Pills are so successful is that t they are a special kidney and bladder t inedicine they regulate the urinary t system and cleanse and heal the < kidneys, gently helping them to < filter out the urinous poisons from < which so many, fatal diseases arise. L # i Of all chemists and stores, 2/9 per box, 6 boxes, [ f 13/9 or post free, direct from Foster-McClellan Co., 4 8, Wells-street, Oxlord street, London, W. i Be careful to get the Genuine, I like Mr. Davies had. ( f, "Every Picture r Tdls a S | !► MERTHYR jj EVIDENCE, j i Off and on for many years I I suffered with my kidneys," says Mr. A John W. Davies, 59, Ynysgau-street, A Merthyr. I had such a sharp pain A in my back that it seemed as if a & -dagger were being thrust into me. r I tried plasters and other 'remedies,' r but nothing eased me. | After taking a few doses of Doan's 1 backache kidney pills, however, I I found a change for the better, and I then I became free from all pain # I have not been troubled since. I (Signed) John Davies." f i 7 F,QWI t f i L w t 11 I i 0. -ft I. J I A Boon to Mothers. I MOTHERS ARE WARNED j I against giving their babies medicines ra which weaken their systems and Mj stultify their growth. But don t jl. $ry to stop their gl Painful Cries | by forcing them with food, Their |l cries indicate ailments which can be rapidly relieved a ad cured by Bj JONES' I RED DROPS! Painful Cries | I by forcing them with food, Their 6g cries indicate ailments which can be an rapidly relieved aad cured by at JONES' [ RED DROPS! THE HEALTHFUL Rlunmy FOR | | Wind, Gripes, Convulsions, M and all kindred infants complaints. I M I!1T One doee decides its unique value,, j I M ensures healthful babies, and enables jfj j\j Mothers to have qniet days and restful j| fi Keep a Bottle Handy. 1/1! per bottle. ? I oil lllel I To be had from the following Agents:— 1 Merthyr Mr. V. A. Wills, R.D.S., Chemist. 3a Victoria Street. Dowlais Mr. Evans, Chemist, Union street. rroedvr liiw Messrs. J. O- Jones & Son, Canton Rouse. «eaafort Pnco Post-offico. Treharris •• Lloyd, Chemist. Bargoed.?tlr. Pritchard. Chemist. Caerau Uaestaf Mr Howeils. Chemist. Pontypridd From all Chemists TonvDandv !.?..Mr. Emrys Richards, Chemist. ■Llwynvpia -Mr. J. W. Richards, Chemist. IVntr^ ystr ad.IllMr. S. S. James. Royal Stores. Treorcliy Mr- Prothero, Chemist. Treorchy Mr. Davies. Chemist. Treherbert. -Mr- Evans, Chemjst. 'Feriidate I. Nlr. Burgess. Chemist. >"nychir Air. Lewis, Chemist. J',vlorstown.lIIr. W. 11. Williams, Chemist. Abercynon. Mr. W. C. Williams. Chemist. Aberdare Mr. Harris. Chemist. Aberaman Mr. 1. E. Thomas. Chemist. Mountain Ash Mr. Williams. Chemist. Mountain Ash Mr. Jones, Chemist Fenrhiwceiber ..Mr. A. M. Jones. Chemist. Port!) From all Chemists Ear? c ed.Mr. W. Parry-Williams, Chemist JONES & SONes T&amifacturtng Cbemists, Llanidlees t -t i) t: it GOLF 80%YLS Catalogue upon application to the Local Dealer, Or to 36. Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C. ARMITAGB'S DRY FEED LgggaSmr- CHICKEN FOOD. The original and best Chickens rear- ed on this Food weigh 20 ozs. when five fl weeks old. Pullets commence to lay at ■ five months. In bases 4d„ 8d., Is. 4d., 1 2s. 6d. and 5s. Manufactured by Armitage H Bros., Ltd., Nottingham. Sold by Rich & S Sons, Grocers Hopkins Bros., 82, Twyny- M rodyn. Merthyr Tydfil, and D. Jones, Car- | 1 marthen Stores, Xredcgat, j JJ! \g | A PRESERVATIVE OIL. ff H >ySiv Dressing for Boots, & H #\ 7-egrgings, Ac., > M N&. SNOW AND RAIN PROOF. FINS 4 id. and 9d. The 9d. size contains 1 pint and is •ppiied with brush. From all Dealers or of- H. M. LLOYD, 28, Victoria-st., Merthyr. Bole Makers: VIX OIL Co,, BasiQShall-st, London,E.O

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