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jScratched Until He Bled.


j Scratched Until He Bled. BLEEDING PILES ALMOST SENT HIM I MAD, TILL ZAM-BUK CURED lIIM. For two years Mr. TSeuben Betts, a miner, of 24, Wharfe Road, Pinxton, nr. Alfreton, Derby, experienced the horror3 of bleeding piles. Then he followed the advice of a work- mate and tried Zam-Buk, with the result that he was quickly and miraculousJy freed from the torturing disease. Tetiing his story to an "Alfreton Adver- tiser" reporter, Mr. Betta said:- "Two veai-a ago I began to suffer from piles, and the pain from the constant burning itch was at times maddening. The doctor gave me an injection and special ointment and medicine, but the piles never got a bit easier. During Ir the daytime the pain was almost unbearable, but at night as soon as I got warm in bed the itching was something terrible. I was ob- liged to scratch to try to get a little ease, and I usually scratched until I bled freely. When I sat down or walked about I suffered agonies from the tormenting P¡A¡in and itch, while the constant bleeding made me ho weak I had to give up work. "I tried many so-called remedies, but as month after month went by I lost all hope. Really, when a mate urged me to try Zam-Buk, I first felt it was useless to try anything more. but just to please him I bought a box and used some the same night. Almost immediately after I applied Zam-Buk I was able to get some sound sleep, for the first time for many months. When I awoke the pain was not near- ly so acute, and a further liberal dressing with this grand balm gave me ease during the day. "I repeated the Zfem Buk dressing regularly and I made wonderful progress towards a com- plete cure. My friends were astonished to see me going to my work cheerfully again, and I was not slow to tell them what was curing me. Well, the itching and burning died away altogether as I continued with Zam-Buk, and the piles were gradually overcome, and soon I was quite free. That was months ago, and there has not been the slightest sign of a return of this terrible complaint since. I thall never forget the debt I owe to Zam-Buk for my wonderful cure." This unique soothing balm is sold by all chemists at 1/1j-, 2/9, or 4/6 a box. or direct at same prices from the Zam-Buk Co., ,5, Cow) Cross Street, London, E.C. Ask for Zam-Buk, bt put 08 wiiU j¡¡ij1j9);1 i

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