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IAccidental Death. : I

_"'. Glamorgan Water Bill.

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. Heaven and Hades.

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CWMAMAN. INTERMENT. —On Saturday last, the funeral took placo of Mrs. Gwen Jones, Aman-street, who died on Tuesday after a long illness. De ceased, who was 67 years of age. was much respected in the locaiit), having lived in the village practically all her life. She was a member of Soar (C M.) Chnp!. CONCERT.—On Saturday, at the Public Hall, a repetition performance of the cantata, en titled. "The Little Old Wo/nan thac Lived in a Shoe," was given by the Soar Band of Hope Choir. The chairman was the Rev. W. D. Morris, and the choir was under the conductor- ship of Mr. David Davies. Two action songs, "The Soldier's Song" and "Nellie's Doily." were rendered by a children's party, under the conductorship of Mr. \V. 0. Lloyd. CONCERT.V-^On Monday evening ji mi seel Ian-, eou- concert was held at the Public Kali, un- der the au-pices of the Scion Juvenile Choir, who intend competing at the Caerphilly ELS, toddfod on Whit-Monday. The choir is under the conductorship of Mr. \Y. Clav Jenkins, who has won many prizes in the principal E s- teddfodau. The chairman was Councillor T. L. Davies. The following was the programme: -Soprano solo, Miss M. E. Griffiths; piano- forte Miss Annie Mary Phillips; contralto nolo, Miss Morfydd Lloyd; soprano solo, Miss Annie Evans. Aberaman; reclwtion. Miss Margery Williams: mouth organ solo, Mr. W. .Tones, soprano solo. Mis-v M. J. Davies; con- talto solo, Miss Maggie Jones; pianoforte cluett, Mi-ses Morfydd Lloyd and Beatrice Evans; chorus by the Juvenile Choir, entitled, "Over the Hills of Clover"; recitation, Miss Kate Matthews, soprano solo. Miss Mary Wil- liams; harp solo, Mr. T. Davies (Telynor Arnan): solo, Master Llew. Jones, recitation. Miss Rhoda Lewis, bass solo, Mr. MaJdwyn Jones; mandoline 6olo. Mr. Fred Wreaver; ro- citation, Mr. Jones; penillion einsring, Mr. Isaac Jones; tenor solo, Mr. William Thomas; bass solo, Mr. Evan Evans; contralto solo, Miss Blodwen Stephens. Aberaman; selec- tion by the Cwmaman Silver Band; chorus by the Aman Glee Society, under the conductor- "hip of Mr. Edward Lewis. A.C.. finale, ren- dering of the test niece at Caerphilly by the Children's Choir. The accompanist was Mr. Austin John. FREE TEA.—On Monday, the members of the Soar Band of Hope Choir were entertained to tea by Mrs. (Dr.) R. F. Thomas, in recog- nition of the excellent manner in which they performed recently the centata, entitled, "The Little Old Woman that Lived in a Shoe." At the conclusion of tho tea, a cordial vote of thanks was accorded Mrs. Thomas for her gen- erosity, upon the proposition of Master Enirys Evans, which seconded by Miss Maggie Llew- ellyn. The juvenile members then wended their way to the park, where a number of competitions were held. Mrs. (Dr.) It F. Thomas provided the prizes, and the following is a list of the winners:— Boys' race, under 10 years of age. 1 Bryn Ivor Davies, 2 Emrys Owen, girls' race, under 10 years of age, 1 Jane Daniel, 2 Bronwen Evans; boys' race, under 13. 1 Elwyn Rowlands. 2 Johnny Tho- mas; walking match for Band of Hope officers, Mr. D. Lloyd; walking match for adult ladies, Mrs. E. Howells; giris' race, under 13, 1 Annie Daniel. 2 Maud Evans, tu^-of-war be- tween married and unmarried ladies, victory for the unmarried, tug-of-war between married and unmarried gentlemen, victory for married; tug-of-war for boys under 13, Milwyn Lloyd's team of four; race for adults, 1 W O. Lloyd, 2 Lewi- J. Evans; walking contest for ladies, Mis, Eleanor Evans; race for girls over 13, 1 Miss M. H. Griffiths, 2 Miss Mary E. Evans; boys' race over 13, 1 Master Johnnie Davies, 2 Master Thomas John Davids; race for girls ever 16, 1 Miss 1. H. Griffiths, 2 Miss Ellen Daniel three-legged race, 1 David Ebenezer | and Lewis Daniel, 2 A. Milwyn Lloyd and Eiwyn Rowlands: race for adult officers of Band of Hope, 1 Mr. W. R. Evsns, 2 Mr. W. 0. Lloyd. The programme ended by the Band of Hope Choir rendering the following pieces: "Sweet Flowers thai Deck," "The sunlieht o'er u, now is streaming," and "Mi fynnaf cldweyd am Iesu."

. Fatal Accident at Hirwain.

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