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PARLIAMENT. THE proceedings in Parliament have become comparatively dull since the attitude of the Government upon the vital questions between the House of Commons and the House of Lords was sharply defined last week. The campaign in the Tory press against the Government for their determination not to take any single step towards relieving the financial situation which could by any means be construed into a surrender of the great constitutional principles for which they are contending continues with unabated fury. On Monday night the House of Lords joined in upon the occasion of having to pass two Bills to sanction borrowing powers, The Marquis of Lansdowne assured the Govern- ment that the Lords were ready to pass the Budget if the Commons would' only send it up i to them, and heaped blame upon their heads j for not being faithful to the Prime Minister's pledge in December last to pass the Budget before attempting anything else. Lord Lar.s- downe knows that any attempt to fulfil to a* pledge would be defeated by the combination of Tories and Nationalists—each party acting from diametrically opposite motives—and he offers another alternative. He says the House, of Commons could pass a resolution to authorise j the collection of income tax, which would have the force of law as soon as it was passed. It would have had legal force but for the action of the Lords. They have destroyed the legal force of such a resolution. No one can tell what may happen between the passing of a resolution in one House and its legal enactment j in the other. There can be no legal force in a Ho\se of Commons resolution imposing a tax i: aud empowering its collection until it has been placed beyond all contingent doubt of possible rejection in the other House by an Act of Parliament reserving all money matters exclu- sively to the People's House. That is the issue between the two Houses, and, as the Lord Chancellor said, at the close of his speech, the fight begun will never cease until the ancient right has been secured by an Act of Parliament.


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